April 10th, 2018


Grey's Anatomy 14x19 Promo

"Beautiful Dreamer" - An agent from ICE shows up at Grey Sloan in search of an employee who may be working in the U.S. under DACA. Alex’s patient Kimmie wants to leave the hospital to enjoy her final days, but Alex feels differently. Meanwhile, Arizona treats Matthew Taylor’s baby and April wants to do whatever she can to help, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Thursday, April 12th on ABC.


Amber Heard has donated her Johnny Depp divorce settlement money

On Children's Hospital Los Angeles Imagine 2017 Annual Report, Amber Heard made the list of "Honor Roll of Donors."

The report states that Heard donated between $1 million to about $5 million from the time period of July 2016 to June 2017.


Rachel McAdams Secretly Gives Birth To Baby Boy!

Rachel McAdams & Jamie Linder were spotted for the first time in public with their newborn son after leaving a restaurant.


Nogizaka46 Version Sailor Moon Musical Details Released

The official Sailor Moon website today announced new details about the upcoming Sailor Moon musical production featuring idol group Nogizaka46.

The musical will have two runs, first from June 8 to June 24 at the Tennozu Galaxy Theater in Tokyo, and then from September 21 to September 30 at the TBS Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo.

Members from Nogizaka46 will play the Sailor Guardians. There will be two groups, "Team Moon" and "Team Star," who will perform shows on alternating days throughout the musical's run.

"Team Moon" features Mizuki Yamashita as Sailor Moon, Riria Ito as Mercury, Kazumi Takayama as Mars, Ami Nojo as Jupiter, and Hina Higuchi as Venus.

"Team Star" features Sayuri Inoue as Sailor Moon, Miria Watanabe as Mercury, Ranze Terada as Mars, Minami Umezawa as Jupiter, and Kana Nakada as Venus.

Other cast members include J-Pop singer Nami Tamaki as Queen Beryl, Chihiro Ando (who played Tiger's Eye in "Amour Eternal") as Kunzite, Sari Kojima as Zoisite, Shin as Nephrite, and Rina Takeda as Jadeite. For the first time ever in a Sailor Moon musical, Naru and Umino will be included, played by Yuka Yamauchi and Marina Tanoue respectively. Mikako Ishii, who played Pluto in the recent run of musicals, will play Tuxedo Mask.

Official Site

Black Narcissus the goat joins the cast of Netflix's “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

Black Phillip who?!
Creator of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and executive producer/writer of the show, recently shared a photo of Black Narcissus, who's sure to be the breakout star:

(Riverdale may indeed have Vegas, Archie's dog, but where is he?! Vegas has been unseen since the beginning of season 1. ONTD Riverdale fans: Where is Vegas???)

A Sabrina twitter fan account also recently shared some new images from the set:

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Also, ICYMICollapse )



Kanto Week! April 10th Kanto Event starts today!

Trainers, Kanto (or Can Tho according to translate from the original Japanese notification) Week has officially been announced.
Below we can see some of the details outlining the event:

The event will start today, April 10th @1pm PST and last until the 17th.

  • Kanto Pokémon will have elevated spawn rates with Shiny possibilities.

  • More Snorlax and Aerodactyl raids with possible shiny.

  • New Special boxes featuring raid passes.

  • Also more possibilities to obtain Kanto gold medals.

Double transfer and catch candy.
Also since this event runs over Community Day it will give you the chance to get even more candy for every Mareep you catch and transfer!

The event takes place on April 15, 2018, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

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Happy Hunting!
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ONTD Original™ Ten albums we paid dust in 2017

We all have those certain albums that we love but nobody else even bats an eyelash at. You put on your fav bop at a party while all your friends blink blindly waiting for you to play Desperatecito or Old Rules for the millionthteenth time.

Why doesn't anyone understand you? Why do you have basic friends with no taste? Why AREN'T they the girls you knew they were? Let's dive in to eight albums everyone paid dust in 2017.

Chase Atlantic - "Chase Atlantic" (10.04.17)

Yes, we're starting with fuckboys with BOPS because these are all in ABC order. This Australian trio delicately balances alt-pop, rock and r&b to create a fresh, dark and teary-eyed sound that swims deep in your soul. You want rap? Check. Dance? Check. Saxophone?? CHECK. Log back into your MySpace and put Chase Atlantic as your profile song; your Top 8™ will thank you for it!

