March 1st, 2018


‘Love, Actually’: Emma Thompson Reveals Joni Mitchell Scene Inspired by Kenneth Branagh Divorce


“I had my heart very badly broken by Ken. So I knew what it was like to find the necklace that wasn’t meant for me. Well, it wasn’t exactly that, but we’ve all been through it.”

“I’ve had so much bloody practice at crying in a bedroom, then having to go out and be cheerful, gathering up the pieces of my heart and putting them in a drawer.”

(Branagh *allegedly* cheated on her with Helena Bonham Carter)
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Lee Pace talks about his play, his farm, and... other stuff

- says gay actors should play gay roles in The Normal Heart and Angels in America
- but didn't want to label himself
- but also says he's dated men and dated women
- but really did not like the interviewer asking
- also built a house by watching YouTube videos and has a cat named Arctic Freeze


RHONY Trailer is here!

Highlights includes:

Bethenny & Carole's friendship starting to crack which is explains why they weren't photographed together recently.

Luann's arrest/jail sentence.

Dorinda & Sonja fighting worse than ever before.

Scott & Tinsley reuniting.

Bethenny's humanitarian efforts in Houston, Puerto Rico & Mexico City.

Jill & Bethenny's relationship heals.


Jennifer Lawrence is unsure if she'd talk to Ryan Seacrest at the #Oscars

Former Star 98.7 dj & nbc saturday night movie host Ryan Seacrest has come under-fire with allegations for inappropriate behavior by a former stylist of his. Now Seacrest has been reported to be blacklisted by celebrities at the upcoming oscars. Pr representatives are supposedly dodging Seacrest this sunday. Among the actors swerving his ass is Jennifer Lawrence who deemed him not sexual.


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The View Round Up: Cindy McCain, Dr Condoleeza Rice, Rep Adam Schiff, & Marlon Wayans

Cindy McCain appeared on The View yesterday to give an update on her husband Senator McCain's status during his fight with brain cancer. Cindy and Megan respond to Trump's comments about the senator at CPAC. The panel discusses Jar Jar's security clearance being rescinded (hahahahahahahahahaha).

Other topics w/ Cindy include:
-Dick's Sporting Goods taking action to curb gun violence
-Ben Carson dropping $31k of tax dollars on furniture

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Other topics include:
-How to fix America's gun problem
-Trump's comments at his meeting yesterday about guns
-Adam Schiff is interviewed

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Love, Simon is getting positive reviews

Love, Simon” - an American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Greg Berlanti and based on the novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli has started getting reviews and so far...they're positive. The LBGT film stars Nick Robinson (Melissa & Joey), Josh Duhamel, and Jennifer Garner and opens this month on March 16th 2018.

Variety: “At a cultural moment when it matters so much for audiences to see themselves represented on screen, "Love, Simon" broadens the spectrum to include those who are questioning their sexuality.”

The Guardian: “Love, Simon won't be short of critics (and many of them will be adamant that its story is either unimportant or, gasp, amoral) but within its sleek studio skeleton, there's genuine heart.” Rating: 4/5

The Hollywood Reporter: “It's an expertly carved chunk of cheese. But taken on its own, limited terms, Love, Simon is also a charmer - warm, often funny and gently touching, tickling rather than pummeling your tear ducts.”

Slant: “Greg Berlanti's charmingly heartfelt film is a remarkably successful attempt to give shape to the experience of the closet by drawing an incredibly intimate portrait of a teenage boy about to leave it behind.” Rating: 3/4

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5 of the most random, hilarious, ridiculous Oscar nominations in history

To cleanse our brains and palettes from that terrible honest Oscar voter yesterday, here are a few of the strangest, most random ass Oscar nominees in the 90-year history (the source lists 10, I'll post 5 here):

-- Hermione Baddeley's best supporting actress nomination for Room at the Top - Judi Dench who? Viola Davis what? Baddeley was nominated for TWO MINUTES of screentime for the 1959 movie.
-- Pierre Boulle best adapted screenplay win for 'The Bridge on the River Kwai'- the thing is that Boulle was the author of the book, but didn't speak a fucking word of English, so how did he get an Oscar for an English-language script, you ask? Because he was a front for the blacklisted screenwriters at the time, Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson.
-- Kenneth Branagh: best adapted screenplay nominee, Hamlet: this one always makes me chuckle - how does one get an adapted screenplay nomination - for a four-hour movie (yes I've sat through it too) - for basically cutting off a couple of lines here and there from Shakespeare's original play?
-- Roderick Jaynes: best editing nominee, Fargo and No Country For Old Men - this is actually Joel & Ethan Coen's pseudonym for the editor roles, meaning they did the work themselves (and do have Oscars for it). No clue why they made up some old British guy just to get the editor's credit when they won themselves anyway?
-- PH Vazak: best adapted screenplay nominee, Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes: this one is so ridiculous. So actual screenwriter Robert Towne was so pissed at the script changes of his Oscar-nominated screenplay that he had the name PH Vazak - Towne's SHEEPDOG - get the nomination instead.

