March 28th, 2018

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Steven Spielberg Isn't Here for Carl's Jr's "SpielBurgers"

In honor of Ready Player One's release, Carl's Jr went ahead and announced that they'd be renaming their sliders "SpielBurgers" for legendary director Steven Spielberg.

Problem is, they really didn't ask, and WB was not here for this.

Not to be deterred, Carl's Jr sent a rep to try and deliver the burgers to Spielberg at Amblin Entertainment. Except he wasn't even allowed entry. So they left a note on his car, but it was the wrong car

Steven Spielberg himself finally recorded a video that while the sliders are "pretty good", he's gonna pass. "Cease and desist. Can't do it. Sorry guys"

Carls Jr is just happy for the promo

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How would you feel about food being named after you?

12 New Rom-Com Novels You Need To Read This Spring, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Wedding Date

If your Zodiac sign is: Aquarius

You should read: The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

About: A groomsman and his last-minute guest are about to discover if a fake date can go the distance in a fun and flirty debut novel.

Agreeing to go to a wedding with a guy she gets stuck with in an elevator is something Alexa Monroe wouldn't normally do. But there's something about Drew Nichols that's too hard to resist.

On the eve of his ex's wedding festivities, Drew is minus a plus one. Until a power outage strands him with the perfect candidate for a fake girlfriend...

After Alexa and Drew have more fun than they ever thought possible, Drew has to fly back to Los Angeles and his job as a pediatric surgeon, and Alexa heads home to Berkeley, where she's the mayor's chief of staff. Too bad they can't stop thinking about the other...

They're just two high-powered professionals on a collision course toward the long distance dating disaster of the century--or closing the gap between what they think they need and what they truly want...

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Book Post!! // What's your favorite rom-com book??
star wars

Carrie Fisher slaps Oscar Isaac Over & Over in TLJ Gag Reel

The full gag reel can be found on the Blu-ray release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and contains behind-the-scenes stuff and deleted scenes that didn't make the final cut.

Sources: SYFY Wire The Entertainment Tonight tweet
rainbow cadillac

Howard Stern Says 45 Should ‘Get the Fuck Out’ of the White House

Howard Stern has said that 45 and his fragile ego should just get the fuck out of the White House. Stern said of the girthy 45 , “My advice would be, like, get the fuck out of there, man. “[What] do you need that for? Go back to Mar-a-Lago and hang.” Stern said 45 should go back to his lifestyle of tweeting, jugging gallons of diet coke and eating insane amounts of fish filets and big macs. 45 is trying to fire special counsel Robert Mueller but can face impeachment if he tries.


Russell Crowe plays basketball with his kids as he attempts to sell Gladiator props in divorce sale

Russel Crowe went on an Australian radio show selling memorabilia from his estate to pay off his ex wife. Crowe named the auction, The Art of Divorce, offering Australian Morning Show co-host Larry Edmur a ride on the Roman chariot made famous in Gladiator. Crowe got some high-profile potential bidders, after The Sun reported Ed Sheeran had his eye on a sword from Russ’ Oscar-nominated drama, as part of his character General Maximus Decimus Meridius’ costume.

Crowe was pictured playing basketball with his children. He did a little Katy Perry ‘swish swish bish’ in the caged courts.


Beyonce spotted partying amidst 'Who Bit Bey' scandal

Beyonce looked quietly content as she shrugged off the reports and hung out with her husband at Big Sean's 30th birthday party. Meanwhile Big Sean's ex Jhené Aiko was nowhere to be found after their split. Aiko got a huge tattoo of Big Sean before the split then Big Sean said I Don't Fuck With You. Breakout star Tiffany Haddish said an actress was drugged out of her mind and bit Beyonce. Since then Julie Andrews and Amy Adams have denied they bit the Bootylicious singer. This has been great press for Beyonce since she announced her On The Run stadium Tour last week. The tour will feature Jay Z as her opening act.


Police Believe They Have Found The Body of Missing Model & Aspiring Actress Adea Shabani

  • Shabani was las seen on Feb. 23, getting into an elevator with her boyfriend actor Christopher Spotz in her apartment building.

