June 24th, 2018

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The Men of Grand Theft Auto V, Nearly 5 Years Later

Grand Theft Auto V's Ned Luke, Steven Ogg, and Shawn Fonteno did a two-day press panel interview for MCM Comic Con London a couple of weeks ago.

The game was released on September 2013, almost five years ago.

Quick summary : None of them expected the game to have such longevity and are curious about what will happen with their careers once Grand Theft Auto VI comes out. Shawn is optimistic, referencing Young Maylay's (Fonteno's cousin and the voice of C.J in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - released in 2004) ongoing success. Steven Ogg credits the characters for any of the installments' longevity. Ned simply says, "it's been a long fuckin' fifteen minutes."

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Are you attracted to psychopaths, ontd?


Trisha Paytas Realizes Why She and Jason Broke Up

In the saga that is her Trisha Paytas' life, her recent breakup with Jason Nash allegedly was for other reasons than the initial ones.

- They didn't break up over a fat comment & she never thought he body shamed her
- Says she thinks they broke up cause of his reaction when she said she was offended by the joke, he yelled at her allegedly that she was overreacting
- Video cuts to her after having texted and in the text he told her he had no issue with her weight but her diet cause it was affecting his own diet and lifestyle and he couldnt be around all the eating cause he has food issues
- Jason told her their relationship was unhealthy thus they shouldnt be together
- She feels bad that she was making him miserable not realizing his issues

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Double The Baby News! Brigitte Nielsen Welcomes Baby #5, As Do Chip & Joanna Gaines

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Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff Remain "Best Friends 4ever"

- Lena shared a photo of her and Jack this weekend on Instagram with the caption "best friends 4ever"
- She also posted a photo of Jack to her Instagram Story last week with the caption "Happy father's day @jackantonoff we may have broken up but you still give me the finger from the London airport and that's 4ever"
- Also earlier this month, Jack commented on one of her Instagrams "Why are you awake?" Lena responded: "Cuz it's the prime time to catch you on the gram, four eyes"
- They announced their breakup, after 5+ years of dating, in January


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Youtuber and his girlfriend harass ex girlfriend and ex bestfriend with bullying and revenge porn

*Sources were fixed in the way required

Youtuber Vincent Cyr (IAmCyr), known for his various ASMR serial killer videos has taken his "psychotic act" to a new level by joining present girlfriend "instagram model" Dasha (itsbabydash & neuphs) in harrassing ex girlfriend Mina Bell with online bullying and revenge porn.

In a series of videos documenting the abuse Mina has faced at the hands of Cyr and Dasha, Cyr's former best friend and roommate Edwin Costa (edwinsgeneration) details the lengths to which the abuse and harrassment has extended. From Dasha flying Mina out to LA where she manipulated her into a poly relationship with Cyr, under the guise of genuine interest that turned out to be a ploy for revenge, to stealing nudes from Mina's phone to later post online in an effort to shame and humiliate her.

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Roseanne Barr cries cocodrile tears and says 'she didn't know Jarrett was black".

- Roseanne was the first interview of Rabbi Shmuley (...ok...) and they talked about her recent racist tweets.
- She cried during half of the interview.
- She said she didn't know Jarrett was black when she wrote her 'planet of the apes' tweet. (Yeah... sure ho, that's why you made a 'planet of the apes' reference.)

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Tom Holland gets payback and delivers A SAVAGE BURN to Anthony Mackie.

- During Ace-con, Anthony Mackie said he hasn't seen 'Spiderman Homecoming'
- Tom Holland answered 'Well, i haven't seen The Falcon movi-- oh right, there isn't one'.
- The crowd cheered and SebStan remains precious.


