May 22nd, 2018

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Who won American Idol season 16?

American Idol aired its finale tonight.

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source: twitter, youtube 1, youtube 2

Did you watch the new American Idol? How do you feel about the winner?
howard crown

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Came Out On This Day In May 1980

– Premiering on May 21, 1980 in US theaters, the sequel to the mega popular Star Wars film had a lot to live up to. It released to mixed reviews and a lower box office gross then the original before it eventually gained the legacy and respect it has today. The Empire Strikes Back defined countless movies tropes and trilogies to this very day, but also caused many sad people to compare every disputed piece of media they like to what happened specifically here, like that Reylo fic last December, The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, or season two of NBC's Timeless.
– The original draft by Leigh Bracket was much different. Including hostile, vanishing ice monsters on Hoth, a much more overt love triangle, Vader not being Luke's father and Leia not being Luke's sister, and Lando as a veteran clone from the fabled Clone Wars, Bracket established the skeleton plot that Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas would later go on to refine, but sadly she passed away from cancer in 1978, only a few weeks after turning in her first draft. Her work endured particularly in the Bespin scenes and most everything with Yoda. You can read it in full here, ft. notes and annotations.
– Lucas wanted to fund the film out of his own pocket, so as to prevent any future interference from Fox Studios. Lucas at the time was also establishing Lucasfilm (a curse on us all tbh) and further innovating film technology at Industrial Light and Magic. For this entry, he took a step back from writing and asked his former USC professor to direct, but stayed on of course for the story and as executive producer (a blessing on us all tbh).
– His original idea for Star Wars II can be seen in the novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye, where Luke and Leia crash land on a jungle planet and face off against Darth Vader in a race against time to find an ancient crystal. Other ideas for TESB that were developed later for the franchise include a city planet (Coruscant, The Phantom Menace), a water planet (Kamino, Attack of the Clones), and Darth Vader having his own castle (Mustafar, Rogue One).

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ONTD, are you a fan of high art? What are some early memories you have associated with this movie?

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Not to be Outdone by Grimes, Avril Lavigne ALSO Dating a Billionaire

Canadian pop star #2 confirmed to be dating a billionaire.
Apparently the relationship is very new and they've only been together a few months.
His name is Phillip Sarofim. His dad is Fayez Sarofim who is the second largest shareholder of Kinder Morgan and part owner of the Houstan Texans NFL team.

Are you hanging in there, my fellow poors of ONTD?

Katy Perry on Meghan Markle's wedding dress: "Kate won"

When asked about Meghan Markle's wedding dress in an interview, Katy commented that it needed "one more fitting" and that "Kate won". She did add, that although, she doesn't know Meghan she loves her for being a proud feminist and her humanitarian efforts, and wishes both Harry and Meghan well.

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do you agree, ontd?

Ariana and Pete "casually dating" possibly got matching tattoos?!

  • Just started dating and it is very casual.

  • After her performance at the BBMA's, he was spotted backstage with his arm around her.

  • Looked lovey dovey.

  • Pete was hanging out with her friends.

  • Have known each other since 2016, when she hosted SNL.

Sources: 1 - 2
Desus Nice from kobewife1

BTS To Debut @ #1 On Billboard 200.

* Korean boyband BTS is looking at 100k SPS, landing them at #1 on the album chart
* First for a Kpop, breaking a record previously set by themselves (previous peak of #7)
* There's a chance that Post Malone might come out on top for a fourth week, but Billboard gave crazies Army advance warning to rectify this.


Camila Cabello Confirms Extreme Thirst; Cancels as Taylor Swift Opening Act

After observing symptoms such as:

Demi Lovato A medical professional has formally diagnosed Camila Cabello as thirsty. She will be unable to perform with her false idol, Taylor Swift, on the Reputation STADIUM TOUR until further notice.