  • Spotz commited suicide after a police chase on March 22.

  • Spotz was engaged to another woman and visited Colorado with her around the time Ms. Shabani dissapeared.

  • Police believer a body fond in a nature reserve in Nevada County, California is that of Adea Shabani.

  • Adea Shabani moved to Hollywood after attending the American University of Paris, she was originally from Macedonia.


Harold Perrineau & Jeremy Renner Celebrated Their Daughters' Birthday Together This Past Weekend

Harold Perrineau & Jeremy Renner are close friends after working  together on 28 Weeks Later & The Unusuals. Jeremy's Daughter Ava turns 5 today! Harold's daughter Holiday turned 5 on March 21st. The girls also celebrated their bithday together last year.

❤️❤️❤️ #sidebyside

A post shared by Jeremy Renner (@renner4real) on



ONTD, is the roommate of your parents friend your "Uncle"? How's your Rennsday?
sweet valley high

ONTD Reading Challenge (April): "Sure, Jan"


The April theme in the 2018 ONTD Reading Challenge is "Sure, Jan" - read a book with an unreliable narrator! An unreliable narrator is a protagonist who lacks credibility or accuracy in telling the story. There are tons of books that fit this criteria, and for this post milfordacademy and I have come up with 10 suggested titles. Please feel free to choose an entirely different book! We've also included a list of outside sources with even more book suggestions.

1074815The Collector

Withdrawn, uneducated and unloved, Frederick collects butterflies and takes photographs. A chance pools win enables his to capture the art student Miranda and keep her in the cellar of the Sussex house he has bought with the windfall. The situation is seen first from the collector's point of view: he thinks the chloroform pad no more vicious than his butterfly net, and patiently waits for the barriers of class and taste that inhibit their love to break down in the limbo of their isolation. She, the creator, desperate for her freedom, tries to be understanding but cannot banish her contempt for everything anti-life that the collector stands for.

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New to the reading challenge?
Here is a refresher:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

  • Each month, read a book that corresponds to the category.

  • No page limit.

  • It can be a book that you’ve already read.

  • Novellas, graphic novels, and anthologies can count toward a category.

  • Ebooks and audiobooks count as books!

  • If you missed a month, you can go back and read a previous month’s task.

  • Keep us updated on how your reading challenge is going in our book posts!

  • If you have a Goodreads account, join our ONTD Reading Challenge Group!

SOURCES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
What will you be reading for April, ONTD? Favorite unreliable narrators?

Mariah Carey celebrates 48th anniversary

Music icon and pop culture staple for over two decades, Mariah Carey took to social media to share a few snapshots from her birthday celebrations at Disneyland on Tuesday. Photos show Carey holding a bouquet of balloons on the sidewalk and opening gifts with her twin children.

Fans reveled that the 48-year-old diva has maintained her youthful glow and slim physique, with dozens of online comments affirming that Carey is a "Skinny legend."

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Discuss: What are your favorite Mariah Carey moments? How has she and her music changed your life? What do you want to see in her next album?

Donald Glover Posts Finale of Cancelled Deadpool Series

Glover, along with his brother Stephen, were set to write, produce, and serve as showrunners for an FX animated Deadpool series. The brothers have parted ways with the project due to "creative differences." Nevertheless, Donald has taken to Twitter to share his script for the show's finale which, ironically, has the titular character ponder cancellation:

"You know, I'm not mad about this whole 'cancelled' thing. I mean, is it even a good time to have a violent, gun loving white man ranting on TV? Other than the PRESIDENT? Do you think they cancelled the show...cause of racism?! Yeah, but all the writers were black. And the references were pretty black too. ...Maybe we were alienating our white audience? No. We did a whole goat yoga episode. Damn."

Glover also responded to speculation that his busy schedule prevented him from working on the show.

The script is ripe with fresh references, alluding to the "Who Bit Beyonce Knowles?" story, Black Panther, Fortnite, Trump's call to arm teachers, and more.