Hits that stick like grits
- Dancer in the Dark
- Into It
- Keep It Up
- Triggered
- Uncomfortable

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What do you think, ONTD? What are some albums you love that have been dusted in 2017?

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janelle monae

Janelle Monáe - PYNK feat. Grimes [Official Video]


PYNK is a brash celebration of creation. self love. sexuality. and pussy power! PYNK is the color that unites us all, for pink is the color found in the deepest and darkest nooks and crannies of humans everywhere...
PYNK is where the future is born....

Source: Instragram Source: Youtube

ONTD Roundup

Eleanor Chidi kiss

The Obamas, the current US president, and Theresa May won't be attending the Royal Wedding

The Obamas, the person currently in the White House, and Theresa May are officially not attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding on May 19th.

Alexi Lubomirski, the photographer who took Harry and Meghan's engagement pictures, talked to E! about them, saying the couple is totally in love. He and his wife are attending the wedding.

Sources 1 and 2

ONTD Original: Beliefs the Pop Community Tell Themselves

So I've been pop music for a while and some of these fans start to conjure up a lot of beliefs, whether they're suggestions as to how manage some of these artists, or you're simply placing some sort of judgement.

The following list is not to disapprove such thoughts to be expressed, but these comments and complaints get overdone by stan bases all over. Here I will bring up a common arguments and try to find points as to why they're valid or not.

1. 'X' artist should make an 'x 2.0'/recreate 'x' record.
- If they have been creatively stunted and lost their own identity, they can venture back into something people will be familiar with
- Maybe audience wants the artist to create something in the similar state of mind as something previous, or in vein as something else, and not exactly replicate music

Maybe they did try to recreate a similar song and it worked. I'd like to consider very similar parallels to "Heartbreaker" vs. "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey, and Lady Gaga creating "Judas" vs. "Bad Romance".

- As formulaic song making is, attempting to make a similar song is #reductive
- Artists naturally grow and change, and hopefully for the better
- Timing: songs and albums made their magic already and achieved it's own success

Lil monsters - I know TFM was THE work of art but stop hoping Gaga will go back to "dark themes" as if TFM is gonna be reawakened. Voodoo ha, hex ha all you want but if #Joanne must rest, so must your hopes.

There's no point in Madonna making another Ray of Light or Xtina making another Stripped.

2. You're only as good as your last success.
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3. 'X' artist is always holding up with releases/making the wrong single choices.
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4. Only one artist can reign in 'x' genre.
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5. 'Y' artist is the new 'x' artist.
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6. Pop music + pop stars are not credible artists.
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LENGTHY TEXT POST. Why is this a damn essay. I wrote this bc I have a lot of #thots and I feel like I sound crazy

ONTD, do you witness tired comments in the pop music community?

Sources: 1 / Me
Harry - the Chosen One

First trailer for 'The Wife' starring Glenn Close

Summary from Sony Pictures Classics:

Joan Castleman (Glenn Close) is a highly intelligent and still-striking beauty – the perfect devoted wife. Forty years spent sacrificing her own talent, dreams and ambitions to fan the flames of her charismatic husband Joe (Jonathan Pryce) and his skyrocketing literary career. Ignoring his infidelities and excuses because of his "art" with grace and humor.

Their fateful pact has built a marriage upon uneven compromises and Joan's reached her breaking point. On the eve of Joe's Nobel Prize for Literature, the crown jewel in a spectacular body of work, Joan's coup de grace is to confront the biggest sacrifice of her life and secret of his career. THE WIFE is a poignant, funny and emotional journey; a celebration of womanhood, self-discovery and liberation.

This premiered at TIFF last year, and there's already Oscar buzz for Glenn Close. The film premieres in the US this August.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d81IM0loH7o

Giada Cooks on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Goes Exactly as Expected

Quotes from the Segment:
[Ina Garten would never treat Jeffrey like this]Stephen: How good of a chianti am I supposed to use when I do this?
Giada: Whatever you like to drink.
Stephen: Okay.
Giada: If you're a big spender, use that. If you're not, you're not.
Stephen: I got a TV show.
Giada: No you don't.
*audience reacts*
Giada: So I figured you're a big spender!
Stephen: Sure.
Stephen: Who am I kidding?

Giada: It tastes a little bit like chianti.
Stephen: ... A little bit, yeah.
Giada: ... Work with me here...! It tastes a little bit like chianti...!