Charlize Theron to Star as Megyn Kelly in Roger Ailes Movie

Director Jay Roach (Trumbo, the Austin Powers films, Meet the Parents) is bringing the story of longtime Fox News leader Roger Ailes and his 2016 downfall to the big screen. Charlize Theron will star as former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who revealed despite network pressure that Ailes sexually harassed her and other female employees.

Annapurna is providing financing with Theron and others as producers, and Charles Randolph (The Big Short) wrote the script.


Chvrches: ‘It only takes two seconds to say: I don’t agree with white supremacy'

Chvrches frontwoman Lauren Mayberry talked about some of the issues women in the music industry face and how she deals with them.

Lauren is currently on an internet break because people kept photoshopping cum on her face, but when starting out she used to run the band's Facebook page and was bombarded with rape threats. When speaking about the online harassment, Lauren says the band now gives venues a list of names and photographs of certain people who have been most aggressive and when they come in to watch the show, they're flanked by security guards because the venues aren't allowed to stop them from attending.

Lauren says she's always going to get questions about what it's like to be a girl in a band, so she's going to make the most of it and use those conversations as an opportunity to speak about these issues and to not let them be swept under the rug.

She adds that politics are a part of her life so it would be inauthentic for her to not discuss them and it only takes "two seconds of your life" to say you don't agree with white supremacy, homophobia, etc.

Lauren also explained that she thinks the MeToo hasn't hit the music industry the way it's hit the film industry because the film industry is smaller, more unionized and people are going for the same parts whereas in music, everyone's off working on their own projects.

Along with the MeToo movement, she says that people who are already successful need to make sure their actions back up their words and to stop working with these directors and producers and making money off of the people who are oppressing others.

Ron by the fire

First photos from Oscar hopeful 'Boy Erased', starring Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe & Lucas Hedges

EW released the first photos from Oscar bait 'Boy Erased' starring and directed by Joel Edgerton, and also starring Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges in the lead, alongside Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe (as his parents).

The movie is based on Garrard Conley's memoir, about the son of a Baptist pastor who was outed by his parents at 19 years old, and was forced to either lose his entire family or go to a conversion therapy program to erase the gay away or whatever nonsense they spew, and everything that came from his decisions. The movie's set for a September 28 release.


Paris Jackson wants you to know that her relationship with her family is none of your business

Paris Jackson was criticized over social media for not attending the 2018 Billboard Music Awards and missing her aunt Janet Jackson's Billboard Icon Award performance.

• It started when Austin Brown (Rebbie's son) shared a photo of Janet's performance on Instagram. “Couldn't be more proud of my aunt for not only delivering a stellar performance but also showing people greatness is ageless. Congrats on your Icon award.” Paris Jackson replied via a screenshot on Instagram Stories on Monday and wrote “Ditto.”

• Paris then responded to the criticism via Instagram Strories saying: “Dear social media followers, friends, stalkers, lovers and haters, and fellow moonwalkers: Please do not tell me/demands/try to control how I handle my relationship with the people in my life, specifically my family. As amazing and as shitty as things can be, it is no one's business but ours. I understand that some of you feel some sort of connection or need to be a part of our lives considering you watched us grow up. However, I am handling my situation exactly how my father did. And I am happy keeping it that way. I will always have love and respect for my family. ALWAYS. There is nothing more or less than that, that you need to know.”

• Jackson added, “Every family has their moments of trauma, heartbreak, separation, love, oneness, tribe, pain, everything. EVERY FAMILY. My family, specifically, and a good number of others...well, our drama is broadcasted worldwide through media. But that doesn't mean our family issues are any different from yours. Ours are just made public. Every level has another devil. Every life has their own shit to deal with. We ain't inferior or superior to y'all. We're all fucking human. So let's act like it. I appreciate any and every person reading this and I'm grateful for everything in my life, positive and negative.”

• Later and before signing off, Paris added: “Also not to mention, no one from my mgmt reached out to me about attending billboards or about the award, and no one from my family did either. I had absolutely no idea until y'all spammed me with hatred.”

