April 28th, 2018


Grey's Anatomy 14x22 Promo

"Fight For Your Mind" - Alex and Jo go on a road trip to Iowa to find Alex’s mom, whom he hasn’t heard from in a very long time. Meanwhile, Meredith gives a presentation on her mini-livers project, which attracts a ton of attention; and Jackson works to rebuild the foundation after its reputation is threatened, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Thursday, May 3rd on ABC.


The iconic fly returns to The Graham Norton Show

Follow up to the iconic Graham interview with Steve Carrell, Kristen Wiig and Chris O'dowd, in which Chris drinks a fly.

- The fly was drowning in Stephen Merchant's beer, until Orlando Bloom saves it.
- They take a while filming the fly being drunk.
- Graham says he wouldn't mind drinking a beer that had a fly in it.
- Why are there so many flies in his studio?!!


ONTD, have you saved a drunk fly?

Buzzfeed gifts us with Tom Holland and pit bull puppies

After Infinity War, i think this is the video we all need right now - Tom Holland and PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and not just any puppies but pit bull puppies with super floppy ears!!!!! Before even answering questions Tom mentions how you can't have a pit bull in England because they are 'dangerous'. :( He also comments that puppies have the best smell (accurate) and just smells one puppy for a second and squeezes and hugs various puppies and at one point wants ALLL the puppies brought in.

Questions asked:
-If you could be Spider-Man for a day, how would you spend it?
-How often do you get to hang out with your Spider-Man: Homecoming co-stars Jacob and Harrison and do you three have a group chat?
-If you had to be handcuffed to one Infinity War castmate for 48 hours, who would you choose and why?
-If you were stuck on a deserted island with only three movies to watch, what would they be?
-If you could be cast in ANY live-action adaptation of a Disney animated film, which one would you choose and which character would you want to play?


pet post!! show me your puppies and kitties and bunnies and more!! and yes another avengers post if you want, just use spoilers!!

Todrick Hall believes in reverse racism

In a video where Todrick Hall responds to another YouTuber's criticism of his pattern of presentation of black people in his videos aimed toward a white audience, Todrick complains about reverse racism and black people referring to white people as "mayonnaise":
"We would upload a video that was nice and kind and really trying to get to the bottom of the situation instead of dragging someone over and over and over again and ultimately making reverse racism remarks. Whereas if a white person uploaded this exact video replacing all the times that he said mayonnaise with something that was offensive towards black people, this video would be going viral and people would be upset and saying that person was racist but right now there's not a single comment in his comments about the fact that he is being outwardly racist and coming for white people on a bunch of different levels when he's really trying to talk to me."

JustinJ, who made the video, wrote a response titled "Todrick Hall is Black Enough, But His White Gaze Concerns Me". He explains that this all started when he listened to Todrick's new song "Thug" that begins with the lyrics :
Yo, yo, yo
I used to fucks with them Ken doll types (mwah)
Them femme doll types
I had to switch up the hims I like (switch)
Get a cap with the brims I like
He got that whip with the rims I like (woo, woo)
Get that good right swipe
Type that the Khloe and Kims all like
Kims all like, yep (yeah, yeah, yeah)

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Eleanor Chidi kiss

Celebs post old headshots

Someone started #oldheadshotsday, and it proceeded to take off with celebs sharing numerous pictures from the early days of their career. Here's several from Mark Hamill.

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Katy Perry's last nun pledges to fight to the death + Katy meets the Pope with Orlando Bloom

As the last living nun in Katy Perry's convent case attempts to take their dispute to the Pope, it appears Katy may be a step ahead of her.

Sister Rita (not Ora ) explained to Fox News that she is continuing the fight for the right to sell their old convent to a hotelier despite the death of her friend, Sister Catherine, in the courtroom last month:
"They'll have to kill me first if they want to keep me quiet. I'm asking Pope Francis to intercede."

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Britney Spears Covers Elton John’s “Your Song”


Queen of vocals covers Elton John’s “Your Song” on Snapchat masked by a pitched filter. I wonder if the good sis has any clue that her loyal stans continuously remove the pitch and upload the unfiltered versions to bless the world.

With no apparent reason for the snap it may be worth mentioning that Gaga’s official cover of this song was recently released.

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ONTD, do you upload your snaps to Instagram?


Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera Are Back Together

No, you didn't just stumble into a post from 2006 on accident. This is 2018. It is real, it is now, and it is glorious. In "they dated?!" news, the former on-and-off girlfriend of Justin Bobby and the marginal onetime "hit singer" are an item - again!

Harpers Bazaar shared an article compiling some evidence that the pair are indeed back together (because they were apparently dating on some plotline of The Hills that I've sadly forgotten, just as I had forgotten the astonishing size of Cabrera's forehead and hair spikes, which combine to make up more than 50% of his entire head), revealing that the story has been confirmed by banned source P****e Magazine as well as sharing a video from a source close to Audrina, which can be viewed below the cut.

