March 25th, 2018

Cardi B wants to know where her tax money is going

Cardi B posted a video on Instagram wondering where her tax dollars go. The video blew up, especially among conservatives trying to prove their movement's cultural relevance.


Show me the receipts: Papa Spears wants Kevin Federline’s 2017 tax return

A follow up to this and this post.

• Last week, money hungry heaux Kevin Federline and his attorney met with Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, about increasing his monthly child support payments.

Britney Spears has earned more than $137 million dollars in 4 years from her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood and KFed feels he's entitled to a bigger piece of that pie because he feels her success is in part because the boys have been in her life. The increase is also being requested to “recognize the sacrifices he has made because he has gone above and beyond what most people would do in this situation.”

Papa Spears however ain't buying any of this and responded to his former son-in-law’s request by outlining a monthly budget for KFed. The letter sent by Britney’s legal team lays out how the current monthly payment should be spent.

• The PopoZão “rapper” was reportedly “pissed” and “insulted.”

• Federline’s attorney says, “Unfortunately, the proposal that came back amounted to no modification of support, but it indicated to me that Mr. Spears has to recognize that he is the conservator for Britney and not for Kevin.”

Jamie Spears didn't stop there, he also wants those receipts! He demanded to see Federline’s 2017 tax return to see if he’s working for a living or if he's just mooching off Spears.

According to the source, Federline's monthly expenses only add up to about half of the $20,000 he's getting. “We want to know where that $20,000 is going. Kevin wants a raise in money and he can't account for where the $20,000 is going.”

• Papa Spears is standing firm and not wiling to give KFed another cent unless courts demand it. He feels Spears making more money doesn't change the needs of 12-year-old Sean and 11-year-old Jayden.

• Jamie is also convinced that Federline is misusing some of his monthly funds to support his four other children.

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sweet valley high

15 April Book Releases to Look Forward To!

Here are 15 upcoming April book releases to check out. Because if you're like me, lately I spend more time thinking about what books to read, than actually reading... There are selections from various genres; hopefully a title or two piques your interest!


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Kevin O'Leary of ABC's Shark Tank says tip $20 on top of your original tip

• “If you're going to go to a neighborhood restaurant more than once, tipping is an investment because you want to establish a relationship with the waitstaff to take care of you. That's been around as a rule forever. ”

• “Here's the way I look at it. If you're investing in that place and want to establish a relationship and you get great service ... put a bill, a $20 bill down [on top of your original tip]. It's a crazy amount of money, but you're showing respect.”

• “When you give cash, generally speaking, that's theirs and you're showing respect that they don't get from anybody else. You're saying to them, 'You were great to me. I want you to remember me, I'm investing in you,” he explains.


Celebs Tweet About Stormy Daniels '60 Minutes' Interview

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Porn star and alleged Trump mistress Stormy Daniels speaks to Anderson Cooper tonight on 60 Minutes. This is her first televised interview about the alleged affair. She will allegedly reveal evidence of the affair. What will she show? Trump's dick? Sex tape? Cheeto-stained undies? Tune in tonight 7 ET on CBS after Duke/Kansas game finishes!


Who is Justin Bieber's new "girlfriend," Baskin Champion?

It seems that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are on a break again, so of course a girl was spotted leaving Justin's house. The media is calling Baskin Robbins Champion his girlfriend, but really, who is she??

-They recently went to see Craig David (of "Fill Me In" fame) and she was "dancing up on" Bieber
-She's a 22-year-old model with 200,000 followers on Instagram
-Her sister Abby Champion is dating Patrick Schwarzenegger
-Bieber met Baskin through his pal Patrick
-She was Miss Alabama Teen USA in 2014
-Enrolled at Auburn University to study fashion but took time to intern in LA and model full-time
-Has a cute dog named Charlie Champion

As for Selena... the source says, "Justin has been upset about the recent break from Selena and is trying to keep busy until they work things out."


Beautiful Gay Man Gus Kenworthy serves a real thirst trap

As part of his first Gay Times Magazine cover, Winter Medalist Gus Kenworthy posted several photos from his spread. Chest hair, happy trail and underwear pics are included.


Brandon Flowers falls off stage during concert, watch their full Lollapalooza show

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers took a tumble and fell off stage during "Runaways" at Festival Asunciónico in Paraguay.

• That didn't faze BFlow however, he quickly recovered and walked around and back on stage without missing a lyric and kept signing.

• The OP's heart and BFlow are currently doing just fine.

• The Killers also recently performed at Lollapalooza in Chile 🇨🇱.

• If you have the afternoon free, settle in and watch their full concert and setlist below and behind the cut.

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dios mio.

ONTD, have you ever fallen in public?

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Kathy Griffin plans to attend White House Correspondents Dinner


Kathy will be attending the dinner event as a guest of The Washington Blade and Los Angeles Blade, an LGBT news outlet.

Griffin came under fire for holding a severed head of Trump on social media, prompting an apology and later retracting. “I am no longer sorry. The whole outrage was B.S.”