• Her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, brother Prince Jackson and aunt Rebbie Jackson were all in attendance to watch Janet Jackson perform and receive her Icon award.

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ONTD Roundup


ONTD Original: Ten of the Worst K-Pop Debut Songs (Groups).

Girl's Day - Tilting My Head

Girl's Day hit the scene in 2010 with Tilting My Head, argubly one of the worst K-Pop debuts ever. Sojin has commented on how embarassing the song was to her at the time. Why was it so embarassing? The neon drenched, overly comical fashion is an assualt on the eyes. The jarring autotune does nothing to showcase the girl's vocals. If you forgot that this was Girl's Day's debut, no one could blame you.

Song you should listen to instead: Something

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F.cuz - Jiggy

The colorful kneepads were a choice. Especially paired with the fluffy white vests. The second version of the MV (yes, there were two) isn't much better. F.Cuz (pronounced as "focus") burst out onto the scene with this colorful pop song. Boy groups weren't immune to the overuse of autotune trend back in 2010. The song is pretty catchy but the lyrics, autotune and the bad fashion choices prevented it from being a hit. Neither debut MV is uploaded to their offical Youtube channel.

Song you should listen to instead: If you must- Midnight Sun

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Which group had a really bad debut song?

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Descendants 3 Casts Cheyenne Jackson as Hades

- Jamal Sims is also cast as Dr. Facilier, with Jadah Marie playing his daughter Celia. Christian Convery and Luke Roessler are playing Squeaky and Squirmy, Smee's sons.


I....... am here for this.

Brandon Flowers on what's next: “...a sixth Killers record, but damn, I love my last solo record!”

The Killers (well, half of them) continue enjoying their highly successful Wonderful Wonderful Tour around the world as well as touring the Summer music festival circuit. But with two members (Dave Keuning and Mark Stoermer) down and no longer touring, some fans are left to wonder about the future of the band.

• Frontman Brandon Flowers addresses this by saying, “At the end of [previous album] Battle Born we did a month in Asia without Mark so we sort of got a little bit of the feeling of what it would be like. And then we had to do the same thing without Dave for a little while," he laughs aware that it sounds as though the band is falling apart, but stresses that's not the case. “It's not unsettling for me as you might think. My job is to sing. I'm trying to look at the things that are more familiar rather than dwell on the things that are not familiar.”

So what's next? “The plan is for it to be a sixth Killers record, but damn, I love my last solo record! We only toured it for a few months and then…” In 2015, Brandon cancelled a string of shows to care for his wife, Tana, who was suffering from PTSD stemming from childhood trauma. “No, the plan is for it to be another Killers record and we have to figure out how to make it work [for Stoermer and Keuning]. Mark is all over this new record — some of his best bass lines and progressions are on this record and he brings a darkness to our music that doesn't really exist without it.”

• So, there you have it. #TK6 is the plan, but realistically#BF3 is going to happen. More behind the cut.

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BFlow, if you want that sixth album with your band you know what you're going to have to do...

ONTD, are you rooting for a third solo album or a sixth Killers album?

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Hailee Steinfeld & Niall Horan are a couple

- there were first Romance Rumours in February (as says the tweet, at least)

- during a date night in a country western-themed restaurant they were "making out all night"

- a source says that it is all pretty casual but besides making out all night, they were also spotted Holding Hands at another location

Tweet Source

ONTD, did we know about this? And do we care enough to remember it?

Sarah Paulson isn't bovvered by comments about her relationship

- speaking to magazine Modern Luxury, Paulson (43) says she's "entirely unbothered" by any critique with regard to her relationship. "If anyone wants to spend any time thinking I’m strange for loving the most spectacular person on the planet, then that’s their problem."

- She met Taylor about ten years ago, but they were both dating other people at the time.

- interview is also about Ocean's 8, aging and playing strange, weird parts.