This is where y'all voice the most insane Oscar nods yet -


ONTD Roundup

Yoncé, Joan Smalls

The cast of Scandal plays a game to see which of them is the most scandalous

They had to take a step forward everytime they answered "yes" to a question with the first one to reach the finish line "winning".

The questions were:
Has your character murdered someone on the show?
Have you ever been tipsy on set?
Ever worn handcuffs in real life?
Licked one of your co-stars faces?
Had sex in your dressing room or trailer?
Gotten a tattoo you regret?
Ever seen a co-star naked?
Broken anything on set?
Does you character get killed off this season?
Have you ever lied on a talk show?
[The winner was...]
Scott Foley!


What's the most scandalous thing you've ever done ONTD?

Greta Gerwig Covers Time Magazine

Lady Bird's director Greta Gerwig covers the March 12, 2018 issue of Time Magazine. Some highlights:

  • Looks forward to the day that we don't have to qualify directors with "female" and mark every woman's individual accomplishments as proof that women are as capable as men.

  • Has Enya's "Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)" as her ringtone because her phone ringing induces anxiety, and Enya is soothing.

  • Worries that being a woman of child-bearing age immediately makes her unhireable in a way that it would not for a male director of the same age.

  • Will continue acting if the project is right, but her priorities are writing and directing.

Source: Time's Twitter
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BBCAN6 Cast Reveal

The houseguests are:
[et canada interviews; video heavy]

Alejandra “Ali” Martinez
30 and from Vancouver, British Columbia
[spoiler cut]

Andrew Miller
36 and from Toronto, Ontario
[spoiler cut]

Derek Kessler
27 and from Vancouver, British Columbia
[spoiler cut]

Erica Hill
23 and from Pickering, Ontario
[spoiler cut]

Hamza Hatoum
27 and from Thunder Bay, Ontario
[spoiler cut]

Jesse Larson
24 and from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
[spoiler cut]

Johnny Mulder
28 and from Vancouver, British Columbia
[spoiler cut]

Kaela Grant
25 and from Saint John, New Brunswick
[spoiler cut]

Madeline “Maddy” Poplett
25 and from Ottawa, Ontario
[spoiler cut]

Olivia Riemer
22 and from Guelph, Ontario
[spoiler cut]

Paras Atashnak
23 and from Vancouver, British Columbia
[spoiler cut]

Rozina Yaqub
49 and from Toronto, Ontario
[spoiler cut]

Ryan Ballantine
39 and from Calgary, Alberta
[spoiler cut]

William Kenny
25 and from Trepassey, Newfoundland
[spoiler cut]

As part of this year's first twist, BBCAN is asking Canada to vote in this year's final 2 houseguests!

The options are:
[more videos!]
Kirsten MacInnis
25 and from Calgary, Alberta

Merron Haile
22 and from Edmonton, Alberta

Michael "Mikey" Jakobczak
33 and from Toronto, Ontario

Veronica Doherty
24 and from Ottawa, Ontario

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Blac Chyna Confirms Dating 18 Year Old “Rapper”

On a night out with her new 18 year old boyfriend (born August 6th ,1999), Blac Chyna (born May 11, 1988) confirms with the paparazzi she called that she is dating 18 year old “rapper” YBN Almighty Jay. Maybe some of y’all can explain who he is because I have nothing.

As if we needed more proof King’s Parents are trash. Now he can say both his parents like em young
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Alyson Hannigan joins Kerry Washington's pilot, "Man of The House"

Produced by Kerry Washington, the pilot is set to star Alyson Hannigan. The pilot focuses on two recently divorced sisters who move in together so they can raise their kids. Aly will portray a social worker named Jessie who moves her son (a football player) and daughter into her narcissistic sister's house. Her sister, Charli also has a daughter, who is described as wicked.


Excerpts From Demi Lovato's Mom's New Book

Bascally the first few pages:

-Blah Blah Jesus Blah Blah

-After about two pages of that she gets to the good stuff
-Mentioned that Patrick Lovato closed a door so hard on her finger that it fell off.