Do you think audiences were ready for a Deadpool series fronted by black creators?
Source, Donald's tweet
st paddys

ONTD Roundup

TV - Person of Interest

Tall Irish Child John Mulaney's new special hits Netflix May 1st

- John Mulaney is a stand-up comedian (and also a proud Asian-American woman)
- (seriously he's a str8 white male comedian and he's not an asshole, idk how either)
- He's been touring the country with a sold-out tour, Kid Gorgeous
- The Radio City Music Hall shows were recorded and it'll be on Netflix May 1st
- His previous special New in Town is leaving Netflix April 1st (because it's the one thing you can't replace)

I was at one of those Radio City shows and I was literally cry-laughing by the end. "STREET SMARTS!!" It's amazing. Did you go, ONTD?! Do you get nervous on airplanes? (Feel free to post your fave Mulaney bits in the comments.)
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Sarah Michelle Gellar Is a #Boss On the Cover of Entrepreneur Magazine

Sarah Michelle Gellar is on the cover of Entrepreneur's April 2018 issue. The cover story delves into her uphill battles as the co-founder, along with Galit Laibow (came up with the idea) and Greg Fleishman (veteran of the retail food scene), to Foodstirs: a baking mix company.

—"a brand that appeals to health-­conscious shoppers, experiments with flavors, sells at a mass-market price and is constantly innovating."

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Sources: SMG Instagram, Foodstirs Instagram, EM Twitter, SMG Fan Instagram (1, 2)

Share your favourite baking recipes, ontd!

mods: i know how to embed ig posts - it was working perfectly in the previews, but i re-did them for this post anyway!
i hope it works this time D: sry

BBC Documentary Alleges R. Kelly Groomed a 14-year-old Girl

- R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend, Kitti Jones, talks about the abuse she suffered while dating him from 2011 to 2013.

- She says she was part of his "sex dungeon" and was forced to have sex with him and others on multiple occasions. She claims he controls what the women wear and how they act. A Buzzfeed journalist corroborates, stating he controls what they eat, when they bathe and when they sleep.

- She says she realized she had been groomed after R. Kelly introduced her to another woman who he had been "training" to be his "pet" since she was 14.

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SOURCES: 1, 2, 3

Tobias Menzies is the new Prince Philip on 'The Crown'

  • Tobias Menzies (Game of Thrones, Outlander) has been cast as Prince Philip in the time-shifted third season of The Crown, opposite Olivia Colman's Queen Elizabeth.

  • Paul Bettany was the first choice for the role, but he dropped out of talks.


Olivia Colman better be making more money than him! RIP Rome.

'Call Me by Your Name's' Oscar Winning Screenwriter wanted more dick in the film

The Oscar-winning screenwriter for 'Call Me By Your Name' has said he isn't happy with director Luca Guadagnino's explanation for why there is no full-frontal nudity in the film. Screenwriter James Ivory was with Guadagnino during production of the film and both would collaborate on the visual aspect of the scenes. Both Chalamet and Hammer had stipulations in their contracts that specified there would not be any frontal nudity, which Ivory called at the time “a pity” and an “American attitude.” You can purchase the Academy Award winning film 'Call Me By Your Name' on DVD.


Homie, wrote a beautiful story and just wanted to see some D
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Dick post ontd

Dawson’s Creek Reunion!

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Superstore 3x17 Sneak Peek "District Manager”

Episode Description: Laurie, the new district manager, visits the store and decides to make some cuts to save money. Amy and Jonah plead with her to not fire anyone and search for other ways to make up the money. Meanwhile, Mateo struggles to prove his skills on the cash register.

Airs tomorrow night, Thursday, March 29th on NBC.

rainbow cadillac

From Britney Spears to the Spice Girls: why 2018 is looking a lot like 1998

This year marks the 20th anniversary of two iconic names in pop music: Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. It was literally a Spice World in 1998 when the group topped the charts and box office with 'Spice World'. The Spice Girls who reformed recently and will reunite in a special engagement for Prince Harry's wedding and are set to voice an animated film. Victoria Beckham crushed our dreams with any prospect of a reunion tour. The Spice Girls revitalized the pop genre within the music industry and paved the way for other pop acts like Britney Spears. Living legend Britney Spears made her impact with her debut #1 single ...Baby One More time. Twenty years later Spears is about to embark on a sold out world tour sponsored by Pepsi and is the face of high fashion Parisian brand Kenzo. Spears former Mickey Mouse Club alums were apart of the teen pop phenomenon. N Sync will receive a star on the walk of fame, Justin Timberlake Mayo of the Woods and aging like Mr. Burns while Christina Aguilera is selling Oreos.


