March 21st, 2018


Exclusive: #Deadpool2 outscores original in test screenings

The movie has been tested 3 times, the first two times it scored 91 and 97, and then two cuts got tested simultaneously in Dallas, and one of them scored 98 and the other one 94. The 98-scoring cut is the version the team is using. After the first two tests, the team did some reshoots to add more Domino and Cable since the audiences reacted positive to them. The first movie didn't get a score above 91 in test screenings.


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel do cryotherapy


Mayo is literally freezing his butt off.

He and Jessica Biel have been going to sessions at Tribeca’s Quick Cryo, PageSix reports, where you stand in a tank at sub-zero temps for three minutes and can burn up to 800 calories.

While it can help inflammation and get you slimandsexxy slim and sexy, Jt has been using it for muscle pain while he does tour rehearsals for his NYC tour dates at MSG.

Treatments start at $85 a pop or unlimited for $600 a month.


Ontd, would you freeze yourself to lose weight?

The Good Fight 2x04 Promo

Elsbeth Tascioni is back!

“Day 429” - Liz decides to represent her son’s favorite teacher after she senses the school fired him for illegitimate reasons. Lucca enlists the help of Elsbeth Tascioni when an unanticipated lawsuit hits close to home. Despite the recent chemical scare, the firm throws a party to celebrate their new offices. Carrie Preston, Gary Cole, Tim Matheson, Mamie Gummer and Christian Borle guest star.

emma-all about me

Instinct 1x02 Promo "Wild Game"

Instinct 1x02 "Wild Game" Season 1 Episode 2 Promo - Although Dylan has returned to teaching, Lizzie calls upon his expertise with profiling sociopaths to assist with a bizarre case in which a venture capitalist was murdered and his body ritualistically displayed, on INSTINCT, Sunday, March 25th on CBS.

Source: youtube

Anyone watching this? I thought the first episode was rather charming and I'm relieved to have a new crime procedural on my agenda where there's not going to be any will-they-won't-they between the leads! please don't get cancelled

'Under the Silver Lake' Trailer

  • Stars Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough, and Topher Grace.

  • From David Robert Mitchell, director of It Follows.

  • Described as a "mystery-comedy detective thriller".

  • Releases June 22, 2018.

  • Plot Summary: Sam (Andrew Garfield) is a disenchanted 33-year-old who discovers a mysterious woman, Sarah (Riley Keough), frolicking in his apartment’s swimming pool. When she vanishes, Sam embarks on a surreal quest across Los Angeles to decode the secret behind her disappearance, leading him into the murkiest depths of mystery, scandal, and conspiracy in the City of Angels.

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This looks weird & I am here for it.

Variety spoils absolutely everything in its review of "A Quiet Place"

There's only a few weeks until April 6th, when John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place,” a horror film co-starring Krasinski's IRL wife, Emily Blunt, is released.

While the review embargo has yet to be lifted, early buzz is extremely positive and the consensus is that the survivalist horror is unique, tense, and scary as hell. But should you want to see what "real" critics are saying about the film, avoid Variety's review by any means necessary.

Written by Owen Gleiberman, who's apparently infamous for spoiling every genre movie he's assigned to, the Variety review spoils

-why everyone else is dead.
-why no one can make any noise.
-at least one MAJOR death.
-the solution to the movie.

Variety has yet to take the review down even though every comment so far (20+) has been pure outrage at this SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE* level of spoiler trolling.

SOURCE (don't click)

*You know this already, tccch. But what do you think of spoiling at this kind of "professional" level? Should critics be held accountable for it, even fired?
nyan cattt

Zayn bleaches hair and beard blonde for music video

[+ 1]

the beard isn't working for me tbh. do you like blondes, ontd?
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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Chadwick Boseman, Elle Fanning, Saoirse Ronan, Gal Gadot & their stylists are featured on THR

They were part of The Hollywood Reporter's issue dedicated to the top 25 power stylists.

The stylists on the cover were:

  • Elizabeth Stewart who styles Gal Gadot, Viola Davis, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Chastain

  • Samantha McMillen who styles Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning, Daisy Ridley, Ashley Judd, Brie Larson

  • Elizabeth Saltzman who styles Saoirse Ronan, Gwyneth Paltrow

  • Ashley Weston who styles Chadwick Boseman and who, despite being on the cover, is not listed inside as one of the 25 power stylists of the year.