-She would wait till 2 am to see if Demi actually got home at night
-Talks about finding Demi in her bed with a bloody towel. (I assumed from cutting?)
-Basically shrubbed it off because she was in such a hurry to bring Queen Juanita to the DHS set.(doubtful)
-Got ha a life coach~

-Gets a text message from Demi about the dancer incident and then proceeds to have about a 3 page or so meltdown.
-On the phone Eddie is not pleased(cause he has neurons left) and the "cool mom"over here  basically wants to throw another fix ya life in 7 steps at it. Cause Demi be paying for that botoxxx.
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Full book out March 6!


This post was brought to you by !!Kween Jaunita Solis!!....and none for dollas lavato

SpiceWorld is SHOOKETH! Victoria drops out of reunion.

Svengali Spice, Simon Fuller hinted that his client Victoria Beckham has ruined our dream of a reunion tour by dropping out. Looks like 5 Becomes 4 for the reunion concerts which is suppose to begin it's launch at Prince Harry's wedding. The royal, along with the rest of us will be gutted that we will not see Vicky point and pout. Rumors circulated that Simon told Victoria to rejoin the Spice Girls because her store in Dover st and fashion line are hemorrhaging money and Fuller & David are main investors in the DVB brand.




YouTube restores ads on Logan Paul's channel

Last month, YouTube suspended all ads on Logan Paul's videos after he uploaded a video of him showing a dead body while wondering in Japan's Aokigahara forest, posting a video of him tasering dead rats, and for joking to his followers about the Tide Pod challenge (in a now deleted tweet: he said he would eat a tide pod for each retweet, a dangerous and stupid challenge where social media users record themselves eating laundry detergent packets).

• After 18 whole days, YouTube has restored ads to Logan Paul's YouTube channel.

• Despite ads being enabled once again, he remains on a 90 day probation which means his channels cannot be featured on the site's trending tab and content cannot be included in non-subscriber notifications.

• He is still not eligible for Google Preferred, a designation that helps advertisers identify top-performing channels.

• Somehow despite all of this, none of it violated YouTube's "three strike" policy according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcick. surejan.gif

• The inbred looking Logan Paul has over 16 million subscribers.


Keith Richards suggests Taylor Swift enjoy success ‘while it lasts’

Walking corpse Keith Richards wishes sour face Taylor Swift: ‘Good luck girl — wish her well while it lasts.’ He then added, ‘I’ve just been around too long to be picking the bones out of kids. It wouldn’t be fair of me and I’ve always been an opinionated bastard anyway.’ The opinionated bastard has a point, just like her vocals Swift is struggling. The country crossover noise maker is having a tough time selling tickets for her ill fated Republican tour, which added racist Camilla Cabello as her opener. Diabla blanca is set to release Delicate off her latest album rePUTAtion.

Ben Schwartz

Trailer for 'Most Likely to Murder' Starring Rachel Bloom & Adam Pally

Most Likely to Murder stars Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and Adam Pally (Happy Endings) and will be released on digital/DVD/On Demand on May 1, 2018.

Plot Summary: Billy Green (Adam Pally), ten years past his prime, heads back to his hometown for Thanksgiving, desperate to relive past glories and reconnect with his old high school girlfriend, Kara (Rachel Bloom). But Kara is now dating Lowell (Vincent Kartheiser), the creepy loner from high school who has grown up to be the town’s beloved pharmacist. When Billy begins to suspect Lowell is harboring a deadly secret, he becomes obsessed with proving Lowell is a murderer - Or is Billy just a jealous idiot who can't let go of the past?

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Source 1, 2

I love these two, so I am in. Any other takers?

SVU Promo for 19x15: The Long-Awaited Carisi Episode!

In next week's SVU episode, a member of Carisi's family is sexually assaulted and we finally meet one of his sisters! No, it's not a rerun of that awesome Season 16 episode, when Carisi's brother-in-law was raped. This is a new Carisi-adjacent rape victim, because the writers couldn't be bothered to come up with a new idea for him. Apparently Carisi has a grown-ass, adult niece whom he has never mentioned, and who may or may not attend Hudson University(!!!), so of course she is sexually assaulted, just like every single student who has ever attended Hudson U.

