May 6th, 2018

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Meghan Markle's Mother To Appear on Oprah

- Doria Ragland was seen coming out of Oprah's home last week carrying gifts after reportedly brainstorming ideas about an interview about the racism she's suffered since confirming her relationship with the Nazi Prince.

- The "groundbreaking" interview has to be approved by Meghan, Harry and Buckingham Palace before it is recorded, so we can safely rule out Oprah asking why a black woman would even marry into a family of racist imperialist$.

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FYF Fest canceled due to poor ticket sales

The FYF Fest, which had been slated for July 21st and 22nd in Los Angeles, has been canceled due to low ticket sales. The headliners this year were Janet Jackson, Florence + the Machine, and Future. The headliners last year were Missy Elliott, Frank Ocean and Nine Inch Nails, and the year before that they were Kendrick Lamar and LCD Soundsystem.

You can get information about refunds on the festival's web site.


Star Wars roundup

14 (5) Star Wars stories we want instead of Solo (source)

Who really wants to see Han Solo's backstory? Here are some stories we'd want to see instead:

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ewan McGregor's said he'd be happy to play Kenobi again, and rumors from last year suggest the film might already be in development. McGregor is at the perfect age to play Kenobi between Episodes III and IV, showing his journey from hopeful Jedi master to recluse.

  • Snoke. It would be natural to use Snoke's backstory to fill in the events between the original trilogy and the most recent, to see how the First Order came to power and dealt with the power vacuum created by Vader's death.

  • Leia: The Alderaan Years. Hire Patty Jenkins to show us how Leia went from being an orphan to one of the galaxy's most powerful women.

  • Darth Plagueis. Spoken of with care even by the big bads of Star Wars, this Sith Lord became so powerful that he could control life and death and make himself (nearly) immortal. Plus, a Darth Plagueis film would introduce a new character instead of filling in gaps in an existing character's story.

  • Star Wars Tales. An anthology based on the comic book series (1999-2005), this could feature smaller stories like the duel between Darth Vader and Darth Maul.

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St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina takes 102-mph foul ball to the dick

-A 102-mph foul ball hit Yadier Molina straight in the groin area.

-The Puerto Rican catcher immediately keeled over in pain and was rushed to receive emergency surgery for a traumatic hematoma.

-He will be out for a month.


ONTD, what is the worst injury you ever suffered?

Simon Cowell 'spends £2,000 on non-surgical facelift'

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- Simon Cowell has been open about his love for botox but has toned it down for the past 3 years
- He recently got a £2000 facelift by 'Picasso of Dermatology'
- His clients include Kylie Minogue, Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, and Carol Vorderman.



Ashley Graham's new swimwear campaign is completely unretouched

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- These pictures are captured by paparazzi for her  Ashley Graham x Swimsuits For All line.
- Women often feel pressure to have the perfect 'beach body'
- Ashley Graham shows off her cellulite, stretch marks and curves and feels that it's important to be authentic.

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Lily Allen responds to claims she had sex with Liam Gallagher on a plane

- Apparently, the two were part of the mile high club in 2009 when they shared a flight to Japan to attend Fuji Rocks Festival.
- Liam Gallagher was married to All Saints singer, Nicole Appleton at this time (the pair would divorce in 2014).
- When Allen, was asked about the rumour, she said, “I mean, I haven’t said one thing [to suggest that]. I literally have never said anything.
“Nine years ago, they first tried to print this story, and I didn’t say anything then. And now Nicole Appleton, bless her, she’s reacted to it. So that’s made it seem real. Now my Twitter feed is: ‘Oh, stupid attention seeker, she just wants another minute in the limelight.’ But I literally haven’t said anything. I haven’t even liked a tweet. Nothing.”
Allen is about to publish an autobiography and it was reported she would discuss this incident, as well as, her rebellious childhood, miscarriage, separation and her moving forward in life.


