March 4th, 2018

Alicia Vikander opens up about her marriage to Michael Fassbender

Alicia Vikander Is "More Happy and Content" Since Marrying Michael Fassbender

The couple settled down in the "Williamsburg-ish" city of Lisbon and prefer to be private:

"It's not about being secretive. It's just about choosing the few things that you keep private."

Talking about her private life, she said: "I feel I'm more happy and content than I've ever been."

Vikander said she's open to working with Fassbender again:
"I think he's one of the absolute best actors I've worked with. Of course, he'd done more films than me, but immediately when we started to work together, he was so open to wanting me to chip in new ideas and thoughts. He would be like, 'I'm stuck; what should I do?' and I would say, 'You're asking me?' That was such a sweet thing." "Life is about a lot more than work, but if it's also your biggest passion, of course it's something you enjoy talking about."

Kevin McKidd is married and is expecting a child with Arielle Goldrath

Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd revealed on his website that he's married to Arielle Goldrath, a private chef, and they are expecting their first child. Close friends and family and his Grey's Anatomy cast were in attendance.

He was previously married to Jane Parker; they separated after 17 years of marriage in 2016 and their divorce was finalized in December 2017. They have two kids together, daughter Iona, 15, and son Joseph, 17 and share joint custody.


Access hosts will be asking celebrities about the Ryan Seacrest issue

Despite E!'s plans to speak to only "friendly' celebrities and screen many interviews for mentions of Ryan Seacrest's sexual misconduct allegations before airing them, it seems that interviewers on other shows will not be avoiding the Ryan Seacrest topic. The executive producer of Access (formerly Access Hollywood) is preparing the show's hosts to ask celebrities questions about the MeToo movement and then “we will ask them whether or not they will talk to Ryan Seacrest.” Interestingly, Access is an NBC show and NBC also owns E!.


NYT's Final Oscar Predictions! + Poll

New York Time's "expert" Cara Buckley has made her predictions for the Academy Awards today. Though she thinks it is a tossup between Shape of Water and Three Billboards for Best Picture, there's a small chance Get Out snatches but she ultimately gives it to...

Best Picture: The Shape of Water
Actress: Frances McDormand
Actor: Gary Oldman
Supporting Actress: Allison Janney
Supporting Actor: Sam Rockwell
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Documentary: Faces Places
Original Screenplay: Get Out
Adapted Screenplay: Call Me By Your Legal Name
Animated: COCO

Who will win Best Picture?

Call Me By Your Name
Darkest Hour
Get Out
Lady Bird
Phantom Thread
The Post
Shape of Water
Three Billboards

belle with sheep

ONTD Original: Anthologies & Short Story Collections


Want something to read, but don't feel like committing to a novel? I know that feeling all too well! A collection of short stories may be the cure to your reading slump. If anything, you may discover a new favorite author. Here are 6 collections (basically all mystery, dark, sci-fi, and horror - sorry to the people who aren't into that!) to help get you started:

Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology
Sisters of the Revolution gathers a highly curated selection of feminist speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror and more) chosen by one of the most respected editorial teams in speculative literature today, the award-winning Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. Including stories from the 1970s to the present day, the collection seeks to expand the conversation about feminism while engaging the reader in a wealth of imaginative ideas. Sisters of the Revolution seeks to expand the ideas of both contemporary fiction and feminism to new fronts.

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SOURCES 1 2 3 4 5 6

Book post!!! Read, reading, to read? Favorite short story/anthology/collection? Let's talk books on this lazy Sunday!

Very Important: How Do Celebrities Poop During The Oscars?

This may be the most important piece of investigative journalism in history. How do celebrities poop when they have red carpet events?

Forget Watergate. Ronan Farrow who? This is the question that journalists need to investigate.

Let's talk about poop.


Stephen King & his pup are on the cover of a magazine

Stephen King and his corgi pupper, Molly aka The Thing of Evil, grace the cover of Beachcomber magazine, a free entertainment magazine in Florida.

Post your cover-photo ready pups (cats are okay, too), ONTD!


Get that fame & money Molly!
neutral milk hotel aka coolest album art

Oscar Swag Bag Revealed!

This year's Oscar nominees' gift bags will include a week-long Hawaiian vacation package, commissioned art from Reian Williams Fine Art, a floating Bluetooth speaker, and a phobia-relief therapy session. Past gift bags have included plastic surgery coupons, sex toys and marijuana vapes.