Tweet source

ONTD, do you find a 32 years age gap strange when both people involved are over 32?

SHOW DOGS filmmakers respond to "Sex Abuse Grooming" In Film

  • The Ludacris dog has to go undercover as a show dog and have his genitals inspected against his wishes, while other dogs tell him to basically Lie Back and Think of England.

  • Global Road Entertainment and the Filmmakers respond with " It was a joke, I'm sorry you saw it that way and we apologize if you felt any discomfort."


What will be the next photorealistic talking animal movie to draw people's ire.

Pokemon Go Community Day - LARVITAR

The featured Pokemon for June's Community Day event will be Larvitar.

During this day, there's a chance for your new Larvitars to learn a special move as well as earn some Community Day bonuses.

The standard Triple XP and Triple Stardust still applies along with extended lures and special boxes to purchase.

Event starts Saturday, June 16th from 11am - 2pm PST

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Happy Hunting!
victor strand

Donald Glover Asks How it's Possible For Lando Carlissian To "Not Be Pansexual in Space?"

In case you missed it, in response to an interviewer's question asking if Lando is pansexual, Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jonathon Kasdan said, “I would say yes," he emphatically said." There’s a fluidity to Donald and Billy Dee’s [portrayal of Lando’s] sexuality,” Kasdan continued. “I mean, I would have loved to have gotten a more explicitly LGBT character into this movie. I think it’s time, certainly, for that, and I love the fluidity ― sort of the spectrum of sexuality that Donald appeals to and that droids are a part of."
– Lawrence Kasdan was more cryptic, commenting on a scene with the L3 robot making light of Lando "flirting" with Han, “That is her personality. Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn’t." Jonathan also said, "I would have loved to have gotten a more explicitly LGBT character into this movie. I think it's time, certainly, for that."
– Donald Glover responded to a question about this by Sirius XM with another question because this obviously wasn't in the script and the Disney assassins are lying in wait, all while conflating being attracted to aliens to being LGBT: “Yeah! How can you not be pansexual in space? There's so many things to have sex with. I'm serious. I didn’t think that was that weird. Yeah, he’s coming on to everybody. Whatever. He's like a 70's swinger. It didn’t seem that weird to me, because I feel like if you’re in space it’s kind of like, the door is open! It’s [not] like, ‘only guys or girls.’ No, it’s anything. This thing is literally a blob. Are you a man or a woman? Like, who cares? Have a good time out here.”
– Sirius XM asked again: "What happens in space stays in space. So he didn't necessary tell you that, but you had the same vibe on it." Donald responded, "I just feel like... One thing that Billy did say, he was like, "Be charming, you know, he's eclectic. He likes different things. He's somebody that goes around and tries everything." Emilia Clarke then butts in, "Tries to have sex with everything."
– Glover continued after laughing about our societal plight: "I just didn't think about it that much. I was like, "He's a charming person. So I feel like he doesn't have hard and fast boundaries about everything. Having somebody tell me that I'm like, 'Ok. Cool. Makes sense to me.' Is it weird that I didn't think about it that much?" Wow, no one had to think about it during production because it's literally not there – I can't stop crying. We did it kids.
– Lucasfilm specifically has yet to comment and confirm if it's "canon" but like who cares.

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ONTD, how do you feel about Glover's response? Also, is it a coincidence Disney is framing their black lead this way but insists Han is straight? (no)

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5
gods country

Britney Spears Piece of Shit ex, officially filed for more child support

Living Legend Britney Spears will take her Piece of Me Concert on a sold out global tour this summer. Spears will also take her Piece of Shit ex husband K-Fed to court. Deadbeat fat loser source of her 2007 breakdown K Fed is demanding triple his current child support. K fuckface federline claims he makes “approximately $3,000 per month” as a DJ, which is reportedly less than one percent Spears’ annual income. K Fed's lawyer said, “This won’t be difficult for us, Kevin is asking for the reasonable needs of the children to be met, which is at least three times the amount Kevin is currently getting. This is based on her earnings which have been publicly reported. We are also asking for attorney’s fees because it didn’t have to come to this.” K fed is getting $20,000 a month from Godney.


