May 19th, 2018


13 Facts Facts about Camilla Parker-Bowlest You May Not Have Known

1) The press really likes her. She's apparently the easiest and most pleasant person for the royals reporters to cover and once yelled at a reporter from The Times because he'd spoiled Downton Abbey for her. She's known for laughing about unflattering photos of her.


2) Camilla kept her own house after getting together with Charles so she could have a place to hang out with friends, chain-smoke, be as messy a person as she wanted to be, and not follow royal protocol.Collapse )

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ONTD Original: Ten Celebrity Endorsements that were certainly...a choice

Selling out is bound to happen in a celebrities career at some point. The question is, just how far will celebs go to make extra coins to maintain their lavish lifestyles while trying to maintain their dignity? 🤔 Sometimes they lose it long before ~in the Hollywood Hills — but a lot of times they lose it in the public's eye after an endorsement (but let's be real, most of the general public will laugh and then simply move on). As long as the check is cut, cashed, and in the bank several celebs simply don't care. Now I'm well aware that there are several out there but I had to narrow it down to ten here for time and sanity. So keep that in mind and let's take a look at a few celebrity endorsements that made us cringe, sometimes laugh, and were...a choice.

Mary J. Blige — “Burger King's Chicken Wraps”

Ok, let's get this one out of the way because I know people will bring it up in the comments asking where's Mary at? But let me make one thing clear, we're keeping the hateration, holleration in this dancerie to a minimum. You will respect Auntie Mary. She isn't just some OSCAR© Attendee, but she is a goddamn two-time OSCAR© Nominee. And that is something you will acknowledge and respect. Yes, we get it, fast food is gross, you only eat farm to table, drink lemon water, and people who recline their airplane seat in front of you suck etc. But don't look down at those who are occasionally rolling through the BK drive-thru in their Lyft or Uber drunk as hell looking for sustenance to get through and sober up. It happens. Maybe that's why the good sis Mary decided to do this, she's been there. Perhaps she had to fund some recording sessions or music videos, she has a mortgage! Cut Auntie Mary some slack. BK on the other hand, well, they should have known better.

That was...a Choice Rating:
😬😬😬😬 out of Five

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ONTD, would you sell out and what's your price?

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YouTube Beauty Guru Jaclyn Hill is Getting Divorced

Yes, OP knows that we watched a star-studded fairy tale wedding, but now she is back to take away your dreams. Jaclyn Hill, a "BeauTuber" with 5 million YouTube subscribers is divorcing her husband Jon. They had been married for 9 years. There has been lots of speculation about the divorce in the past couple of months from YouTube gossip channels, however with this Instagram post, Jaclyn finally confirms it. She also has unfollowed her soon to be "was-band" on the social media site. To be honest, OP really knows nothing about her or her life except that she annoys Kim Kardashian.


Beauty post? Divorce/ Marriage post?

Hasbro has trademarked the “sweet, slightly musky” smell of Play-Doh

- Hasbro trademarked the “unique scent formed through the combination of a sweet, slightly musky, vanilla-like fragrance, with slight overtones of cherry, and the natural smell of a salted, wheat-based dough,” citing its recognizability amongst generations of people. This is unfortunate for people who sell Play-Doh candles on etsy.

- They also just bought the Power Rangers, described as a “powerhouse toyetic property,” from Saban for $522 million.

- Hasbro is apparently really getting into IP since the demise of Toys R Us.

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#RoyalWedding merchandise: royal cereal, royal cannabis, royal condoms

- #HarryAndMeghan Wedding Rings commemorative breakfast cereal ($55 / £40)

- Markle Sparkle marijuana strain, developed by Meghan's nephew

- #HarryAndMeghan custom swimsuit (from $40)

- Crown Jewels Heritage "fit for a Prince" condoms ($14 / £10)

- #HarryAndMeghan PEZ royal dispensers ($9,897 winning bid)

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ONTD Original: Today in ONTD history (May 19 edition)

2005 (all)
Olsen twins at "Cinema Against AIDS" Gala 5/19 (pics deleted)
New Avril Lavigne photoshoot! {Caution: May bore you to death} (pics deleted)

honorable mention from May 18: a story about hayden - why OP hates Hayden Christensen, plus "hayden told jay that when he and his sister sarah went to the skywalker ranch, they were informed rather sternly that they MUST call george lucas 'dad.'

2006 (all)
Britney crying after baby's incident
Diet Expert Slams Britney Spears For Feeding Son Ice Cream
Morning Show Host and Halle Berry Have 'Racist Moment'
The O.C. season finale aftermath (spoilers and photos)
Which One Would YOU Rather Do!?!?

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Favorite May 19 throwback post?

Hottie aka Schatar Sapphira Tweets ONTD

In the line of celebs who are aware of the ONTD community such as Mara Wilson and Oprah, Beyonce doppelgänger Schatar Sapphira took notice of us by tweeting and Instagramming our post yesterday discussing her new cooking show, out on Amazon Prime.

And if you don't know, please familiarize yourself with the reality tv star:

We're just happy to see a director/producer/chef/singer thrive and grow to their full potential.