Source: youtube


ONTD, did you watch last night's episode? Do you love Cassidy as much as I do? Is the new ADA winning you over, or do you still miss Barba? And are you excited to see my boy Carisi finally getting some screentime next week?
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Charli XCX and Camila Cabello Will Open Taylor Swift's "Reputation" Tour

Taylor Swift took to Twitter to announce Camila Cabello and Charli XCX as opening acts of the UK leg of Taylor's "Reputation" tour.


Official Trailer for "Sweetbitter" from Starz

“Sweetbitter” tells the story of Tess (Ella Purnell), a 22-year-old who arrives in New York City ready to pursue a new life. When she finds herself interviewing for a position at one of the best restaurants in the city, she thinks she’s found a steady income and a safe place to wait. But Tess is quickly intoxicated by the chaotic, adrenalized world behind-the-scenes, tasting expensive wine, exploring dive bars, and learning who she can trust. Also stars Caitlin Fitzgerald from "Masters of Sex". Premieres Sunday, May 6 on STARZ.

Based on the bestselling novel from Stephanie Danler

Source: YouTube

Inside Lady Gaga’s Slow Road to Recovery

The rah rah oh la la singer said in early February that her severe pain was forcing her to end her tour early. “She’s been trying everything to rid herself of pain.” Despite the 31-year-old’s efforts, progress has been anything but speedy. “It’s a very slow road to her getting better,” a source explains. The singer who's last album Fame Monster shot up the charts, has her feature film debut along side Bradley Cooper and Vegas Residency lined up. The six-time Grammy winner has been seeing Eastern healers and taking a stab at acupuncture and reiki healin to help with her fibromyalgia.


Avengers: Infinity War NA release moved up a week

Avengers: Infinity War, the third teamup film in the MCU franchise, has moved up a week to April 27 in North America.

The film will now be released around the globe on the same day.


MoviePass Reinstating Ticket Stub Photo Requirement For Some Users

MoviePass, the service that allows you to see one movie per day for a low monthly (or yearly) cost, is reinstating an old policy that requires users to upload a photo of their ticket stub. You will need to give MoviePass access to your photos in order to do this. Until you upload the photo, you will not be able to purchase another ticket. This used to be a requirement before the price drop, but hasn't been in effect for months.

Edit: It seems like this is in beta (for now), so you will only be prompted to do this if you receive the email.
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Source: OP's Screencapped Email from MoviePass

With hundreds of thousands of customers and basically no customer service, surely this will go smoothly! Oh, and the app is down right now, in case you were planning on a movie night - look at their twitter mentions for a lot of angry people. Looks like the app is back up for now.
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Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have welcomed a daughter

JDM confirmed on Twitter that he and Hilarie's daughter has arrived but didn't share any other details. The baby joins big brother Gus, 7.


Hedley To Go On Hiatus After Tour Due To Sexual Assault Allegations

After the allegations against Canadian musician Jacob Hoggard came forth, and his team releasing a crappy statement, the band Hedley is taking an "indefinite hiatus" after their already scheduled tour.
Jacob himself spoke out on the matter now too. Here are some quotes from his lengthy statement in his own words.
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THE WOMAN KING to star Viola Davis and Lupita Nyong'o

  • Tristar has picked up the worldwide rights

  • Produced by Maria Bello and Cathy Schulman along with Viola and her husband

The Woman King tells the story of Nanisca (Davis), general of the all-female military unit known as the Amazons, and her daughter Nawi (Nyong’o), who together fought the French and neighboring tribes


ℑ ; enough you and I enough of the fight
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Hoseok gifts us with Hope World

BTS resident extra ass dance king released his mixtape, Hope World, today, along with an MV for the song Daydream (백일몽).

It's a Hope World, we just living in it.

source 1, 2

Listen to Hope World: Spotify, Apple, SoundCloud, Google Drive, MediaFire, Dropbox

ONTD, are you ready to accept Hobi as your savior?


Schitt's Creek Behind the Episode "Open Mic"

ICYMI, on this week's episode of Schitt's Creek, Patrick (Noah Reid) serenaded David with his sweet little cover of Tina Turner's "The Best." Dan Levy requested that Noah (a musician) create the arrangement himself. Catherine O'Hara cried all during filming.

The song was put up on iTunes and Spotify afterward and has charted on both iTunes Canada & US, with profits going to LGBT charities in both countries.

