March 8th, 2018


Jane The Virgin 4x12 Extended Promo "Chapter Seventy-Six"

Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) fixation on a negative review has left her with writer’s block, so Rogelio (Jaime Camil) suggests she take a class to help. With the encouragement of Jane, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) is ready to dig into his past. Rogelio is trying to make things less about him and more about Xo (Andrea Navedo), but he grows suspicious when he learns she is keeping a secret from him. Meanwhile, Petra (Yael Grobglas) tests the loyalty of her lawyer.



The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Fiancée Lauren B Reveal What Happened

-Arie says it was very difficult to break up with Becca and then proceed to propose to Lauren
-These two idiots have been planning their wedding already
-Jimmy is literally making fun of them to their faces
-Why does anyone watch this show
-Lauren is moving to Arizona
-Jimmy points out that everyone hates them
-Jimmy asks Lauren how she handled watching Arie date all the other women


Lala Kent responds to Jennifer Lawrence calling her a c-nt

while on watch what happens live with andy cohen jennifer lawrence had this to say about vanderpumps rules' lala kent:
"I'm like, 'Bitch, you's a c-nt!"

lala was not happy about this and took to her twitter account.

"Did Jennifer Lawrence really call me a ‘c-nt’ on @bravowwhl? Annnnnd talk about my mama? Bitch, you better pray I don’t see you in the streets. You’re one of the highest-paid actresses on the planet... you claim you are pro women, and you call another woman a c-nt? You’re gross."

she also tweeted:
"Congratulations on two bombed movies in a row"

she later deleted the tweets. in a radio interview she clarified:
“The thing is, no one wants to be called the c-word, especially by an A-list celebrity on national television. I was such a huge fan of hers and it bummed me out. I thought that she had a little more class than that. You know, let’s leave the trash to people like me who do reality TV. Don’t try to steal my thunder, girlfriend!”

on her deletion of the tweets, kent said:
“I did a three-peat: I did one tweet, delete, two tweet, delete, three tweet, delete"

source: 1

Frida Kahlo's Estate Did Not Approve The Frida Barbie

Frida Kahlo's estate has released a statement saying the Mattel Frida doll was not approved by Mara Romeo, Frida's great-niece and sole owner of the estate's rights. The estate also did not approve for Frida's image to be used by Mattel. They are trusting this is simply a mistake by the toy company and they will fix the problem ASAP.


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are taking a mentally needed time out

A close source to the couple possibly Justin's dad selling stories"They were having a lot of little disagreements recently and one fight in particular blew up and caused them to decide to 'break up,' however, they've been in contact the entire time and their feelings for each other have not changed." The toxic couple have been on and off for years. The relationship caused Selener's mother to be rushed to the hospital. The Weeknd didn't keep his eye on Selener as she left him for Beiber.

The source Justin's douche-bag fatheradded, "They will absolutely get back together and they are not over, but they both need some time away from each other."

The couple who has been seen allegedly buying drugs together in l.a. have had their share of troublesome issues. Selener has been admitted to rehab several times for alleged drug use and Beiber has been showing unstable behavior on his last tour/life. Justin would rarely move his lips to the backing track and could care less to dance. On a tour stop he was also seen walking barefoot around Boston, climbing trees and having conversations with himself. These two really need to love themselves.


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Jon Favreau to Produce, Write Live Action Star Wars series

  • On the new streaming service.

  • The man behind The Jungle Book and The Lion King SOMEWHAT live action adaptations.

  • Kennedy says "This series will allow Jon the chance to work with a diverse group of writers (doubt.jpg) and directors and give Lucasfilm the opportunity to build a robust talent base."


The Russo Brother's share Entertainment Weekly's covers for Avengers: Infinity War

EW has released the cover shots of 15 covers featuring various characters from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie with a 40 page spread about the upcoming summer blockbuster.

Iron Man looks like he has an updated suit, and Thanos has his own cover.


mods, if you want me to redo with all the tags for individual actors let me know :)

Mackenzie Davis to Star in Terminator Reboot

  • Mackenzie Davis (San Junipero, Blade Runner 2049, Halt and Catch Fire) to play soldier-assassin in new Terminator trilogy

  • Tim Miller is directing and James Cameron is producing

  • Davis may not be the main lead as the producers are searching for a Latina actress to star


Usher Tried To Hit on Tessa Thompson At Black Panther Premiere

-Usher and his second wife Grace Miguel confirmed their split earlier this week.
-He was spotted at the Black Panther premiere this past January flirting with Thompson after taking pics with her and Janelle Monae.
-According to Page Six's source, the two had ~flirty body language and when Tessa walked away Usher followed her around "like a puppy looking for more attention" (ew).
-Reps for both Tessa and Usher did not respond to Page Six. Neither did Marvel Studios (lmao why would they????)

