April 3rd, 2018

Bella Hadid Claps Back at Troll Who Accused Her of Having Plastic Surgery


An instagram user left a comment accusing Bella Hadid and Kendall of getting plastic surgery:

"2 fake bitches sitting in a tree, first comes the nose job, then come the lips, oh and don't forget the built in cheeks. lmao y'all tripping fam, money can get you a new face but not a nicer personality which these two girls need."

Hadid saw the comment and replied:

"I wish you would know either of our personalities. And not only that, I wish you would only grasp a heart of your own. Blessings to you sweetheart. Jealousy is a cry for help that I wish I could help you with."


Do you troll celebs on Instagram, ONTD?

Is Anna Wintour out at Vogue?

Sources tell Page Six that Wintour is to exit role at the publishing house this summer after the July wedding of her daughter.


Should have left long ago when she put the Kardashians on the cover, imo!

The Good Fight 2x06 Promo

“Day 443” - Adrian becomes an overnight celebrity after his candid appearance on a cable news show goes viral. Lucca, who has yet to formally announce her pregnancy, worries about her future at the firm. Meanwhile, Adrian’s newfound cable news fame grabs the attention of Chicago’s top law firm and the jury of his latest case. Bebe Neuwirth, Matt Walsh and Greta Lee guest star.


Taylor Swift's Stalker Sentenced

- Taylor Swift’s stalker was accused of threatening to kill the singer and her family,

- he has been sentenced to 10 years of probation,

- he will be monitored by GPS for at least a year,

- he also must complete psychological as well as drug testing,

- he was arrested in November 2016 after violating a restraining order Swift had against him.

source: twitter

Putin Spokesman Likens Harvey Weinstein Accusers To “Prostitutes”

- members of the Western media covering Russia accused Leonid Slutsky (head of the foreign affairs committee in Parliament’s lower house called the State Duma) of making lewd sexual comments and groping them,

- Peskov (a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin) told students in Moscov that the women in the Slutsky case should have reported the offences immediately,

- he likened the situation to that of Harvey Weinstein,

- he said that the actresses who spoke out against Weinstein had no honour or dignity because they waited 10 years instead of going to the police immediately,

- Russia has no law defining sexual harassment,

- the incidents rarely are reported there.

source: twitter


Rihanna's “Kiss it Better” was released two years ago, RIAA announces her no. 1 digital songs artist

The RIAA has announced Rihanna as the most certified Digital Songs Artist with over 124 million sales in digital singles spanning over 44 songs. Badgalriri took to Twitter to thank her fans for this honor by saying, “I’m grateful for this honor! Thank you God, and thank you to my fans and supporters for holding me down and propelling me forward throughout the years! @RIAA thank you for always acknowledging us music peeps!! One Love always.” The Bajan beauty surpasses Taylor Swift (no. 2 with 108.5 million) and Eminem (no. 2 with 107.5 million) as the no. 1 artist with the most platinum certifications and sales.

In other important news, two years ago Rihanna dropped her magnum opus known as Kiss it Better” from her equally impressive album #R8 ANTI (and basically started the trend of everyone naming their faves untitled album by their initials followed by the upcoming number of the album they would be on). The PopnB girls were SHOOK to their core. The song was written by the good sis Teddy Sinclair (formerly known as Natalia Kills. talk about a career suicide, but what a comeback with a pen!) and was a dual single release alongside “Needed Me.” While “Needed Me” soared on the charts and peaked at no. 7, “Kiss It Better” failed to reach the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100 (no. 62 peak)...the song's lasting impact however remains and the song is an absolute fan favorite still today. Years from now, this song will be the one to be remembered and that's where it counts. To honor and celebrate this TLC/CrazySexyCool/Prince throwback JAM, let's take a look at the song's impacT with performances and covers from other artists.

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'How to Talk to Girls at Parties' Trailer

  • Written and directed by John Cameron Mitchell, based on the short story by Neil Gaiman.

  • Starring Elle Fanning, Alex Sharp, Nicole Kidman, and Ruth Wilson.

  • Plot summary: An alien touring the galaxy breaks away from her group and meets two young inhabitants of the most dangerous place in the universe: the London suburb of Croydon.

  • Releasing this summer via A24.

Source 1 2

I'll watch it.
tamen de gushi ch146

#Caucasity: MasterChef UK's judge John Torode angers Malaysians with his "chicken rendang" criticism

and continues to exert his whiteness on Twitter

- During the knockout rounds of MasterChef UK's quarter finals, contestants were challenged to cook dishes that were important or significant to themselves.

