February 25th, 2018

Camila Cabello talks about her racist tweets and messages

In a bizarre profile where the writer tries to assert that Camila Cabello is the "biggest pop star in the world" and compared her debut in 2018 to Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga in 1988, 1998, and 2008 respectively, Camila Cabello briefly talked about the leaked text messages and tweets where she freely used the n-word.

Camila says she was young and has since "learnt".

If there was any sort of apology or elaboration on what exactly she's learned, it wasn't included in the article.

She says she mostly stays away from social media now because she wants to live her life the way everyone else does in a way that's free of public scrutiny.

The profile writer described her use of the n-word to describe Obama as "affectionate" and didn't mention the vile racist messages about her bandmate Normani:


Jennifer Lopez leaves a $5,500 tip on a $7,500 bill for twins birthday party

• To celebrate the twins 10th birthday, JLo brought Max and Emme and more than 30 guests to the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas.

• Guests stayed for 4 hours and feasted on several sweets like a King Kong Sundae, virgin gummy worm goblets, and two custom cakes, a red velvet Mario Bros. cake for Max and chocolate sloth cake for Emme.

Marc Anthony and ARod were not present.

• All in all the tab came out to $7,500 and the "Love Don't Cost a Thing" singer left a $5,500 tip. That's over a 70% tip. Generous Reina.

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ONTD, do you ever overtip?

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ONTD Original: Seven Adorable Twitter Interactions Between Father & Son, Mark Hamill & John Boyega

In our very own galaxy, we are blessed enough to witness the precious relationship that exists between Star Wars co-stars Mark Hamill and John Boyega via their twitters. Here are 7 fun interactions between the two. Thank the Force that they were brought together <3

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Sources: Mark's twitter, John's twitter, tweet with video

What are your favorite celebrity friendships?

PS we need a Mark Hamill tag.

Seven Seconds is now streaming on Netflix

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Discussion post !

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea: The temptation of drugs is a b*tch

The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist took some time to reflect on the drug use he's been surrounded by/experienced:

-Three of his closest friends died by 26; he had some close calls but being a good father sent him on a quest for self-preservation, so he cut them out by age 30

-Still experiences temptation and anxiety and remarks how easy it would be to find a dealer/drugs

-Points to doctors today enabling patients with prescriptions

-Was given a two-month supply of Oxycontin when he broke his arm snowboarding; he was supposed to take 4 a day but stuck to 1. He was "high as hell," depressed, and felt he was losing his creativity, so he stopped taking them.

-Says we should feel gratitude for the rough times so we have the opportunity to rise above them


ONTD Original: The Best Moments from Episodes of Schitt's Creek | Part I

Bless Canada 🇨🇦 for gifting us this television treasure and comedy gold known as Schitt's Creek. The television sitcom, created by father and son duo Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, premiered on CBC Television (and airs in the United States on Pop) on January 13, 2015 and is on its curent fourth season. The show stars Legend Catherine O'Hara as Moira Rose, Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose, Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose and Dan Levy as David Rose. Eugene's daughter (and Dan's sister) Sarah Levy, is also on the show as Twyla Sands, the waitress at Café Tropical. Inspired by “The Real Housewives” franchise and “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” Dan developed an idea for a sitcom inspired by those shows and thought “what would happen to a family like this if the money was stripped away?” Dan approached his father with the idea and from there they created the show. The show centers around the Rose family when they lose everything and are forced to live in a motel in Schitt's Creek, a small town Johnny Rose purchased for his son David as a joke. What unfolds are hilarious and touching moments as a wealthy family adjusts to their new lives and are forced to connect with each other in ways they hadn't when money was no object. Since its premiere and thanks to Netflix, the show has slowly garnered a loyal following worldwide and especially here on ONTD (thank you harrys_headband and urtrash - gif game too strong). Let us take a look at some of the best moments from this show, and please take it easy on this OP if your favorite moment isn't included, this is only Part I 😉.

Best Moment from S02E02 - "Family Dinner"
"Fold in the Cheese!" "David! What does burning smell like?"

Episode Description: David helps Moira cook dinner. Johnny looks for an office for his consulting business and Alexis comes clean with Ted about their engagement.

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new episodes resume this week, February 27th.

ONTD, what's your favorite episode/moment?

