June 23rd, 2018


Jason Nash Shares His Side of Story in Trisha Paytas Breakup

In YouTube land, the drama between Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash continues. He shared a video of his side of the story? And she shared a video trying to prove he called her fat. These are 30 and 45 year olds y'all.

- They had self deprecating jokes with each other throughout their relationship
- Trisha told him she does things so people dump her cause she doesnt breakup with people, so she'll make you dump her by being awful
- He never called her fat and never would call a woman fat
- Went out to club with his roomates to try film a video with paris hilton, trish texted him "what are you doing at a club, i know you're looking for someone skinny" etc.
- He made one bad joke about them both being overweight whilst they were filming some segment thing and he apologized numerous times for it
- She texted him she's planning the breakup vid before they even broke up officially

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"Detroiters" Stars Talk About Their Second Season on Comedy Central

– Detroiters, starring Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson, returned for their second season on June 21st with a two episode premiere ft. Tim Meadows. This season will have 10 episodes.
– Both are childhood friends from Detroit and made a pact that if they ever got an opportunity, they would return, but only if they had something to offer. So they decided to make the show entirely set in Detroit, made up of local crew members, actors, and film there, which makes an economical difference.
– Richardson said the key to the show's friendship is relating it to their own: “The key is using our real friendship. It just so happens that we can translate this into a visual medium. It is real love translated onto camera.”
– The show aims to represent Detroit well and inject some positivity about it into the world, given all the real world issues and dark things that plague the perception of the city and state. "My dream for the show is that we get to play in real life with the Lions or another big sports team," Richardson said, also saying it'd be cool to be part of the Thanksgiving Day parade.
– They like getting to use local Detroit celebrities like Mort Crim. “It doesn’t mean as much to the viewers as it means to Sam and I,” Robinson says, “but it’s a big deal.”

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ONTD, are you watching one of the funniest shows on television?

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Charlie Puth Debuts New Blond Hair at Radio Disney Music Awards 2018!

Charlie debuted his platinum blond hair at the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards on Friday at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.


You like, ONTD?

5 Seconds of Summer BLOCKS Bey-Z from getting #1 album

5 Seconds of Summer has blocked The Carters from getting the #1 album on the Billboard #200 with nearly 140k until sold (SPS). The Carters posted 15k less units with almost 125k.

In other news Xtina mssed a top #5 debut with 69k units sold and came at #6. And both of XXXTentacion's albums reached the top 10 after his death last week.


Take Two 1x02 Promo

"The Smoking Gun" - While working surveillance on a routine cheating spouse case, Sam and Eddie hear gunshots and race in to catch a Hollywood producer standing over the body of his mistress, clutching a smoking gun. It’s case-closed as far as Eddie or any cop is concerned. But when the producer insists he’s innocent, Sam agrees to take on his case, much to Eddie’s chagrin. When their initial inquiries uncover that the producer’s mistress isn’t who she claimed to be, the pair are thrust into an investigation where not everything is as it seems, on “Take Two,” Thursday, June 28th on ABC.


Sony Developing Marvel film ‘Silk’, About Korean-American Superhero

Sony is in early development on a movie adaptation of the Marvel comic Silk, about Korean-American superheroine Cindy Moon.
In the comics, Cindy is a student in Peter Parker’s class who also is bitten by a radioactive spider around the same time as Peter. She gains abilities similar to his, though she is able to shoot webs out of her fingertips, possesses an eidetic memory, and has advanced Spider-Sense (known as Silk Sense) far stronger than Peter’s. She also has less superhuman strength than him but is faster.
Cindy Moon was played by Tiffany Espensen in Spider-Man: Homecoming and had a brief onscreen appearance in Avengers: Infinity War.


Taylor Swift performs with Niall Horan in London

- Niall was the surprise guest at her first London show, they performed Slow Hands
- She introduced him by saying "When you first start out in something and you want to learn, you learn it from someone who's done it before, learn from a pro... so I decided to call up somebody who has played Wembley a bunch of times"
- Niall, a know Taylor stan who also attended the Red tour and has defended her in the past, was thrilled to be there

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ontd, do you collab with your ex-boyfriend's ex-bandmates for fun?

Celebs react: Mike Huckabee tweets some racist garbage

To no ones surprise, former governor Mike Huckabee and father of lying press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweets some straight garbage that equates all immigrants crossing the Mexico/US border to gang members bc he is actual garbage and it is long past time for the urn.

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EW Picks 50 (5) Dark Horse Emmy Contenders

EW made a list of 50 shows/actors who will probably not be nominated for Emmys, but who they think should be in consideration. Some of their choices are absolutely ludicrous (Riverdale? I mean, I know you guys have lots of posts about it, but I haven't seen anyone here argue that it deserves Emmys), but some are sensible and correct. Here are a few of their better picks!

Best Comedy - BoJack Horseman

Not sure why BoJack keeps getting ignored by award shows. Maybe it's not taken seriously because it's animated, maybe it's because it doesn't fit neatly into a drama or comedy box, but it's easily one of the best shows on TV right now.

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Who do you think should be nominated for an Emmy, but probably won't be?

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Stomps Towards $144M Opening Weekend

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard) will easily open at no. 1 this weekend at the US box office (knocking Disney-Pixar's The Incredible 2 off the top spot). It won't however match its opening weekend three years ago with Jurassic World ($208 million).

• The film made $15.3 million from Thursday nights showing.

• It made another $58.7 million on Friday with 4,475 theaters playing the flick around the US.

• Fallen Kingdom's budged was around $170 million (before marketing), but has already made $466 million overseas.