- Zaleha Kadir Olpin, a Malaysian-born chef who was a contestant on the latest series of MasterChef UK had cooked a Malaysian dish "chicken rendang", which she told the judges that it was her childhood favourite.

- However, the MasterChef UK judges had a lot of white opinions on the Malaysian delicacy and method of cooking.

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- However just as the issue was starting to simmer down among the Malaysian netizens, John Torode once again started stirring shit on Twitter. John Torode began by whitesplaining to a Malaysian user, Shannon Chow who argued rendang was a “classic Malaysian dish” that shouldn’t be presented differently to appease the judges’ preference.

- He then continued whitesplaining by replying to another user and suggested that the dish was Indonesian before signing off with “Namaste”, an expression native to India. Malaysian and Indonesian netizens were not amused.

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SOURCE: says.com | MalayMailOnline | Zaleha's instagram | John Torode's twitter 1 2 | Other twitter sources 1 2 3 4

i'm only seeing this reported in my local news. hmm anyway

Have white people ever corrected you for not cooking your traditional food the right white way?

Kathryn Hahn to star in HBO Pilot 'Mrs. Fletcher'

  • Kathryn Hahn is set to star in a pilot based on a Tom Perotta (Election, The Leftovers) book of the same name. Perotta is writing the pilot.

  • Plot summary: "An empty-nest mom Eve Fletcher (Hahn) and her college-student son embrace their newfound freedom with mixed results. Eve, hoping to jump-start her love life, adopts a sexy new persona and discovers that her world is full of unexpected erotic possibilities".

  • A coming-of-age story for both mom and son that explores how porn and social media impact intimacy and relationships.


Didn't read the book and the plot sounds ehhh, but man, do I love Kathryn Hahn.
shirley manson

Dwayne Johnson/ The Rock opens up on depression and suicide

[Trigger Warning - His description of how his mother attempted suicide]He was 15, his family had recently been evicted from an apartment. One day, his mother pulled over the car on an interstate in Nashville, got out, and walked into traffic. He was able to grab her and pull her back onto the gravel shoulder. To this day, she has no recollection of it.

A few years later, he started his own battle against depression after injuries ruined Johnson’s dreams of playing professional football.

He got to a point where didn’t want to do a thing or go anywhere, and was just crying constantly.

After the interview he thanked on twitter:

If you need help HERE is a list of suicide crisis lines worldwide.

source 1 | 2

Aishwarya Rai and Pharrell On the Cover of Vogue India

Indian actress, Aishwarya Rai, and Pharrell Williams have joined together for cover of Vogue India’s April 2018 issue.

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Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

This could also be a general post about Indian cinema/stars and the latest gossip regarding them.
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Leighton Meester Critiques Her Past Hairstyles

We've all had awkward hairstyles, including Leighton Meester. She sat down to critique several of her past hairdos-- the good and the bad.


2003: Blonde and Crimped

"I kept going back and forth at that time between brunette and blonde and, obviously, blonde was winning... I didn't realize it at the time—that's the amazing about youth. You don't realize how terrible things are going."


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Hair post. What do you want to do with your hair, ONTD?

See more styles at the source.
Alyssa side-eye

Lady Gaga and Her Grandpa Boyfriend Grab Coffee

Lady Gaga, 32, was photographed in Malibu with her boyfriend Christian Carino, 48. The pair made a Starbucks run in coordinating black hipster ensembles, complete with hats. He is a talent agent, and they supposedly met through mutual connections. He has a tattoo of her face on his arm. They got engaged in late 2017.

How old are you and your partner, ONTD?

Golden Hour

Night School (Starring Tiffay Haddish & Kevin Hart) - Official Trailer Premiere

Star Kevin Hart and producer Will Packer, who partnered for the hit Ride Along and Think Like a Man series, bring their signature style to Night School. The comedy from director Malcolm D. Lee (Girls Trip) follows a group of misfits who are forced to attend adult classes in the longshot chance they’ll pass the GED exam. Opens in theaters Steptember 28th, 2018.


ONTD Roundup


ONTD Original: Reopening the Case for Natalia Kills

Are you a believer reality television is 100% real? It's not like these reality television talent shows ever have premeditated moments and hire people that are just for views. Let's briefly look back at the situation for Grammy-nominated Rihanna and Madonna co-writer Teddy Sinclair of Cruel Youth and the Powder Room fka Natalia Kills/Verbalicious/Verbz/Natalia Keery-Fisher Cappucini and ask, was it justified?

