March 24th, 2018


Olivia Culpo Possibly Broke Up With Danny Amendola

E News is reporting former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, and former superbowl champion Danny Amendola split.
He unfollowed her on instagram and deleted any pics with her.

She still follows him though.

She posted a pic just this past March 10 of them two lovey dovey on a boat.

What do you think went down in just 13 days, ONTD?
Boybands suck

*NSYNC will receive their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next month

All members of *NSYNC will be present on April 30th (on 'It's Gonna Be May' day) in LA for their star ceremony. Ellen DeGeneres and Carson Daly will be the guest speakers at the event.

*NSYNC (minus Timberlake, of course) look back on their debut with Billboard.

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Justice League Roundup!

-While JL failed at the box office, it is shining (at the moment) on dvd/blu-ray! Dethroning Thor on the #1 spot on the sales chart.

-Fans have been pandering for a Snyder cut but it won't be happening.

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I'm sad that Black Canary and Vixen won't make it into the new JL books.
james flint

Celebrities Sign Open Letter Demanding Justice for Murder of Brazilian Politician Marielle Franco

– Marielle Franco, 38-year old, openly gay Afro-brazillian Rio de Janero city council member of the Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL), was killed last week in a drive by shooting, along with her driver Andrew Gomes. An outspoken politician and the only black female of Rio's city council, Marielle advocated for black rights, LGBT rights, women's rights, and often criticized police brutality and abuse, which many believed led to this political act of violence.
– Her death has set off mass mournings and protests in Brazil and a call for identifying her killers, which has reached around the globe. Celebrities including Ava Duvernay, Janelle Monae, Thandie Newton, Danny Glover, Alfonso Cuaron and others have signed an open letter demanding justice. “We call for justice for Marielle Franco and the daughter and the partner she leaves behind, and for an end to the killings and criminalization of activists, government opponents and low-income people in Brazil,” the letter reads. You can sign your name too.
– More information on the killing: According to Globo TV, 9mm bullets were found with the bodies at the crime scene that belonged to batch UZZ-18, which was purchased by Military Police in 2006. They match bullet casings found at the scene of the Osasco Massacre, which killed 19 people in the São Paulo area in August 2015. Two cops and one municipal guard were convicted at the time.

– Marielle's sister Arielle Franco and Marielle's partner Monica Benicio recently asked the court to take down 40 videos on Youtube for misinformation and offenses to Marielle and her death, including linking her to criminal organizations. Put together, the 40 videos have gained more than 13 million views. Youtube has since determined it will take down 16 of those videos. In another incident, a website called Political Skepticism spreading rumors about Marielle got more than 360,000 shares on Facebook.
– Lots of misinformation about Marielle has been spread through news, headlines, and Facebook shares since her death. Judge Marilia Castro Neves of the Rio de Janero Court of Justice said on Facebook that councilwoman Marielle was [translated] "engaged with bad guys" in a response to another facebook post by attorney Paulo Nader, who said Franco was a "human rights fighter." Neves went on to say [translated], "The point is that Marielle was not just a 'fighter'; she was engaged with bandits! She was elected by the Red Command and failed to comply with commitments made with her supporters," she said, and also insinuated that the death of the councilwoman was a consequence of "collecting debts." "Anything else is mimimi of the left trying to add value to a corpse as common as any other." Alberto Fraga of the Democrat Party also shared misinformation on his Twitter page about Marielle being involved with criminal organizations before PSOL demanded he take it down.
Members of the UN have demanded a “thorough, transparent and independent” investigation of what happened. PSOL has called for an unbiased investigation versus an internal one within the Military Police itself, while politicians opposed to this are called part of the "bancada da bula",
or "bullet bench". More information below the cut.

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ONTD, how are you and your communities dealing with the atermath? Let me know if I missed anything.