Ashley Tisdale cast in CBS pilot

@ashleytisdale has been cast as a series regular in CBS’ multi-camera comedy pilot 'Pandas in New York'

- Will play Maya the director of free clinic where Rishi works (previous post here.)

- Has a secret crush on Rishi.

- Joins Nisha Munshi, Hina Abdullah, Dan O’Brien, Bernard White and Gita Reddy.

From her Instagram:
After screen testing (a lot!) every pilot season for the last 3 years it feels SO good to finally get one! Plus a role where I’m finally my own age! #adulting @cbstv #PandasInNewYork

Sources: 1 2

Jane The Virgin 4x15 Extended Promo

After Jane (Gina Rodriguez), Rafael (Justin Baldoni), Petra (Yael Grobglas) and JR (guest star Rosario Dawson) all go out together, Jane is bothered to learn that JR doesn’t like her.  Jane and Rafael brush off a big relationship moment, but they both try to make up for it in different ways.  Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is nervous to tell Darci (guest star Justina Machado) that he is no longer able to be a “Danny” so he uses Xo (Andrea Navedo) as a scapegoat landing him in hot water with both Xo and Darci.  Meanwhile, Jane helps Alba (Ivonne Coll) secretly prepare for the biggest test in her life. 



Schitt's Creek 4x10 “Baby Sprinkle” Clip

Episode Description: For research, Johnny and Moira attend a singles event but get too involved. Alexis runs into an old friend, David agrees to help Jocelyn in planning her baby shower.

• 4x09 - “Baby Sprinkle” airs tonight in the United States on Pop.

• Canadians who watched last night, feel free to discuss tonight's episode here.


Justin Bieber Sits on the Ground to Chat Up Homeless Couple

Bieber was spotted Wednesday plopping himself down onto an L.A. sidewalk after a SoulCycle session to chat up a homeless man and woman who were sleeping on the pavement trying to understand their struggles.

Seems like Justin channeling his inner Mariah. ONDT do you help out homeless people with any money or advise?

Rugby Players Found NOT Guilty in What Was Called "Rugby Rape Trial"

Ireland Rugby Players Paddy Jackson, Stuart Holding and two of their friends Rory Harrison and Blane McIlroy have been found not guilty of the accusation of rape made by a young woman (21, at the time 19) in 2016.

I don't know if any of you has followed this case, but in case you did not here's a brief summary:

  • In 2016 a 19 years old girl accused the 4 men of rape

  • Social media treated her like garbage

  • Z-list rugby players are the darling of social media

  • Barrister asked the woman why did she not scream for help, as there were "middle class women" in the building. [op note because middle class women do not condone rape, the others who knows]

  • You can see the account of events here (possibly triggering):


    If you love yourself do not go look at the comments on social media. After countless shared #metoo and #timesup rape victims are still treated horribly. What are your thoughts?

FULL Official trailer for Terminal (2018)

Margot Robbie shared the first full trailer for Terminal.
This movie follows two assassins with a sinister mission, a fatally ill teacher, an enigmatic janitor, and a waitress with a double life. Murderous consequences unravel as their lives meet at the hands of a criminal mastermind wanting revenge. (in theaters May 11, 2018)


Scarlett Johansson to star in Taika Watiti's 'Jojo Rabbit'

  • ScarJo is in negotiations for Jojo Rabbit, Taika Waititi's next film.

  • Plot via IMDB: A young boy in Hitler's army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish boy girl in their home.

  • ScarJo will play the mom, and they have yet to cast the young boy.

Source 1 2

Very curious to hear your thoughts on this casting choice, ONTD.