Around this time of year in 2015, X-Factor NZ received its chaotic press revolving around a particular assessment for a contestant. It sparked outrage, memes, and a call to action to fire judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon. White artists including flop right-wing+Brexit supporter/former NK collaborator Frankmusik, Calvin Harris (of Taylor Swift fame), NZ native Lorde, 'I'm a nice guy who will treat you well and sing vanilla pop songs while looking like a legit troll' Ed Sheeran, the nails-on-a-chalkboard singer from Bastille, and fellow label mate and victim of indie-girl-singing syndrome Ellie Goulding saw a cute little PR opportunity to chime in about the viral event to console the whats-his-name who was the contestant, since they cared so much about him.
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#NataliaKillsListeningParty / post?

Sources: 1 2 / Me
Jeremy outside Spago

Jeremy Renner Update: World Travel Edition!

  • Acording to the source Jeremy Renner was in São Paulo, Brazil filming an episode of Black Mirror.

  • Filming took place in an apartment on Paulista Avenue one of São Paulo's most important avenues.

  • Netflix contacted the source and denied Renner was in the episode but admited to filming in Brazil.

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Jaskier Bomb

Riverdale Roundup: Plot Spoilers, Paris, and More

They really just talked about what a great opportunity the show has been for them and how lucky they feel to be able to shoot in such a beautiful part of Canada. They like wearing those jackets a lot

-Jordan Connor (Sweet Pea) auditioned for Reggie several times. After getting Sweet Pea, he watched a bunch of documentaries on street gangs and did some reading for the role

-Teases that we might get to hear the story behind the nickname for Sweet Pea


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Diana Guerrero

Helen Mirren wants stunt performers to qualify for Oscars

Dame Helen Mirren is speaking out about the amazing stunt performers in film and media and would like their work acknowledged by The Academy.

“There really should be an Oscar for stunt work,” she told the UK site Female First. “These guys are incredible and they’re so careful and so professional. And they’re artists. They do amazing things.”

The actor has dipped her toes in action films having starred in both “Red” and “The Fate of the Furious” and had wanted to be offered those types of roles for a long time.

“I put it out there and then I begged. That was one of the wonderful advantages of winning an Oscar. I got to be in action movies!”

Jack Gill, who worked stunt coordinator on both films, has unsuccessfully petitioned The Academy to add a category for stunt performers since 1991. There are currently SAG Awards for stunt ensemble work in film and television but the Academy currently doesn't recognize stunt work.

Should The Academy recognize stunt work?


Quotes from Source

Beyonce’s dad “couldn’t stop laughing” after Solange’s elevator fight with Jay-Z

“I laughed so hard because if you know Solange, that’s Solange”, proud father Matthew Knowles said of his basement daughter. Solange Knowles not only got a seat at the table but she mortal combat killer combo'd the fuck out of Shawn Carter.

“You just never know what you’re gonna get – a firecracker. I don’t know where she gets that from!”
He added: “Then Beyoncé would be in the corner, quiet, just kinda, like ‘When y’all finish, let me know.’ So I laughed”.


Not him saying that it was typical Beyonce behavior to be disconnected in the corner
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wig sntached!

Fox Searchlight makes overall deal with Guillermo DelToro

Searchlight presidents Stephen Gilula and Nancy Utley, will host live action films that del Toro will write, produce and sometimes direct.

A new film label where del Toro can develop horror, sci-fi and fantasy genre projects. All projects will be financed, marketed and distributed by Fox Searchlight.

First picture to go under the new deal is Antlers has Scott Cooper directing a story about an elementary school teacher who takes in a troubled student that harbors a mysterious family secret with deadly consequences. Script was written by Nick Antosca & Henry Chaisson, based on the short story The Quiet Boy by Nick Antosca. Guillermo Del Toro will produce, with Kevin Turen serving as executive producer.

“For the longest time, I’ve hoped to find an environment in which I can distribute, nurture and produce new voices in smart, inventive genre films and channel my own. In Fox Searchlight, I’ve found a real home for live action production — a partnership based on hard work, understanding of each other and, above all, faith. After the wonderful experience I had with Fox Searchlight on ‘The Shape of Water,’ I am honored to have the opportunity to continue the relationship. I am more than grateful to Nancy, Steve, David and Matthew for their trust in me and for joining me on this adventure,” del Toro said in a statement.


