April 24th, 2018

Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Mourns Loss of Father; ENews thinks her daddy is her dad

-Vanderpump Rules' star Lala Kent's father passed away suddenly in his sleep :(
-Lala is setting up a fund in his name for the Humane Society of Utah
-ENews (in a now deleted post) confused a pic of Lala calling her "daddy" (aka 47 year old boyfriend Randall Emmett) her soulmate as a picture/post about her father's tragic death:



Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Upgrading to a Pasadena Mansion

The longtime couple seem to be upgrading from a Los Feliz home to an $8 million dollar Pasadena mansion. They visited the 1924 Italian Revival estate, known as Villa delle Favole, with their two daughters last Thursday.

The 1-acre estate is impressive, according to Sotheby's: six bedrooms, six baths, guest house, 3-car garage, gym, wine cellar, swimming pool, library, full garden and spa. Pics of the mansion at the source.

Ryan will next be seen in First Man, a Neil Armstrong biopic and Damien Chazelle's latest Oscar-bait, which is due out in October. He has nothing lined up after that, highly unusual for a much sought-after, critically-acclaimed actor. Eva continues to work on her successful clothing line with New York & Company.


BTS announced to perform at BBMAs, debut new single

BTS has been announced as a performer at the Billboard Music Awards. This will be the first k-pop band performance at the BBMAs ever, plus BTS will be debuting their comeback single from their new album Love Yourself: Tear for the first time ever. They are nominated for the Top Social Artist award, which they took home last year.


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AMPAS Sets Eligibility and Campaigning Rules for the 2019 Oscars

  • Distributors and filmmakers will have to use an Academy-approved mailing house to send out screeners, via physical mail and digitally, from a list of opted-in Academy members.

  • The number of post-nomination screenings with a filmmaker Q&A is now limited to four, regardless of category or country, which eliminates two extra that were previously allowed for foreign films and documentaries.

  • The number of eligible producers in the animated and documentary categories has been expanded to match the number eligible in the best picture category.

  • The submissions deadline for the Animated Feature Film, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short Subject, Foreign Language Film, Animated Short Film and Live Action Short Film categories is now October 1st.

  • The deadline for Best Picture and other major category submissions is Thursday, November 15.

  • All members of the Music Branch will view films eligible for Original Score and film clips of eligible Original Songs and vote in a preliminary round to produce a shortlist of 15 titles in each category using the preferential voting system. Then five nominees for Original Score and five nominees for Original Song will be chosen by branch members in a second round of balloting also using preferential voting.

  • Documentaries that have won a qualifying award at a competitive film festival will be eligible for Academy Awards consideration regardless of theatrical run or prior distribution. They will post a list of qualifying awards later this spring. They also expanded the number of publications with eligible critics

  • Members of the Visual Effects Branch Nominating Committee will now be able to stream bake-off reels from the shortlisted films or attend satellite bake-off screenings and vote online, instead of having to vote in person in LA.


What rule changes would you implement, ONTD?

Early reception from "Crazy RIch Asians" VIP Screening

On the same day the trailer for "Crazy Rich Asians" hit the internet, there was a special VIP early advance screening of the film with a Q&A with the cast and director Jon M. Chu. Months head of its theatrical release, audience members (mostly Asian Americans, influencer and industry professionals and reporters as well as Roxane Gay, Malaysian singer Yuna, and more) tweeted about how they felt about the film. And the reception is positive!

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ONTD Roundup


Independent Queen LIZ Unveils Coverart for Single "Super Duper Nova"


After releasing solo singles earlier this year with features inbetween, LIZ announces new single "Super Duper Nova" coming on April 27th.

LIZ teased future releases in an interview with SheBops: "Like I said, it’s about creating my own world. Fashion is also super important to the cultural, editorial aspect of it all. I have a couple creative directors/collaborators I work very closely with including James Orlando and Louby McLoughlin. The next stuff coming soon is crazy. Wigs, CGI makeup, outer space...it’s a trip."

Queen of CGI/augmented makeup. Are you ready for the future of pop?

Eleanor Chidi kiss

Brie Larson may play Snow White's sister Rose Red in spin-off movie

Disney reportedly wants Brie Larson to portray Snow White's sister, Rose Red. It'd follow her quest to break the curse with the help of the Seven Dwarfs after Snow White eats the apple.


Britney Spears working on fitness for SOLD OUT world tour! + other social media stuffs.