Duggar family preventing the more accepting cousin's reality show from being made


The Duggar family is not down with cousin John Andrew Studdard getting his own reality show after producers approached him. John thinks it's because of his outspoken nature toward transphobe and homophobe, Derick Dillard. Studdard’s mother, who is Jim Bob Duggar‘s cousin, and father said they will cut him off financially if he says anything again.

Producers were hoping to do a show with Studdard, a more accepting member of the Duggar family, but all of the immediate family declined to be in it [or give a green light? idk].

“He wants to show his life with his friends and the volunteer work he’s passionate about,” the insider said. “He wants to build a platform to spread awareness for causes and build a bigger empire than his cousins.

After Derick made homophobic comments, Studdard told him he needed to keep his mouth shut and half of America doesn't like him. If he were to get his own show, it'd be more diverse and show a better part of the south.

“I have a unique storyline,” he said. “Being Asian adopted into an all-caucasian family living in the South. My show will be the real South, good style and a lot of colorful personalities. I could carry a show of my own with topics that could reach all audiences. I’m way more fun!”


ONTD, do you call out people in your fam?
lady bird

Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay are making a movie together for Netflix

• Netflix is funding and distributing a new movie from Bay titled Six Underground

• Will star Ryan Reynolds and also involves Deadpool screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese

• Budget is an estimated $125 million

• Netflix outbid Paramount for the rights

ontd would you blow your blank check on a michael bay movie?


Manchester DJ Dave Haslam releasing memoir 'Sonic Youth Slept On My Floor: Music, Manchester & More'

Famed Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam will be releasing his memoir on May 24th, and will be partaking in a 16-date book tour across the UK.

The book covers the Hacienda nightclub, Madchester, the birth of rave culture, going from being a Joy Division fan to a collaborator with New Order, and more. The book spans British pop culture from the 1970s to the 1990s.

No guarantees from this OP, but the book will likely discuss the time Sonic Youth slept on his floor.

Coincidentally, this day in 1982, the Hacienda nightclub opened.

Source 1 / Source 2

ONTD, tell me your Madchester stories so I can live vicariously through you!

Robyn Talks New Album, Plays ‘Honey’ Live

It looks like we might be getting closer to a new Robyn album!!! She recently said the new lp should be out this year. During the Red Bull Music Festival in New York, Robyn took part in a public Q&A with singer Kindness, discussing her entire career, and most importantly sharing some details about her new work.

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Y'all ready, ONTD?

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Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz flaunt their relationship with PDA on a yacht

-Heidi (44) and her younger boyfriend Tom (28) spent some time on a Yacht in Cannes
-Tom kissed her stomach and grabbed her bum
-Heidi wore a Missoni bikini
-Tom was kind enough to hose her down after a dip in the sea


Kendall/Harry on a yacht could never!
uh ok

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, makes her first public appearance since her wedding

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The makeup products she used for her wedding look are revealed:

Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation, Dior Makeup, 40 euros
Eyeshadow Palette Dior Backstage Eye Palette Warm Neutrals 001, Dior Makeup, available on May 25th, 50 euros.
Eyeliner Diorshow on Stage Liner, 091 Matte Black, Dior Makeup, 34,50 euros.
Mascara Diorshow Iconic, 090 Noir, Dior Makeup, 35,50 euros.
Mascara Truly Lush Mascara, Honest Beauty, 22 dollars.

sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Remember When Grimes Tried To Live On A Houseboat With Some Chickens?

Grimes was not always a millionaire attending the Met Gala and dating a billionaire.

She was once a humble hippie chick from Canada who tried to build a houseboat and sail it down the Mississippi with her boyfriend and several chickens.

Claire "c" Boucher and her bf built a ship called The Velvet Glove Cast In Iron.

