March 3rd, 2018


How Charlize Theron Feels About The Idea Of Playing James Bond

Charlize Theron is 42.

Just to compare:
Sean Connery played Bond for the last time at 53.
Roger Moore was 57 in his last Bond movie.
Timothy Dalton was 43 the year his last Bond movie was released.
Pierce Brosnan who was 49 by the time he finished his time in the series.
Daniel Craig is in the role at age 49 & will most likely be older whenever they do another one.

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Jennifer Lawrence continues her press tour on Ellen

- talks about her vacation persona, Gail
- doing dangerous stupid things on vacations
- getting drunk to get through press tours
- says she was hammered at the Red Sparrow premiere bc she drank a lot with Andy Cohen and then on Colbert, she loses it when she sees a photo of herself

ontd before you become unnecessarily mean, think about some

The View interviews Jimmy Buffett, & American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp

Yesterday on The View Jimmy Buffett performed and is there to talk about his new Broadway play 'Escape to Margaritaville'. Apparently opening night the bar ran out of triple sec and had to go to the upstairs bar to 'borrow' some. Apparently the show broke the sales record at the bar opening night as well.

They also discuss his cameo in Jurassic World where he is shown saving his probably $40 a piece margaritas as the dinosaurs come flying in. He is also planning a Margaritaville active retirement community in Florida.

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American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp discusses controversy at CPAC: Joy goes right in with saying that CPAC has had a lot of far right fringe supporters and speakers the last few years such as: far right French politician Marie le Pen, Nazi Richard Spencer, nut job Milo Yiannopoulos (but was only uninvited after the pedophilia tapes came out). Naturally, Megan needs to interrupt the conversation when Joy starts to really go in on him to make it about how people booed her father at CPAC over what Trump said. Sunny eventually cuts off the conversation about John McCain to bring up the racist comments CPAC Spokesman Ian Waters made about former RNC chairman Michael Steele (that Michael only got the job bc he 'is a black guy'). They then show the clip of Michael confronting Matt about it and it is.....yikes. Matt's always been a ridiculous asshole but this clip is just on a different level. His ass tells Michael that this is 'where you need to have some grace'. Sunny gives him a ton of shit which is pretty great to watch.

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Some Publicists Won't Let their Clients Talk to Ryan Seacrest or E! on Oscar Sunday

After Variety published a detailed report of sexual-assault allegations against Ryan Seacrest by his former wardrobe stylist, publicists will steer their clients away from Ryan Seacrest and the E! network after the network refused to back down and will have him host the Oscar's red carpet special.

"Usually Ryan is the one you want . . . but there are so many outlets on that carpet, why risk it? There’s plenty of other places for clients to get the exposure...”


OUTRAGE! Over Will&Grace gay joke about McCain and Graham

Conservatives are outraged after 'Will & Grace' made a joke about Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham having sexual tension.

Republican conservatives are mad that a crude joke would be aimed at the ailing Senator McCain during his health crisis.

Many from the Right claim the sitcom went too far when joking about the Senator's sexual identity.

One Conservative stated "It's quite remarkable that Hollywood lectures the rest of the country to be more tolerant yet they continue to make bigoted jokes at the expense of conservatives"


Timothee Chalamet Is The Heartthrob We Need

- In 'Call Me By Your Name' scrawny, delicate-featured Chalamet had more sex appeal than a real-life Ken doll, Armie Hammer
- He single-handedly inaugurated a "revenge of the twink" era
- His type of masculinity is more emotional and nuanced and provides a much needed refuge from toxic masculinity
- He doesn't possess dangerous masculine qualities and feels like a safe space for women's desire
- After decades of watching beautiful actresses swooning over buff, aggressive suitors, we've come to accept misogyny and power exploitation
- For every progressive portrayal of masculinity, there's another "Fifty Shades Freed,” “Blade Runner” or “The Wolf of Wall Street”
- And most of the young actors could easily play quarterbacks: Ansel Elgort, Michael B. Jordan, Zac Efron, Daniel Kaluuya
- Chalamet has a universal sex appeal by being a European trilingual cigarette smoker but isn't the type of man women have been taught to like
- He defies traditional stereotypes by coming across as an earnest goof and not pretending to be a macho
- "During a time when women are grappling on a daily basis with the many ways that men have failed us, it’s at the very least comforting to dream of a better, Chalamet-filled future"

ONTD, are you willing to accept Tim O Tee as your official 2010s crush?

Are you?