Giada: You take the pasta... And you dump it right on top.
Stephen: Now, is there alcohol in the pasta?
Giada: Would you like to do something?
Stephen: I would love to do something. Now, is there still alcohol in this pasta?
Giada: ... Yeah, you just cooked the pasta in it. What do you mean is there alcohol?
Stephen: It doesn't actually cook out the alcohol, I can get d--
Giada: No, the alcohol is absorbed in the spa-kee-ti!

Giada:  No, the alcohol is absorbed in the spa-kee-ti!
Stephen: Spa-keeeee-ti?
*audience reacts*
Giada: ...
Stephen: Spa-keeeee-ti? Is that how you say it?
Giada: ... Spa-ghee-ti, Spa-ghee-ti.

Stephen: Your daughter's nine?
Giada: She's ten.
Stephen: She's ten. So she can have espresso at ten?
Giada: Yes! Of course! The way I had chianti at 8 or 9!
Stephen: And that's the reason why you had to leave the country? (Giada was in Italy until she was 8)

at least the pasta probably isn't tough if it's cooked past al dente?
trent can't

T.J. Miller Arrested for Allegedly Reporting False Bomb Threat

* T.J. Miller was arrested on Monday night at LaGuardia Airport in New York for allegedly reporting a false bomb threat in March

* He appeared on Tuesday before a U.S. district judge in New Haven and was released on a $100,000 bond.

* The charge carries a maximum five-year imprisonment term.

* He called 911 from an Amtrack train and reported that a female passenger had a bomb in her bag: "The complaint alleges that Miller, motivated by a grudge against the subject female, called 911 to relay false information about a bomb on the train."


"Good Girls" 1x08 Promo

Good Girls 1x08 "Shutdown" - Rio’s (Manny Montana) feeling the heat from the FBI investigation, so he abruptly shuts down operations, cutting off Beth (Christina Hendricks), Ruby (Retta), and Annie's (Mae Whitman) money supply. Their attempt to go back to being ordinary housewives is short-lived when Mary Pat (guest star Allison Tolman) puts the financial squeeze on them -- forcing the three women to commit another heist.

Source: YouTube

*A RedOne. Konvict. Gaga.* RedOne and Akon Talk About the Creation of "Just Dance"

- RedOne mentioned a Swedish artist named Leila K and how he wanted Gaga to bring what she did to the moment at the time

- Gaga stanned for Kat DeLuna's "Whine Up" (a RedOne production)

- They had rock music in mind when writing songs together

- The Fame was made and finished in 30 days

- Song took off in Sweden and Canada first, and by the gays

- Akon really wanted Gaga to keep the song instead of the Pussycat Dolls

- Akon was not able to get a 'feature' credit, Legend Colby O'Donis sung his words and Akon has a bg vocal

Gaga acknowledges "Just Dance" turning 10 by posting this video on Instagram.

Sources: 1 2

A Swiftie robbed a bank then threw the money over her home's fence to impress her

• According to official documents obtained by the source, a Swiftie by the name of Bruce Rowley confessed to robbing a bank in the name of love for Taylor Swift.

• Police stated that Rowley, 26, entered the Connecticut bank and demanded money from a teller and was given an undetermined amount of money.

• Rowley then drove to Swift's Rhode Island home where he decided to throw some of the stolen money over the fence in an effort to impress her.

• Rowley also told authorities repeatedly he had a crush on the singer.

• He was spotted by state troopers in Rhode Island where he led them on a chase back to Connecticut.

• He remains held on a $100,000 bail.

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online now

Official: Country Is Cool Again

With the critical success of Kacey Musgraves "Golden Hour", i-D Magazine has declared 2018 is the year for country. According to the magazine, many big artists are pivoting to country, like Kylie Minogues latest country-disco effort, and Justins "Mayo In The Woods" before that. Obviously, Joanne is a gem on your tasseled country button up.

Country has breached the mainstream and it's subject matter is more relevant than ever. Songs are now bridging queerness with the ultra masculine 'bro-music' which has prevailed for so long. The magazine namedrops newer artists like Kacey Musgraves, for being at the forefront of that much needed change. Others, like Jessica Lea Mayfield, and Orville Peck are the torchbearer's of 'country cool' alongside the queen of country, Dolly Parton- who has maintained an LGBTQ+ ally for four decades.