‘The Darkest Minds’ Trailer

Big screen adaptation “The Darkest Minds” by Alexandra Bracken and directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson.
Amandla Stenberg is leading her very own YA feature. It also stars Mandy Moore and Gwendoline Christie.

“Sixteen-year-old Ruby, one of the most powerful young people anyone has encountered, escapes her camp and joins a group of runaway teens seeking safe haven. Soon this newfound family realizes that, in a world in which the adults in power have betrayed them, running is not enough and they must wage a resistance, using their collective power to take back control of their future.”


“The Darkest Minds” opens on August 3.

How August Ames' suicide is changing the adult film industry


Since the suicide of August Ames in December, Kevin Moore (husband of Ames, porn producer and director) has been calling for change in the porn industry. In the span of three months, five deaths (Shyla Styles, Ames, Yurizan Beltran, Olivia Nova, and Olivia Nua) in the community have been reported either due to suicide, drug abuse, or reasons unknown.

"The business side doesn't want to acknowledge it because it's not sexy," Moore tells Rolling Stone. "The industry wants to stick its head in the sand and just hope it all goes away."

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Lady Gaga Celebrates 32nd Birthday with Born This Way Foundation Fundraiser

Charitable Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga celebrated her 32nd birthday by sharing an old picture of her self back in 2007 before she was set to release the iconique single Just Dance.

In leu of gifts, she asked her fans to donate to the Born This Way Foundation that supports mental health research and awareness.


she should bring back her BTW fundraiser with Starbucks t b h
james flint

Celebrities React to Ongoing Investigation of Brazilian Politician Marielle Franco's Murder

Followup to this post.
– Two weeks after Brazillian poltician Marielle Franco was shot in a drive by shooting along with her driver Andrew Gomes, no one has been arrested yet. We recently learned that the bullets found at the scene of the crime match other bullet casings from batch UZZ-18, purchased by the Military Police in 2006, which were used in the Osasco Massacre that resulted in the death of 19 people. Two officers and a municipal guard were arrested at the time. The MP claim that someone* stole ammunition from the batch they purchased, considering the time gap between then and now. The homocide investigation is ongoing, and on Monday three people from her office spoke to The Civil Police.
– On March 16th, two journalists at Empresa Brasileira de Comunicação (Brazil Communication Company, EBC for short), a federal public agency, protested against orders from company managers to reduce coverage of Marielle's murder. According to Metrópoles, newsroom manager Roberto Cordeiro at Agência Brasil (a national public news agency that's part of EBC) sent an email requesting employees "to reduce material about the death of councilor Marielle Franco." According to Cordeiro, Metrópoles reports, "these tributes of the PSol [party of the councilwoman] are meant to take advantage of the moment. Or other repercussions of that kind. We should focus on the investigations and what the authorities say.”
– On March 19th, the executive manager of Agência Brasil Alberto Coura, wrote to the Rio de Janero team and asked the coordinator to direct the reports to "not to cover demonstrations over the death of the councilwoman." According to Metrópoles, Coura said, "They are repetitive and tiring. In the papers there are only articles and, you know, we do not publish this form of opinion. Of course, if there is a relevant fact, it should be done." The journalists there then sought protection from the Union of Journalists of the Federal District (SJPDF). SJPDF issued a statement signed by other unions of journalists and news workers, and SJPDF coordinator Gésio Passos told Globo, "In addition to the public denunciation of the case, we will go before the Federal Public Ministry with representation to investigate the abuse."