ONTD favourite red carpet moments?

Mel B Roundup: Wannabe-Inspired Jacket, Confirms Spice Girls plans, Azealia Banks collab

Mel B, back in her natural skin color, was out and about in WeHo yesterday wearing a customized jacket with the iconic phrase she penned 'Zig a Zig Ha' on the back. This is not the only moment where Mel relished in Spice Girls memories when she threw a Spice Girls-themed party back in December.

Despite the constant back and forth rumors, all five Spice Girls WILL be doing something this year. A few weeks back on The Real, Mel B did not deny the idea all Spice Girls will attend the royal wedding and perform, but Mel C has outright denied ever being invited to the wedding.
Mel B was asked when we can expect them to be on stage and could not give us any details. When asked about the rumored wedding gig she replied 'We'd have to rehearse first.'
On that note, Emma Bunton had James Cordon on her radio show recently and discussed how a reunion is still in demand, and that Simon Fuller (Spice Girls manager they signed back with last month) called James to discuss plans with him for the girls (carpool karaoke?).

Apparently someone was able to hook up Az*alia Banks a Mel B collab for a song called Anna Wintour but someone from her camp was smart enough to cancel this.
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Season 5 of 'Younger' Premieres June 5 + Table Read

The network announced on Wednesday that Season 5 of the Sutton Foster/Hilary Duff comedy will premiere on Tuesday, June 5 at 10/9c. (TVLand)

When we last left them (in Ireland!), Josh was going through with his wedding to Clare (Phoebe Dynevor) even after professing his undying love to Liza, and Charles’ (Peter Hermann) ex-wife’s book Marriage Vacation was about to be published, putting the book publisher in an awkward spot. From the looks of the sneak peek, Josh and Clare are enjoying their newlywed status (even if Josh is sliding into Liza’s DMs — don’t worry she doesn’t even know what they are) and Marriage Vacation has acquired a very famous and influential fan.

source, 2

ONTD Roundup

Did Aubrey O'Day post photos of Donald Trump Jr's feet in bed when they were having an affair?

It appears Aubrey O'Day, who wasn't very happy about being Donald Trump Jr's secret, may have posted a photo of their feet together on her twitter.

Donald Jr doesn't show his bare toes very often but when the photo Aubrey posted is compared with the few photos we do have of his feet, they appear to be the same feet.

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Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth to Star in 'Men In Black' Spinoff

  • After working together on Thor: Ragnarok, Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are in talks to star in a Men in Black spinoff, replacing Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones from the original movies.

  • F. Gary Gray (Straight Outta Compton) to direct.

  • Script was fast-tracked in the fall, with a May 17, 2019 release date already set.


Maybe next they can do True Detective S3 S4?
harold | hoe but make it fashion

Liam Payne comments on the break-up rumours that follow him and Cheryl

Liam gave an interview to the Evening Standard, in which he displayed his new unfortunate haircut and talked about the rumours that surround his and Cheryl's relationship and baby Bear. He also teased a new single.

About the break-up rumours:
The funniest thing was a week before we were getting married. The next week we’re splitting up. And the thing for me is, I just like to think we’re somewhere in the middle. You know, we have our struggles — like of course I’m not gonna sit here and say that everything’s absolutely fine and dandy, because of course you go through different things, and that’s what a relationship is. But we go through them together as a family and that’s the most important thing for me. This part of our relationship was never not going to happen, there was always going to be a little bit of tenseness in the way we sort ourselves out, but tell me a relationship in the world that doesn’t go through a spot like that? It’s about whether you make it through or not, together, is the main point there I guess.”

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Can you believe that Liam has the most successful post-1D solo single with STD, ONTD?
what did you bring? no hair
Music - Lynn Smile

Panic! at the Disco drops two new songs, album and tour announcement!


Album release on 6/22 and tour announcement (lots of info in the full thread if you click it):

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Tweet 1
Tweet 2
Tweet 3

Every Time (5 times) Donald Trump Jr. Got Dragged by Celebrities


Donald Trump Jr. probably cheated on his wife Vanessa with Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane. She probably wrote about him in her songs.

It's not the first time that DJT has been dragged by celebrities:

Stephen Colbert called him the dumbest Trump

J.K. Rowling mocked his Halloween tweet about socialism

Chrissy Teigen called him a "maniacal douchebag"

Seth Rogen slid into his DMs just to make fun of him

John Legend told him that his father is a racist

Does your ex deserve to be dragged?

