June 3rd, 2018


Ariana Grande debuts The Light is Coming (feat. Nicki Minaj) at Wango Tango, Pete Davidson reacts

Pop Princess in Training Ariana Grande performed at Wango Tango last night and debuted a new track off Sweetener. The song? The Light is Coming featuring Nicki Minaj. Grande performed the song solo on stage while dancing to Nicki's rap to the surprise & delight of many fans. In the audience was her boyfriend and SNL cast member, Pete Davidson. He continues to be extra about this relationship, sharing a photo of Ari's performance with the caption: “are you fucking kidding me !!!?? so fucking lit 😍😍😍😍.”

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sounds like a cute bop, but Pete.

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Brody Jenner marries his girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter, Kardashian-Jenner's skip wedding

• MTV's The Hills star Brody Jenner, 34, married Kaitlynn Carter, 29, his girlfriend of 5 years in an ocean view ceromony at a resort on Sumba Island in Indonesia. The two met at a party back in 2013 and got engaged three years after dating.

• Fifty close friends & family members all dressed in white attended the ceremony.

• Brody's half-siblings Kylie & Kendall Jenner did not attend the wedding.

• Nor did Caitlyn Jenner or any of the Kardashians.

• Brody had sent invites to both his half-sisters but they never RSVP'd and he never heard back from them.

• While his sisters not attending the wedding are For Reasons Unknown (available on iTunes), the source says Caitlyn was unable to attend due to work commitments that were already scheduled and could not be changed.

• Caitlyn plans on throwing a party for the newlyweds when they return from their honeymoon.

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Harry Potter; DH1

Demi Lovato hired a sex worker to “surprise” her body guard to grab his “area”; appologizes

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Nicole #&$@
  • babs

ONTD Original: 8 Songs With Great Moans

In film and television, seeing a woman enjoy herself during sex is rarer than a rare Pokémon. Any focus on those scenes is usually erased to make room for a more male-gazey and fanservice approach. Or it gets taken out altogether because The Motion Picture Association of America won't accept the scene until it gets chopped through enough to make it look like the woman is being taken advantage of, but hey.

Audio, however, is a bit different. Hearing a woman perform sex sounds in music is a lot more common, and for obvious reasons — but you know what? We'll fucking take it.


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strike-out commentary reference

do you mb8, ontd?

ONTD Original: Exploring the Lyrical Content of Kanye's New Album, "Ye"

After delving into Justin Timberlake's lyrical nonsense, I thought we could take a moment to examine Kanye's latest offering given the media storm surrounding the rollout of his latest album, Ye. Trigger Warning because it's jam packed with misogyny and some disturbing content regarding his mental health:

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Shailene Woodley Is A Feminist Now


Shailene Woodley is apparently now a feminist. She notoriously once denied being a feminist, saying:

“I love men, and I think the idea of ‘raise women to power, take the men away from the power’ is never going to work out because you need balance.”

“The reason why I don’t like to say that I am a feminist or I am not a feminist is because to me it’s still a label...Why do we have to have that label to divide us?"

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Is the word "feminist" important?


#TheBachelorette contestant apologizes for his offensive social media history, & other news

Follow-up to this post.
Human garbage and the recipient of this season's very first impression rose, Garrett Yrigoyen of The Bachelorette has publicly addressed and apologized for his Instagram likes. According to the source, Garret posted the following response on his Instagram, although his post may be deleted now. For his apology, he went with the typical "I'm growing up and educating myself now" type response:

"I am sorry to those who I offended, and I also take full responsibility for my 'likes' on Instagram that were hurtful and offensive. [...] I decided to take it down and start fresh because I have learned an extremely valuable lesson and am taking steps to grow, become more educated, and be a better version of myself. I am not perfect, and I will never be anywhere close, but now I will always be more informed and aware of what I am liking and supporting, not just on Instagram, but in life. [...] I am not the negative labels people are associating me with."

Not only did Garrett receive the very first impression rose of the season, he also kissed Becca (the bachelorette); for the past three seasons of The Bachelorette, the man who did both those things on the first episode went on to become "the winner" of the show.

Becca also spoke about Garrett's social media history, attempting damage control and saying: "I can't fault anyone for what they believe, and who's to say that anything that anyone likes is truly what they believe in if they just double tap [a picture on Instagram]. I can't speak to that because it's not me. I am a strong woman and I do believe in certain things, but again, that's what's so great about our country is that everyone is entitled to their own opinions."

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Kanye Confirms He Was Diagnosed With 'Mental Condition' at Age 39

On the album’s second track, “Yikes,” Kanye seemingly confirmed his diagnosis of bipolar disorder:

That's my third person
That's my bipolar shit, nigga what?
That's my superpower, nigga ain't no disability
I'm a superhero! I'm a superhero!