– On March 25th, a police operation in a Rio favela left at least eight citizens dead and more injured. There are rumors that innocent people were executed during the operation, said to be an act of revenge from the police after one of their officers was killed there earlier that week. Police said they were attacked by drug gangsters. This comes six months after the army briefly occupied Rio flavia following gun wars between rival gangs, five weeks after President Temer put the military in charge of Rio security, and just eleven days after Marielle was killed. This was the kind of state violence and police abuse towards poor black people in Brazil that she was so outspoken about. More info and testimony can be found here.
On March 27th, gunshots hit two campaign caravans belonging to former President Lula in southern Brazil, though no one was hurt. It's said to be three gunshots. Lula is gathering support for another presidential run, though it's unclear if he will be convicted for corruption and barred from running. “It’s not normal in a democracy that people fire on a democratic caravan,” said Gleisi Hoffmann, president of the Worker's Party.
– Days after Youtube was ordered to take down 16 videos containing blatant offense and misinformation concerning Marielle's murder, Facebook has been given 24 hours to take down inflamatory misinformation after being sued by Marielle's family and her partner Monica. Facebook has also been told to prevent more of those posts from happening in the future.
PSOL councilor Tarcísio Motta read a speech Marielle wrote at the Legislative Assembly last night. Marielle's 19-year old daughter got a tattoo of her mother on her arm as a memorial and shared in on social media. Pictures below the cut, and reminder that you can sign the Justice for Marielle website along with other celebrities.

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ONTD, how are you feeling?

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

How Taylor Swift helped Todrick Hall survive crazy breakdowns, his music, and Trayvon Martin

Todrick Hall talks to Billboard about his debut album, Forbidden. A two-hour visual album that consists of thirty songs and featured artists with a “story of persecution.”

The concept album however, almost didn't come to be after several “crazy breakdowns” with doubt. Swift would help Todrick and his insecurities about the project: “I would go over to her house, and over cinnamon sticks from Domino's, she would just listen to me crying and thinking that this wasn’t possible. Every time I was dealing with major problems I'd call her, and I'm just so grateful that she'd take the time to sit down and listen to me vent.”

• Taylor Swift assured Todrick that the album was going to be a success and that his fans were going to love it.

His music video for “Ordinary Day” depicts a black police officer shooting an unarmed white child while the rest of the neighborhood dance and go on about their day while his body remains in the street.

• “I wanted this to be uncomfortable for people to watch. You have to deal with the fact that they're doing this big production number, and his body is just laying right there,” adds Todrick.

• The street sign in the music video reads “Novyart,” or Trayvon spelled backwards.

• “It just seemed like his life didn't matter. Like he was some squirrel that someone had accidentally run over in some cul-de-sac and people were just waiting for someone to come clean it up.”

Brandy, RuPaul, Tamar Braxton, Keala Settle, Tiffany Haddish and many more are featured on the album as Hall wanted to make sure to showcase black excellence.

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ONTD, do you have supportive friends?

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

SHARKNADO franchise to end with 6th Film

  • In the upcoming final instalment, the lead actor will (of course!) go back in time to save his family, presumably from sharks and tornados.

  • As of this writing, Sharknado 6 does not have a catchy subtitle, and is slated for release on the Syfy channel this summer.


The night is sharkest just before the dawn. RIP.
Petition for 'why am I persecuted' to become a tag'
sora smiling

Batman Ninja Reviews: "Sets a New Standard" For DC Animated Films

– Early reviews for Batman Ninja from Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki are very positive.
– Gamespot: “Batman Ninja isn't just a fascinating new take on Batman, with character designs by iconic Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki. The movie's real fun comes from the violent collision of Batman universe gadgets and characters, over the top anime style action, and the setting of feudal Japan."
– IGN, 9.7/10: "Batman Ninja takes everything great about the masked vigilante and twists it in a way we’ve never seen, creating a visual marvel unlike any other Batman animated movie before it. DC tried something new by bringing in visionary Japanese animators to offer a refreshing take on one of the company’s most beloved characters, and the finished product not only built upon the great adaptations that have come before, but surpassed them."
Nerd Report: "I know I’m the DC guy, but how many variations of Batman can one man endure? And I guess the answer is, at least one more. Because I soon found myself swept up in this amazing new Anime Batman world, and I totally enjoyed every minute of it."
– Check out reactions from others on Twitter below the cut.
– The film releases on digital in the US April 24th, physical media May 8th, and in theaters June 15th.

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ONTD, are you ready to see the Batfam in action?

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Video Game Streamer Says Slur, No One Is Surprised

Yesterday, the top subscribed Twitch streamer, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, was broadcasting his and his friend's game of the popular new multiplayer game Fortnite. Some time during the stream, he and his friend were listening to "44 More" by Logic, and Blevins began ad-libbing lyrics (y'all know where I'm going with this).
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ONTD, will you ascend to the heavens by liking the pineapple pizza?