Five more incidents at the source
Harry - the Chosen One

J.K. Rowling's website Pottermore fires its entire editorial staff

-- this is mostly as a result of - funnily enough given the source - Pottermore turning into a Buzzfeed ripoff a couple of years back
-- fired junior and senior level staff in the past few days
-- one former staffer called the current site "a glorified merchandise shop with some cute articles that might appeal to hardcore fans but don’t have enough of a point of difference from the rest of the internet’s writing about Harry Potter to survive"
-- staffers had issues with apparently keeping embargoes/secrets about information they knew (like that's the very basics of being a reporter???)
-- also had personal issues with Johnny Depp's casting in Fantastic Beasts and seems like they didn't enjoy being on board to support it


Sean Penn’s Debut Novel Set To Take On Donald Trump & #MeToo

Sean Penn’s debut novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff . Excerpts of the satire ;

a letter to the U.S. president : “Many wonderful American people in pain and rage elected you. Many Russians did, too. Your position is an asterisk accepted as literally as your alternative facts. Though the office will remain real, you never were nor will be. A million women so dwarfed your penis-edency on the streets of Washington and around the world on the day of your piddly inauguration … You are not simply a president of impeachment, you are a man in need of an intervention. We are not simply a people in need of an intervention, we are a nation in need of an assassin … Tweet me bitch, I dare you.”

A poem about the #MeToo movement "an infantilising term of the day” : “Is this a toddler’s crusade? Reducing rape, slut-shaming and suffrage to reckless child’s play? A platform for accusation impunity? Due process has lost its sheen?.”


Instagram exec on Facebook user-data controversy: "We're horrified"

In the war of the apps battle, the social media darling: Instagram is way enjoying the demise of snapchat and facebook. Instagram exec Charles Porch claims, "We're horrified" and adds “What I will say, and I think this goes across all the platforms, protecting data and privacy across our platforms is our number one priority,” While WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton is way too hyped and tweeting:

After reports of Cambridge Analytica using Facebook's user information came to light, people across social media have begun to urge others to either #DeleteFacebook or #BoycottFacebook. Mark SuckItBerg has since apologized but no one gives a fuck and are deleting their facebook faster than you close an ad for a porn video.

source= &

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ig needs to step their filters. i use the geotag/filter on snap and repost on ig/ig story.

Better Know a Stand-up: Aparna Nancherla

Stand-up comic Aparna Nancherla has a lot on her plate right now. She's got a new stand-up special out as part of season two of Netflix's The Standups. She voiced Hollyhock in the most recent season of BoJack Horseman, stars in the Comedy Central series Corporate, and has appeared on a number of other shows including Crashing and Master of None. Last, but not least, she's going on tour this fall.

The Takeaway interviewed her recently, and here are some of the takeways (womp womp) from that interview.

  • She is an introvert, and thinks that many other comedians are, too.

  • Prefers the anonomity of perfoming in a big theater to performing for a small audience where you can see everyone's faces.

  • Got her first writing job at Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. Notes that the writers room was diverse, which isn't the norm for late night television.

  • Tapped into the part of her teenage self that is still "very much alive" to voice Hollyhock on BoJack.

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ONTD, who are some of your favorite underappreciated standup comedians? Have you watched The Standups?

Netflix Acquires "To All the Boys I've Loved Before"

- Based on the best-selling novel by Jenny Han, the film stars Lana Condor and Noah Centineo. The pic also stars Janel Parrish, Israel Broussard, Andrew Bachelor, Anna Cathcart, and John Corbett.

- The story follows Lara Jean Song Covey, whose love life goes from imaginary to out of control when the love letters for every boy she’s ever loved — five in all — are mysteriously mailed out. The film is based on the book of the same name and is the first of the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” trilogy by Han.

- Netflix will release the film in summer 2018.

Source: Twitter

Tried to read this but got distracted! Book post?

Ryan Murphy On ‘9-1-1’s Ratings Success, Season 2 Details, Season Finale's 'Big Moment'

▪ Murphy was surprised by the success of the show.
▪ 1st season was rushed. The show was not supposed to be on the air until Fall 2018.
▪ They finished the production of season 1 finale last week.
▪ Season 2 will be 16 episodes. 
▪ The cast will be bigger. They’re expanding the 911 call-center group. They want big names.
▪ Connie signed only a one-year deal. She is in talks to potentially return as a guest star.
▪ Athena-Bobby (Bassett/Krause) will have a moment of happiness in the finale.