The film's current scores as of this posting:


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Harry Styles and Kacey Musgraves Duet Shania Twain’s “Still the One” at MSG

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Harry Styles sold out TWO nights at New York City’s iCoNiC Madison Square Garden. During Friday’s show, he invited opener and Country Disco Queen Kacey Musgraves to the stage to sing an “extra song.” They sang Shania Twain’s classic, “Still the One.”


Niall and Taylor whew??
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Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney Share a Kiss During Dinner Date

- Two weeks ago it was reported Lawrence (27) was dating New York art dealer Cooke Maroney (33)
- They were spotted at dinner together and photographed sharing a kiss
- A "source" says they "dined for about three hours and appeared to be totally into each other."

How do you feel about PDA at dinner, ONTD?


Seth Rogen refused to take pic with Paul Satan Ryan

Seth Rogen stopped by Colbert last night and talked a little bit about how he refused Paul Satan a picture.

One teen that just took a pic told him Paul wanted a picture. "My father wants to meet you.” He claimed he saw Ryan approaching.

“My whole body puckered, I tensed up, and I didn’t know what to do,” Rogen said to Colbert. “And I turned around and Paul Ryan was walking towards me,” Rogen said.

The actor felt sort of guilty for scolding him in front of his kids along with denying a picture.

“Furthermore, I hate what you’re doing to the country at this moment and I’m counting the days until you no longer have one iota of the power that you currently have,” Rogen claimed he told Ryan.

Seth earlier in the week left a short shady comment about Pete and Ari's fast relationship that Pete didnt like.

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Is Seth on a roll this week, ONTD?
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ONTD Boyfriend Post: Ghosts of Boyfriends Past (A look at past & present ones)

Remember during ONTD (2008-2012) when JGL was everywhere it seems? He was rewarded with ONTD's Most Desirable of the Summer of 2010. SOURCE

I mean who could forgot those iconic GQ pics with Claudia Schiffer? And how it tumbled downhill after 2012, and other ONTD BF’s too. SOURCE


Thanks to _xxtom for the Original List/Post: SOURCE and it made me wonder what became of the list?

ONTD Current Boyfriends For Now...

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A list copied and pasted from that post/look back at their status now in separate cuts below:

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All the films premiering at the 17th New York Asian Film Festival

For the full lineup of films at this year's New York Asian Film Festival, please see the source.

The NYAFF features films from China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other countries across Southeast Asia, with a mix of premieres and classic films. There is also featured guests and Q&A at select screenings. This year's festival is from June 29 - July 15. For tickets, which are available now, please see the source!

Fun fact: Four of the films highlighted in the post are directed by women (Jeon Go-woon’s Microhabitat, Yim Soon-rye’s Little Forest, Jeong Ga-young’s Hit the Night, & Irene Villamor's Sid & Aya)
Fun Fact #2: Anne Curtis stars in two of these films! (BuyBust and Sid & Aya)

We Will Not Die Tonight

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Smokin' on the Moon
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One Cut of the Dead

There are a lot. I've listed them all, but chose 5 to highlight in this post.

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Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story)

Again, there are quite a few so I've listed them all, but chose 5 to highlight.

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So many good films... what do you think? What was the last Asian film you watched?

‘Pose’ star Billy Porter on Ryan Murphy: “He is a use-your-power-for-good kind of guy.”

Murphy is giving his profits back to the community. What can you tell me about that contribution? Where is he investing that money?

From what I’ve read about it, he’s choosing all different kinds of LGBTQ organizations that need help and funding. The government is not doing it. We have to step up, those of us who have power, and use our power for good. He is a use-your-power-for-good kind of guy. He always has been. And I think what is the most useful is that nobody can come for him now in terms of him being a white man telling these black stories. All that shit that you get, he shut it down! [Laughs] He shut the shit down. There is no question about intention. The intention is clear, it’s in the right place.

It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I’ve been say it about the whole movement right now in general: White people are mad now, so maybe something might get done. We’ve been saying “black lives matter” for year, and nobody listens!

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Queer Eye's Fab 5 Discuss Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson's Engagement, plus a SCANDAL NAMING POLL!

The Fab 5 and Jonathan's unfortuante mustache agree - they "couldn't be happier" for the couple, but probably because joy is fleeting and emotional numbness as a coping mechanism is America's new national pastime. Jonathan asks, "what isn't crazy these days?" and Karamo says "love has no time limit," proving that now is the time to make rash decisions because why not, it's the least upsetting thing you'll hear about today.

Tan and his now-husband of 10 years decided to get married after just 5 days together. He also shared that Pete wisely asked for help choosing a tux for the ceremony. Tan gave Pete a makeover back in March so he could "impress his girlfriend and her family." ONTD sleuthing undertaken by _clochette_ suggests that the happy couple might have already been getting friendly at that point in time, so there's a chance Ariana is already familiar with Tan's work.

On to the poll!

This poll is closed.

What name should we use when referring to the allegedly impending nuptials of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson?

No Dicks Left to Ride, suggested by rebeljean
Grande Pete, suggested by mhfromnh
Blame beeweastie
A Harmless Vacuous Respite In These Trying Times, suggested by itsme_eloise
something else in the comments!

mods I'm sorry for submitting this so many times it's my first post

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Catfish resumes filming after claims of sexual harassment were found ‘not credible'

- Follow up to this post
- An MTV Spokesperson confirmed the news, a little over a month after filming came to a halt
- They claim that “Although we never received a formal complaint, MTV and Critical Content immediately engaged an independent third party investigator,” the statement read. “The independent investigator found the allegations made in the YouTube videos to be not credible and without merit.”
- The statement continued: “Given the results of the investigation, Catfish will resume filming. We take these matters very seriously and are committed to providing a safe working environment.”
- Nev Schulman had previously denied the claims after the original video was released in May