During an interview on BigBoyTV, Kanye discusses his diagnosis:

“Think about people that have mental issues that are not Kanye West, that can't go and make that [album] and make it feel like it's all good. Think about somebody that does exactly what I did at TMZ. and they just do that at work, right? But Tuesday morning, they come in and they lost their job […] That's why God put that on me at age 40. I never been diagnosed until I was 39 years old—diagnosed with a mental condition. [...] But like I said on the album, it's not a disability, it's a superpower.”

zeta snow

Taylor Kitsch and Jon Hamm talk with Wayne Gretzky about their hockey fandom and influences

In the 'Great One on One' series sit down, Wayne Gretzky sits down with Hollywood's hockey fans to discuss their hockey fandom and influences. Gretzky talks with Taylor Kitsch about his love of Steve Yzerman, potentially doing a hockey movie, his connection to the Humboldt Broncos, Kitsch's junior hockey career and the moves he stole from Gretzky when he played.

Taylor Kitsch Gretzky Interview
Jon Hamm Gretzky Interview

Hockey post!

AriZona Iced Tea Has Merch

Tea... but make it #fashion.
AriZona Iced Tea is celebrating their 25th anniversary with limited fashion merchandise with collabs including Nike and Mitchell Ness.

They had a pop up shop in NYC the other week. However, some items are available online ranging from caps, bandanas, pins, shorts, shoes, jackets, school and travel items. More will be coming soon on the website here: https://greatbuy99.com/

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Y'all coppin' any of this hypebeast brewed iced tea?

Sources: https://twitter.com/metronewyork/status/997498018273353729

Hugh Jackman Says His 'Ridiculously Blessed' Kids Have a 'Responsibility' to 'Help Others'

Hugh Jackman, 49, and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, 62, have two children together. Asked about the most important lesson they are teaching Oscar, 18, and Ava, 12, Jackman says: “My kids are constantly reminded about how lucky we are in our family. We’re ridiculously blessed. We live in a beautiful home in places that other people dream of. [...] In terms of the world, we’re even more blessed; one out of six people doesn’t have clean drinking water.”

Jackman says he wants "to lead my kids by example when it comes to charity" and make giving back "feel normal" in the same way that his parents did for him.

For example, he founded Laughing Man Coffee after a visit to Ethiopia where he connected with a local coffee farmer. The brand donates a large portion of sales to his Laughing Man Foundation, which supports programs for health and growth in coffee farming communities.


(How) do you give back?

27 (5) canceled TV shows that ended on major cliffhangers

Pushing Daisies
The show ended after a shortened second season with Ned and Chuck standing on her family's doorstep prepared to reveal that she was alive. Unanswered questions include whether Ned ever shared his gift with Olive and how he explained himself.

Due to precarious ratings, each season's finale was designed to provide some kind of closure with the possibility of a cliffhanger built-in. In this case, it's quite literal: Will and Hannibal are sent off the edge of an actual cliff.

Bored to Death
The show ends right as the protagonist discovers the identity of his biological father—which means that he's been sleeping with his half-sister all along. We don't get to see the fallout.

Claire uses her healing abilities in a dramatic public display and then the show ends, never showing how revealing secret superpowers affects the lives of Peter, Hiro, and others.

Joan of Arcadia
Joan hears from God that there's a big threat on the horizon, an enemy who's planning to use his power for evil. Who it is and how the conflict plays out remains a mystery.


What unresolved cliffhangers still bother you?

The list is missing The Mick and Last Man On Earth.

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! Sons of an Illustrious Father blesses us with new interviews/photoshoots + album

L+R: Ezra Miller, Josh Aubin, and Lilah Larson
In interviews:

  • Issue Magazine - "The album is sort of a funeral rite for the world that is gone and a fanfare for the world we intend to eventually live in." Ezra Miller. EM and Lilah Larson are both reading the Black Panther comics and EM has been listening to the soundtrack lately.

