April 27th, 2018


Did the Royal Family’s Website Accidentally Reveal the Name of William & Kate’s New Baby?

Each member of the family has his or her own special page that can be accessed by typing in their names or titles after the site’s URL.

The pages for William and Kate’s first two children, George & Charlotte load with “Access Denied” messages — as does their new sibling’s potential name.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Alberthas been a strong contender ever since Kate gave birth.

Users who attempt to view pages using other presumably incorrect baby names get “Page Not Found” messages.

ETA: The official name is out; Louis (pronounced Loo-ee) Arthur Charles

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Jennifer Lopez - El Anillo (Official Video)

- Jennifer Lopez has released her third single from her upcoming Spanish album, Por la Primera Vez (For the First Time), titled El Anillo (The Ring).
- She recently performed this song last night at the 20th Latin Billboard Awards. Unfortunately, the videos have been taken down, but a MQ video of her live performance can be seen here
- No word on when her remix with J. Balvin for "Us" will be released
- Expect "Dinero" to come out soon, featuring Cardi B and DJ Khaled!

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Janelle Monae's Dirty Computer Receives Rave Reviews

𝚍𝚒𝚛𝚝𝚢 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚞𝚝𝚎𝚛 - 𝚓𝚊𝚗𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎 𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚎

Janelle Monae's new album Dirty Computer is out today. Includes more rap from Janelle, 70's and 80's funk, and contemporary bops. The reviews are in and it's a slay.

She released a 48 minute film to go along with it - full of queerness, afrofuturism, music, fashion, glam, Fornarina etc.. The story carries her arch-android themes, with Tessa Thompson as a love interest.

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WE AREN'T WORTHY. Take a Byte reminds me of Caramelo Duro by Miguel.
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"Gnarly" clip from Luca Guadagnino's 'Suspiria' premiered #CinemaCon, left audience "traumatized"

Amazon premiered a clip from the upcoming Suspiria remake (to be released in the fall) at the Cinema Con luncheon, causing some audience members to thrown down their napkins and nope out of the room.

To invoke the original film's colorful aesthetic, the luncheon had cool lighting for the clip premiere:

"disturbing body horror"

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i'm shaking and crying, i'm hyped for this now

Rita announces the name of her sold-out tour

Rita announced that the name of her sold out tour in support of her newest album general career is "The Girls Tour".

The tour is named after one of the upcoming singles "Girls" from her upcoming sophomore album that originally featured MØ and Charli XCX, featured Raye in MØ's spot when she performed it at a festival last May and now reportedly features Bebe Rexha and Cardi B instead of MØ or Raye.

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armi dance

Cupcakke Releases New Song "Quiz"

Queen of rapCupcakke has released her new bop! This comes shortly after Ephorize debuted back in January. Can your ears handle this banger? Spin rates this as "the hardest, heaviest single from the musician since her track “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” (from her album Ephorize) earlier this year."

How the fuck your inches longer than your money, ONTD?

Baron Trump’s father thanks Kanye West and Chance the Rapper for enlightening the masses

-Follow up to this post

- Trump took time away from his triple stacked sausage McGriddle to thank Kanye West and Chance the Rapper for “opening” the eyes of the people.

- Kanye West has been fangirling over DJT for the past two days and tried to defend his support of a white supremacist as “free thinking”. He’s received a ton of backlash from fans and colleagues (not enough).

- Noted Obama groupie Chance the Rapper snapped on his Twitter cape to defend Kanye West by saying that “black people didn’t have to be Democrats”. Twitter rightfully called him out on his shitty deflection tactics and he fell back.

- Guess that praise from DJT weighed on his conscience because Chance posted an apology this morning on Twitter.


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Watch a talented fan drag Kanye even further to the beat of “Jesus Walks”!

Bebe Rexha believes she paved the way for artists to make pop/country music

Veteran backup vocalist Bebe Rexha recently joined the ranks of the Backstreet Boys, Kelly Clarkson, Tim McGraw and Pink (to name a few), of becoming one of the only artists to have a #1 on both Country Airplay and Pop Songs charts. Her smash hit single "Meant To Be" which is a collab with Florida Georgia Line reached #2 on the Billboard Charts, giving her her career peak. As the crossover song still continues to reach new heights around the world (#2 in Australia ((but we are flops and don't count anyway))), Bebe has taken to Twitter to claim herself as the pioneer for artists who wish to combine pop and country sounds together, and believes it is she that has set the trend for the latest musical craze.

Her latest EP peaked at #33 on the Billboard 200. Her impact indeed.

When someone scoffed at her, Bebe's only response was calling out the number of followers they had. Queen of sass etc;


Funny, considering Bubu has come for other female artists like Grammy award nominated Demi Lovato, and also loving mother Kylie Jenner before.