Source 1 2 3
ONTD, have you ever swooned irl?
Sabrina (25)

'Scandal' and 'How to Get Away Murder' crossover is TONIGHT

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Episode/Discussion post for 1)Scandal: S07E12 - Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself & 2) HTGAWM: S04E13 - Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

source 1/2

Binging with Babish: Tamales from Coco

Pixar's latest laser-guided annihilator of heartstrings, Coco, starts off in the sunny Mexican town of Santa Cecilia, where 12-year-old Miguel's abulea does two things very well: staving off music of any kind, and slinging tamales. These little packets of south-of-the-border love can be tricky and time-consuming, but make for the perfect Oscar party snack next week when we watch Coco inevitably lose the trophy to Boss Baby.


Favorite Mexican food?? // Food Post 🌯 🌮

Marvel Writer Settles Debate Over Who’d Win if Wonder Woman and Black Panther’s Okoye Fought

Fans of 2017’s “Wonder Woman” and current monster hit “Black Panther” engaged in an debate on Twitter:
who would win in a fight between Wonder Woman and Okoye ?

Okoye is an incredible soldier backed by an army of equally badass women.  Wonder Woman is a literal immortal demigod.

The consensus was pretty much that  Wonder Woman would mop the floor with Okoye. 

Roxane Gay, the writer behind Marvel Comics’ “Black Panther” spinoff “World of Wakanda” settled the debate once and for all.

source, source
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Is Black Panther Actually an Alt-Right Fantasy?

Idiot Conservative Youtubers like Stefan Molyneaux and Sagon of Akkad have been trying to hop on the Black Panther train by arguing that the Wakanda presented in the film is actually exactly the kind of isolationist ethnostate alt-righters dream of. Youtuber Shaun takes the time to break down each of their arguments and explain why they are wrong.

[FS] pink

Arrow 6x15 "Dopplegänger" & Legends of Tomorrow 3x13 "No Country for Old Dads" promos

ROY HARPER RETURNS — Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Thea (Willa Holland) are shocked to hear that Roy Harper (guest star Colton Haynes) is back in Star City. However, when they discover the circumstances of Roy’s return, Oliver and Thea realize that Roy is in trouble and jump in to save him. Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) makes a shocking decision. Kristin Windell directed the episode with story by Christos Gage & Ruth Fletcher Gage and teleplay by Speed Weed (#615). Original airdate 3/8/2018.

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Rashida Jones Reportedly in Talks to Co-Write 9 To 5 Remake

The plot apparently has three young women dealing with sexism & chauvinism in their workplace(s).

They seek out the original three women for advice on how to get even with their male bosses. (OP's note: sounds like the OG ladies just have cameos.)

Sources: The W Magazine tweet Jezebel W Magazine

Adam Rippon Talks About Mike Pence

- He is raising money for youth engagement program for GLAAD
- Didnt think it was right time to answer Pence's call while he was preparing for Olympics
- Asked what he'd say if he spoke to Pence, says its not for him, he wants the people who have been impacted by his legislation to talk to him and share their experiences, wants to be a voice for people
- Also he is very funny throughout the interview so I suggest watching it


Amandla Stenberg Explains Why She Dropped Out Of 'Black Panther' Casting

Amandla Stenberg was one of the actresses in the running to play Shuri, but she decided not to pursue the role of T'Challa's tech-obsessed sister.

"I was in the audition process for it, then I decided to not continue with the process because I thought that it wouldn't be right for me as a biracial, light-skinned American to be playing [the role]. I don't think visually it [would've] make sense and it wasn't appropriate for me to go after that role. Black Panther is one of the only films that we have that has darker-skinned representation. That's what was so beautiful about it."


The Originals' Joseph Morgan To Star In Fox's Drama Pilot

- remake of Gone Baby Gone, but technically based on the book too by Dennis Lehane

- he'll play the character Casey Affleck played in the movie, Patrick Kenzie


I know Casey somehow has an Oscar and everyone hates TV remakes... but upgrade tbh
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The Forbes Five (Three): Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists 2018

Jay Z, Diddy (or is it Mr. Love? Didn't he change his name recently?), Dre and 2 more are really really rich, like really really rich, dirty rich. Jay Z was worth like $810 million last year and now he's worth $900. And y'all thought Tidal was a flop. I guess it isn't? Where's Jay Z's cousin?

Not only are the first 3 the richest hip hop artists in the world, they are the wealthiest American musicians of any genre. Damn. Diddy became a little poorer. He had been number 1 forever but this year he's number 2, oops, lol. Poor Diddy. Wait, no, he actually didn't become poorer, Jay Z became richer.

Dre is third with $770 million. Remember that a while ago he sold Beats to Apple for $3 billion? Exactly. And then you have the last 2 at the source but they are kinda poor lol.

Is your bank account in red, ONTD?