Since then, Griffin's career took a nosedive, losing her long-running New Year's Eve gig with Anderson Cooper, and a shortage of bookings. She's recently touched up her social media presence, ready to salvage what is left of her career, and looking promising as she just sold out her June 26th show at Carnegie Hall.

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Star Trek Discovery: New Deleted Scene & Michelle Yeoh Interviews

In a new Deleted Scene from the Disco Season 1 Finale which premiered at WonderCon, we see ALAN VAN SPRANG join (Mirror) Michelle Yeoh as [Spoiler (click to open)]Section 31 Operative 'Leland', and present her with a tempting Season 2 employment offer...

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Sources: IndieWire Twitter, Syfy Fangrrls, Bonus Scene

Are YOU ready for Queen Empress Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius to totally dominate [Spoiler (click to open)]Section 31, ONTD Discoteers?

 photo mirrorphilippa forontd_zpsg2xamsdb.gif

Queer Eye's Tan France Sometimes Hides His Sexuality when Traveling Abroad

Tan France, of Netflix's Queer Eye reboot, talks about traveling abroad as a gay married man. "As a gay man, there are certain places that I avoid. When I go to China, I lie and pretend I'm not married, which is really sad - I leave my ring at home," he said.

He said that he is not willing to risk his safety and is aware of where he can be open and where he cannot.

Tan, who is of Pakistani and British descent, said that he would not go to Pakistan after the show's release. "I don't know if it's illegal to be gay or they just turn a blind eye, but I wouldn't risk it. The exposure the show has and the fact that I'm very open about who I am makes it a security risk. But I do love Pakistan, and I went many, many times before the show."

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Would you avoid traveling somewhere because of your sexuality, ONTD?

Queen of Canada and Country pop, Shania Twain set to appear on Drag Race!!!


  • Shania is the only country star to appear as a guest judge on Drag Race

  • There will also be other big name guests on the show but like who cares THIS IS SHANIA MOTHERFUCKING TWAIN!!!!

  • other celebs include Kate Upton, Stephen Colbert, Andy Cohen


ONTD, what are some of your fav Shania Twain songs?

JK Rowling Reps Say Her Liking of a Transphobic Tweet was a "Middle-Aged Moment"

After receiving criticism for liking a tweet calling trans women "men in dresses" in response to controversy surrounding trans activism in the UK Labour Party, JK Rowling's representatives have made a statement.

According to the spokesperson, "J.K. Rowling had a clumsy and middle-aged moment and this is not the first time she has favorited by holding her phone incorrectly."

She received significant backlash online for liking the tweet. However she also received some statements of support, such as "excellent news, hopefully young female Harry Potter fans might be taking note of her views on this."

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Adam Rippon Talks About His Best — and Worst — Beauty Looks Through the Years | ELLE

Adam Rippon is more than an Olympian. After his 2018 Winter Olympics debut, he walked away a bronze medalist, fan favorite... and budding beauty icon. Tune in as he recounts his best, and worst, moments over the years: from curly hair and a crazy dye job, to the brows we've come to know and love.


What are your best/worst beauty moments?? // beauty post!

Lea Michele responds to fan theory claiming that she can't read

8 months ago a podcast posted a video on their facebook page with their theory that actress Lea Michele can't read. They posted a followup video a few days ago on their youtube channel to which Lea has responded.

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‘Ready Player One’ Cast Celebrate Spielberg; Talk Surprise Set Visits From George Lucas & Tom Cruise

The Ready Player One panel at WonderCon was a packed house on Saturday. The panel started with a video collage of Spielberg’s greatest hits from Jaws to Jurassic Park to Minority Report.

The panelists, which included actors Tye Sheridan, Lena Waithe, Ben Mendelsohn, Philip Zhao, and Win Morisaki, also discussed their favorite Spielberg films and what it was like working with the director. Sheridan prefers E.T. while Cooke has love for Temple of Doom. Waithe says she loves The Color Purple, but says Jurassic Park as her fave. Zhao and Morisaki go for Adventures of Tin Tin and Catch Me If You Can respectively.

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What's your favorite Spielberg movie, ONTD?

Kevin Smith says he lost 17 pounds with potato diet

Since suffering a near-fatal heart attack last month, Kevin Smith revealed he was told by doctors to shed 50 pounds.

Smith says he is following a plant-based diet which suggests eating potatoes for the first two weeks before incorporating different greens.


Do you follow a diet, ONTD?

Adam22 of No Jumper launches an imprint with Atlantic Records as rape allegations resurface

Atlantic Records recently announced a joint venture with popular hip-hop interviewer Adam Grandmaison, known as Adam22. He's starting No Jumper Records with them. Their first single is with rapper Tay-K, a teenager who is currently awaiting trial after allegedly being involved in multiple murders and who rose to fame with his autobiographical song "The Race" about being on the run from house arrest for his first murder charge.

Some of his old blog and forum posts where he seems to admit to rape and assault have resurfaced.
"How much a woman enjoys sexual activity is not highly correlated to how much fun I'm having though, so I didn't give it much thought"
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