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Jennifer Lopez Gifted Cardi B with her Inglot Collaboration


If you have not heard, the Inglot collaboration with Jennifer Lopez was released earlier this week. Featuring 70 products to help you achieve that signature JGlo.

Jenny from the Block decided to give her future coworker, Cardi B, a bejazzled case full of the products, containing custom eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, lipstick, etc. Difficult to track down now, but there's also a video of JLo revealing the collection and well, it's very unglamorous, very un-JLo. She was pushing real hard to deliver a viable swatch. Some promo pics from the collection are also under the cut.

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Pigments, bold colors? JLo says, "I don't know her."

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Kevin Feige talks 'Captain Marvel' + a few filming pics

+ During an interview at the premiere of 'Avengers: Infinity War", Kevin Feige teased the 'Captain Marvel' upcoming movie: “You’re going to get the most powerful superhero that we’ve ever introduced with, I think, one of the most unique and inspiring origin stories.”
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ONTD, are you excited to see Carol Danvers save the universe next year?
david lips

Transformers: Power of the Primes - Official Trailer

Synopsis: After Megatronus eliminates Optimus Prime and claims the Matrix of Leadership and Enigma of Combination for himself, the other Transformers robots look to Megatron to lead the charge against their diabolical foe. Unbeknownst to them, Megatronus’ pursuit of the next ancient artifact, the Requiem Blaster, goes beyond his desire for power and the search will uncover mysterious secrets from Cybertron’s past. Before the TRANSFORMERS: PRIME WARS TRILOGY concludes, a new Prime will ascend and all will bear witness to the true POWER OF THE PRIMES.

Featuring the voice talents of Mark Hamill, Samoa Joe, Ron Perlman, Jaime King, Will Wheaton, Rob Dyke, Judd Nelson, and Mikey Way.

Transformers: Power of the Primes will air on go90 and... tumblr.


ONTD Original: Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Watching Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Get Crazy! Get Wild! Jersey Shore is BACK!

The new season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation premiered on April 5, 2018 (the show airs every Thursday night on MTV) and episode 5 just aired last week. If you watched the original show but haven't felt the drive to check in on the new season, I'm here to change that for you. Because despite the houseguests being older and many of them having families of their own, they aren't exactly wiser or any less messy.

MTV went ahead and renewed the show for a second season before it even premiered, which says a lot about how much this season truly delivers (and also how desperate MTV is for ratings, let's be real).

To prove the worth of this new season, let me present to you the top 5 reasons why you need to be watching Jersey Shore: Family Vacation below:

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This is a gif heavy post. All gifs made by me.

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Erika Jayne

Please don't let it be about Lu....Video of LuAnn De Lesseps arrest released (the 5thquel)

The ongoing fallout of LuAnn's drunken rage continues in this 5th edition! Check out Pt.1 here and Pt.2 here, Pt.3here, and Pt.4here

The video shows a drunken former Countess getting out of her handcuffs, threatening a police officer and gearing up for her soon to be released song "I did nothing wrong"

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Devo, New Order, and Verve supergroup announce their first gig

-The supergroup is called ShadowParty and they will play as part of The Charlatans' North by Northwich Festival on May 18th
-Members include Josh Hager (guitar and keyboards in Devo), New Order bassist Tom Chapman and guitarist Phil Cunningham and Devo drummer Jeff Friedl
-Their album will feature Denise Johnson (Primal Scream) and The Verve’s guitarist Nick McCabe
-The music will be synth-pop with strings and guitars


Depeche Mode prepares for second leg of U.S. tour following success in Latin America

-The 60-date tour has already earned $123 million, averaging $1.8 million per show (When will your faves??)
-Band manager Jonathan Kessler says 35 years on, the generation that grew up with the band is in the audience, along with new and younger fans that discovered them via streaming or their parents
-Famous fans include Tony Hawk, Trent Reznor, and British astronaut Tim Peak; all 3 applied for their "Facebook takeover" contest
-The second leg of the tour kicks off May 22nd in Anaheim


ONTD, have you bought your tickets yet?

Jamie Lynn Spears welcomes daughter Ivey Joan Watson

Well ONTD, I guess we can file this under "news we missed" - Jamie Lynn Spears had her baby earlier this month!

-Jamie Lynn and her husband Jamie Watson welcomed their daughter Ivey Joan Watson on April 11th.
-Ivey was born in Covington, Louisiana, weighing 7 lbs., 8 oz. and measured 19.5 inches in length.
-Maddie Briann, age 9, (of Spearminated '07 fame) is now a big sister!