My bad on the mistake, mods
Shadowhunters malec adorableness

Shadowhunters 3x03 'What Lies Beneath' Promo & Matt Daddario Ponders Royalty

The Shadowhunters try to track down the new imposing threat, while Jace has a suspicion that Jonathan is back and behind the mundane attacks. Simon tries to figure out what The Seelie Queen did to him during his time in the glade. Alec decides to host a Lightwood family dinner at Magnus’ house after a surprising visit from Maryse.
Airing 4th April, 2018.

Sources: Synopsis, Promo, Matthew Daddario Twitter, 2

Do you dabble in ceramics, ONTD ShadowFam?
(And yes, it's more like a Sneak Peak, but that's what Freeform has released! Annoying af.

 photo magnuswtf forontd_zpsmndo5w5e.gif

Roseanne revival premieres to massive ratings

18 million total viewers for the double-episode premiere.
5.1 rating among the coveted 18-49 demo.
Highest ratings for a scripted program on ABC since September 2012.
Blew that ratings of the Will & Grace revival premiere last year (10m, 3.0 A18-49) out of the park.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

ONTD fave Armie Hammer vows to stop wearing tracksuits

  • Actor Armie Hammer, best known for being humour free and continually harassing celeb journalist Anne Helen Petersen, declared he is retiring tracksuits from his wardrobe

  • During the press tour for Call Me By Your Name Hammer posted numerous shots of himself wearing tracksuits on his Instagram page

  • Because of the press surrounding his lack of fashion sense love of tracksuits companies kept sending him free tracksuits. He now owns 70!

  • Call Me By Your Name was nominated for four Oscars. Hammer was not among the nominees.


ONTD what is your go-to mode of leisurewear? And do you consider leggings pants?

Chris Brown Is Still Stalking Karrueche Tran...Cause He's a Taurus?

After moving on with her new man and getting a 5 year restraining order against Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran finally turned a new leaf, but it appears her ex is still a creepy criminal (allegedly).

Chris Brown commented on a Shade Room post of Karrueche out with her new man, with "They look good together"... which may actually be a violation of the restraining order allegedly, we don't know.

He later posted on his own page something about wanting her to be happy even if it hurts him~ adding two taurus emojis (they're both a taurus).

Are you a Taurus, ONTD?
Ballet: Nela my queen also the Black Swa

Misty Copeland claps back @ haters

If any of yall thought Ballet wasn't a dramatic life, yall thought wrong.

Earlier this week, a video surfaced on Youtube of american ballerina Misty Copeland. On said video, Misty makes a mistake during the 3rd act of Swan Lake, during the iconic 32 fouettes. Misty is unable to recover enough to complete the 32 turns and instead improvises her way into her exit. She does so as well as she possibly can and unless you know exactly what is supposed to happen there, you wouldn't know.
The video, originally titled "Misty Copeland fouette fail", has since been retitled and is here:

This prompted some racist reactions from bunheads and balletomanes, but trailblazer Misty Copeland didn't let them keep her down

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Sources: video

I'm working on an ONTD Original for you guys but I couldn't let this slide, she was so damn classy. Even if she's not my favorite because I never see her dance, and even tho I'm not fond of ABT, this was so ridic and says more about ballet fans than about Misty
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Cynthia Nixon is selling "Unqualified lesbian" pins

ONTD are you an unqualified lesbian?
Jaskier Bomb

Riverdale 2x18 Extended Promo - "A Night to Remember" and More Stills


Lots of dramatic shit happens as the school musical gets underway such as: threats from the Black Hood, "accidents", asshole parents, love drama between characters that aren't the core four, fractured friendships, Jughead's bad camera skills, lots of singing, Archie's cheesy dancing, and lots of fake blood with some real blood too.