RuPaul says he would "probably not" accept a transitioned trans woman as a contestant on Drag Race

- he says "Drag loses its sense of danger and its sense of irony once it’s not men doing it"
- about Peppermint: "Mmmm. It’s an interesting area. Peppermint didn’t get breast implants until after she left our show; she was identifying as a woman, but she hadn’t really transitioned"
- talks about his open marriage too

neutral milk hotel aka coolest album art

Razzies' "In Memorium" Clip Bids Sexual Predators

This special Razzies clip signals a less than fond farewell to the sexual predators of Hollywood from Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, Casey Affleck, James Franco and more with the caption:

Very Sorry -
We Won't Be Missing You ...
- Or Your Kind.


Rita Moreno Will Wear Her 1962 Gown to Tonight's Oscars

Because Rita Moreno is the underrated queen we don't deserve, she has chosen to present rocking the SAME.GOWN. she wore to the 1962 Oscars, during which she won an Academy award for West Side Story.

Source one, source two

Timothée Chalamet on Jennifer Lawrence's crush on him

• TimC describes awards season as "crazy" and a "dream come true" in many ways.

• TyDolla$Tim hopes to continue to push the envelope.

• Plans on wearing something a bit more formal at tonight's OSCARS© and not the gas station attendant look he rocked at the Independent Spirit Awards.

• Interviewer asks TChainz "one last thing, Jennifer know what she said. What do you think about that?
[Laughs] "I loved it. She's...she's Jennifer Lawrence! That's crazy."

• Before wrapping up the interviewer adds, "in a few years, we'll see where you guys are."
"Well, that's what she said. That's like a thing right?"

• Timmy Flocka Flame's acceptance speech at the Independent Spirit Awards behind the cut.

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choose wisely aight...

Poll #2079019 Oscar Poll

Who will win Best Actor at tonight's OSCARS©?

Timothée Chalamet
Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Kaluuya
Gary Oldman
Denzel Washington

Sources: 1 | 2

Johnny Depp performs with the Stone Temple Pilots

-The problematic and financially woe'd Johnny Depp joined STP on stage recently as they kicked off their tour in Santa Clarita, CA.

-He played guitar to Sex Type Thing and covered MC5's "Kick Out the Jams," while wearing a hat and sunglasses

-The video below shows that new lead singer Jeff Gutt is a bleach-blond gem doing an excellent job

Source / Video

ONTD, do your faves hang around problematic people?

Peppermint and Cazwell announce joint EP, release 'Blend'

*Due out March 9th
*Written as a trans-positive album
*Have been friends for over a decade & worked together on and off before hand -

sources: 1 , 2 , 3
porthos enticing

Lawrence Krauss Outed as a Sexual Predator as #MeToo Impacts the Atheist Movement

Physicist and famous atheist Lawrence Krauss was recently accused of sexual harassment by multiple women spanning over a decade. Buzzfeed compiled an expose in late February and the news is still making waves:
– Krauss is well known for his outspoken atheism as part of the 'skeptics' movement, a combination of scientists, humanists, and other activists and professionals that arose in the mid-2000's (primarily drawing from institutions that were male-heavy/centric, so go figure the leadership and results) dedicated to advancing secular science and education.
– One of the women Krauss harassed, Melody Hensley, was just twenty nine years old and ran an Atheist website while volunteering for a non-profit secular group when she met him. She was hoping to build a career in the skeptics movement and Krauss was her idol. He invited her to his hotel room and tried to force himself on her before she got away.
– Krauss insists it was consensual and that they simply decided it wouldn't be appropriate to pursue that avenue any further, but Melody disagrees. “It was definitely predatory. I didn’t want that to happen. It wasn’t consensual.”
– Melody is not alone... Krauss has been accused of groping other women, inviting other women to dinner to prey on them, making misogynistic jokes to students, and "telling an employee at Arizona State University, where he is a tenured professor, that he was going to buy her birth control so she didn’t inconvenience him with maternity leave."
– Krauss has denied all the allegations, citing that people are targetting him for being famous. He called the rpots “false and misleading defamatory allegations.”
– Also, his wife his defending him on twitter, below the cut. It's messy. Beware. (warning: pedophilia defense)