The songs in reference are here:

Orville Peck - "Dead of Night"

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ONTD, do you think country is BACK? or has it just never gone away?

source, source, source, source
Diana Guerrero

Nicki Minaj promoting new music including a song titled "Chun-Li"

#ChunLi 🦄Thursday🦄 10amPst 1pmEst everywhere.

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

Not to be overshadowed by Drake and Cardi B releasing new music, Nicki Minaj is readying up for new music releases.

She released the single artwork for her new single "Chun-Li" on her Instagram. The title "Chun-Li" appears to be referencing the iconic Street Fighter character and Minaj mirrors her iconic hairstyle in the art while some fans found the styling and choices to be questionable.

Some fans were quick to call this out as cultural appropriation and there was a hot debate in regards to homage or appropriation.


Her new music is expected to be released on Thursday.

Normani beach

Normani leaves Epic Records and signs to Keep Cool/RCA Records

“Normani’s talent and charisma really set her apart as a leading lady in the industry. I know she will bring that same energy and more to her solo career.”

Keep Cool/RCA Records is a new joint venture co-founded by Tunji Balogun. He has played a pivotal role in establishing the careers of Khalid, Bryson Tiller, GoldLink, H.E.R. and Wizkid. Balogun was also part of the team that helped establish the label’s partnership with Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) and SZA.
The new label was founded by RCA executive Tunji Balogun, Courtney Stewart, Jon Tanners and Jared Sherman.

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Normani is officially listed as a RCA artist in their website. She joins acts such as SZA, Khalid, Childish Gambino, G-Eazy, Kesha, Shakira, ZAYN, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Stargate, Bleachers (Jack Antonoff), Mark Ronson, Kygo, Becky G, Alicia Keys, Tinashe and many more!

sources 1 2

Don't miss her performance at Jimmy Fallon tonight with Khalid!

Alex Garland Script 'Toymaker's Secret' Finds a Home and Director

  • Alex Garland, author of The Beach and screenwriter behind Never Let Me Go, Ex Machina and Annihilation, just sold a perfectly normal script with no weird shit whatsoever called Toymaker's Secret to Tri-Star Entertainment.

  • Paloma Baeza, who is married to Garland, is set to direct. This will be her first feature, having previously directed the short film Poles Apart.

  • CG/live-action fantasy

  • Children’s toys brought to life by a toymaker in Victorian England have been secretly living in the same house until present day. When a new single mother and daughter move into the house, the duo find their world is upended.

  • Said to have the same whimsical tone as The Princess Bride.

Source 1 2

Here for this!

Swedish host Martin Björk interviews Shawn Mendes and sniffs his armpit

• Twink of Pop™ Shawn Mendes was bizarrely interviewed by Swedish host Martin Björk.

• During the interview he's asked "When was the last time you were interviewed by someone with really bad breath?" Mendes answers "right now."

• Björk shortly after asks Mendes, "Can I smell your armpit?" Mendes replies, "Sure, go for it." Björk ends the clip with him saying, "Fuck, that was good."

• The full...interview? behind the cut.

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Sources: 1 | 2

Hot new couple Chris Pine and Annabelle Willis took their romance public at a Malibu dinner party

According to a US Weekly source, “Chris and Annabelle hardly separated throughout the evening and couldn’t take their eyes off each other,” adding that the new couple “arrived together and left together.”


Amal Clooney Says Falling in Love with George Was 'the Most Natural Thing in the World'

In the latest Vogue cover story, Amal talks about meeting George in 2013. She says that Clooney was at his Lake Como, Italy villa when Amal stopped by with a friend. They stayed up late talking. After that they started
emailing each other.

She told Vogue about falling for George:

“It felt like the most natural thing in the world. Before that experience, I always hoped there could be love that was overwhelming and didn’t require any weighing or decision-making. It’s the one thing in life that I think is the biggest determinant of happiness, and it’s the thing you have the least control over. Are you going to meet this person? I was 35 when I met him. It wasn’t obvious that it was going to happen for me. And I
wasn’t willing or excited about the idea of getting married or having a family in the absence of that.”

The pair welcomed twins Ella and Alexander Clooney last June.


Pokémon: Everyone's Story Trailer (Japanese)

The movie takes places in Fura City during an event known as the Wind Festival. People of the town come together for celebration and on the final day they're visited by the iconic legenday Pokémon Lugia. The movie does not have past or current companions, instead there are five new characters. What happens after the five characters all meet will be...well, legendary. The movie also features the debut of the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hFXh25UwLU

UPDATE: Tristan Thompson Caught Cheating On Khloé Kardashian With Multiple Women!