The episode aired before their Paleyfest panel so random spoilers are out there, but otherwise just sit tight because it's another hiatus before the rest of us see this episode

Directed by Jason Stone. Written by Arabella Anderson and Tessa Leigh Williams. Airs 4/18/2018


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Will Graham shifty eyes
  • ivy_b

The Alienist 1X10 review (season finale)

The Geekiary posted a review for The Alienist season finale. Highlights:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

* The first season had its faults, but he was glad the show was able to tie everything up in a satisfying manner. The story felt complete, everyone got a moment to shine and by the finale they felt like different people (in a good way) from the ones we met at the beginning of the season.

* John Moore grew from a man who drowned his sorrows in alcohol into a man who cared for others and wouldn't let his past keep him down anymore. The reviewer liked seeing John's guilt over not being able to protect Joseph and if there's a second season, would like to see John adopting Joseph.

* We all knew Sara would shoot a gun sooner or later and she finally did in the finale to save John and Laszlo. While it was good to get to know more about Sara's backstory, she and Laszlo mended their relationship too soon.

* He didn't like Kreizler deciding not to involve Sara in his plan to catch the killer at the reservoir; Laszlo dividing the team on purpose at the last second felt weird, especially with how he talked about seeing them all as friends later in the episode. Kreizler became more open during the season, but still has a lot of work to do.

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Finally saw the finale, what did you all think?

XXXTentacion has the #1 album in America and has been released from house arrest

With 131,000 album equivalent units earned, XXXTentacion's "?" is the number one album in the country this week.

The only album by a female artist in the top 20 albums this week (or last week. or the week before) is Camila Cabello's.

"Sad!", a song directed towards his ex-girlfriend where he threatens to kill himself if she ever leaves him, got more streams last week than any other song but Drake's God's Plan and is the #7 song in America.

He's also been released from house arrest after his lawyers successfully argued that he needs to be able to go on tour and he's been behaving well.

This is all occurring as an older video of XXXTentacion punching a girl in the head surfaced online


Pedro Pascal joins Wonder Woman sequel

-Pedro Pascal (GoT) is joining the WW sequel!

-His role is not yet known.

-This is his 2nd time working with Patty Jenkins. They did a tv movie "Exposed" together.

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Gisele Bündchen on the cover of WSJ, talks Dunkin’ Donuts, her children, and Tom Brady's retirement

• Brazilian supermodel and actress Gisele Bündchen is featured in April's WSJ Magazine cover.

On the Massachusetts based and East coast staple, Dunkin' Donuts: “Do you know those things called Munchkins?’’ Bündchen asks. “Oh, my God. I cannot have one. I have to have, like, 10. They’re so tiny…. It’s a guilty pleasure.”

• It's reported that Gisele Bündchen usually sticks to a diet consisting of 80 percent vegetables and whole grains. Cheat day anyone?

Bündchen also has a strict no phones or electronics policy at the dinner table when she, her husband Tom Brady, and her two children Benjamin, 8, and Vivian, 5 have dinner: “Let’s be present. Let’s share. That’s the most important thing for me. I come from a family of eight. Everybody would want to talk. My dad would be like, ‘Raise your hand.’”

On Tom Brady and him retiring from playing football in his 40's: “It’s not my decision to make. It’s his decision, and he knows it. It wouldn’t be fair any other way. He’s so focused right now. He has a laser focus on just winning and being the best, and I said, ‘You know what? This is what you’re doing right now in your life, and you need to feel complete in it, because if I’m the one who comes and says something and then you make a decision based on something that I said [he'd resent it]. I would never in my life, ever. I want him to be happy. Believe me, I’ve been with him when he’s losing. Try to be with him after you have lost [Super Bowls]. I mean, I had my fair share, OK? As long as he’s happy, he’s going to be a better father, he’s going to be a better husband, and I just want him to be happy. I do have my concerns, like anyone would.”

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ONTD, do you eat donuts? Favorite Donut chain?

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5 of the Worst (& 5 of the Best) TV Series of the Current Season

Business Insider got the critics ratings from Rotten Tomatoes.

They excluded children's shows, talk shows, and docuseries, & only selected from networks with several scripted shows that received a "Fresh" or "Rotten" designation.

Audience scores were used to break any ties within a network.

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Sources: Business Insider (worst list) The BI tweet Business Insider (the best list)