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Riz Ahmed & Mohsin Hamid at Lahore Literary Festival 2018

- Riz Ahmed joined novelist Mohsin Hamid at one of the most anticipated sessions at the Lahore Literary Festival 2018 called “MC Activist”
- This is Ahmed’s first time visiting Pakistan in 13 years and first time visiting Lahore; likens it to visiting an ex
- Amazed at how Pakistan has changed and how out of touch families who migrated in the 60s and 70s are from it (like his parents)
- Talks about how creating is an act of defiance and survival because of the issues that people of color deal with, which Hamid agrees with saying it’s a way to combat the helplessness people feel and make connections with others
- Wants to try to connect with other creatives and artists in Pakistan to collaborate
- Hamid asks Riz what he thinks about his "ex"/Pakistan, to which he responds “The ex is looking good. Changed a lot... really changed. Kinda still playing hard to get, ever mysterious and a little schizophrenic."

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Erika Jayne

CBBUS James Maslow on the women of CBBUS: They perpetuated every stereotype you can think of

-Resident ONTD body throb James Maslow, former boy bander turned reality star says that the women of the CBBUS house were stereotypical in every way imaginable. All they did was cry, gossip, and do their makeup all day.

-He laughed at the women having an all girl alliance since he knew it would it just blow up in their faces.

-His father told him how much of a snake Ross really is once he got out of the house much to James' surprise.

-Brandi was a hateful person both sober and drunk.

-He takes it as a compliment that Omarosa put him up and got him evicted since he had a target on his back since day 1 and manage to make it so far in the game (as he said in the show, he "saved" himself and had no one else to thank for that)

Wasn't happy that he had to do PR in his game clothes.

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Don't forget the CBBUS finale airs TONIGHT.

How does Stone Temple Pilots' new singer sound? + the band releases a new song

I think we can all answer Loudwire's question with a confident "he sounds like Scott Weiland." But anyways, the band has given new lead singer Jeff Gutt a slower song in their latest single, Art of Letting Go.

Is it an ode to Weiland? Take a look at the lyrics:

"I hope to see your smile again / But some day’s far too long of a road / The Art of Letting Go / I may be setting myself up to have to / Walk the streets alone / For letting go"

The album is out March 16th! Of it, Gutt says it's got a lot of vibes we don't see in music today, and that he didn't try to change anything and that this album has healed a few things in him.

Source / Video

I know he's not Scott, but the music released so far has been lovely imo.

ONTD Original: Talking About (4) of the Oscar Nominees for Best Animated Feature

The 90th Oscars are in one week! And while it will never be as legendary as the 89th (actually this one is shaping up to be pretty boring), there are some shakeups among us in the nominees.

For your remembering pleasure, here are the five pictures nominated for Best Animated Feature, courtesy of this post;

  • The Boss Baby

  • Coco

  • Loving Vincent

  • The Breadwinner

  • Ferdinand

Everyone's first reactions were basically - "Really? The Boss Baby?", and mine was too. At the time of the announcement, I had only seen Coco three times, so I felt the need to watch as many of the others as I could to give a fair shake before Oscar night.
Or, a reasonably fair shake. Ferdinand was the only one that was removed from theaters before I had a chance to see it, and it hasn't been available for rent as of this writing.

But four out of five isn't bad, is it? To make up for that, I'll have an animated movie I did see that didn't get nominated - that I feel deserved to. Any guesses as to what it is?
So let's talk about the artistic impressions - and chances - each of these movies have to take home the gold.

Spoilers will be kept to a minimum.
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Enough about what I think, what do you think about the animated movies nominated this year? What did you want to see nominated?

words: by me, sandstorm
gif sources:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
the breadwinner: x
loving vincent: x
The Boss Baby: x
Coco: X
captain underpants: x / art book image from here.

I hope I got the formatting not cramped as all get out.
Eleanor Chidi kiss

Agents of SHIELD 100th episode celebration

The 100th episode airs in two weeks and the cast - past and present - gathered at OHM Nightclub to celebrate this milestone last night.

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Kylie™ Minogue Does 'Dancing' and Hits Medley at Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway

Golden Queen debuted her new single 'Dancing' live at Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.
She was amazing, of course.

Kylie™ also did a medley of her hits with help of the show's hosts. The audience loved it!

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Mo'nique Disputes 'Donkey Of The Day' Title

Charlamagne gave Mo’nique the “Donkey of the Day” title (a segment in which the host selects a person who has recently taken a major “L” and quickly roasts them for their failures).
Mo’nique didn’t take to kindly to the title, and recently visited the morning show to defend her stance.

“What you’re saying to the community is, as Black women, you’re devalued. And if you stand up and you make a stand and you say ‘We need equality’ and we have to say what’s right and what’s fair. And then a brother that looks like me from South Carolina [says] that ‘[I’m] the Donkey of the Day,’ you [Charlamagne] have to explain that to the community.”