Adam Lambert approves of Troye Sivan's power bottom anthem “Bloom”

“I’m loving Troye Sivan’s new single, the ‘Bloom’ song. And I love that he’s being so brave and cheeky and being in the media like, ‘This is a song, an anthem for bottoms.’ I’m like, ‘Go on Troye, good job.’”

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ONTD, what cheeky bops are your faves?

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BTS release an aesthetic comeback trailer for their new album

Beyond The Scene originally known as Bangtan Sonyeondan aka Bulletproof Boys release what they call a comeback trailer called Singularity, which the rest of us woud just call a good opening number for their new album Love Yourself: Tear (it drops May 18th). This moody track is a solo effort by Taehyung Kim (also known as V) continuing the theme of solo comeback trailers.

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Thoughts? Opinions?

Pregnancy round-up post: Jordin Sparks and Tia Mowry give birth

-The 28-year-old American Idol alum and her 25-year-old husband who secretly got married last year have welcomed a son
-Dana Jr. was born at the Natural Birth Center & Women’s Wellness, Los Angeles
-Jordin previously shared that the pregnancy was a shock to the both of them


-Tia welcomed her second child, a daughter
-No name is known at this time
-Both pregnancies were hard because she has endometriosis; after 2 surgeries and changing her diet, she is "overjoyed" for the rewards that came after such a struggle

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is a master of ALL techniques

-In light of DJ Khaled stating that he will not perform oral on his wife/women in general since women are here to please men and not the other way around...The Rock has come out to state he is all for pleasing his women in every.single.way. possible.

-The Rock likes to be a master all performances.

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G-Eazy releases a statement after being freed from a Swedish jail

As a follow-up to this post, G-Eazy has made an Instagram post about being freed after his arrest for drug possession and assault in Sweden.

-He is "embarrassed and apologetic" about the incident, and is happy they let him go
-Called it the craziest night of his life, with some bad luck and even worse decisions
-Is "grateful as fuck" to be a free man, back on tour and performing for the fans

And sure enough, he was spotted in Copenhagen today with his girlfriend Halsey.

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Star Wars Episode IX Leaks From User Who Previously Predicted Plot Points In The Last Jedi

New posts by a reddit user who leaked some major plot points (but got a lot of details wrong) of TLJ's first treatment two years ago has come forward with new info about the early Episode IX storyboards. Let us walk through the valley of the shadow of death and this nightmare headline point by point:

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ONTD, do you believe any part these leaks? Is Darth Jar Jar trolling us?

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Is Pilates Miley™ back? + She posts a tribute to her dog Floyd

ONTDers may remember the summer of 2012 fondly, for it gave us the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce, the Twilight cheating scandal, and endless "Miley Cyrus going to Pilates" posts. Recent paparazzi pics have given us a glimpse of that style once again!

-Miley and boyfriend-or-husband Liam Hemsworth dined at the Sun Cafe in LA this weekend, where she wore a sports bra and trackpants
-While her hair wasn't in a bun like it was in 2012, it was in a ponytail
-This weekend also marks the death of her dog Floyd, who died in 2014 after being attacked by a coyote; she posted a tribute to him on her social media accounts

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Escape from Eteri: Figure skating drama brewing in Russia

Figure skating isn't just dramatic during the season itself. After days of escalating rumours, on Friday various Russian-language sources began reporting that two-time World Champion and reigning Olympic silver medalist Evgenia "Igor Gouzenko" Medvedeva would leave head coach Eteri Tutberidze for other training grounds. It was quickly confirmed by the rink headmaster that coaching arrangements would change, but to whom was unsaid. Many Russian-language sources began reporting that Evgenia was eyeing a move to the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club to train under Brian Orser (primary coach of Yuzuru Hanyu, Javier Fernandez, and formerly Yuna Kim, among others). Others suggested she intended to stay in Russia.  The wildest rumours suggested she planned to switch to compete for Armenia (which makes no strategic sense, and is pretty clearly not true).