Source: 1, 2, 3

McDonald's celebrates #InternationalWomensDay; now serves Quarter Pounders with Fresh Beef

- Starting in early May, Quarter Pounders and Signature Crafted Recipe burgers in 14,000 U.S. restaurants will switch to fresh beef with no added fillers, additives or preservatives.

- Big Macs, hamburgers and cheeseburgers will likely still use frozen patties.

- And none for Alaska and Hawaii. Bye.

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James McAvoy

'Submergence' Trailers

  • The newest trailer for James McAvoy and Alicia Vikander's upcoming film Submergence dropped this week.

  • Plot summary: James (James McAvoy) is a British agent and Danny (Alicia Vikander) is a scientist working on a deep-sea diving project. A wild love affair develops even though their jobs, and their individual dangerous missions, are destined to separate them.

  • The Wim Wenders directed film releases April 13th, in theaters/VOD.

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Source 1 2

Is it distracting when a character is played by an actor with the same first name, or is that just me?

Francia Raísa on the Complications from Donating a Kidney to Selena Gomez

  • Both Selena and Francia underwent 3 hours surgeries during the transplant process

  • Selena had a complication after the surgery: Raíse received a text from her stating, "I'm really scared." Selena broke an artery when she turned around because her new kidney was very active; they took her to emergency surgery and took a vein from her leg to keep the kidney in place. Selena could have died from this complication.

  • Both Selena and Francia went through a depression during the recovery.

  • Francia auditioned for Grownish two weeks after the surgery, despite the pain.

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ONTD Roundup


Trans Racial Icon Rachel Dolezal Gets Netflix Documentary

- Filmmaker Laura Brownson followed Dolezal for two years and had exclusive access

- will start streaming on Netflix on April 27

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Will you be watching ONTD?
Eleanor Chidi kiss

Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew fired from Grey's Anatomy

JCap and Sarah have been fired from the show for "creative reasons" and will be leaving at the end of the season.

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Kansas City Royals: Stop rubbing one off and concentrate on the game!

Royals hold anti-pornography seminar for players at spring training. The Kansas City Royals are taking a stand against pornography. The team hosted a seminar for minor-league players last week with the assistance of anti-porn group "Fight the New Drug."Royals general manager Dayton Moore is passionate about the issue, and the goal is for players to be zeroed in on their performance for games.

“We talk about pornography, and the effects of what that does to the minds of players and the distractions, and how that leads to abuse of — domestic abuse — to abuse of women,” Moore told reporters at a news conference last year.


does the organization think keeping the players from relieving themselves will lead to a successful season?
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SVU Promo for 19x16: Medical Malpractice

In next week's SVU episode, a surgeon harvests a dead girl's organs without consent. I can't make that synopsis funny, but I'm pretty sure that in the promo you can see Benson dramatically carrying a container labeled "HUMAN ORGANS," so the actual episode promises to be hilarious. Guest starring are Janel Moloney and Callie Thorne, so I'm moderately excited to be honest.

Source: youtube


ONTD, did you watch last night's big Carisi episode? Were you kinda bored, yet appreciative of the fact you were able to stare at Carisi's face for 45 minutes? Did that Barisi reference break your heart? Do you think Benson and the new ADA will hook up? Did that moment when the ADA flashed his abs instantly remind you that he's Shirtless Frank from Fringe? And how come Barba never took off his shirt? Answer my questions, ONTD!

Taylor & Joe out in the wild + everyone's favorite music video director talks "Delicate"

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were spotted hiking in Malibu on Tuesday, March 6 (although the pictures just dropped today)

BONUS! This is what ONTD Sweetheart Joseph Kahn had to say about Delicate, which drops at the iHeart Radio Music Awards on Sunday:

About “Delicate” music video:
“It’s going to be unexpected and it’s going to be grand. I can’t get into too much detail. The need is love and the expression of it. And it’s not about flowers. People have been sending me ideas, and generally it’s like flowers, or pink dresses or blue skies. And those are all the things you’d think you’d want in a video, but they wouldn’t fill what you need out of a song like that. So, I think I have a plan here to address that, but it’s completely unexpected.”

