February 24th, 2018

Kim, Kourtney and Rob shared touching tributes on what would have been their father's 74th birthday

The Kardashian children remembered their late father Robert Kardashian by sharing touching tributes on what would have been his 74th birthday.

Khloe Kardashian didn't publicly share a tribute
Go at the source to see their throwback photos/videos.


Penultimate FFAO 2018 Post

Medals (by gold as of 9 am CST)

It's almost over ONTD :( A few more events throughout the rest of the weekend, but otherwise everthing is winding down. Use this post for the weekend activities - we'll have one more for NBC's crappy taped primetime coverage of the Closing Ceremony. Can't believe it went so quick!

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Prince Harry Allegedly Invites Two of His (many) Former Flames to His Wedding

- He dated Chelsy for 7 years, Cressida lasted for 2....he allegedly cheated on both (multiple times).

- The two allegedly got the invite, no word on if they accepted.

- Also no word on whether the various club bunnies, vegas ladies, lingerie models, the lady who blew him once in Alberta, the Scottsdale thots from when he was training at Luke AF base in Phoenix, or any of the other side pieces he used to cheat on them with will attend.

- Meghan's exes will NOT be invited.

- His father invited his mistress to his wedding, which greatly bothered his mother.

Would you be ok with your future husband inviting his exes or his mistress to your wedding, ONTD?

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belle with book

ONTD Reading Challenge - Ha Impact!

This month's task in the 2018 ONTD Reading Challenge is to read a book by a female author who is considered to be influential and has had a significant impact in literature, culture and/or society. There are ten suggested authors in this post, but please feel free to choose a different book from any of these recommended authors, and of course feel free to find a different author altogether! Don't want to read any of these authors? Scroll to see more recommendations and links!

Murasaki Shikibu
From Wikipedia: "Murasaki's reputation and influence have not diminished since her lifetime when she, with other Heian women writers, was instrumental in developing Japanese into a written language. Her writing was required reading for court poets as early as the 12th century as her work began to be studied by scholars who generated authoritative versions and criticism. Within a century of her death she was highly regarded as a classical writer. In the 17th century, Murasaki's work became emblematic of Confucian philosophy and women were encouraged to read her books."

The Tale of Genji (first published 1008)
In the eleventh century Murasaki Shikibu, a lady in the Heian court of Japan, wrote the world's first novel.

But The Tale of Genji is no mere artifact. It is, rather, a lively and astonishingly nuanced portrait of a refined society where every dalliance is an act of political consequence, a play of characters whose inner lives are as rich and changeable as those imagined by Proust. Chief of these is "the shining Genji," the son of the emperor and a man whose passionate impulses create great turmoil in his world and very nearly destroy him.

This edition, recognized as the finest version in English, contains a dozen chapters from early in the book, carefully chosen by the translator, Edward G. Seidensticker, with an introduction explaining the selection. It is illustrated throughout with woodcuts from a seventeenth-century edition.

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Maya Angelou
Margaret Atwood
Jane Austen
Angela Carter
Elena Ferrante
SE Hinton
bell hooks
Zora Neale Hurston
Harper Lee
Doris Lessing
Clarice Lispector
Mary Shelley
Zadie Smith
James Tiptree, Jr.
Edith Wharton
Connie Willis
Mary Wollstonecraft
Virginia Woolf

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8 of the most influential Black South African women writers

SOURCES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Who will you be reading in March? Favorite women author?

Lorde responds to Jack Antonoff dating rumours

After we saw Lorde and Jack "Heteronormative Gossip" Antonoff cuddling up in New Zealand in this post, Lorde felt the need to make an Instagram video to address the rumours. What did she say??

“Guys: Never. No. Jack and I are not dating. For the last time.”

“I love him, he’s awesome,” she added. “But we’re not dating. Please!”

And with that, Lorde thinks she's settled it.


ONTD, have you ever denied your thirst for a friend's ex?
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Trans Activist Ashlee Marie Preston Interviews Rose McGowan

After canceling all her public appearances after being confronted about not doing anything for trans people by Andi Dier (who, it was later revealed has been accused of sexually assaulting minors), McGowan, in an interview with Ashlee Marie Person, says that Dier was paid by Weinstein to verbally assault her.

McGowan explains why she canceled events after the confrontation: "I had to cancel all public appearances, because I thought that person could have had a gun. That person could have killed me. That person is a bad person. And that person is wrong."

She is also disheartened by being judged for her comments in the context of this experience and being called transphobic. "To be terrorized like that, and to have people flip out over word choices that I made when I was under assault is assaultive to me," she says.

McGowan also talks about her own upbringing in a cult. "I grew up without mirrors — largely, for the first 10 years of my life. I was not raised as a sex, or as a gender, or as a race. We were experiments. We were supposed to be just minds."