That middle name-last name combo

janelle monae

Janelle Monáe covers FAULT magazine Issue 28

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Source: Fault Magazine
Source: Photos by David Yeo

Xtina Performs in Baku with New Visuals + Hints Music

Britney Spears' shadow resider and Oreo endorser Legend X gave a concert in Baku, Azerbaijan where she freshened up on her usual Billionaires Tour™ set, sporting a newer look and new video backdrops.

Xtina CONFIRMS the album title to be "Liberation" in a video interlude, which leaked previously in the last music post. It's #TIME for LIBERATION

And RUMORS are her new single will be Accelerate, which from the leaked tracklisting features 2 Chains and Ty Dolla Sign.

Here's a couple of clips from the night:
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Apparently on the same night, a Tr*mp Tower Caught on fire in Baku. #RingTheAlarm #AndImThrowinElbows

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Are you ready to be Liberated? #SickofSitting

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Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Tour is Already Breaking Major Records

The first show of Taylor's Reputation Tour just broke One Direction's attendance record!

Tom Sadler, president and CEO of the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority, said:

“The frenzy continues to grow as Taylor Swift has already broken the University of Phoenix Stadium’s concert attendance record, which was previously held by One Direction in 2014 with 56,524 fans. With 11 days left before the show, Swift has already surpassed [One Direction's] attendance number.


The Ordinary/Deciem is cancelled

Deciem founder and CEO Brandon Truaxe is continuing to show his messiness amidst a potential manic episode/breakdown by blasting customers with low-key anti-semitism! He has also apparently claimed he's done with Deciem and everything.

Over the last week:
- Brandon has claimed his life was in danger and asked people to call the airport security and 999 (911 in the UK), clogging up the lines when he didn't actually need help.

- Had a tantrum and made employees cry at the Covent Garden store

- Threatened to fire employees who wouldn't respond immediately to his emails

- Continued to publicly blast customers who call him out all over instagram

Story from someone who worked at Deciem a few months ago

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3: my personal instagram account which is now getting harassed by lemmings after he blasted me.

Please direct me to affordable alternatives for the Vit C, Hylamide Blur, Hylamide cleanser, + Natural Moisturizing Factors because he's too far gone

Amazon Prime prices are going up – is ‘Lord of the Rings' to blame?


Amazon Prime currently has 100 million members, with its 77 million US members paying $99/year. The online retailer will raise its price to $119/year for new US members beginning May 11; those renewing a membership will pay the new price starting June 16. Only 80% need to stay on at the new price for Amazon to increase its annual revenue by over $1 billion.

Amazon's profits reached an all-time high last quarter at $1.6 billion. Overall sales also rose 43% from last year's first quarter (from $35.7 to $51 billion).

Some people have suggested that Amazon's purchase and development of a 5-season Lord of the Rings television show (which has a $1 billion budget and potential for a spin-off series) is contributing to the hike, but Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky attributes the change to greater overall value compared to 2014, the last time that the price increased (from $79/year): “There [are] all kinds of new features that we’ve continually added to the Prime program. It’s much different than it was in 2014, and this is a reflection of that.”

The month-to-month price of $12.99/mo will stay the same, for now.


Do you blame Sauron for this price hike, ONTD?
A reminder that Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com and owner of The Washington Post, has a personal net worth of approximately $130 billion.


Ontd original: Memorable body horror movies


This subgenre in horror can make even the stone-cold horror fans recoil. Who doesn't get queasy when the main character is trying to escape loses his fingernail clean off or when someone gets their teeth taken out in a torture scene? In anticipation of
the new Suspiria -where we were left bald by scene detail leaks- horror stans should watch one or two of these body horror movies.
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WADA publishes its 2016 report of nations with the highest doping violations

WADA has published its 2016 report for doping violations. 1595 doping cases were confirmed from athletes from 117 countries. 1326 offenses were labeled as positive results, while 269 cases were from investigations and evidence based intelligence. 79% of the violations were from male athletes.

The top countries in doping cases were: 1. Italy (147), 2. France (86), 3. US (76), 4. Australia (75), 5. Belgium (73), 6. India and Russia (69).

The top sports in doping cases were: 1. Track and Field (205), 2. Bodybuilding (183), 3. Cycling (165), 4. Weightlifting (116), 5. Football (79).

Source: Twitter
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Britney Spears launching lifestyle line in 2019 + more

-Who needs new music when there's fan money to be collected? Britney has partnered with Epic Rights to launch a line of branded merchandise.
-What will it include? Well apparently everything from fashion apparel, to hair care, accessories, exercise gear and electronics.
-It has an anticipated retail launch of spring 2019.