WB celebrates 50th Anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey with return to theaters

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the greatest film ever created being released in theaters: Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Warner Bros is celebrating the milestone by teaming with director Christopher Nolan with unrestored special 70mm screenings. The screening will first be held at the Cannes Film Festival on May 12, before hitting theaters in North America several days later on May 18. In a press release, Nolan stated one of his first movie memories was seeing the film in 70mm and that he is delighted to be involved in presenting that same experience to a new generation of filmgoers.

WB is set to release a new 4K HDR Blu-ray later this year.

The film centers on a group of scientists traveling to Jupiter after discovering an alien black monolith on the Moon.


have you let the light of our lord and savior HAL 9000 in your hearts, ontd??

Thanos (aka the Russo Brothers) demand your silence ahead of Infinity War screenings

Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo took to Twitter earlier today with a note regarding the upcoming film. The brothers state that the worldwide press tour is about to begin and that fans attending special screenings will only be seeing selected footage so as to not spoil the film for its official release. They go on to state that only a handful of people actually know the film's true plot (that Thin Red Line impact!) and that fans should continue to keep things a secret.

Also, the title to Avengers 4 has everything to do with what happens in IW and it should scare you I guess:

Source 1,2

will you spoil this movie for the masses ontd?? take your picks on that title too!

Ted Nugent continues to be a vile pos, David Hogg responds to critics in a cute/funny way


Ted Nugent, taking a break from writing songs about 13 year-olds, doubled down on previous comments about the Parkland shooting survivor.

"The guy has been brainwashed, it's tragic," said Nugent, appearing Monday on the Curtis & Cosby show on New York's WABC Radio. "I don't think the guy can be fixed...I don’t have anything to say to David Hogg. This guy is a lost cause. He is consumed with hate. He is part of the problem, not the solution."

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Source 2 3

Media gets a younger face in American Gods recast

-With Gillian Anderson refusing to appear on American Gods now that her bff Bryan Fuller departed the series, they are looking for a new face to define generations!

-AG is looking to cast a 20-something Asian woman to take over the iconic shoes that Gillian has left behind.

-Clarification (that I totally missed): She will be playing Social Media...taking over the Media role.

-American Gods has faced a very rocky 2nd season with no premiere date revealed with no one even knowing when they start filming?


Do you think casting a younger actress is the way to go?
(isco) pink kit

Kim Kardashian is being accused of copying Mother Pat McGrath


-Kim has a palette with with MUA Mario Dedivanovic
-The blue color, named "Libra", looks p similar to Pat McGrath's
-OP doesn't think that Kim would think of a neutral palette with a bright blue on her own
-Kim also copied Commes des Garçons and Vetements last year saying she was "paying homage"

source 1|source 2

do you think that kim has an original bone in her body?

The cast of Felicity to reunite at ATX Festival

-The stars of the WB show will be hosting a panel at the festival, which runs June 7-10
-Keri Russell will also be hosting a panel for The Americans
-Hulu will be debuting their TGIHulu! panel, which will feature stars from the 90s TGIF lineup and discuss what it meant to be the centre of popularity during the TGIF era
-Lots more discussion of HBO/other panels at the source


Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Cult tri-headlining 'Revolution 3' tour

-This trio of rock bands will be going on a 6-week amphitheatre tour this summer
-Each band will play a full set, and each night, will perform in a different order (hence that triple revolution moniker)
-Inside scoop from this OP: Use presale code REV3 to get your tickets now!
-General onsale is April 6th


Wishing I could have seen STP while my boo Scott was still alive :(

Adele married two of her best friends

- Adele married Alan Carr and Paul Drayton in January,

- Alan said Adele is the best,

- she organized everything and sang their song for the first dance.

source: instagram & twitter

Jemima Kirke stars in Alex Cameron's newest music video - Studmuffin96

-Jemima, aka Jessa from Girls, plays Pepsi-Jane in Alex Cameron's newest music video
-This isn't the first time she's starred in one of his music videos - she was also in Stranger's Kiss
-They seem to be dating IRL
-Who is Alex Cameron? He's an Australian singer and recently toured with The Killers
-Video turns NSFW around the 3:20 mark


ONTD, do you have a studmuffin in your life?
harold | hoe but make it fashion

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver highlights how messed up Immigration Courts in the US really are

"America’s dysfunctional immigration court system forces many children to appear in court alone. That’s as ridiculous in real life as it would be on a courtroom television show." He also talks about the long wait times and the lack of accountability when it comes to judges and politicians.