My body is ready
Not today Satan


In Rich People news: Amazon boss donates $42 mill to "never ending clock"

- While Amazon isn't taking money from NRA or storage employees, its boss (networth $123.8 billion dollars), Jeff Bezos throws money at things that might make a less rich person tap their chin in thought

- Bezos gave $42 million to the 1000 year clock, "A clock over 150-metres tall, designed to run for the next 10,000 years, will one day be installed inside a mountain in west Texas. This is the defining project of the Long Now Foundation, a non-profit that wants to “help make long-term thinking more common”. The idea was introduced by inventor Danny Hillis in 1995, who envisaged a clock that ticks once a year, with a hand that moves once a century and a cuckoo that appears once every 1,000 years."

- No news yet on Elon Musk claiming the clock for his next space send-off.

Tweet source & Text source

I know that everyone should be free to decide what to do with their money blah blah, but can't help but wonder what a small health care or educational organisation could do with $42 million. ONTD, are my views too socialist and do you appreciate a billionaire giving money to clocks in Texan mountains?

Cara Delevigne did something to her ear

- It seems to be for a role in an upcoming Amazon series, in which she'll play a fairy

- It's unclear if its prosthetic or just stretched/carved/something.

- First shown at the Christian Dior show, clearer shots at the source and Delevigne's instagram account

Tweet source & Text source

Are you part reptile, ONTD?
Ron/Hermione - CoS

2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards live viewing post

This year's Film Independent Spirit Awards are underway, with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney hosting. For those not familiar with the Spirit Awards, think of them as the low-key, hipster, pretentious little brother of the Oscars.

The Spirit Awards are live now on IFC, can be watched on if you have a cable login, on Facebook live (so I guess through mobile?) and YouTube, so you can't really miss it. Links listed at the source.

Call Me by Your Name leads the Spirit Awards nominations with 6, Get Out and Good Time right after with 5. At least this is one televised award Gary Oldman can't win, small blessings. I'll update the post with the winners under a cut so this won't be a never-ending scroll.

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Viola Davis gets real & talks her career in Hollywood in her latest interview

The game-changing opportunity that came with playing Annalise Keating :
"I’m 52 and darker than a paper bag. Women who look like me are relegated to the back of the bus, auditioning for crackheads and mammas and the person with a hand on her hip who is always described as ‘sassy’ or ‘soulful’. I’ve had a 30-year career and I have rarely gotten roles that are fleshed out, even a little bit. I mean, you wouldn’t think [these characters] have a vagina. Annalise Keating has changed the game. I don’t even care if she doesn’t make sense. I love that she’s unrestricted, that every week I actually have to fight [showrunner] Peter Nowalk not to have another love scene. When does that ever happen?"

To play a woman in touch with her own sexuality and desire :
"I always felt in playing sexuality you have to look a certain way, to be a certain size, to walk a certain way. Until I realized that what makes people lean in is when they see themselves. There’s no way I am going to believe that all women who are sexualized are size zero or two, all have straight hair, all look like sex kittens every time they go to bed and want sex from their man, all are heterosexual. I am mirroring women. I always say it is not my job to be sexy, it’s my job to be sexual. That’s the difference."

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You can read her entire interview @source 2

source, source 2

Sofia Coppola Misses the Days When Women Dressed Themselves and Took Risks on the Red Carpet

Sofia Coppola isn’t a fan of red carpets these days.

“I miss the days before actresses hired stylists, when women dressed themselves for formal events. There was personality, style—and mistakes. Now everyone looks the same, with perfect grooming, gowns, and brand-new jewelry, as they parade a catalog of luxury items. It’s disappointing that actresses are expected to hire a stylist along with an agent and manager. Not only do they have to be good actresses, they are also all expected to be fashion icons.”

“I wish we lived in a culture where the actresses who aren’t afraid to take daring roles in films could also take some chances and dress like themselves. I wish the business of fashion wouldn’t get in the way of personal style and self-expression, and would give us ­something to dream about.”

“I love when you see an actress who looks like herself, even if her look isn’t perfect. But for the most part, stars are done up in a glamorously generic uniform—a look so professionally executed that real women could never come close to achieving it for a formal event in their lives.”


THR's latest anonymous Oscar voter thinks Get Out was "a good B-movie" that "played the race card"

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Tyler Hoechlin at GoodbyeCon in Milan

Walking #ThirstTrap Tyler Hoechlin attended GoodbyeCon 2018 (lolz idek) this weekend in Milan to the delight of many fans and his bank account. Alongside him at the panel was fellow Teen Wolf actor Daniel Sharman. A couple of highlights from the panel and more from the Hoechs below.

• Hoechlin said he would have enjoyed being a baseball player or an architect if he wouldn’t have ventured into acting.