About Taylor and their creative process:
“Everything we do is completely collaborative. I’ve always said on a certain level, she’s almost co-director on these videos. People give me a lot of credit, but I think people find it very hard to believe that this beautiful, svelte, incredibly attractive girl is also a genius. Like, you don’t put those two things together. You think, ‘Oh, she has these gifts. She must not have the others.’ But remember, she has been writing songs herself since she was a teenager and selling to record companies. She’s a writer at heart. And she may kill me for saying this, I think she’s also a nerd at heart, too.

About what people would be surprised to know about Taylor:
"I don’t know if it would be a shock, but she’s literally as friendly as she appears to be, which is shocking for me because whenever I work with a lot of people, a lot of times, the persona they have in public is not the persona they have in private. But, it’s the one particular case where it seems, for me, that the outward expression of who she is - literally on stage - is what she’s like in person, which is quite magical.”

Source 1, 2

E online really delivering the goods. *tear*

A24 Roundup

Founded in 2012, A24 is still a fairly new film production/distribution company, but they have been keeping themselves busy since their inception. Many of their releases have been either award-winning (Moonlight, Room), award nominated (Lady Bird, The Florida Project) or critically acclaimed (A Ghost Story, The Lobster), and if you're making an independent film in 2018, it's safe to say that A24 purchasing your film would be an incredibly desirable outcome.

So, what's coming up for A24?

They just acquired a horror movie spec script called Bodies Bodies Bodies, from the author of everyone's favorite essay "Cat Person", Kristen Roupenian. This is the first time that A24 has purchased a spec script, and it will be interesting to see what kind of talent that they can attract while they develop the project.
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Source 1 2 3

What's your favorite A24 release? Has anyone bought your spec script after reading about your bad dates?
april [grey's anatomy]

'The Sopranos' movie prequel is in the works

• The film is currently titled "The Many Saints of Newark"
• The film will be "set in the era of the Newark riots in the 60s, when African-Americans and Italians were adversaries."
• David Chase will return as producer and co-writer.
• Some characters from the original series are set to appear but no word yet on which ones.

bb yoda halloween

On #JediDay, Space Dad Mark Hamill gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Today on #JediDay our favorite space dad finally got a star on the Hollwood Walk of Fame. In attendance were costars Harrison Ford, Kelly Marie Tran, and Billie Lourd.

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

New Heritage Minute celebrates the life of Lucy Maud Montgomery

Heritage Minutes are one minute commercials that celebrate Canadian history.

Released just in time for International Women's Day this Heritage Minute celebrates the life of author Lucy Maud Montgomery who is most well known for writing the Anne of Green Gables series, the Emily of New Moon series and whose works provided the source material for the TV show Road to Avonlea.


ONTD what's a part of your heritage?

Demi Lovato recalled the time a 'bitchy' celebrity made her want to drink

“I had a terrible experience,” says the Camp Rock Songstress about her time at the Met Gala. “This one celebrity was a complete bitch and was miserable to be around. It was very cliquey. I remember being so uncomfortable that I wanted to drink.” Clearly she is talking about Nicki Minaj, whom was straight dissing her in photo op's with Jeremy Scott. Minaj, was so unpleasant to be around it almost made Demi relapsed, so she threw her deuces and dipped the event.

“I changed my clothes, but I still had my diamonds on — millions of dollars of diamonds on in an AA meeting,” she recalled to the publication. “And I related more to the homeless people in that meeting who struggled with the same struggles that I deal with than the people at the Met Gala.”