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Fast Food Chain Wendy's Just Dropped A Mixtape

* The mixtape is called We Beefin?
Queen Wendy takes shots are other fast food chains like McDonald's, Burger King, and Chicken Shake
* The tape ain't garbage.
* Wendy's isn't the first food brand to do this. In 2016 Hamburger Helper also dropped a mixtape called Watch the Stove which was pretty decent.

lady bird

Black Panther is now the highest grossing superhero movie in the US

• To date the film has grossed $630 million domestically, outgrossing former record holder The Avengers ($623 million)

• The film has grossed $1.2 billion globally and by the end of the weekend it's predicted to dethrone Iron Man 3 to become the third-highest grossing superhero movie behind The Avengers (1.5 billion) and Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.4 billion)

ontd, do think this movie can break a billion dollars domestically by the end of its theatrical run? will it stay number one at the box office until Infinity War comes out?

howard reading

Harper's Magazine Gets Flack for Full-Time, Unpaid Internships Amidst New Dept. of Labor Rules

– Harper's Magazine is offering positions for unpaid, full-time three to five month internships in editorial and art positions. The application deadline for the summer program is April 1st for the former and May 1st for the latter.
– Before Jan. 8th, 2018, the legality of unpaid internships hinged on six critera supplied by the US Department of Labor, the strictest among them that there be no “immediate advantage from the activities of the intern.” Like the language is sort of ambiguously shitty and it still allowed for people to employ unpaid interns but it protected a lot of instances the new rules will allow.
After Jan. 8th, 2018, the six criteria are now seven, and it's not required that an employer fulfill all of them like before. Now they're to be judged on a case by case basis, judging from how the employer fulfills (or doesn't) with each piece of criteria. Unpaid internship labor was already happening, but this is a huge win for employers againts their workers.
– Unpaid labor is a major building block of the news, media and publishing industries. Not only is unpaid labor allowed now, but paid writers have to compete to stay employed while massive layoffs continue. Nobody wins but those at the top.
– Naturally writers got pissed and talked about their experiences with internships and the publishing industry. Also, Slate writer Nicole Cliffe is offering to reimburse whoever gets the positions because this is the state we're at.

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ONTD, have you ever been a hostage to unpaid internships?

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Do you remember when The Killers were on The OC?

-Season 2, episode 4 of The OC marked The Killers' debut at The Bait Shop
-The band played ‘Smile Like You Mean It,’ ‘Everything Will Be Alright,’ and ‘Mr. Brightside’
-Seth Cohen proclaimed that they were "awesome"
-Several bands went on to play at The Bait Shop, including Death Cab for Cutie and The Subways

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ONTD, what were you up to in 2004?

Barry Diller Weighs in on #MeToo Movement: "All Men Are Guilty"

Barry Diller (the former chief executive of Universal) is the IAC and Expedia chairman and senior executive.

“I hope in the future for some form of reconciliation. Because I think all men are guilty. I’m not talking about rape and pillage. I’m not talking about Harveyesque. I’m talking about all of the spectrum. From an aggressive flirt. Or even just a flirty-flirt that has one sour note in it. Or what I think every man was guilty of, some form of omission in attitude, in his views."

"Are we really going to have only capital punishment? Because right now, that’s what we have. You get accused, you’re obliterated. Charlie Rose ceases to exist.” 


Captain Marvel Movie Details Hint at Lashana Lynch’s Character

The obvious choice amongst fans was that Marvel found their Monica Rambeau.
First details of who Lynch is expected to play : They described her as “the mother of a young child who would be a ‘contemporary’ of Carol Danvers.” 

if Lynch is playing this contemporary mother character, there’s a few options : 
- Salia Petrie, a fellow astronaut and friend of Carol Danvers in the comics.
- Marina Renner, whose daughter Kit is one of Captain Marvel’s biggest fans
- A new character for the film.
- she may be a Kree or Skrull.

Lynch is at least the third actress to be offered the role, it had been offered to another upcoming star before Wise. 
The first actress (the source can’t share her name) who passed on the role was Marvel Studios’ first choice and bears an absolutely uncanny resemblance to Rambeau.


ONTD, who was Marvel's first choice ?