Harassment is not unheard of in the atheist movement. Part of what makes this so devastating is the way predators like Krauss have taken advantage of the community, which Salon reported on:
– Helena Dadabhoy, a blogger and atheist activist, said, "It got rid of the crushing feeling of loneliness I had. When I left Islam, I felt I did an impossible thing." She added that the community led her to meet "former religionists of other religions" and eventually even to connect with other ex-Muslims. "
– Alex Gabriel, another atheist activist, said, “I had a very difficult, very abusive upbringing in a home that was religious in a not-healthy way. I need a godless community. I need that support network. I think a lot of other people do."
– Sikivu Hutchinson, founder of the Black Skeptics of Los Angeles, said, "Institutionalized sexual harassment and erasure of the voices and the lived experiences of people of color and women of all ethnicities is something that is absolutely endemic" to the community.
– With the rise of the skeptics movement came what is referred to as "The Great Rift", feminists who wanted to embrace feminism against anti-feminists and people who were afraid feminism would drive away anti-feminists from the movement.
– A massive harassment campaign formed, organized primarily through a forum called Slymepit, targetting anyone who speak up against harassment or for feminism. It can be seen as a precursor to both Gamergate and the alt-right/anti-sjw movement and reactionaries.
– Stephanie Zvan, writer and co-host of Athetists Talk in Minnesota, said, “There were very few people who were willing to stand up for our speech." Men who lead the movement were much more worried about women speaking up than the harassment that followed beforehand.
– Many more details in both reports below.

“We have lost so many opportunities to connect in meaningful ways with this next generation of non-believers," Zvan said, explaining the younger generation that is non-religious affiliated is more racially diverse and gender-balanced. "But it’s not at all what we look like. Not at all. We look like a movement of old white men, because most of the choices we have made were to make the movement more accommodating to old white men."

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ONTD, are you surprised? What is your relationship with religion, and do you ever seek out or wish for non-religious spaces?

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Oscars Red Carpet

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pls post in the comments

Harry Styles filming a tailoring campaign for Gucci

Harry was seen in St Albans, shooting what looks like an advert for Gucci. It hasn't been confirmed whether or not the shoot is for an ad, a magazine or something else. He is however wearing the complete look for Gucci's Prefall 2018.

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source: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
God I hope it's the most ostentatious ad ever
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PoA - trio backs

Sufjan Stevens is bringing a few friends to perform CMBYN's 'Mystery of Love' at tonight's Oscars

Sufjan Stevens is going to be joined by St. Vincent, alt-bluegrasser Chris Thile, and alt-soul man Moses Sumney for his live performance of 'Mystery of Love', his Oscar-nominated Best Song from Call Me by Your Name. No word yet on more details, but we'll see it tonight.

d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

NCT2018 Project Continues NCT Dream Releases Go

NCT Dream are the youngest members of NCT and this song is...a departure from their normal sound. 3 More music videos are still to be released (NCT127 and 2 others).

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Source 1, 2, 3
NCT2018 album is going to be coheisive at least! Bets on what the last 2 videos are going to be? Full line up, china unit, vocal only unit?

Courtney Act: "We Have Such a Rigid Idea of What Gay Is and That's Problematic"

RuPaul's Drag Race finalist and Celebrity Big Brother winner Courtney Act discusses her pansexuality. During her time on Celebrity Big Brother her openness about her sexuality gained her a fan following.

She believes that the gay community needs to be more open to including other groups from the LGBTQ umbrella. "We have such a rigid idea of what heterosexuality is and that’s problematic. We have such a rigid idea of what gay is and that’s also problematic," she says.

She talks about her last sexual experience with women: "I had a threesome with two lesbians." and "I had an emotional connection with one of the girls. We just decided to give it a go. It doesn’t invalidate the gay identity."

Sources: 1, 2

E! will be protecting Ryan Seacrest tonight by setting up a 30 sec tape delay

- Remember when people were crying about the "witch hunt" and how it would impact a man's career? E! is basically protecting Ryan Seacrest by setting up a 30 second tape delay during the red carpet so viewers won't hear anything negative, or TRUE, about Seacrest. The tape delay allows them to cut out any negative comments about Seacrest.

- Seacrest was accused of sexual harassment and abuse by former E! stylist. When she complained to E! about Seacrest's behavior, they laid her off two weeks later.


Taraji P Henson Gives Ryan Seacrest a Message

Taraji was interviewed at the Oscars by Ryan Seacrest and she had a very specific msg for him at one point, pertaining to the recent allegations against him.

"The universe has a way of taking care of the good people" she said as she put her hand on his chin lmao.

UPDATE: She was apparently supporting him, she later was interviewed about it and at Source 2 spoke about supporting him (trash)