They even chose "river names" for themselves-- Veruchka, and Zelda Xox.


They wanted to live a life like Huckleberry Finn, even though neither of them had read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. They planned to sail from Minneapolis, Minnesota to New Orleans, Louisiana.

But almost as soon as they put their boat in the water, the engine malfunctioned.

They would tie it to trees on the riverbank, go ashore, and purchase supplies from Craigslist. A police officer gave them tickets for illegally tethering their boat to trees, camping illegally in nearby parks with their chickens, and not having a proper boating license. Cops eventually towed the boat to the impound lot.

Where do you want to travel to, ONTD?


'Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Cast and Crew Supported Stephanie Beatriz When She Shut Down Sexism On Set

She shared an anecdote about an older male actor who was calling everyone “honey,” “babe,” and “baby” on set. 
But she did not reveal the name of the actor.

“Sure enough once we hit set, he did speak to me that way, and I said, ‘I’d really prefer it if you called me by my name.’ And he was like, ‘All right, sweetie.’ And then I stopped and said, ‘No. I am actually serious. I am not sweetie. My name is Stephanie, and I’d like you to call me by my actual name.’ And he was a little bit of an older guy, and I don’t think he was used to anybody talking to him that way, especially not a young woman.”


ONTD Original: Reylo—Yay or Nay?

Let's take a look at the controversial Star Wars ship Rey/Kylo Ren, better known as Reylo. The portmanteau ignites strong feelings in lovers and haters alike. It's one of the most talked-about ships on Tumblr and has made more than a few appearances in mainstream media outlets, too. Each side uses the films, novelizations, creator and cast comments, and more as evidence that theirs is the right interpretation of the pair's dynamic, causing serious discourse to overshadow the lighter side of fandom. Which side are you on?


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**Despite the title, the poll is not anonymous. It was originally, then I forgot to change the title—so beware.
Poll #2081614 Anonymous poll

What do you think of Reylo endgame?

Fuck yay!
I'd be okay with that
I don't care either way
I'd be disappointed
Fuck nay!
I'm offended by the question, you Disney shill

Who do you ship? (Check all that apply)


The Fuck nays! have it.
Disclaimer: This is not comprehensive. If I forgot or misstated something, it was an oversight and not an agenda. Be cool.

ONTD Original: 5 Times Mrs. Crocombe Made Us Question Victorian Recipes

𝓞𝓝𝓣𝓓 𝓞𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓪𝓵:
5 Times Mrs. Crocombe Made Us Question Victorian Recipes

Mrs. Crocombe is a rising star featured on the English Heritage Youtube channel who delivers us Victorian style recipes. She's based on an actual person who was "head cook for Lord and Lady Braybrooke at Audley End House of Gardens in the 1880s." Her calm and comforting olden day cooking videos have been iconic enough to even start a petition for her own series.


While most of her recipes are appetizing, others made me question "why?" from the ingredients itself to presentation styles that were... creative, reminiscent to vintage recipes during the mid 20th century when housewives were trying to spruce it up for gatherings.


OP's note: This comes from an #American point of view, and I mean no offense. We love celebrating #white #culture!


Here are 5 recipes from Mrs. Crocombe we can skip out on:

5. Mince Pies

I know these are traditional classics in English culture... but as an ignorant #American, I can't imagine dishing my way through a fruit cake with bits of meat in it. I imagine it'd be like Rachel Greene's trifle and Shepards pie hybrid. But as much as I would not make it myself, I'd maybe try a bit irl since it's popular.
Bizarre factor: Ox tongue

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Would y'all try any of these?

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Lars von Trier Says He ‘Hugged’ Björk and Did Not Sexually Harass Her, Thinks #MeToo Is ‘Brilliant’

Björk published a Facebook post last October accusing an anonymous filmmaker of harassing her on set and punishing her when she did not give into his advances. 