• Explained that a little part of Derek (an any other character he plays) is in himself, thats why he can relate to them.

• Tyler on Sterek: he likes that the fans gave those two characters a new whole life.

• Did enjoy coming back to Teen Wolf to say goodbye to the show and Derek properly. But ultimately decided for personal and professional reasons to leave the show.

• Hoechlin would: Kiss Cora on the cheek. Kill Lydia. Marry Erica.

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lemme help you out TyHo.

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Eleanor Chidi kiss

Meghan Markle reportedly set to be baptized into the Church of England this month

At some point this month, Meghan will be baptized and confirmed into the Church of England in a service performed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Her parents, Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle, are set to attend.

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Weekend Box Office Estimates: ‘Red Sparrow’ Modest w/ $16.5M


Black Panther took in $16.3 million for a domestic total of $451.7 million.

Red Sparrow flopped after earning $6 million on Friday for a projected $16.5M million weekend

Death Wish earned $4.3 million for a projected $12 million weekend.

victor strand

Three Billboards Is a Film for People Who "Want To Feel Better About Their Racist Family Members"

– Writer Hanif Abdurraqib went on NBC News THINK to talk about the clumsy and unnecessary racism in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missisouri. He makes a comparison of it to Crash, which has haunted all of our lives since March 5th, 2006 8:00 PM EST.
– Abdurraqib posits that the racism in the film is completely pointless to the story. Sam Rockwell's character Dixon is a police officer who is known around town and among the precint for torturing black suspects, but it's only purpose is to let us know he's a violent asshole. The actual story is supposedly about Frances seeking justice for her daughter being assaulted and murdered.
– There are no actual black characters in Three Billboards. The only one with any presence in the film is the Good Police Chiefplayed by Clarke Peters who fires Dixon for beating a man and throwing him out a window. Like Woody Harrelson, who didn't fire Dixon or anyone else for torturing black inmates, Peters is just there to assure viewers that most cops are good guys and the bad ones can learn to forgive themselves or something.
– Also, the man Dixon beats is gay. Yes, that's right. There's random homophobia in this movie too, uses of the f-word, and later in the film after Dixon performs some contrived self-sacrifice, the gay man forgives him in the hospital. There are hints Dixon might be gay, because we can't have homophobia in something without it falling solely on the shoulders of a closeted gay person. Peter Dinklage is also in the movie and adds onto poorly handled social stigmas with ableism when Frances expresses how she doesn't wanna fuck him a couple times.
– Abdurraqib points to a scene early on in the film where Frances' character uses the n-word, calling Dixon an n-word "torturer". Dixon then spits back with "persons of colors torturer", also using the n-word, and it goes back and forth like a bizarre comedy scene where he's the quirky racist cop.

"If your entry point to your story is that you're torturing black people, your redemption arc becomes a little more steep. You have a sharper incline and a longer way to get there. And there's nothing wrong with complicating a character, and there's nothing wrong with making a character who has done some wrong things also be heroic. But the problem with Dixon's redemption arc at the end is that it's not tied to any actual redemption.

We're introduced to him early in the film by way of finding out that he's tortured black suspects, we see him unjustly imprison one of the only black people in the town, and then by the end of the movie we are almost asked to root for him, or at least feel for him in a way that he's being complicated, but there's no redemption tied to his complication, we don't see him make amends for any of the ill he's done. He just reevaluates himself."

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ONTD, did you like Crash? And The Blind Side? And Gran Torino? Do you think this movie will win Best Picture tomorrow in Trump's America? I hated sitting through this so much and just wanna shit talk it so lets go.

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Call Me By Your Name Banned in Tunisia

Tunisia's Ministry of Culture has banned the Oscar-nominated film Call Me By Your Name. The film was set to be screened in Tunis on February 28.

Lassaad Goubantini, the film's distributor, called the decision an "attack on liberties" due to the film's subject matter and that it is contrary to the Tunisian Constitution.

Tunisia continues to punish homosexuality with prison sentences.

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Pearl Jam announces new $750 ticket package

Pearl Jam fans were recently outraged that they couldn't get tickets to their upcoming sold-out 7-date stadium tour. Now they are offering a $750 ticket package.