Between posting photos of a tiger, an animation of her dancing til the world ends, and posting her condolences for those taken away from us in Toronto, Queen B has been getting to work (bitch) for her upcoming world tour.
Check out her IG post below, where the Queen invites you into her new workout.


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ONTD, what's your fitness routine? Do you have a hot body? Do you have a Bugatti?

Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke get submitted as LEADS for the Emmys for the first time

Previously Kit and Emilia always got submitted in the Supporting categories.

HBO's full list of submissions for GOT Season 7 are:

Drama Guest Actress – Diana Rigg
Drama Supporting Actress – Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams
Drama Supporting Actor – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage
Drama Actress – Emilia Clarke
Drama Actor – Kit Harington


Surprised that HBO didn't even submit Alfie Allen for supporting.
seb 1

Lana Del Rey honored by ASCAP + Solo version of Tomorrow Never Came leaks


Lana attended the ASCAP Awards yesterday where she was honored with the 'Global Impact' award. Lana was accompanied by her long-time managers and her sister Chuck.

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Are you still jamming to Lust for Life?

Source 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mkugxISQIM
Source 2: https://www.instagram.com/lanadelnews/

ONTD Reading Challenge (May): Men Are Weak!

Gather round, ONTD: this May, the theme of the ONTD Reading Challenge is "Men are Weak". Since this iconic ONTD tag/catchphrase is derived from a scene in Lord of the Rings, our task is to read a fantasy book - wait for it - written by a woman. Luckily, there are so many amazing books to choose from. Here is a small selection (as always, these are just suggestions. A bigger list of eligible titles and authors can be found on our Goodreads group). Links to the goodreads pages of the books are in the titles!

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sources 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

ONTD, what women-authored fantasy would you recommend? And which will you be reading this month?
Golden Hour


  • Rapper Meek Mill will be a free man as of 4pm EST after spending 5 months in prison for a parole violation.

  • The ruling came down after the Supreme Court of PA saw the case, overruling Judge Genece Brinkley.

  • Judge Brinkley has seen a lot of scrutiny over this case and the Supreme Court of PA did not agree with her ruling to set a dismissal hearing for 60 days.

  • Meek told TMZ about his release: ""I’d like to thank God, my family, my friends, my attorneys, my team at Roc Nation including JAY-Z, Desiree Perez, my good friend Michael Rubin, my fans, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court and all my public advocates for their love, support and encouragement during this difficult time."

  • Meek was picked up by Philadelphia 76'ers owner Michael Rubin and comedian Kevin Hart.


Allison Mack Released on 5 Million Dollar Bail

-Allison was arrested Friday for sex trafficking in her sex-cult NXIVM
-Allison's parents put up their house as well as some property owned by Allison and her savings/retirement to post collateral for bail
-Per her requrements of bail, the 35-year-old actress is required to stay at her moms house in California. She is not allowed to travel outside of Los Angeles or where her attorneys are in NYC. She is required to wear a monitoring device and she is allowed no access to phones or the internet (besides emails/calls from attorneys) and she is not allowed to contact anyone from Nxivm unless through her attorneys.


A Perfect Circle frontman, Maynard Keenan, says song was inspired by bad Yelp reviews


Last week, the band released new material 14 years since the last album. One track, "Disillusioned", is about Maynard's winery in AZ that got some bad Yelp reviews.

“That thing is fucking poison! Sites like Yelp have fostered this generation of novice experts who have the power to open their mouths but haven’t actually put the work into knowing what they’re talking about," the singer fumed.

"I’ve had bad Yelp reviews of my tasting room, but it had nothing to do with the wine. The reviews were bad merely because I wasn’t there! I can only say to those people: shut the fuck up!”

While the singer addressed the "novice" of customers, he did not address that most reviews of his winery are good, one review standing out about bad service and shitty people.


ONTD, do you rely on Yelp?

11 (4) Times a Great Actor Played a Great Artist

11. Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dalí in Little Ashes (2008)

Though Dalí has been played many times, this film has a different focus: the artist's friendship with filmmaker Luis Buñuel and writer Federico García Lorca and his battle to suppress his sexuality. "A brave and unusual" post-Twilight performance.  (trailer)

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Descriptions and more at the source.

Do you make art, ONTD?

Kim Kardashian bares all (again) with new body fragrance campaign

It's called KKW Body, and promo started promptly with some subtle, artsy boob and vag nude pics of Kim; she tagged herself. Privates blurred out, of course; Instagram law is still a thing.