“You know what, brotha? You’re going to hear yourself a lot from me lately. You’re going to hear yourself around the world. We have to explain brothas like you, we do. And, when we watched that movie Birth of a Nation and we saw that man walk his wife into that master’s house, we watched him walk his wife in. Then we watched him go back and get ’em— you’re that brotha.”


Whoopi Goldberg lectures Mo'Nique on "The View"

Mo'Nique said that Netflix is "underestimating the black dollar". She believes Netflix lowballed her. 
She was paid $50,000 for the film "Precious". 
She fulfilled her contractual obligations, she "was done" and refused to go to Cannes to promote the film because it was not part of her contract and she would not get paid for going. 
"This is what happens when you don't go up to that hotel room,"

Goldberg said : "I'm going to stop you because, contractually, when you make a movie, regardless of who you sign the deal with, your job is to go and promote said movie."

Mo'nique replied : "When you don't do what we ask you to do, we'll take your livelihood [the film executives said to her]. So for eight years my family has suffered and my career has suffered, because I would not allow those entities [Lionsgate, Winfrey, Daniels and Perry] to bully me. And because I did not allow the bullying to happen, this is what I sit in."

It ends with Goldberg throwing her hands up in the air and shaking her head. 


Bearded Daddy Tom Hiddleston Makes Rare Public Appearance


Tom Hiddleston has been laying low this year, but he made a rare public appearance to support a play called The Shadow Factory. His beard is cumming along nicely.

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Would you fuck bearded daddy Hiddles?

Only if he made bolognese in the morning

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tamen de gushi ch146

Is Jack Antonoff cheating on Lorde with Lana Del Rey?

- A recent livestream showed Lana in the studio, giggling and chilling on the same couch with Jack Antonoff (music producer behind Taylor Swift's "Reputation", St. Vincent's "Masseduction" and Lorde's "Melodrama").

- ONTD investigators recently handed in receipts of what it seems to be more-than-just-chummy photos of Lorde and Jack Antonoff from Lorde's Instagram, fueling rumours that both are actually dating. (However, both have denied such claims, with Antonoff expressing his resentment on "having the most important friendships and working relationships in my life reduced to dumb heteronormative gossip")

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SOURCE 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

ontd, do you think jack antonoff has moved on from lorde and is now dating lana? or is the video just indicating the possibility of a collaboration between mr. antonoff and ms. lana? or was it just an innocent coffee session??

The American Idol Reboot is Two Weeks Away: Will It Succeed?

The reboot of American Idol will debut in two weeks with new judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie. Will it have a chance to succeed? Or will it flop as hard as Katy's last album?

The last AI ran for 15 seasons.

Why it could succeed:

*The original was wildly successful and beloved

*Other singing shows like The Voice, America's Got Talent and The X Factor took off, but have lost momentum

*Lost of music genres are kind of meh right now and could use a new star

*New judges could be a hit

*Will have new theme song, new set, new feel

Why it could flop:

*The original was wildly successful and beloved

*The new one will not include bad auditions, which were a key part of the first AI

*Singing shows have become predictable

*Only a few stars ever took off. Most winners were flops.

*Paula, Simon, and Randy are iconique and it will be hard to capture their dynamic

*Katy Perry, judging someone else's singing talent? REALLY??

Will the new American Idol succeed or flop?

It will succeed like Lionel Richie
It will be mediocre like Luke Bryan
It will flop like Katy Perry

Source, Source
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Berlinale winners full list + critics melt down over Golden Bear winner Touch Me Not!

The Golden Bear (top prize) went to Romanian film Touch Me Not directed by Adina Pintilie. She is only the 6th woman to win the Golden Bear and her win marks the first time two women have won consecutively (after Hungarian director Ildikó Enyedi won for her (now Oscar nominated) film On Body and Soul last year).

The film was also the (or one of the) worst reviewed films of the festival. Critics are already having full meltdowns:

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Wes Anderson also won Best Director for Isle of Dogs.
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Jay Hernandez Gets The Lead Role In Magnum P.I. Reboot

He had roles in Suicide Squad, both Bad Moms movies, Friday Night Lights & Hostel.

His TV credits include Scandal, Nashville, & The Expanse.

Sources: Variety Eonline
taylor swift - queen

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Are Getting More Serious

-Meghan Markle and Prince Harry who?! UK's real royal couple, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, are getting more serious.
-Taylor is spending so much time at Joe's north London pad that his friends have joked they're practically living together.
-She's also been spending more time with his friends and checking out the local haunts.
-Oddly enough, she doesn't have her own place in the UK but that could change soon.