Do you think 3 year olds should be forced to represent themselves in a court of law, ONTD?
martiza ramos oitnb

Jenna Fischer wore a towel during Jimmy Kimmel interview

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- The zipper in her dress broke so she decided to wear a towel and jeans!

- "You know, I am a Missouri girl, and the show must go on," Fischer said.

Are you quirky like that ONTD? Would you wear a towel on public television?

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ONTD Original: Five of the Best Clapbacks from the Pop Girls™

clap back
1. verb To respond to an insult or criticism, sometimes in a vengeful manner.
She calmly clapped back at critics by asserting that her weight is none of their business. I'm not proud of it, but I did clap back at the girl who stole my boyfriend by starting a vicious rumor about her.

2. noun A response to an insult or criticism, sometimes in a vengeful manner.
I'm not great at the clap back because I get easily flustered by criticism. Her clap back was a vicious rumor targeting the girl that stole her boyfriend.
See also: come back

Christina María Aguilera VS Mariah Carey

The Comment

“One time, we were at a party and I think she got really drunk, and she had just really derogatory things to say to me. But it was at that time that she had that breakdown, so she might have been very medicated.”

The Clapback:

“I had hoped that Christina was in a better place now than the last time I saw her, when she showed up uninvited at one of my parties and displayed questionable behavior. It is sad yet predictable that she would use my name at this time to reinvent past incidents for her promotional gain. It is in my heart to forgive and I will keep her in my prayers.”

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ONTD, have you ever had to clap back to your peers?

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Counting the 'Ready Player One' cameos and easter eggs.

- So 'Ready Player One' was a cameo infested movie and IGN takes a look at how many low key characters were in the background that we missed. From Mortal Kombat to Hello Kitty, From Batman to Firefly, From Halo to Godzilla, From Jurassic Park to Voltron. Here's a look at all those cameos you may have missed.


ONTD, which one was your favorite cameo? Mine probably were [Spoiler (click to open)]Hello Kitty, Gundam, the Battlestar Galactica, the ship from Firefly and obviously 'Fucking Chucky!!!'
Cardi B
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Cardi B to Co-host The Tonight Show This Monday April 9th

Queen of late night shows and the gays of color who had been cheated on, Belcalis Almanzar, is co-hosting the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this monday. It is the first time ever the show has had 2 people sharing hosting duties. The other guests have not yet been announced at this point but one thing is for sure, this will be a motherfuckin FUN episode! The queen will also perform one song from ha upcoming debut album Invasion of Privacy (out this friday!)

ONTD who took your bitch out to party? Who that be fly as a Martian? Who that on fleek in the cut? Who got the bricks in the truck?


Shawn Mendes would like to clear something up

In a radio interview promoting his upcoming third album, the hosts got cheeky with heterosexual icon him sharing photos with Charlie Puth

When Charlie Puth was in here, he said that you guys share selfies comparing your bodies? That's still happening? You still doing that? Are you still "sexting" each other?

"Why does Charlie do this? Is this something Charlie actually said? This is NOT a thing. Charlie ONCE sent me a photo of HIM. I did not reply with a photo. I don't know why he's bragging about this, like this is a thing he should be telling people. He had none of me, because I didn't send any! I gotta text him. No more of that."

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H - Eroda

Police Reports Active Shooting in YouTube Headquarters

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Employees started hearing shooting sounds and people running about. There are (apparently) reported deaths. San Francisco General Hospital says it received unknown number of victims from incident at YouTube offices. There's police activity at the area, tweeted by the San Bruno Police Department, urging people to stay out of the area.

So far SWAT Teams have arrived, ambulances have arrived and the police are still warning people to stay out of the area.

The shooter is confirmed to be a white female and she is down. The police do not suspect that this is an act of terrorism. News sources reporting the shooting was related to her boyfriend who worked at YouTube.

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source: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
This sounds terrifying

Colin Farrell has checked into rehab

According to a Daily Mail source, Colin Farrel has checked into Meadows rehab center in Arizona

This news comes after 12 years of sobriety.

He began getting ‘urges’ to start ‘using’ again and then he decided to seek professional before he went to a ‘bad place'


Ryan Sweeting almost ruined marriage for Kaley Cuoco

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Kaley said about her marriage to her ex:

“I honestly thought I wouldn’t get married again. My ex ruined that word for me. I married someone the first time who completely changed. The person I ended up with was not the person I originally met. And that wasn’t my fault — that was his.”

They divorced in September 2015. She's now engaged to equestrian Karl Cook