Katy Perry just stood up for Justin Bieber after judge Lionel Richie took a jab at his singing

Lionel Richie and his new facelift came after Justin Beiber claiming the canadian goose egg can't hit a note. Katy Perry defended Beiber which is funny because both pop stars can't hit a note. Richie shaded Beiber because the pop star who now looks like gas attendant manager dated his daughter Sofia Richie. You can watch Lionel try to emote and Katy being extra af cuz she was paid $25 mill to do so on the live shows on American Idol.

source= https://twitter.com/usweekly/status/988895870652436480

Kanye West Has Had "Explosive" Fights with Kris Jenner & Scooter Braun Is No Longer Managing Him

A "source" close to Kris Jenner spoke to People and revealed that Kanye has been blowing up at Kris Jenner. The source explains that Kris Jenner cares about her daughters brand, has noticed Kanye acting erratic, and just wants to be a good mother-in-law.

A Kanye insider says Kanye has been exhausting to those around him.

It was announced earlier today that Scooter Braun is no longer managing him.

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wonder woman

Lethal Weapon's Clayne Crawford releases a statement

After yesterday's reports over Clayne Crawford behaviour on the set of Lethal Weapon, he releases a statement apologising t the cast and crew and explaining what happened. According to him, the two incidentes were about working conditions.

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ONTD Original: Canceled! Is my fave next? 🤔

Nobody's favorite is truly safe from exposing and showing themselves. It happens often too many times: when our faves turn into problematic faves or even worse...are just straight up Trash. Meanwhile you're boppin' to your fave's newly released single or you're watching their latest film and you think you're slick wearing sunglasses and a giant oversized hat — make no mistake ONTD will remind you (whether those receipts are solid & freshly printed or are weak, old, outdated, and now fading). After a certain country star's choice this past weekend, who could be next to fall from ONTD's good graces? We look at five current favorites on ONTD that belong to some on here (cue that's not my favorite) just to get the conversation going & weigh in if they could ever support 45.

Ariana Grande

The good sis fell from ONTD's good graces once before. Let us not forget doughnut-gate. But more importantly, let us not forget how well she handled the Manchester bombings and helped and supported the victims from it. She was a class act and seemingly managed to turn a new leaf. A new chapter & era for Grande unfolds with new single, No Tears Left to Cry.

Odds of supporting 45? Unlikely. She tweeted “well this is utterly terrifying” during the election results.

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ONTD, on a scale of 1 to Azealia Banks how messy is your fave?

Sources: Me & 1 | 2 | 3

Madonna Loses Legal Battle to Stop Sale of Hair, Underwear, Tupac Breakup Letter

-An auction house called "Gotta Have Rock and Roll" is proceeding with the sale of several of Madonna's personal items in July, including a breakup letter from Tupac, after Madonna lost an injunction in a New York court to stop the sale of her personal belongings. You can read the details as to why at the source, it's a very short article for all you ONTD non-readers *cough* all of you *cough*.

-The auction also includes a second letter written by Madonna in which she calls Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone "horribly mediocre".

Would you pay for Madonna's underwear, perverts of ONTD?

Twitter Source: https://twitter.com/guardianculture/status/988732145035182080

Garbage announces Version 2.0 Tour; is pissed their management didn't book any Canadian dates

-Garbage will be going on tour this fall to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album Version 2.0, which Shirley Manson calls "the quintessential Garbage album"
-They will be re-issuing the album along with a b-side called "Lick The Pavement"
-The tour dates span the UK and the US, but Canada was ignored, which the band's Twitter addressed
-Their Twitter account responded to a few fans, saying it wasn't fair, that they love Canada, etc.

Source 1 / 2

ONTD, do any of your faves keep skipping out on your hometown?
plaid hair

KPOP-News : TVXQ Changmin's video with a Fan resurfaces

A video of TVXQ's Changmin manhandling a fan has resurfaced.

Changmin is seen dragging the fan from her cab and throwing the girl on the road. 

Conversation heard in the video from the taxi of the recorder in which the taxi driver and the girls are expressing sympathy towards the girl.

Taxi Driver : No matter what the cause is, doing such a thing to others is not done too much.

Girl1 : What should this girl do? Surely it hurts so much. To be thrown to the floor. You did throw her like a ball

Source 1


Live Nation offering $20 tickets to over 2,000 shows this summer

-Live Nation is running a promotion starting April 30th that they call "National Concert Week"
-Tickets for over 2,000 shows will be $20, fees included(!!!)
-Some acts include Arcade Fire, Beck, Paramore, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Bon Jovi, The Smashing Pumpkins, Janet Jackson, Bush/Stone Temple Pilots/The Cult, Counting Crows/Live - many more listed at the source
-Offer ends May 8th
-People with student loans are probably rejoicing so they can see their faves


I'm Canadian and got an email about this today, so its definitely not just U.S-only!