Tonight, Fox’s 9-1-1 will wrap its first season. 


Kristen Stewart set to play Jean Seberg

In the thriller Against All Enemies Kristen Stewart will be playing actress Jean Seberg who was investigated by the FBI for her involvement with the Black Panther movement. The movie is to be directed by Benedict Andrews. Anthony Mackie is attached to play Hakim Jamal. Filming is set to begin this summer.

Will Graham shifty eyes
  • ivy_b

The Alienist 1X10 promo (season finale)

Promo for episode X10, 'Castle in the Sky'. [Spoiler (click to open)]'Kreizler (Daniel Brühl) confronts the demons of his past. Moore (Luke Evans) tells Sara (Dakota Fanning) the truth. Connor (David Wilmot) takes matters into his own hands. The team closes in on the killer as time is running out.'

SOURCES: #1, #2

Are you ready for the Probably series finale?

Taylor Kitsch has lunch with mystery woman in LA

Taylor Kitsch was spotted on Tuesday having lunch in LA with a mystery brunette. The Canadian who lives in Texas keeps his love life very private but did recently admit on Andy Cohen's radio show that he dated Minka Kelly while they played Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity on Friday Night Lights.


Texas forever! Tim and Lyla forever!


Chrissy Metz Says Her Stepfather Beat Her and Forced Her to Do Humiliating Weigh-Ins as a Teen

The actress, 37, opens up in her new memoir, This Is Me

“My mom married Trigger at the courthouse. Soon she was pregnant again, with another girl, Abigail. Trigger loved his two biological children, and was even welcoming to Morgana. Me, not so much. My mother was always at work, so she didn’t see how he treated me."

“My body seemed to offend him, but he couldn’t help but stare, especially when I was eating. He joked about putting a lock on the refrigerator. We had lived with a lack of food for so long that when it was there, I felt like I had to eat it before it disappeared. Food was my only happiness. And so, I began to hide my eating. I’d get up in the middle of the night and eat. I’d sneak food to eat in the bathroom. Cookies, chips. Things I could eat as fast as possible to avoid detection. Things that would give me the brief bliss of numbness.”

“I don’t remember why Trigger hit me the first time. He never punched my face. Just my body, the thing that offended him so much. He shoved me, slapped me, punched my arm. He would hit me if he thought I looked at him wrong. I remember being on the kitchen floor after he knocked me over, and I was begging to know what I did. He just shoved me hard with his foot.”


Busy Phillips Sunburned Her Eyes

  • Actress Busy Phillips went to the hospital when she couldn't sleep because of sharp eye pain, only to discover she had sunburned her eyes at a photo shoot.

  • The condition, photokeratitis, is also known as snow blindness, arc eye, and welder's eye. It occurs when the eye is exposed to UV rays without sufficient protection. It is akin to a sunburn in that symptoms generally don't show up until hours afterward, and it goes away in 24-72 hours. Symptoms include excess tears and pain likened to having sand in your eyes.

  • She seems to have recovered, and is going to discuss it in greater detail on her podcast "We're No Doctors" with Steve Agee.

Source 1 2

ONTD, what's the weirdest injury you've received?

Lucy Hale Explores ASMR with the Spookiest Sounds from the Scariest Horror Movies Ever | W Magazine

In this Celebrity ASMR interview, Lucy Hale -- the star of Truth or Dare -- explores the spookiest sounds from the scariest horror movies in history. Sounds like lighting a couple candles (House of Wax), brushing a head of hair (Psycho), stabbing a pumpkin (Halloween), clacking keys on a typewriter (The Shining), rubbing the lotion on her skin (Silence of the Lambs), breaking twigs and branches (The Blair Witch Project), hanging up a phone (Scream), and stirring a spoon in a tea cup (Get Out).


Schitt's Creek 4x09 “The Gesture” Promo Clip

Episode 9 description: David tries to reconcile with Patrick. Moira pitches a singles event at Town Hall while Johnny buys Stevie a gift for her help at the motel.

• 4x09 - “The Gesture” airs tonight in the United States on POP.

• Canadians who watched last night, feel free to discuss tonight's episode here.