You can almost hear 'Turn down for what' playing. ONTD, what's the best burn you can remember?
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Zayn & Gigi are "in a much better place" (Pennsylvania) + 12 times Zigi looked hot in worse places

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- Zayn and Gigi are giving things a second chance after their split-up in March
- Apparently they've been spending a lot of time on a farm in Pennsylvania next to Yolanda's
- Zayn loves being there because it helps him clear his head
- Zigi agree spending time in Pennsylvania will help them find peace & happiness
- They're very happy together and everyone around them can tell
- Yolanda is said to be supportive and that she adores Zayn
- He doesn't want to put a label on the relationship (lol sounds promising)

Because I couldn't decide on which photo of them to use, let's remember 12 times they were in less good places but still looked great
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ONTD Original: Lesbian Webtoons

musicnkisses is back with another webtoon post. This time it focuses on lesbian/wlw centric comics. Not everything on here is a webtoon, with some being manga or manhua (Chinese comics). I tried to filter out porny trash, but let me know if I didn’t.

their story.jpgTamen De Gushi/Their Story (Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy) ONGOING
This is a manhua about a schoolgirl who falls in love with a girl from a different school. It’s slice of life format so it also focuses on the day to day activities on the girls and other characters. It’s cute and really funny. A ton of people recommended this in the last webtoon post so I thought I’d start this post out with it.
Read It Here

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Taylor Swift saved Dave Grohl at Paul McCartney's party

Dave Grohl recently went on The Late Late Show with James Cordon and told a story about how he went to a party Paul McCartney was throwing. He had to leave early because he had to take his kids to school early the next morning but Paul and all the other party guests wanted him to play piano after Paul performed a song, even though he didn't know how to play and there wasn't a guitar he could play on. Taylor Swift saved his ass by offering to perform instead and she played Foo Fighter's "Best of You" and Dave sang along with her.

Oh and Sophie Turner's also there.


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Zayn Feels Like "It's A Beautiful Time To Be Alive" In America...

A post shared by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

Before Zayn ditched his latest GQ interview, he talked about how accepting Amerikkka was towards him as an artist and sang its praises: "I feel like it's misrepresented across the globe. For the kind of country it is, because everybody supports, no matter what color, what gender, what sexuality, what class—none of that matters here...And that's how America should be represented across the world."

"...It's a beautiful place, and it's a beautiful time to be alive." 😕😶😒

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el oh el...it must be nice to be so rich, privileged and sheltered that you don't see any of the ongoing hatred, cruelty and utter madness in drumpf's amerikkka...or that's been going on since this country was created, lbfr. what do you think of amerikkka tho, ontd?


For Your Consideration: Michael Shannon for ONTD boyfriend


Inspired by the very fun ONTD boyfriends post I thought I'd make a nomination post for the man, the myth, the legend: Michael Shannon.

Here are some reasons ONTD should accept him into their fickle hearts:

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What say you ONTD?

Accepted (life long potential)
Accepted (barely)

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The Man in the High Castle renewed for 4th season

- It's renewed for a fourth season with filming apparently starting mid-September til the end of February
- Based on Phillip K. Dick's alt-history/sci-fi novel of the same name
- A season 3 premiere date still hasn't been announced but it's expected later in the year
- Season 2 was released on December 2016
- Stars Alexa Davalos, Rufus Sewell, Cary Hiro-Tagawa and Rupert Evans
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"The Hate You Give" - First Trailer

Synopsis: Starr Carter is constantly switching between two worlds: the poor, mostly black, neighborhood where she lives and the rich, mostly white, prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Now, facing pressures from all sides of the community, Starr must find her voice and stand up for what's right.
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Weekly Creepy News: Celebrating #SciFiSunday, diverse webseries, tons of indie horror news & MORE!