  • Out Magazine - “We do it for the same reasons people define themselves with the label of queerness. It’s a refusal of definition. We don’t identify as a rock band or a pop band or an anything-in-particular band. We like the freedom to do and play whatever, just like we feel the freedom to love whoever we love.” - LL

  • Gay Times - about their single U.S. Gay, written in response to the Pulse shooting: “Conveniently it was a song we felt pretty good about putting into the world as we feel the world needs it, but at the same time it’s just something we needed to do for ourselves.” - LL and “It’s very important to recognise the privileges we all have, mostly as white people. It takes somewhat of a diligence and when creating we should include perspectives that are not just those that we regularly come by.” - LL, when discussing the representation of otherness, and the band's acknowledgment of their own privileges

  • Alt Citizen - on the relationship of art vs ego: I always think of our conception of ego, obviously stemming from the Freudian concept which is a pivotal point in the development of modern western thinking. But there’s lots of other ways to perceive the structure of consciousness in a human other than just ego, superego, and id, and I think what Freud identified as ego is a necessary tool or vessel, in the way we’re talking about human beings being vessels or machines being vessels, the mental identity is a vessel for making art, for channeling what is in the external world, through and internal reality, and into some sort of work. But then there’s an irony to the fact that art in turn serves to break down and challenge any sort of fixated mental identity. - EM

In photoshoots:

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Their newest single
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Dates and tickets for their June tour can be seen and purchased HERE
AMA? You BETCHA! Sons will have an AMA on Tuesday, June 5th HERE
Buy / stream 'Deus Sex Machina: Or, Moving Slowly Beyond Nikola Tesla' wherever y'all get your music

SOURCES: Gay Times, Out, Alt Citizen, Issue Magazine, YouTube
mod note: the photos also came from the above sources and sorry about the imgs! I fixed the settings so they should show now <3

Natalie Portman Curates Film Festival About "The Female Gaze"


Natalie Portman curated a series of movies for the Boston Calling film festival.

She chose seven movies based on "The Female Gaze."

Her list included:

1. Lolita
2. The Holy Girl
3. The Diary Of A Teenage Girl
4. Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels
5. Belle du Jour
6. I Am Not A Witch
7. The Exorcist

The topic was very relevant: Natalie has been active in the Time's Up campaign and has spoken out about her own experiences with sexism in Hollywood and her struggles as a female actor and director.

What movies about "the female gaze" would you recommend?


Mmorphinominal! Hasbro has plans for new Power Rangers films

-Now that Saban has sold off Power Rangers yet again, Hasbro wants to utilize the property to it's fullest.

-The Hasbro CEO stated "We felt the brand was very under leveraged and undervalued. We feel we can exploit it to a much greater extent and it was a great opportunity to acquire the brand."

-They want more movies, toys, games, the whole shebang.

-Sabans attempted to reboot The Mighty Morphin Powers for todays audience but the moody update failed at the box office (they only spent all of 15 mins suited up)

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Are you excited for Power Rangers to get rebooted again? Do you think they'll do MMPR again?

Katy Perry "accidentally" posts private comment about Orlando Bloom's butt on Instagram

-Orlando Bloom recently posted a promo for his latest project, a West End revival of Tracy Letts’ Killer Joe
-Katy commented on the post with: "I need a season pass for that a**"
-She then commented, “Oops I meant to send you that privately.”
-Fun fact: The promo only featured his face
-Katy recently flew to London to meet him; she thinks flying to see each other often will help keep the relationship alive (because that went so well with Russell Brand)


ONTD, do you publicize your thirst for others on their social media pages?
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Patty Jenkins shares logo for Wonder Woman sequel

  • Wonder Woman executive producer Geoff Johns and director Patty Jenkins shared this teaser logo

  • It seems to confirm speculation that the Wonder Woman sequel will take place in the 1980s

  • Gal Gadot returns as Wonder Woman with Kristen Wiig on board to play villain Cheetah


Isaiah Silva’s lawsuit to Courtney Love, Ross Butler, et al. made public in 332-page document

-If you weren't reading ONTD on May 29th, you missed out on a ton of wild posts, including the one where we discovered Frances Bean Cobain's ex was suing Courtney Love, Sam Lutfi, and Ross Butler for attempted murder

-Sam Lutfi's connections with Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, and Lindsay Lohan are mentioned in the document

-Ross Butler was Lutfi's roommate and acted as a "courier for illicit drugs" for both Courtney Love and Frances Bean in 2016

-Also worth noting: Isaiah Silva hired PI Tom Grant, who was originally hired by Courtney in the 1990s to investigate Kurt's behaviour. Grant thinks the Kurt Cobain case needs re-opening, and has spent years looking for clues, guilt, etc.

Source / Source 2

ONTD Lawyers™, if you've got nothing going on tonight, feel free to read this through and post any highlights!

Joshua Jackson is dating Alyssa Julya Smith


-Joshua Jackson split with Diane Kruger almost 2 years ago after 10 years together
-Joshua, 39, as been dating actress and Cheddar TV host Alyssa Julya Smith, 31, for the past several months

Plus Joshua Jackson for GQ


Shawn Mendes talks Kayne West, Justin Bieber, performs at Wango Tango

That Shawn Mendes reign just won't let up. Fresh off performing at the The Today Show & The Governors Ball in New York, Mendes continues his US media blitz to promote his new album. The Mutual singer was in Los Angeles last night at the Banc of California Stadium to perform at KIIS FM's Wango Tango concert. New cuts performed included Lost in Japan, Nervous, and lead single In My Blood.