Eyewitness reports & IG clips under the cut...
Collapse )

*Pictures and videos show him getting very close to another woman at a club in New York City

*Khloé is due with their first child any day now

*Tristan already has a 16 month old son with a former girlfriend he left (possibly for Khloé) while she was pregnant

*TMZ has security camera footage of Tristan making out with one girl & motorboating another last October. Why they waited 6 months to reveal this, only Kris Jenner knows.

*The woman from last night has been identified as Lani Blair (Her IG has been made private since the news broke)

Sources: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4,

Binging with Babish: Shawarma from The Avengers

Joss Whedon didn't just bring dynamic characters, dazzling action, and rapid-fire quips to the MCU - he brought one character's singular hunger, a hunger that grew like a virus within the Avengers themselves. A hunger...for shawarma. Solemnly munch along in silence this week as we marvel at a carnivorous carousel and puff up some pita.


ONTD Original: 10 Years of Kristen Stewart + Happy (Belated) 28th Birthday!


Las.Vegas.Music.Baby: Gwen Stefani Announces 25 Date Vegas Residency

- "Just A Girl" will be held in Zappos theatre
- No word on whether former No Doubt bandmates would join her
- Kicks off in June 27th and goes on until next year
- Tickets go on sale this Friday
- With how her last album and tour did... good luck selling those tickets U speak of

I know we're all woke and all but can we talk about the bops off of LAMB?

Source: 1

Cardi B Admits To Very Briefly Considering Not Having Her Baby

Host Charamagne Tha God asked her if she ever considered not having the baby.

“Kind of, sort of. But I just didn’t want to deal with the whole abortion thing, I just didn’t want to. You know what, I’m a grown woman. I’m 25-years-old, and I’m going to say this in the most humble way, but I’m a millionaire… I’m prepared for this.”

"It just really bothers me and it disgusts me because I see a lot of women online like 'I feel sorry for you. your career is over' and it's like why can't I have both? Why do I gotta choose a career or a baby? Why can't I have both. I want both."

"I don't want to wait until I'm thirty-something to have a kid. I want my kid now that I have energy and stuff."

source, source

Damien Lewis to play former mayor of Toronto Rob Ford in thriller called Run This Town

- Run This Town is filming now in Toronto. It will take place during Ford's last year as mayor.
- Lewis is being fitted with a prosthetic to play the role.
- The movie will also star Ben Platt, Nina Dobrev, Scott Speedman, Jennifer Ehle and Mena Massoud. Other than Ford, all of the other characters will be fictional.

One of the journalists who reported on Ford also commented on casting news.

source 1 2

'The Batman' Will Not Deal With the Death of Robin

Asked about the rumor that 'The Batman' will deal with the death of the Jason Todd  Robin an insider simply said "false".

Sources The Wrap tweet The Wrap

ONTD is there a comic book storyline you want see make it to the movies? Or one that you hope never does?

Comedian Jon Daly Mocks Lil' Xan and the Recent Trend of Soundcloud Rappers With Parody Song

I'm going to nip all the "who?" comments in the bud right up top because this whole thing is fucking weird regardless of who these people are:

Lil' Xan is a child rapper of the multiple face tattoo variety.

Jon Daly is a comedian who has had roles on Kroll Show, Drunk History, and miscellaneous voice acting work. His twitter feed is currently insane and messy and he's trying very, very hard.

It started, as most modern day feuds do, on Twitter:

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Thoughts on Soundcloud rappers, face tattoos, and adults making fun of youth culture, ONTD?
SOURCES: Twitter 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Brad Pitt Is ‘Absolutely Smitten’ With MIT Professor Neri Oxman


According to a source at US Weekly they've been dating since last fall:

“Brad’s absolutely smitten by her.”

“They got romantically involved almost right away. “He’s been going to great length to make sure he’s not spotted by prying eyes.”

“Brad and Neri have traveled together internationally on several occasions.”

A second source though says that they're strictly friends.

“This is solely a professional relationship [and] there’s nothing more to it as of now.”

Gossip Cop also checked with a source and says they're not a couple.


Who to believe? Why is Pitt leaking all this stuff? Do you think they are a couple, ONTD or is is this a PR game he's playing?