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victor strand

Shockingly, Netflix's Yakuza Film "The Outsider" Debuts to Bad Reviews

– Netflix's The Outsider releases on March 9th: "An American soldier imprisoned in postwar Japan enters the dark world of the yakuza, adopting their way of life in repayment for his freedom."
A follow up to this post, The Outsider is directed by Danish director Martin Zandvliet with the screenplay by Andrew Baldwin. Reminder that in the original draft, Baldwin wrote the opening scene featuring his straight white male avatar (the titular character) as having a bigger dick than the Japanese characters, who were trying to compare to see if it was larger than theirs "as they've heard". This scene was cut somewhere down the line.
– David Ehlrich at Indiewire said its a bad film, boring for both veterans and newcomers: “Viewers conversant in Yakuza classics will roll their eyes at the protracted scenes of Leto chopping off his own pinkies in shame, while newcomers to the genre will find plenty of their own reasons to be bored stiff."
– Karen Han of The Daily Beast called it "a culturally insensitive disaster": "On the flip side of the coin, people have countered that there’s nothing wrong with it, noting that the film’s very title is The Outsider, and that the character was written from the start as a white American man. Both points are technically true, but there’s no argument that can be made in favor of The Outsider when one watches the actual movie. It’s culturally insensitive—it might as well be the poster child for the ways the film industry continues to fail in terms of representation—and even if it weren’t, there’s no escaping the fact that it’s simply a bad movie."
– Charles Bramesco, The Guardian: "These films give lip service to a faux reverence for their subjects, but then reduce them to a collection of signifiers and monolithic character types before placing them in a position of inferiority to the white interloper. In its obsession with all things Japanese, the film places a special emphasis on the quality of humility. Nevertheless, the story ends with an elite corps of Asian assassins bowing to the former frontman for 30 Seconds to Mars."
– Sam Eichner, UrbanDaddy: "Jared Leto’s performance, like his performance in Blade Runner 2049, does not make sense. He does not so much act in this movie as model a series of wide-eyed looks that are supposed to signify stoicism (hence, my Gucci theory); he looks like a robot trying to play a human. Which isn’t his fault: Jared Leto’s character is given no interiority. He doesn’t appear to know why he’s doing anything he’s doing, because neither the writer nor director of the movie seems to care why he cares about being a Yakuza, why he hasn’t tried to go home to the U.S., or how he became the only American POW in that Osaka prison in the first place."

– Mike D'Angelo, The AV Club: "...beat for beat, one of the most tediously generic yakuza stories imaginable."
– Tadanobu Asano (who also stars in the film) said Tom Hardy was originally supposed to be the titular role. Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike was the original director, who last worked with Asano on Ichi The Killer and enlisted Hardy in the first place, but the two of them fell through. Asano is one of the producers of the film from the beginning.
The Outsider follows the critically panned route of other Netflix films, including Bright, The Cloverfield Paradox, and Mute.

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ONTD, do you think Netflix needs an intervention?

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Singer Dua Lipa mocked for calling her dad 'babi'

Dua Lipa posted a sweet birthday message for her father on Instagram with the caption, "Happy Birthday babi, I wish I was home to give you a big hug and kiss". However after being mocked for calling her father "babi" she quickly changed the caption to "Happy Birthday Dad"

Dua Lipa is Albanian, and the word "babi" in Albanian, means father. Many Malaysians were quick to point out that babi means "Pig" in Malay and mocked her caption in the comments of the post. After noticing Dua changed her caption, other Malaysians apologized and left comments urging her to change back her caption.


Celebs Tweet About International Women's Day

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Twitter Sources:1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Teri Hatcher Is Desperate For A ‘Desperate Housewives’ Revival

When asked to join a Desperate Housewives revival Susan said, “I would be the first person, yeah, I never wanted it to be over, I loved those characters,” replied Hatcher, before noting chances for a revival did not look “very good.”

Guess she got along with the other women after all.

Ballet: Nela my queen also the Black Swa

Trying to stay relevant in 2018: Hanson has fans guess what Hanson String Theory is

To try and create some buzz around the fact that they are still around, has been brothers from Tulsa, Hanson, posted on Twitter a tease of a new project. They're encouraging fans to guess what #HansonStringTheory is.

Hanson fans (which shockingly still exist after Anthem) are speculating everything from Zac Hanson taking over Star Wars compsoing (lmao) to a full symphonic tour.

ONTD, what do you think #HansonStringTheory is?


Trailer for 'Furlough' Starring Tessa Thompson and Melissa Leo

-Directed by The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe's Laurie Collyer and will be released by IFC Films later this year.
-Thompson stars as a rookie prison guard who is tasked with escorting a prisoner (Leo) home on furlough to say goodbye to her dying mother. The two form an unexpected bond as the trip spirals out of control.
-Anna Paquin, Whoopi Goldberg, and Edgar Ramirez also star.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend STEM event for International Women's Day

Meghan and Harry attended an education event in Birmingham to mark #IWD2018

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Sasheer Zamata, DeWanda Wise, & Tone Bell to Star in 'The Weekend"

Everything, Everything director Stella Meghie has cast former SNL member Sasheer Zamata in her upcoming comedy The Weekend. She's Gotta Have It's DeWanda Wise and Disjointed's Tone Bell will co star. The film, also written by Meghie, will center around a comedian (Zamata) who goes on a weekend trip with her ex-boyfriend (Bell) and his new girlfriend (Wise). Over the course of the weekend they're drawn into a surprise romantic entanglement with the arrival of an unexpected guest (played by Y’lan Noel).