Warner Brothers @ CinemaCon 2018

Las Vegas!
Disney was earlier today, Sony's was yesterday, and Warner Bros. presentation is just concluding at this year's CINEMA CON.


source 1 | 23

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What are you hyped for?

Father John Misty covers Lana Del Rey's "Ride"

Father John Misty covered Lana Del Rey's "Ride" while she watched from the crowd at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards last night. The video isn't the best, but the sound is good.
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Katie Holmes Goes On Secret Date With Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx enjoyed a rare outing in New York City on Sunday, grabbing dinner together at Nobu restaurant.

Holmes and Foxx have been quietly seeing each other for about five years, almost as long as her marriage to Tom Cruise.


Viewers Praise "A Star Is Born" Trailer at CinemaCon, Poster Revealed

The trailer for the classic that's on its third remake starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was shown at CinemaCon today by Cooper himself, and journalists & critics alike were stunned by what they were shown.

It's been reported that Gaga, who will be billed by her real name Stefani Germanotta, requested that they would not lip-sync during the musical parts of the movie. Cooper admitted he had to take about a year of vocal lessons in order to fulfill the role, and maybe it'll be worth it after all. There's also rumors that the soundtrack will feature country-ish songs like on Joanne and contemporary pop songs like "The Cure."

The movie will be out in theatre this October.
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ONTD are ya'll haters who will find the cure but will not be fixed by love?

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

ONTD Original: The Worst (and best) of Kerry Washington's magazine covers

Kerry Washington is a beautiful woman. I feel like I need to say that because you are about to see some truly hideous pictures of her.

By late 2012 and early 2013 Scandal, Kerry's first TV show, was finally hitting its stride after initially struggling with some mediocre ratings. It was becoming a cultural phenomenon. Everyone loved Olivia Pope and her style and as a result fashion magazines wanted Kerry Washington on their covers.

So where did it all go wrong?

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Palate cleanser in case you forgot what Kerry actually looks like:

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ONTD are you photogenic?

FIRST LOOK at Dumbo!

Disney dropped a trailer featurette combo of Tim Burton's Dumbo At CinemaCon

It brings to mind such movies as The Greatest Showman, Burton's circus tale Big Fish and Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful.

DUMBO is alive-action remake of the animated Disney film, "Dumbo", in which a young elephant with extraordinarily large ears develops the skill to fly.


Alia Shawkat Says Jeffrey Tambor Accusers Deserve to Be Heard

“I was surprised, obviously. I’ve known him since I was very young. I support the voices of the victims though, whatever they said. I’m an actor, I worked with him. It’s not about sharing my personal opinion of him. What those victims said needs to be heard just as much. And that’s the facts, that’s just the truth of it. And they can’t be squashed down because of something else. But it is also, you know, it is sad, too."

"Transparent and Amazon did their own investigations. It’s being handled the way it’s being handled. It’s very…strange. I know a lot of actresses [who] work with people [that] this is happening to, [but] we don’t have personal understandings of it. And I worked with him on two shows, too, so it’s kind of following me around. I hope it’s all handled legally, the way it should be, and taken into consideration."

David Cross and Jason Bateman have voiced their support for Tambor.

[FS] red lips

The Flash 4x20 "Therefore She Is" promo

GYPSY RETURNS — Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash team up with Gypsy (guest star Jessica Camacho) to try to thwart Thinker’s plan. Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Gypsy have a heart to heart talk about their relationship. Rob J. Greenlea directed the episode written by Sterling Gates & Thomas Pound (#420).

regular flash posting sis nomorefrostbite ♥ is too busy to post this week so i ask in her place: did you like leo snart's send off this week, ONTD FlashFam?
lady silence

Interview with The Terror's Jared Harris & The Terror is now on AMC UK!

UK PEEPS!!! The Terror premiered tonight for you.

Also: an interview with Jared Harris

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Episode 6: A Mercy discussion post!!! oh my god who watched it??? i was waiting all season for this episode OMFG.

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The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan To Return For Season 9

For the past few months it had been highly speculated that Lauren Cohan (who plays Maggie Rhee) was not going to return for the ninth season of The Walking Dead. Lauren has finally spoken out about the rumors today and states that she is returning for the show's newest season set to start filming next week in Atlanta.


AMC either paid the money she asked for or she's a masochist.