Shadowhunters malec adorableness

Shadowhunters 3x02 'The Powers That Be' Promo

Next Week on ~The Malec & Friends~ show... The Warlocks' magic is becoming corrupted by a demonic presence while Izzy and Luke try to track down more information on the recent series of possessions.
Airing 27/03/18.

Sources: Promo, Synopsis

How did you enjoy the first new episode of Shadowhunters, ONTD ShadowFam?
Does Dom's trash face also fill you with rage? Are you Team Lilith?

 photo magnus drinkup forontd_zps9zonf0gz.gif
james flint

Celebrities React to Death of Austin City Bomber Who Killed Two Black People and Injured Five Others

– Mark Anthony Conditt, a 23 year-old white male, died early this morning after he detonated a bomb in his car when police tried to approach him. Police think they have every bomb accounted for but are still investigating.
– Conditt left a 25 minute confession video on his phone, though Austin PD Chief Brian Manley said he did not offer an explanation behind why he chose his victims. The video reportedly did not contain any references to "terror groups" or bring up "hate". Hours after making the video, police followed Conditt from a hotel to an interstate where he ended up in a ditch before killing himself, where the phone was still in his possession. Manley also said, "It is the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his life that led him to this point. I know everybody is interested in a motive and understanding why. And we're never going to be able to put a (rationale) behind these acts."
– There have been five explosions in the last three weeks: On March 2nd, a package left outside 39-year old Stephan House's door killed him in his home. On March 12th, a package killed 17-year old Draylen Mason and injured his mother, and a second package critically injured a 75-year old Hispanic woman.
– Explosions since: On March 18th, the FBI issued a $100,000 award for anyone with info in the killer, and later on that Sunday night, the fourth explosion injured two 20-something white males. On March 20th, the killer's fifth explosion injured one person at a Fed Ex facility.
– There was a sixth explosion that was intially thought to be Conditt's, but it turned out to be an incindeary device and not a bomb. It was a package dropped off at a Goodwill center that contained two artillery simulators, one of which went off and injured a worker. Police have since said, “This incident is not related to any of the other incidents”.

– Conditt was raised in a homeschooled, conservative Christian environment. He was unemployed and had two roommates. His family has stated they had no idea Conditt was capable of such evil and didn't see it coming, asking for privacy as they deal and grieve with these events.
– For a college project, Conditt created a blog where he expressed his hatred for LGBT people, women and abortion, and more. In one post, Conditt argued against marriage equality: "I do not believe it is proper to pass laws stating that homosexuals have 'rights.' What about pedophilia or bestiality? These are sexual practices. Should they also be protected by law? If homosexuality is protected by law, why not those as well?" In another, he argued why we "might want to do away with the Child Offender System": "You have to really hate the guy to make him suffer for the rest of his life, even when his prison time is up.  This sounds perfect for a serial rapist or pedophile, but its not such a great idea if something as trivial as public indecency or streaking can put you on the registry right alongside them."

– Families are still grieving the loss of Mason and House. Waynewood, House's brother, said that they don't feel safe even after Conditt is dead, and expressed disdain for the police handling the explosion. “When it first happened, we didn’t feel like police were taking our family seriously,” he said. “If there’s been an explosion or bomb, and my family was targeted, why was there no guard outside? Why are they alone?” he said. “I don’t know officer protocol, but I want to believe if there was a family threatened like that, they would be protected."
– Initially, House was actually a suspect in his own death, as police suspected that he built the bomb himself, placed it on his porch, and then had it explode in front of him as his 8-year old daughter was getting ready for school inside. “We can’t rule out that Mr. House didn’t construct this himself and accidentally detonate it,” Austin PD Assistant Chief Joseph Chacon told reporters at the time, saying there was no public threat, which Waynewood felt lulled the public into false sense of security. “I do not believe that we have someone going around leaving packages like this," Chacon also said.
– As you can imagine, media coverage is in part describing Conditt like he's a wallflower. One tweet quoting an article read, "The Austin bombing suspect was a quiet, “nerdy” young man who came from a “tight-knit, godly family,” said Donna Sebastian Harp, who had known the family for nearly 18 years" which came from... you guessed it... The New York Times.

– The White House stated today that the attacks bear no known links to terrorism. Trump tweeted after ignoring the attacks for weeks, "AUSTIN BOMBING SUSPECT IS DEAD. Great job by law enforcement and all concerned!"