ONTD, do you think Bebe Rexha is the queen of country/pop crossovers when we already had songs like Hilary Duff's 'All About You' and Lady Gaga's 'Million Performances Reasons...

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Kim Kardashian speaks on Khloe's kheating kontroversy & her husbands tweets

Kim kame and gathered ha man, "I didn’t even know he got his Twitter again until I started seeing tweets come in from other people like, retweeting them," she said. "And I was like, ‘Wait, is this real?’ And then at night, he came in and was like, ‘Did you see my tweets?’ And I was like, ‘Yes, I did see your tweets.’, Kim kame to her husband's defense and was kaptian save a ho trying to kover for him. Kim's husband ain't fucking with her money so she was like you do you boo i'ma post nudes.

Kim also spoke on Khloe's kheating kontroversy and klaimed it was FUCKED UP.

source= https://twitter.com/enews/status/989934129239220225

Miriam Shor on The Americans and the ‘Joy’ of Puking All Over Keri Russell

The Americans guest actress Miriam Shor (Erica Haskard) tell us about her The Americans character and the joy of working (and puking) over Keri Russell.

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What do you think about Erica? I love her and her relationship with Elizabeth, she is my favorite "asset" since Young-Hee , also i can't wait for the next episode, this flawless show is going to be the end of me.

ONTD Original: Celebs Talk Depression (Part 2)


One might think that fame and money bring happiness, but in fact, the celebrity lifestyle comes with a lot of risk factors for depression: substance abuse, sleep disruption, highly variable work schedules, and periods of unemployment, as well as intense public scrutiny and its associated guilt, shame, and insecurity. Many celebrities have shared their struggles with depression (see Part 1). Here are a few more.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah has been open about her experience with depression for years, including on The Ellen Show, CNN, Charlie Rose, and NPR's Fresh Air, as well as in Glamour and Marie Claire.

In the video below, a segment on The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, Sarah talks about the onset of her depression at 13 and how her perspective shifted suddenly, realizing that we are all alone in our minds and that death is inevitable. "It feels like you're terribly homesick," she says. "But you're home, so there's no way to satiate it."

She mentions being on medication (she has taken Zoloft since 1994), going to therapy, and using other techniques like exercise to curb the lows when they do start to creep in. She's learned to remember—even at the worst times—that it will pass: “I wouldn’t wish depression on anyone. But if you ever experience it, or are experiencing it right now, just know that on the other side, the little joys in life will be that much sweeter.”

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The rest of the sources are linked throughout.
PJ & Shore (music)


THIS IS NOT A DRILL. This is not "reunited for a photo shoot" or the two guys writing for some project. It's all the four legends together in a studio.

* have recorded two (2) new songs
* one song is titled ”I still have faith in you” and will premiere in December
* will not reunite on stage
* there will, however, be "an Abba avatar tour"


ONTD what are your fave ABBA songs besides the usual answers like Dancing Queen and The Winner Takes It All?
Rupert - fanboy

Moviepass bans repeat movie viewings with card just as 'The Avengers' is released

-- Moviepass is reinstating a policy where subscribers can not watch any movie more than once with the card. The restriction existed prior to the huge price drop last summer, and was reinstated again today (and is already in effect).
-- The trades think it's because of today's Avengers release, but Moviepass says it's to cut down on fraud.
-- Moviepass said they're going to set up new subscriptions in the future, including one for couples, and another that would include premium tickets (3D, IMAX, etc).


Source: https://twitter.com/THR/status/989953592177160192
Alyssa side-eye

"I Kissed A Girl" Debuted 10 Years Ago Today

This was never the way she planned...

Katy Perry's first hit, "I Kissed A Girl," debuted 10 years ago today. Happy birthday!

At the time, the song was lauded for its open-mindedness about lesbian/bi experimentation. But it was soon criticized for seemingly being about a straight girl experimenting for her boyfriend. Plus, Katy went out of the way to say that she had never actually kissed a girl. She now says that she has kissed several.

Today, the song is still pretty controversial. Many conservatives decry its "gay agenda" but many liberals say that it is biphobic-ish.

Do you like IKAG? What will the song's legacy be in 10 more years? Have you kissed a girl?

Source, source

Cardi B Sued by Former Manager for $10 Million

Cardi B is being sued by former manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael. She left late last month for Solid Foundation (she joins rappers Migos — one of whom, Offset, is her fiancé).
Since 2015 Shaft has played an integral role in developing her music career and public image. 
He claims that he orchestrated Cardi B’s relationship with VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”
He helped her to connect with songwriters and producers, to secure label and publishing deals.

a pair of texts:
Cardi B texted Shaft: "I’m not fucking with you nomore you dead ass doing me [] Grimmey."
Offset contacted Shaft : "[U] better stop play acting like u don’t know u taking her shit from her u a snake. U can’t hide from me Nigga and u not bout to play my WIFE.”