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Source 1: https://twitter.com/MuuMuse/status/989157516075511809
Source 2: https://www.youtube.com/user/BritneySpearsVEVO/videos

Jennifer Lawrence, 27, is arm-in-arm with director David O Russell, 59, in NYC

Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell were seen arm-in-arm as they left a three-hour dinner at Felice Ristorante & Wine Bar in New York City.
Banned souce 1 published recent photos of them.
Before the rumor starts rolling, according to a source 2, these two are nothing more than friends. 

"There is nothing romantic going on between Jen and David, it is purely friendly and professional. They are always working on new projects and he is always writing parts for her. Jen has been taking some time off recently. She was really tired from doing all the promotion for Mother! and Red Sparrow. She's been traveling a lot recently to take a quiet break and refresh herself for what's next.

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Halsey is accused of cultural appropriation after she wore a bedazzled headscarf onstage

Halsey is under fire for cultural appropriation, after wearing a bedazzled headpiece onstage.
Instagram users are saying it looks just like the type of head covering worn by Muslim women.

In response to all the comments geared towards her, Halsey responded to all the accusations :
"It's meant to look like a balaclava or a ninja mask. Like a robber or a Mortal Kombat character, I assure you. I'm sorry if I caused you any offense."


PRETTYMUCH Gives Us A Track-by-Track Commentary of Their EP


The only boyband giving us quality songs, PRETTYMUCH, takes us into the process of making Prettymuch An EP and explaining what each song means. Lead member Brandon Arreaga shows us that he's BEEN the driving force of coming up with concepts.
Some fun facts include them using a new vocal take of a member from Shai for the "10,000 Hours" sample.

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Here's the guys telling us what songs they use to set the mood for... doing things

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I'm 100% Zion during their promo interviews tbh

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Cardi B and Offset backstage at the 2018 Latin Billboard Awards

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Kylie™ Minogue Discusses Her New Album 'Golden' + Surprises Super-Fans & Performs on GMA

Our Golden Queen's been very busy promoting her fourteenth studio album 'Golden'. This time she joined the BUILD Series for an extensive talk about the process behind the new album. Making Good Morning America her next stop where she opened up about her recent projects, surprised some unsuspecting fans and performed her two Golden hits 'Dancing' and 'Stop Me from Falling'.

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Do you feel like Dancing this weekend, ONTD?

Gigi Hadid responds to the anti-fur protesters who crashed her meet & greet


yesterday in nyc, anti-fur protesters crashed gigi hadid's m&g and held up signs reading 'gigi kills', 'animal abuser' and 'fur scum'. the protesters were swarmed by her security and removed from the premises. in the wake of the incident. people have been flooding her social media saying she deserves it for wearing fur.

gigi decided to respond, defending herself:
- says she respects what the protesters were trying to do, but thinks they went after the wrong target
- she doesn't wear fur and has made conscious decisions not to wear fur pieces lately
- although she's never spoken out publicly against fur, she figured not personally wearing fur would make people realise she doesn't support it
- she may have worn 1-off fur pieces in the past, but she's grown since + it was mostly for work
- she is saddened the meet&greet were ruined for her young fans who had been waiting to meet her and were scared by the altercation
- when the protesters pulled their signs out she immediately thought it was a weapon, since other celebs have been killed while doing public appearances in the past

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Henry Cavill on Superman, his chest hair, and saying farewell to his mustache

• Walking Thirst Trap™ Henry Cavill was asked at CinemaCon when viewers would be able to see him as Superman again. Henry responded by saying, “I can't answer that definitively right now. Uh, but I'm hoping sooner rather than later. I've been talking to certain people and hopefully we're gonna start talking to other people who are responsible for making those calls, and we shall see.”

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i just...

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Donna Troy/Wonder Girl to appear on DC's Live Action "Titans"

Character's breakdown : Female, 20s, Caucasian or Latina or Middle Eastern, or ethnically ambiguous. Confident and kick ass. Educated. RECURRING GUEST STAR THIS SEASON WITH AN OPTION FOR SERIES REGULAR NEXT SEASON.

So ... who was cast ?

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Avengers: Infinity War is thisclose to Star Wars: The Force Awaken's opening weekend record

Avengers: Infinity Wars is inching towards beating Star Wars: The Force Awakens record for the biggest opening weekend.
After a spectacular $106.7 Friday (including $39M Thursday previews), the revised projections for A3 are at $245.6M.
TFA currently holds the record at $247.9M.
Saturday numbers will be crucial in determining if A3 will break the record.


Azealia Banks vs Cupcakke

Azealia Banks made a video where she can be seen insulting a female celebrity for her appearance in a recent instagram post. She does not name the celebrity outright, but people online were speculating that she was talking about rapper Cupcakke.

Cupcakke took to twitter to address the video, including posting screencaps of her conversation with Azealia.

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Credit to su_metal for providing the sources.