Source 1, 2

Demi Lovato's Mom Gives Explicit Details About Losing Fingers to Abuse


Diana De La Garza went into extreme detail  telling the story of the abuse she suffered in her new book "Falling with Wings: A Mother's Story" Her story is an inspiring tale about a woman escaping abuse and improving the life of her children.

Demi Lovato has written two songs as well sharing her experiance with her biological father "Father" and "For The Love of a Daughter"

Please get help if you or anyone else is being abused
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serge and jane (default)

Vince Staples Starts a GoFundMe, Teases New Music

The rapper behind one of last year's best albums recently posted a sardonic GoFundMe to his twitter account:

For 2M I agree to do the following:
- Move to Palmdale
- Buy a Honda
- Year supply of soups for the homies locked down
- Buy a puppy

He raised over $1,000.00 before GoFundMe temporarily shut him down, however justice was restored and the GoFundMe is back up again. At the time of posting it currently sits at $1,445.

It turns out the whole thing is promo for his upcoming new single, GTFOMD, which drops later tonight, March 8th:

Source, 2, 3, 4, 5

Vince Staples appreciate post and/or "ranting about your friends' stupid GoFundMes" post,
up to y'all! What's the stupidest GoFundMe you've ever seen?

Episode Stills for Riverdale 2x17 - "The Noose Tightens" and More

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UNWELCOMED GUESTS — Just as the town’s mayoral race gets underway, Riverdale High’s own student council election heats up, and predictably it's Bughead vs Varchie vs Reggie/Josie. Archie steps up to help after learning that Hiram’s mobster associates have come to Riverdale to stir up some trouble.

Meanwhile, things take a dangerous turn for Alice, Betty and Chic when someone related to that dude Chic killed shows up on their doorstep. Maybe they want a payday. Maybe revenge. Whatever

Finally, Toni, Veronica, and Josie team up to solve a strange mystery involving Cheryl because Penelope probably shipped her off to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy because she's a monster.

Directed by Alexis Ostrander and written by Britta Lundin & Brian E. Paterson


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Rihanna gets called out for transphobic post

Never the one to shy away from being controversial, Rihanna posted the following image on her Instagram story to celebrate International Women's Day, but some users did not find the image funny.

Source: link

What did you do today to celebrate International Women's Day? 

First look at the crossover of the century: 'Supernatural/Scooby Doo' crossover episode!

- Supernatural is doing an animated episode where they crossover with the entire Scooby gang.
- Sam, Dean and Castiel are getting animated.
- The episode airs Mar. 29.
- Dean is apparently wearing Fred's scarf.


Yes, this show is still alive. Will you be watching the Scooby Doo crossover?

Guy Fieri Never Travels Without His Corn Nuts


It shouldn’t surprise you to find out that Guy Fieri is quite the traveler. There are so many Flavortowns and Flavorcities to hit up across the US of A that sometimes he’s forced to abandon his Flavormobile and board a plane like the rest of us, plebs. The only problem is…Get this! He’s not a fan of airplane food. Fly the friendly skies? More like fly the flavorless skies, am I right? So, he brings his own snacks to keep his tastebuds singing That’s money!

What’s in Guy Fieri’s go-bag?


[Spoiler (click to open)]
Corn nuts


Beef jerky

Other travel essentials:

[Spoiler (click to open)]







What do you like to snack on?

Eleanor Chidi kiss

TNT cancels The Librarians

Creator Dean Devlin has announced that TNT's cancelled the show after four seasons. However, they are apparently looking for a new home for it.


Schitt's Creek Roundup


Behind the episode "The Barbecue":

Canada Link

Dan talks about how the angry/crazy ex-girlfriend trope needs to die and how he won't participate. 👏 👏 👏

Episode Extra: Stevie and Patrick discuss breakups for some reason:

US Link

Emily Hampshire (Stevie) won a Canadian Screen Award! The big awards air Sunday, where the show and all of the main cast are nominated!

Sources 1 2 3 4 5
ONTD do you have any feelings you need to discuss?

Another Sharon Tate movie in the works, Kate Bosworth to star

Kate Bosworth will star in TATE, directed by her husband Michael Polish.