-Vitalogy Foundation Charity Tickets will benefit Pearl Jam's Vitalogy Foundation, which supports community health, the environment, the arts, education, and more
-Ticket fees are based on "Market Value" (This OP wonders if they mean resale value???)
-Ticket purchasers will receive a tax receipt
-Reselling the ticket will result in the cancellation of the ticket and no refund


ONTD, tell me about your concert ticket-buying experiences

When Bob Mackie Dressed Cher as a Showgirl for the 1986 Oscars

A rebuttal to the Academy for failing to nominate her, Cher employed the talents of Bob Mackie to ensure all eyes were on her nonetheless


Bob Mackie is the designer behind some of the red carpet’s most memorable gowns. He's known for doing a lot with very little.

His most memorable creation was for Cher in 1986. The outfit was seen as "a rebuttal to the Academy for failing to nominate her for her role in Mask"

Mackie said of the gown: “We had a meeting at [Cher’s then boyfriend] Tom Cruise’s apartment in New York. She’d been in a lot of movies where she was wearing jeans and T-shirts and hadn’t worn a getup in a long time. I said, ‘But you can’t wear that to the Academy Awards’. She said, ‘I don’t care. I don’t want to look like a housewife in an evening gown.’ She was in every newspaper the next day; she’s not so dumb.”

Cher admits some regrets about the dress: “I knew some people in the Academy didn’t think that I was a serious actress. I always felt a bit sad that I presented Don Ameche with his Best Supporting Actor Award in that outfit. It seemed to make him a little nervous.”


What are your favorite "crazy" Oscar dresses and would you wear one to the ceremony?

(POST SECRET POST!!!)Olympic Skater Medvedeva Reveals Secret Jacket Compartment With Russian Flag


Since the bans on the Russian Olympic team, they performed under a neutral banner but some tricks were implemented.

On the flight from Korea to Russia Evgenia Medvedeva revelaed a video of herself where she removes the white scarf covering the uniform jacket to reveal a Russian flag.

"Now everybody knows the secret of these white scarves," says the 18-year-old silver medalist. "It's a feeling I can't describe," she says.


Link to Video

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PoA - trio backs

Film Independent Spirit Awards winners' speeches, including Jordan Peele, Timothee Chalamet, more

For those who missed the live show, or couldn't watch it because you're not in the US (so find youpak as a workaround now), the winning speeches from today's Film Independent Spirit Awards were uploaded and can be watched here.

GET OUT won best picture, and JORDAN PEELE got the director win. Acting awards went to Timothee Chalamet (actor), Frances McDormand (actress), Sam Rockwell (supporting actor), and Allison Janney (supporting actress). Greta Gerwig won the screenplay award for LADY BIRD. MUDBOUND'S director Dee Rees and her cast and crew received the Robert Altman award for ensemble achievement.

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Sources (and all the videos):

Weinstein lawyer: Sex to boost film career is 'not rape'


Harvey Weinstein's lawyer defends the Hollywood casting couch

Ben Brafman (Weinstein's lawyer) said in an interview that a woman having sex with a Hollywood producer to advance her career is "not rape"

He told The Times: "If a woman decides that she needs to have sex with a Hollywood producer to advance her career and actually does it and finds the whole thing offensive, that's not rape."

"You made a conscious decision that you're willing to do something that is personally offensive in order to advance your career."


'Queer Eye' gets a 100% certified fresh Rotten Tomatoes score + roundup.

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ONTD, is it too late to start a petition for the new Fab 5 to replace Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet?
cogsworth and lumiere

David Ogden Stiers has died

+ Actor David Ogden Stiers has passed away at the age of 75 after battling bladder cancer.

+ Some of his notable roles were Major Charles Winchester on M*A*S*H, Reverend Eugene Purdy in The Dead Zone (tv series), Cogsworth - and the narrator - in Beauty and the Beast, along with other Disney voice work over the years such as Governor Ratcliffe - and Wiggins - in Pocahontas, Archdeacon in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Dr. Jumba in Lilo & Stitch.

+ He died peacefully in his home Saturday morning.


Rest in peace.

YIKES! Disney Ripped Off The 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Posters

Turns out those fancy new posters for the Solo movie are complete ripoffs from a Sony Music Legacy collection released in 2015. No excuses here, even the color schemes match.


The album covers were comissioned to a company that has done posters for Disney before (most recently Ragnarok) but there’s no word if Disney comissioned these on purpose or if someone internally ripped it off OR if they scammed Disney by recycling an old design of theirs.

You can see all the posters side to side here at the source.

not that i had much hope for this movie to begin with but this was just the nail on the coffin tbh
PoA - trio backs

Saturday Night Live new live post, with Charles Barkley hosting, and Migos

NBA legend and news broadcaster Charles Barkley is hosting SNL for the fourth time, with Migos as the musical guest. The cold opening of course included Trump being a fucking mess, and Barkley's opener was actually not that bad (and a bit poignant).