How's your love life, ONTD?

Golshifteh Farahani post 🌺

Interview and what's coming up for her in 2018

- Stars with Irrfan Khan and Waheeda Rehman in The Song of Scorpions.
- The 32-year-old actress describes her exile from Iran "like death" and adds: "Being away from Iran is the greatest trauma of my life. But the yearning for that place keeps me going."
- Praises both her co-star Irrfan Khan and the director Anup Singh.
- She learned Hindi for the role.
- This year she's also been working with the following movies: La nuit a dévoré le monde (a horror movie), Red Snake (a film of war on women's war) and Les filles du soleil (about female Kurdish soldiers).

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Still image from La nuit a dévoré le monde.

Sources: Tweet & Article

Erika Jayne

CBB US Day 12: Who wins the first ever CBB? (You don't decide! cbbuk style)

-Ross wins HOH despite trying to get Mark to back down by promising him immunity. Omarosa attempts to have the deal said out loud so she can manipulate the situation. Mark finally agrees since Ross wants a letter from his mother who is going through health issues.

-Ross doesn't want to take a woman to the F2 because he knows that the jury is majority female and would most likely vote for a female over him.

-Ross puts up Omarosa/Ari which puts him even with Omarosa, each having putting the other up twice. Ross wins Veto.

-Omarosa is evicted! Of course Chenbot questions Omarosa over her comments on the Whitehouse.

-Marissa wins the FINAL HOH! Marissa evicts Mark and Ari which means she and Ross are the FINAL 2!

-The Jury comes together to nominate the winner of CBB! Brandi and James are conveniently separated. Marissa does what she does best and talks talks talks talks and TALKS! Ross does A LOT of pivoting. Metta being Metta just chooses a random person to vote for, not even looking at the key card. We get to actually see Brandi's message to James!

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PJ &amp; Shore (music)

Saara Aalto blesses us with three choices for Eurovision

X-factor UK runner-up Saara Aalto has released three songs as candidates for Finland's entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. There's going to be a selection process broadcasted live on the 3rd of March where "the viewers and international juries" (whatever that means) will get to choose the best song of the three to be performed in May in Lisbon.

The songs are:
1 - Monsters

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ONTD, which one do you think should be the official entry?

source, youtube: Monsters, Domino, Queens
PoA - trio backs

The box office breakdown of the 9 Oscar nominated Best Picture features of 2017

We're a week away from the 90th annual Oscars, and the last full box office weekend prior to the ceremony. So, I thought we could do a bit of a box office breakdown of those 9 nominees - including the one blockbuster, the one breakout hit, the one moderate-budgeted movie that did all right thanks to the 60+ demo, five small/indie movies that did well based off of Oscar and critics buzz... and 'Phantom Thread' (okay that kind of broke even with worldwide totals).

1. Dunkirk (8 nominations): $188M Domestic Gross; $337,200,000 Foreign Gross; $100 million budget
2. Get Out (4 nominations): $176M Domestic Gross; $78,976,664 Foreign Gross; $4.5 million budget
3. The Post (2 nominations): $78.8M Domestic Gross; $58,000,000 Foreign Gross; $50 million
4. The Shape of Water (13 nominations): $55.3M Domestic Gross; $55,467,683 Foreign Gross; $19.8 million budget
5. Darkest Hour (6 nominations): $54.5M Domestic Gross; $81,200,000 Foreign Gross; $30M budget
6. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (7 nominations): $50.1M Domestic Gross; $71,029,258 Foreign Gross; $12M budget
7. Lady Bird (5 nominations): $47.3M Domestic Gross; $5,600,000 Foreign Gross; $10M budget
8. Phantom Thread (6 nominations): $18.8M Domestic Gross; $14,100,000 Foreign Gross; $35M budget
9. Call Me by Your Name (4 nominations): $15.8M Domestic Gross; $12,439,978 Foreign Gross; $3.5M budget

Sources: https://twitter.com/TheAcademy/status/955799453788643328

Muse play live-streamed "By Request" show in France

On February 24 Muse played a special "By Request" show at La Cigale in Paris. The show was streamed live on the band's social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube). No extravagant special effects this time, just pure eargasm music, chosen by the fans, giving us the opportunity to hear songs they haven't played for more than a decade, such as -much to Matt's surprise- the beautifully haunting Eternally Missed (at 10:13, not that I'm pimping out the best song they ever recorded or anything)