“You know, 90% of the journalists I spoke to believe that I harassed Björk, but that’s ridiculous because I denied it, but no one wrote it. Because a good story is to write that I harassed her. And this is not the case. I touched her, it’s true. I did it with all my actresses. Because she was doing a really intense job: screaming, being sick…so obviously I hugged her. But if she thinks a hug is harassment, then I think I will not be able to succeed without touching my actors. I did not touch her in the wrong places, I think.”

About the #Metoo movement

“I think the MeToo movement is a brilliant idea. If it’s used the right way, it’s something very important. The problem is that the internet is something that we had not imagined would affect our lives so much. Nobody had thought that this or that could happen. Only that some people repressed in some countries had a way to address the world. I’m just scared that if someone says that person has committed murder or whatever, she’s [not] presumed innocent until proven guilty.”


Celebs React to World Goth Day

Dave Holmes (author, podcast host and former MTV VJ)

Today is World Goth Day, a holiday that originated in the UK in 2009 and occurs annually on May 22nd. The purpose to celebrate the existence of the goth scene, and remind everyone that goths are out there. Former and current goths, celebs and even brands all took to Twitter to celebrate.

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Source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Did you have a goth phase, ONTD?


‘Suits’ star Patrick J Adams apologizes after online bullying accusations

In a since-deleted post, he shared an unflattering snap of a woman sleeping along with a story about an altercation with her. 
The woman told him that she found the photo in a newspaper of him and his wife “terrible” explaining that he looked “chunky.”
Adams shared the image of the woman asleep at the airport. Fans and critics accuse him of body-shaming her in retaliation for her rudeness.
He took the photo down and replaced it with an apology message.

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source, 2

Blind Item: Male singer left BBMAs with muscular male dancer, leaving his girlfriend behind

Male singer who attended the BBMAs. A female celebrity who he has supposedly been dating was also there.
Chatted up with a male dancer at the after-party. Was touching the dancer's leg, commenting on how muscular he was.
They left together half an hour later, leaving his (rumored) girlfriend behind.


Scarlett Johansson Spotted Having Dinner with Woody Allen

This past Friday actress Scarlett Johansson had dinner with noted auteur child molestor Woody Allen at Come Prima at Madison Avenue.

Johansson has previously worked with Allen on the films Match Point, Scoop, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

In 2014, Dylan Farrow released an open letter detailing the abuse she underwent at the hands of Woody Allen. She questioned several actors who continued to work with Allen including Emma Stone, Alec Baldwin, Louis CK (ew), and Johansson herself. In response, Johansson said “I think it’s irresponsible to take a bunch of actors that will have a Google alert on and to suddenly throw their name into a situation that none of us could possibly knowingly comment on. That just feels irresponsible to me."

Source 1
, 2, 3
TV - Bach - AJ

Bachelor in Paradise's Jared and Ashley I. are dating!

+ After three years and two Bachelor in Paradise seasons of one-sided affection, Ashley I. and Jared are finally dating

+ Jared now says that he felt a deep connection from the get-go, after repeatedly turning Ashley down while she spent the entirety of both BIP seasons crying over him


I'm shook tbh, I don't even know how to feel

Michael B. Jordan to Co-Produce and Voice Act in New Rooster Teeth Animated Series

-Michael B. Jordan, a self proclaimed anime fan, will join Rooster Teeth's newest anime series gen:LOCK.

-gen:LOCK is "a 3D animated series set on Earth while its last free society is on the losing side of a global war. A diverse team of young pilots is recruited to control the net generation of mecha, so-called giant, weaponized robot bodies. These recruits find that their newfound abilities come at no small cost".

-Jordan will voice the main protagonist Julian Chase, a former fighter pilot who becomes the first candidate for the program. He will also co-produce with Rooster Teeth with his production company Outlier Productions.

-Started in 2003, Rooster Teeth is an Austin-based animation studio and content hub. The show will be exclusive to Rooster Teeth's online streaming service.