This week's creepy post explores what's new in paranormal pop culture, including books, webseries and films! Curated by myself and loglady

This week, we feature a recent Graveyard Shift Sisters interview with indigenous author Rebecca Roanhouse, whose new novel Trail of Lightning is released on June 26. You may recall that the novel was featured in the June 2018 speculative fiction books post. We also have casting news on the upcoming Lovecraft Country adaptation, and we're acknowledging the author Octavia E. Butler.
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This week we chose to highlight three webseries of diverse voices in sci-fi and horror.
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There is a lot to share this week. First of all, HAPPY PRIDE! We have an article discussing the LGBTQ inclusivity of the horror franchise, Child’s Play. There’s also a lot of indie horror news, including not only Gags the clown (the one who went viral in 2016), but also a werewolf… If you like movie previews, we got em here this week, including Blackstar Warrior at the newly launched Brown Sugar streaming network. Find out what the Dear White People creator is up to next... If you hate the horror trope where the black character dies first, then we have a short film you may be interested in. Lastly, find out what k-pop star may be starring in an upcoming horror movie!

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Thanks for reading... if you read it all! I know these posts are a niche subject, but if you are one of the few users who read our weekly news posts then please let us know in the comments what kind of content you’d like to see featured. More stuff like this?

Lena Headey's ex husband caught busking after being broke from custody battle


-Lena moved to UK with her son and her ex said that was a violation and a custody battle began

-Lena's lawyer disagreed that she violated anything, so then her ex also moved back to the UK from LA.

Source says: "Peter has been wiped out financially over the last few years. It has been very tough on him and he is struggling.He has gone from living the life of a millionaire in Hollywood to living in Leeds on benefits. His friends are worried about how he is coping.He hasn’t been able to get work cutting hair, so is now busking to make a bit of money for himself.His heart has been broken by all that has gone on".

-Lena's ex's friends have started a GoFundMe page to help him pay his legal fees.


Poor guy.
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Evangeline Lilly: How She Stays Driven, Serene, Sane & Charitable in the Crazy World of Hollywood

-Only acts when she has to, writes in her free time has had 2 kids since Lost ended.
-Acting isn't her be all end all, sees it as something that has opened up a lot of doors for her.
“In my 20s exercise was about reaching goals in strength, speed, agility, and capability. But the stage I’m in now calls for balance, so I’ve begun stretching a lot more. Stretching relaxes you and keeps your muscles from tensing up, but it also strengthens you. I don’t think I was aware of that before.”
“I’m a strange mix of someone who is quite reclusive [Evangeline and her partner, the father of her two young sons, live off the Hollywood grid, in Hawaii] and comfortable with very little but driven professionally. I don’t need to be famous, but I do have an enormous desire to influence people and connect with them. It gives me satisfaction to know that I’ve touched others.”
"I think this is the hardest time in human history to keep your spirit in your body. We have constant distraction and choice, which can be very destabilizing and get in the way of experiencing life. So it’s important to engage in activities regularly that reunite you with yourself. For some people it’s prayer, reading, meditation, or a breathing practice. For others it’s a dinner party.”
“I’ve done NGO work in Rwanda for 13 years. Writing a book or being in a movie are great, but no one is going to die if I don’t do them. If I drop the ball in Rwanda, it has consequences. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve taken on too much, but I just want to live out as much potential as I can.”

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Billy Bob Thornton doesn't understand why the public listens to celebrities

Billy Bob Thornton can't understand why the political views of celebrities are taken so seriously.

He said to the Daily Telegraph Australia:

"I think sometimes it's a little bit overblown with celebrities really having stuff to say about politics

"We really don't know what's going on behind the scenes with these politicians.

"I've had favourite senators and presidents over the years but the fact of the matter is I'm not sure why people are so interested in what an entertainer has to say about politics."


Do the political views of celebrities influence you, ONTD?
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Evan Rachel Wood goes to the Texas border to donate supplies to children detained by ICE


Wood went to McAllen, Texas for the weekend where she personally bought supplies for a shelter where some of the detained refugee children were waiting to be reunited with their parents. "I was buying things that I’ve bought my for my own son. I broke down when I picked up a pair of shoes that I’ve bought for him because it made it so personal."

Wood did not specify how others could donate, but she appears to be working with RAICES Texas an organization currently working to reunite the parents and children that have been seperated by ICE.

She also participated in a 24 hour fast to draw attention to the children who are still being held in cages apart from their parents.

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