The movie will focus on Sharon's life and not her death. Manson will not be mentioned in the film.

Sharon's sister Debra will be an executive producer and she has given the film her blessing.

Source 1
Source 2

Bronson Pinchot Joins Cast of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Cousin Balki from Perfect Strangers will be a recurring character on the Netflix show. Apparently, the last time he was on tv was for two episodes of Ray Donovan back in 2015.

Pinchot will recur as George Hawthorne, Baxter High's villainous, puritanical principal. He is a constant thorn in Sabrina's side and is always trying to thwart her escapades.

He joins a cast comprised of Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto, Michelle Gomez, Lucy Davis, Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, and Richard Coyle

I didn't expect the Harvey casting to take so long
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

First look at Tessa Thompson and Lily James in 'Little Woods'

Thompson and James star in the debut film of Nia DaCosta.

In the film Thompson plays a drug runner who smuggles perscription drugs into the U.S. from Canada. She is about to give up the life style only to get dragged in even deeper by a desperate plea from her sister (James).

The film will premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.


Dafne Keen and Lin-Manuel Miranda Cast in 'His Dark Materials'

Dafne Keen, who previously played Laura in Logan, will play the part of Lyra Belacqua. Lin-Manuel Miranda will play the balloonist Lee Scoresby. The 8-part BBC series will film this summer and will be directed by Tom Hooper.

source 1/2

Natalie Prass Announces New Album 'The Future and The Past', Shares 'Short Court Style' Video

The follow-up to Natalie's self-titled debut and her covers EP 'Side by Side', both released in 2015, “finds Prass tapping into deep, dancey grooves that glisten with ‘80s pop and ‘90s R&B, nestled alongside quivering, lushly orchestrated ballads.”

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Source1 Source2

ONTD, if you haven't heard Natalie's self-titled album and her 'Side by Side' EP, pls fix it now and listen to them asap. You won't regret it.

Paris Jackson Creates the Soundtrack to Her Life | Teen Vogue

"Gringo" star Paris Jackson creates a playlist of some of the most important songs in her life. Paris describes how each song played a role in her life, from moments of heartbreak to happiness. Paris' picks range from Andy Williams to Stevie Wonder and Alphaville.

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What 8 songs would be the soundtrack of your life?? // music post!

The Grinch - Official Trailer

For their eighth fully animated feature, Illumination and Universal Pictures present The Grinch, based on Dr. Seuss’ beloved holiday classic. The Grinch tells the story of a cynical grump who goes on a mission to steal Christmas, only to have his heart changed by a young girl’s generous holiday spirit. Funny, heartwarming and visually stunning, it’s a universal story about the spirit of Christmas and the indomitable power of optimism.

Academy Award® nominee Benedict Cumberbatch lends his voice to the infamous Grinch, who lives a solitary life inside a cave on Mt. Crumpet with only his loyal dog, Max, for company. With a cave rigged with inventions and contraptions for his day-to-day needs, the Grinch only sees his neighbors in Who-ville when he runs out of food.

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In Theaters November 9.

ke$ rainbow

BGT's Calum Scott Releases His Debut Album

Calum Scott, best known for his version of Dancing On My Own, released his debut album today, Only Human, where he sings about his struggles of coming out as gay after hiding it for a long time.
The singer, who just recently came out, talked about putting his struggles onto the album, saying
"The message people are getting straight away is ‘I am who I am. I’ve tortured myself enough about it. Now it’s time for me to be confident and accept it and be happy" he told Gay Times magazine, adding, “I was writing about my experiences of being gay, of hiding it away, of telling my parents, coming out to the press, the circumstance where I was abandoned..."

His struggles are reflected on songs like "If Our Love Is Wrong", where he sings "I don't know how I should say it/ In my mind is every word that they don't wanna hear/ I don't know how they might take it/ Why would I need their permission/ Skin and bones, I'm only human, it's in my DNA / Suffocating just to fit in/ ...If our love is wrong then I don't ever wanna be right".


The album is definitely worth a listen, ONTD. "If Our Love Is Wrong", "Hotel Room", "Good To You" and "GIve me something" are gonna get you in the feels.

John Newman Returns With New Song FIRE IN ME

Following a brief hiatus where he had to have more brain tumor radiation treatments, 27 year old British singer John Newman has come back with an upbeat new single Fire In Me.

The single is out now and can be bought or streamed on spotify, etc.