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ONTD, what will it take for straight white men to be called terrorists?

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Riverdale 2x17 Extended Promo "The Noose Tightens" and More

UNWELCOMED GUESTS — Just as the town’s mayoral race gets underway, Riverdale High’s own student council election heats up since it's a battle of the ships.

Archie steps up to help after learning that Hiram’s mobster associates have come to Riverdale to stir up some trouble.

Meanwhile, things take a dangerous turn for Alice, Betty, and Chic when shit hits the fan cause that car belonging to the drug dealer Chic killed gets dragged up from the lake so trouble arrives at the Cooper's house.

Finally, Toni, Veronica and Josie team up to hopefully rescue Cheryl from the evil nuns who are trying to force her through conversion therapy because Penelope is a fucking monster

Directed by Alexis Ostrander and written by Britta Lundin & Brian E. Paterson. There will be a two-week hiatus (yes, again) after this episode


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And that's what you missed on Glee Riverdale!

ONTD Original: [7 More] Horror Films Based on True Stories

follow up to this post

Let's get creepy again, ONTD! Killers, cult maniacs, cryptids, spectres, and my personal favorite - ALIENS.

MV5_BZj_A5_NDU4_Nz_Yt_OWZi_ZC00_Mm_Q2_LTgx_NTct_Zj_Zl_OWJl_MGI3_MDVl_Xk_Ey_Xk_Fqc_Gde_QXVy_MTQx_Nz_Mz_NDI_V1_UX182_CR0_0_182_268_ALThe Hills Have Eyes

On the way to California, a family has the misfortune to have their car break down in an area closed to the public, and inhabited by violent savages ready to attack.

Director Wes Craven gave an interview discussing the true story behind the 1977 film, which involved the Sawney Bean family in Scotland:

"[T]here was an area that had road running through it from Scotland, and people thought it was haunted because people kept disappearing from that road. The story came out when a couple was attacked by these wild looking people, and one got away. He knew someone in the court, and they sent out an expedition which resulted in finding a cave along the English Channel. A dog actually found it. A whole gaggle of these people. Naked, wild and feral. And the [authorities] did the most excruciating things to them. I responded to the irony of it, of people who should be nice and civilized doing horrible things. And horrible people having a nice side to them, too."

Don't believe it's true? You're probably right; check out
this article from BBC, detailing the Bean legend (supposedly, the cave-dwelling Bean family killed and ate 1,000 people).

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CREEPY POST!!!! And of course, favorite horror-movie-based-on-real-life-events post!!!
*Thank you to zyuranger for the original image header (which I modified for this post)!!! ❤❤❤

SOURCES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Isaiah Washington On Real Reason He Was Fired From 'Grey's'

Washington insisted that he was fired from the show back in 2007 over false accusations made by an allegedly racist ABC executive, Howard Davine. Rhimes is aware of this and is actually in his corner.

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Sources : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Teens run Lil Xan out of Del Taco, he says he's "not a gang-banging rapper"

Lil Xan was recently asked in an interview about his thoughts on Tupac. He said Tupac's music was "boring" and some people were very upset by this. Some older rappers said Lil Xan was "banned from hip-hop". It turns out Tupac does have a few remaining young fans because some high schoolers who were at their local Del Taco reportedly gathered around Lil Xan and confronted him about it. The situation didn't turn physical but reportedly he ran from the Del Taco to a nearby YMCA and called the police to escort him to his car.

He didn't appreciate people making fun of this story and he made a video defending himself:"I'm not a gang-banging rapper. Am I supposed to act hard? Am I supposed to not fuck with the police because I'm a rapper? Oh wait, I have to huh? Because that's what "cool rappers" do, Right? I gotta be "cool. To say fuck the police. Because that's cool right? Yeah, there's certain cops, "fuck the police", but there's a lot of good cops."

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'Duck Butter' Trailer

  • Alia Shawkat (Search Party) and Laia Costa (Victoria) star.

  • Directed by Miguel Arteta (Beatriz at Dinner), and co-written by Shawkat and Arteta.

  • Also stars Hong Chau, Mae Whitman, Kumail Nanjiani, Kate Berlant, Mark Duplass, and Jay Duplass.

  • Plot summary from IMDB: Two women, who are dissatisfied with the dishonesty they see in dating and relationships, decide to make a pact to spend 24 hours together hoping to find a new way to create intimacy.

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