Shawn recently sat down with Rolling Stone and chatted about various topics, but the highlights were without a doubt about Kanye West and fellow Canadian and former pop star turned Christian singer, Justin Bieber. Shawn is often compared to the Biebs, what with how young both started off and gained notoriety through YouTube videos. Recently the singer was asked if being compared to the Biebs bothered him. “One thing people may not know about me is how much I look up to Bieber. I don’t think I’ve ever truly told him he was my main inspiration for what I wanted to do.” Mendes goes on to add that comparing him to Justin is the biggest compliment you could give him. Okay.

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Sofia Richie breaks up with Scott Disick after he cheats on her and flirts with another woman

A source tells US Weekly:

“Sofia and Scott split up. He cheated on her in Miami and she found out and told [her father] Lionel [Richie]. “He said he is going to cut her off and write her out of his will if she continues her relationship with Scott as he thinks he’s extremely toxic for her.”

They can’t continue to see each other “because Lionel forbids them reconnecting and won’t continue to support their relationship.”

The couple began dating in 2017

whistling lab

Weekly Creepy News: Tom DeLonge brings UFOs to the mainstream; Fangoria is making movies, & more

This week's creepy post brought to you by myself and loglady explores what's new in paranormal pop culture!

Details on a free Victorian fantasy novel that you can read online + an adaptation of Grady Hendrix’s “Satanic Panic” is being developed!
Molly Tanzer’s Victorian fantasy novel Creatures of Will & Temper will be serialized *in full* *FOR FREE!* on io9, starting this week. It will be posted in three parts.
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According to horror news website Bloody Disgusting, Fangoria will be developing Grady Hendrix’s story Satanic Panic for its film imprint:
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How Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 has helped make UFOs a serious, mainstream news story
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Apparently the “best, worst and craziest horror movie you’ve never seen is now streaming” and it’s called Demon Wind. The 1990 horror film is currently available on Shudder, and this article should entice you to give it a watch.

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Ocean's 8 Cast Breakdown: Starring Themselves

Ocean's 8 takes #squadgoals to a whole new level by drawing on the personas of the stars -- Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter -- themselves.


Do you agree with the video? // Are you gonna see the movie??

B99: The Captain Holt soundboard app is HERE (but only for Android)

There is a real Captain Holt soundboard app


Also, Twitter username 5261796d6f6e64f for Captain Holt (from Season 5 Ep. 18) is real also

Source & Source

ONTD, favorite Brooklyn nine-nine joke?

Pokemon Gold and Silver 1997 Demo Leaked, with Prototype Forms.

While Let's Go! Pikachu and Eeevee are hotly anticipated, a surprise from Poke-years past has resurfaced.

The Demo for Gen 2, Pokemon Gold and Silver, was only playable at Space World, Nintendo's own trade show, in 1997.

Now...somehow...it's leaked! And with it comes a variety on the creatures we know and love, including -

Weirdos -

(Part of the Ditto line, Sloking's shell, and Hitmontop)

Unused cursed-panda puppet line.
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Check out more on the proto page of the Unused Mon here (scroll to demo), on The Cutting Room Floor.

Maybe one day we'll see that Sonic the Hedgehog and MOTHER 3 demo?

source: tweet

Jimmy Fallon's Commencement Speech at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Graduation

Marjory Stoneman Douglas' class of 2018 celebrated their graduation today with surprise keynote speaker Jimmy Fallon.

  • Commended students on their resilience and ability to turn a tragedy into a movement

  • Thanked students for their bravery

  • Asked students to think not about what they want to do, but about why they want to do it and everything else will figure itself out

  • Urges students to listen to everyone around them and try to find the good in people

  • Tells students they are the present and to keep changing the world

  • Advices graduates to never get off their parent's wireless plans

Four members of the class of 2018 were killed during the school shooting. Their families were in attendance and accepted their diplomas on their behalf.

Joaquin Oliver's mother accepting his diploma

Source 1
Source 2


Alan Cumming talks about iconic 'Romy and Michele's High School Reunion' dance scene


Alan Cumming talked about the iconic dance scene from "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion":

- It was his first american movie and first time he played an american character and he doesn't know why he was cast
- It was not his first threesome on camera
- A lot of people (strangers) ask him to go to their wedding to perform it with the bride and groom
- He has never accepted yet, but likes receiving video of people reenacting the scene at weddings
- The dance scene was choreographed, not improvised


Favorite Dance Scene in a movie?