Self-promoting queen!

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Taylor Swift performs with Shawn Mendes during her first Rose Bowl show

Thank you so much @taylorswift !!!!!! 💙

Une publication partagée par Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes) le

Viola Davis , Jamie Foxx and Brendon Urie were among the celebs who attended the show
She has made over 20m from her 3 first shows , not bad for a flop tour
are you poor , ontd?
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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Cannes 2018 winners: Shoplifters Wins Palme d’Or

No major upsets this year as Cate Blanchett's jury awarded films that were mostly in line with critical consensus.

Though two women directors won prizes the Palme d'or (which has only been won by one woman, Jane Campion in 1993) once again went to a man with Hirokazu Kore-eda's Shoplifters taking the top prize.

Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman also took the Grand Prix, widely considered the runner-up prize.

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ONTD which of these films are you looking forward to?
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Asia Argento speaks out about Harvey Weinstein and other predators at the Cannes Film Festival

  • Italian writer/director/actress Asia Argento was on hand to present the award for Best Actress at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony

  • Argento has gone on record before about how she was raped by Weinstein at Cannes

  • In her speech she mentioned that there are still rapists and harassers involved with the festival and vowed to be among those holding these predators responsible and expelling them from the film community

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I ♥ Asia.

Podcast Post: Week of May 14 - 19

Welcome to a podcast roundup for new podcast episodes released between May 14 - 19, 2018.


You Can't Make This Up is a Netflix companion podcast in which the creators behind Netflix Original true stories are interviewed about the behind the scenes process of how these documentaries came to be. The first episode featured the directors of Wild Wild Country. The second and most recent episode focuses on The Keepers where NPR's Kelly McEvers interviews director Ryan White and survivor Jean Wehner. The next episode (to be released May 30) will be an interview with the crew behind the production of documentary series Evil Genius.

You can list to their episode on The Keepers on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. You can visit the podcast's Facebook page here.

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howard reading

Leon Bridges Performs "Beyond" for The Graham Norton Show + Talks Touring With Harry Styles

– Leon's new album "Good Things" came out May 4th to critical praise. Leon will have his own tour from June to October this year across the US.
– He'll also be opening for Harry Styles for several shows soon, in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico. Leon said it'll be great doing shows in South American for the first time, and that some of Harry's fans from there have hit him up on Instagram telling him they love his music and can't wait to see him.
– Leon appeared on the Graham Norton show to perform "Beyond" and recently appeared on The Late Show with Colbert for the same thing. He's also been performing other songs like "Bad Bad News" for Ellen.

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ONTD, what's standing out from his new album to you? Are you going to see him on either tour?

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Christine and The Queens Releases A New Single 'Girlfriend' (feat. Dâm-Funk)

It's been almost four years since Héloïse Letissier released her stunning debut album 'Chaleur humaine', and it looks like lp#2 is not that far away. The new album is currently 80% done. Yesterday, Héloïse shared a new single 'Girlfriend' featuring Dâm-Funk (basically two versions, one in English and the other in French) and it's a bop! Enjoy.

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Ashley excited

"Valerian" director Luc Besson accused of rape by 27 year-old actress

- A 27 year-old actress reported "The Fifth Element" director Luc Besson for rape.

- The actress claims that [Trigger warning]she had tea with him at the Bristol palace in Paris on Thursday and started feeling dizzy. A few hours later, she woke up in one of the hotel's rooms and remembered him abusing her. She claims a stack of cash had been put on a table next to the bed. Besson had left the room when she woke up.

- Besson denies the accusations.

princess leia

Phew! Taylor Swift can go back to writing regular songs now.

After Taylor Swift's concert in Pasadena, she told the LA Times backstage:

"This has definitely been my most cathartic album. After I finished it, it was like' — she exhaled heavily — 'now I can write regular songs again.'"

Some other tidbits from the article include:

  • The reporter says she sacrificed a formal education for her career but would earn a PhD for connecting with other humans.

  • "Swift gave a master class in the constructive use of the modern technology that's allowed her to establish and nurture an exceptionally powerful connection with a massive audience."

  • Some fans from the audience are invited backstage each night to meet Taylor in the "rep room."

  • Like during her 1989 tour, Swift hands out wristbands that light up during the concert and make concertgoers feel like they are part of the production.

  • She has been singing a surprise song every night.  So far, she's thrown in "Red," "Wildest Dreams," and "All Too Well."  Also, Shawn Mendes was a surprise guest at her concert last night, but there's no telling whether she will have more surprise guests like during her 1989 tour.

Meanwhile, she has been posting positive reviews of her concerts on her Instagram stories for all to see.

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I guess the old Taylor isn't dead after all... what do you think her next album will sound like?  Will she return to writing songs about bleachers and sneakers and actresses who are better known for what they do on the mattress?

Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain win court case sealing Kurt Cobain’s death photos

-Journalist Richard Lee, who happens to be a "Kurt was murdered" conspiracy theorist, filed a lawsuit against the City of Seattle in 2014

-Hosting a show called Now See It Person to Person: Kurt Cobain Was Murdered, he wanted the photos under Washington State’s Public Records Act

-The case was thrown out in 2015 because releasing the images was “highly offensive to a reasonable person”

-He appealed the case last year, and Courtney/Frances won

-Four rolls of film taken from the scene of the crime in 1994 and developed by the Seattle Police Department in 2014 will never be seen


Prize for comic novels not awarded this year because no book was funny enough

The Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize is the UK's only prize for comic fiction. The winners get a pig named after them (plus a huge bottle of Bollinger, and a complete set of PG Wodehouse novels). Past winners include Terry Pratchett, Helen Fielding, Paul Murray and Jasper Fforde.

For the first time in 18 years, it will not be awarded to anyone. There won't even be a shortlist. The judges didn't feel like any novel published in the past year was funny enough.

"After much deliberation, the judges concluded that although there were many amusing and well-written books among the 62 submissions, none fulfilled the criteria of making all of the judges laugh out loud".

"Despite the submitted books producing many a wry smile amongst the panel during the judging process, we did not feel than any of the books we read this year incited the level of unanimous laughter we have come to expect."

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ONTD, what books make you laugh?

Snoop Dogg: "There's no black women in [Kanye's] life."

- Snoop Dogg says that Kanye doesn't have enough black women in his life, because otherwise he wouldn't have gotten away with his recent controversial statements at home
- Says the whole situation was funny at first, but now it's sad
- On Kanye's mom passing: "Remember the music he was making when she was here? And the spirit that he had? That's gone now."
- On the men in the Kardashian/Jenner family: "If you look at the people that went in that house with their minds straight... Lamar Odom... Kanye West... Rob Kardashian. I'm just saying. But the women on point."
- Tells Travis Scott to "get out"

The whole interview is full of gems on a wide variety of topics, but the part about Kim and Kanye starts at 13:57.


Whatever happened to Nicole Crimi, the girl who played Regina George's little sister?

-Regina George's little sister, Kylie, is best remembered for dancing to Kelis' Milkshake (the foreshadowing of that name)
-Now Nicole Crimi, the actress who played her, is all grown up - and a part-time artist
-She is 21, just finished a Bachelor of Science from McMaster University, and is in the process of applying to med school
-She's painting a portrait of two elephants that will be auctioned off for Stop Poaching Now
-She started oil painting in high school and fell in love with it; however, she doesn't see herself doing it for a living
-Her Instagram

taylor swift - queen

September Co-Writer Calls Taylor Swift's Cover "As Lethargic As A Drunk Turtle"

-Taylor Swift dropped her country version of Earth, Wind & Fire's iconic song "September" on April 12, sparking outrage from fans of the 1978 hit.
-It turns out that the co-writer of the song is also not a fan of Taylor's cover.
-She called Taylor's version "as lethargic as a drunk turtle dozing under a sunflower after ingesting a bottle of Valium."
-"I thought it had all the build of a one-story motel, but, I mean, the girl didn't kill anybody," co-writer Allee Willis told Billboard. "She didn't run over your foot."

ONTD, do you agree? What's the worst cover song you've ever heard?

Romeo + Juliet 21

Steven Spielberg & Leonardo DiCaprio in early talks to team on Ulysses S. Grant film

- DiCaprio and Spielberg are in talks to re-team (they worked together on the 2002's Catch Me If You Can) on the Ulysses Grant biopic
- Spielberg also is said to direct the film while DiCaprio would play the Civil War general/U.S. president Ulysses S. Grant
- DiCaprio is has already been attached to play U.S presidents Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt


WB has a message for Ryan Reynolds

The day of Deadpools release WB decided to have some fun with their former employee Ryan Reynolds with the following tweet:

Though after they saw the movie, they decided to get cheeky and made a request:

-As some know Ryan Reynolds starred in the WBs failed Green Lantern movie which was their 1st attempt at creating a shared movie universe for their DC characters.

-In the first Deadpool movie, they made fun of cgi suits referencing the abysmal decision to have the Green Lantern suit be completely CGI.

-In the Deadpool sequel [Spoiler (click to open)]Deadpool goes back in time to fix various situations, one of them involving killing Ryan Reynolds as he looks over the Green Lantern script

-Reynolds has revealed that he was working on the first Deadpool script while he was shooting Green Lantern and was worried that he'd never be able to bring a true redemption to the character should GL succeed or fail. Reynolds played a failed version of Deadpool in the first Wolverine movie.

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PoA - trio backs

Tina Fey hosting tonight's season finale of SNL, with musical guest Nicki Minaj

SNL alum and Emmy winner Tina Fey hosts tonight's season finale of Saturday Night Live, with Nicki Minaj as musical guest. Expect a lot of familiar cameos and surprise guests as with any episode Tina hosts.

UPDATE: Celeb cameos so far include [Spoiler (click to open)]Anne Hathaway, Robert de Niro, Chris Rock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Donald Glover, Jerry Seinfeld, Tracy Morgan, Fred Armisen, Ben Stiller, Lin-Manuel Miranda (and most of the Broadway cast of 'Mean Girls')