Then, on Sunday, Eteri went on Russian TV to bash Evgenia:
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Reportedly, there will be an official announcement about Evgenia's future plans on Monday. Will Evgenia escape to a new life in Canada? Stay tuned!

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Danny Tamberelli has gotten married

Danny Tamberelli, who ONTD olds might remember from Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Figure it Out and All That, got married yesterday. Danny married his longtime girlfriend Katelyn Detweiler, a literary agent and author. Both Michael Maronna (Big Pete) and Toby Huss (Artie), who co-starred on Pete and Pete, attended the wedding.

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Pete and Pete appreciation post?
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Weekly Creepy News: Ancient Aliens, alligator horror film "Crawl", paranormal books, & more!

This week's creepy-paranormal-horror round uppost explores what's new in film, tv and books!


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The cast and creator of Happy Endings discuss the show five years after its last episode aired

Creator (and Casey Wilson's husband) David Caspe on a revival: “I’m personally a little surprised that there hasn’t been someone who’s realistically approached us to do it. Our fanbase is rabid but I suppose the cult following is smaller than it seems. It’s been five years and if it hasn’t happened yet, I can’t imagine it happening now, but at the same time, it wouldn’t really surprise me if Hulu or even ABC called me and asked if we’d ever do more. If we redid it, it would be worse. It’s always worse. I don’t know that you could ever redo something and have it be better, which would be a bummer because it’s such a great time in my life—I met my wife, I made so many great friends, I’m even working on a show now that [Adam] Pally’s in—but I’d do it in a heartbeat because I love them all so much.”

So where did it all go wrong? Some of the cast members from the show reflect and have their own theory as to why Happy Endings didn't make it on ABC when it was clear, it should have.

Casey Wilson (Penny Hartz)

“I really think we suffered being in the crosshairs of network TV thinking they should have higher ratings and not realizing that they were at the beginning of the end. The ratings were better than a lot of network shows that are on now, but we got lost in the shuffle of the panic about network which is still happening. Even if it came out three years later when people started realizing that we had good numbers, we would have hung on, which is a bummer. Maybe it’s best to leave people wanting more, but we’d have loved at least another season.”

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Relive and enjoy this cult classic with our 2 part ONTD Original:
Ten of the Most AH-MAH-ZING Episodes/Moments from ABC's 'Happy Endings'
Ten Moore AH-MAH-ZING Episodes/Moments of ABC's 'Happy Endings'

Poll #2081128 Happy Endings Poll

Who was your favorite from Happy Endings?

Casey Wilson (Penny)
Eliza Coupe (Jane)
Damon Wayans Jr. (Brad)
Zachary Knighton (Dave)
Elisha Cuthbert (Alex)
Adam Pally (Max)
I love them all equally.


Adele celebrates 30th birthday with Titanic-themed party


Nichelle Nichols' Son Says She Has Dementia & Needs Help

The actress' son, Kyle Johnson, officially filed legal documents on Friday nominating four trustees to become his mother's consevators, giving them executive control over all her financial & health-related decisions.

"Certain individuals have unduly exerted themselves into Ms. Nichols' life to her detriment." he said.

Despite her condition, she continues to work, with three projects coming up.

Sources: BET

Brittany Snow opens up about mental health struggles

“I felt very alone and weird. It wasn't til I got older that I realized that I was one of many, and there were so many people that had overcome what I was going through.” - @BrittanySnow#MyYoungerSelf

— Child Mind Institute (@ChildMindDotOrg) May 3, 2018

She has previously been open about her struggle with anorexia, but in a video for the Child Mind Institute, she mentions struggling with anxiety and depression, saying that she still struggles with both.

Tries to see 'feeling everything all the time' as a more positive thing now.


mental health post for anyone that may need it?
milern, PJM

Recent New Music (Video) Releases

Potential low-key bop, but will it really triumph?

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This is very media heavy. Proceed with caution.

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I should've just made a playlist. smh.