Halsey Reveals More Details About Her On-Stage Miscarriage—And Why She’s Freezing Her Eggs At 23

Halsey has had painful periods since she hit puberty. Her periods often led to her vomiting, passing out, and even being hospitalized.
She has endometriosis and she's opening up about how it's affected her career and her health.
She learned she was pregnant just a few months after finally being diagnosed with endometriosis,
She shared details about the brutal miscarriage she had on stage at a concert. 
After that moment, she knew she had to get more aggressive about her treatment, and ended up getting surgery last year.
She also revealed that at 23 years old, she’s freezing her eggs. 


Kate Middleton's Baby Reveal Dress Looks Exactly Like One from Rosemary's Baby

Oop. Kate Middleton appeared on the steps of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital on Monday evening with Prince Bald by her side to introduce Prince Louis to the world.

She wore a red dress with a peter pan collar that looks exactly like the one Mia Farrow's character wore in the 1968 horror film Rosemary's Baby.

Twitter of course, immediately noticed the similarity and went crazy.



Kenya Bans Lesbian Love Story ‘Rafiki’ Ahead Of Cannes Debut

Kenyan authorities have banned Cannes-bound LGBT love story Rafiki, saying it promotes lesbianism, which is illegal in the country. 
“Anyone found in its possession will be in breach of law,” (a colonial-era national law under which gay sex carries a sentence of 14 years in jail.)

Film director Wanuri Kahiu said :
“I’m really disappointed because Kenyans already have access to watch films that have LGBT content, on Netflix, and in international films shown in Kenya and permitted by the classification board itself…So to then just ban a Kenyan film because it deals with something already happening in society just seems like a contradiction.”

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Eleanor Chidi kiss

Michelle Pfeiffer in talks for Maleficent sequel

Michelle is in advanced talks to play the queen in the movie, potentially joining Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, and Ed Skrein.


New Order: Their 9 (5) albums ranked from worst to best

New Order has put out a ton of bangers over the decades, so NME took it upon themselves to rank their albums. They note that the "Substance" compilation doesn't count.

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ONTD, tell me your favourite New Order songs!
film (marvel)
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'Avengers: Infinity War' heads for massive $225M-$235M U.S. bow

+ 'Infinity War' earned $39 million in Thursday previews at the North American box office, putting the film on course for a domestic debut of $225 million-$235 million.
+ Friday's gross is expected to come in at $95 million-$105 million.
+ Internationally, it has already earned $95 million in its first two days and could approach $500 million worldwide by the end of Sunday.

ONTD, have you seen it? What did you think?

Marvel Reportedly Meeting with Female Directors for a ‘Black Widow’ Movie

Marvel Studios has been meeting with filmmakers such as Deniz Gamze Erguven (the Turkish movie Mustang), Chloe Zhao (The Rider) and Amma Asante (A United Kingdom), among several others.
Maggie Betts (Novitiate) and Angela Robinson (Professor Marston and the Wonder Women) are also in consideration.


Halsey complains about hotels having only white people shampoo

"you are one of the white people sweetie"

"You're one of my favorite female artists, but how in the fuck can shampoo be racist lol dumb for this one."

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Pony's Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

The fascination with Korean skincare routines is only getting stronger: basically, we'll add 100 extra steps into our nightly ritual if it promises softer, smoother, clearer skin. To show us exactly how it's done, we enlisted the help of Pony, a top makeup artist and celebrity in South Korea with millions of loyal followers.


Skincare Post??

Gigi Hadid's meet&greet crashed by anti-fur protesters

- gigi was having a m&g in new york to promote her tommy hilfiger collection
- a protester posing as a fan was seen going up to her to get a hug
- as gigi autographed a picture, the woman rolled out a sign reading 'gigi kills'
- several other people joined in with signs like 'animal abuser', 'fur scum' etc.
- gigi didn't react and security swooped in and took the signs. the protesters were escorted outside
- gigi has been spotted wearing fur on several occasions, which is probably why the protesters targeted her
- there are pictures of the protesters at the source

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Kim Kardashian Calls on US to Acknowledge Armenian Genocide

On April 24th, the 103rd anniversary of the Armenian genocide, Kim Kardashian tweeted that she hoped the US would acknowledge it as a genocide. She also retweeted an image of countries that have recognized the genocide.

She also wrote an article on her website about it. In the article, she states that the issue was very important to her father, who identified with Armenian culture, a heritage she will pass on to her kids.

She promoted jewelry designed by Alex and Ani (founded by Armenian Carolyn Rafaelian). 20% of the proceeds will go to the Armenian Fund to help Armenian families in need.

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