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After a crash, Prince Jackson asks you to stop texting & driving


On Nov. 2nd last year I got hit while I was riding my motorcycle. I was riding to school around 7am it had been raining that week and light rain on this particular day. I had a feeling that I probably shouldn’t have ridden that day but I did, I felt like I should turn on my camera but I didn’t and right before 7am a large work truck made a left in front of me. I grabbed my brakes until I could feel the ABS kick in but it wasn’t enough and I hit the right side of the truck. I was really fortunate that my injuries were not major and not permanent because I thought it would end badly. After the impact and me yelling obscenities in the street trying to catch my breath I realized 2 things. 1) riding motorcycles is dangerous and can be deadly and 2) I was getting back on one. Now I have a new bike as my Low Rider was completely totaled in the crash and I’m trying to learn to be a better rider and taking my time. I’m sure I’ll be talking about this in detail in future videos but I think the important takeaway is I was hit because someone thought a text was more important than driving. I don’t care who you are or what you do a text message ain’t worth someone’s life or yours. I hate seeing people on their phone while driving because most people do not understand that a car is capable of causing a significant amount of damage and is something that requires constant attention. If you get bored while driving how bout looking out for motorcyclists and get off your stupid fucking phone.


do you drive like an asshole, ONTD?
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Lisa Marie Presley claims her business manager burned through her $100 million trust

-Lisa Marie Presley filed a lawsuit against her former business manager Barry Siegel for negligence, constructive fraud & breach of trust. She claims Siegel “placed her assets in risky ventures in hopes of attaining his own celebrity in the entertainment industry” and used her $100mn trust to establish himself as an investor with other celebs. She says she has only $14k in cash left and $500k in credit card debt
-Siegel has filed a lawsuit against Presley for breach of services, saying her financial situation was caused by out of control spending and that his decision to sell off 85% of her interest in Elvis Presley Enterprises cleared $20mn in debt and earned her $40mn in cash and a "multi-million dollar income stream." Siegel says she's looking for someone to blame for financial troubles she caused

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victor strand

Kevin Feige On Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Michelle Pfeiffer + Spinoffs That Don't Exist for PR

– Kevin Feige spoke with Kyle Buchanan for Vulture about women in Marvel. Captain Marvel is due for release next year, and they recently hired a female writer (Jac Schaeffer) for their Black Widow movie.
– He also notes all the women from Black Panther, and especially notes Tessa Thompson from Thor: Ragnarok as Valkyrie, who made such an impression on him on the possibility of a film lead by these breakout actresses, such as a female Black Panther spin-off.
– Feige on Black Panther: “Even watching the audience at the Black Panther premiere respond to Lupita, Letitia, and certainly Danai in their action sequences … you watch Danai spinning around in that casino, taking out dozens of people, and you go, ‘Of course you can make a whole movie about that!’”
– When it might happen: “It is all about figuring out when and how. But by the way, many of them have already filmed additional scenes in upcoming movies, so some of that is gonna come sooner rather than later. All of them will be seen again.”
– Re: Captain Marvel and and the suit, Feige said a lot of scenes were shot on location, and since everything is filmed by paparazzi nowadays, Marvel decided that if pictures of it leaked, they leaked. "Most people are savvy enough to know they’re looking at a behind-the-scenes photo, completely out of context. So we don’t do things like rush photos. We released some concept art of her with different colors. People online have correctly identified what’s going on there.”
– Feige on Michelle Pfeiffer's Performance Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the Wasp: “I don’t want to say too much, but I will say that’s she’s every bit as iconic and amazing in this part as you would imagine. People ask sometimes about movie stars and star power and who’s the most exciting person to be around, and the truth is that once you get to know them as people, they don’t feel like movie stars — everybody is just a super-impressive human. But in a room full of movie stars, Michelle Pfeiffer rises to the top.”
– Feige recently corralled all of the actors from his films into one big tenth anniversary photo, and Michelle turned heads.
“You can tell how big Michelle is, because all the other movie stars are going, ‘Is that Michelle Pfeiffer over there?’”

Of course, Feige does not mention:
– Thor: Ragnarok cutting a scene where a woman walks out of Valkyrie's bedroom. Tessa Thompson pitched director Taika Waititi that Valkyrie should be bisexual based on her relationship with Annabelle Riggs in the comics.
– He tried to keep it in the editing process as long as he could, but it was eventually cut because it interrupted the "vital exposition" of the scene. Thompson recently starred in Janelle Monae's bi anthem Make Me Feel.

– Black Panther cutting a scene where Okoye and Ayo flirt. In the comic spinoff World of Wakanda about the Dora Milaje (special forces team of women), Ayo is in a relationship with Aneka (not featured in the film... there's been some conflating of Okoye and Aneka).
– Vanity Fair's Joanna Robinson profiled the warriors of Black Panther in April 2017, describing the scene as Ayo complimenting Okoye's looks and her smiling back, "leaning" into the WOW storyline. Co-writer Joe Robert Cole confirmed in an interview that was where the idea came from.

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ONTD, are you glad Marvel is taking those baby steps?

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The #MeToo Movement Takes Off In South Korea

* While the anti-harassment #MeToo movement has spread globally in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, in South Korea, the entertainment industry has been grappling with the issue for years.
* In 2009, actress Jang Ja-yeon, who was 29 at the time, sent shock waves across the country when she committed suicide, leaving behind a handwritten letter chronicling how her agent forced her to have sex with a string of broadcasters, execs and filmmakers to advance her career. The case prompted a large-scale police probe and had a local impact comparable to the Weinstein scandal.
* Actresses Kim Hye-soo, Jung Ryeo-won,  Kim Tae-ri have spoken out in support of the #MeToo movement, along with directors Lee Yoon-jung and Park Hyun-jin.
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Celebs react to companies cutting ties with the NRA


U.S. companies that have partnered with the National Rifle Association to offer discounts and benefits to its members have begun to distance themselves from the gun lobbying group after the latest school shooting. Alyssa Milano, Misha Collins, Billy Eichner, Mia Farrow, George Takei voiced support. Others, like James Woods, encouraged fellow NRA members to take their business elsewhere.
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Even the writer of “Catwoman” doesn’t like “Catwoman”.

John Rogers, one of the writers behind the 2004 superhero movie starring Halle Berry, chimed in with his opinion on the film.

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ONTD Original: Top 11 TV moments that made you cry.

ONTD, are you ready to have some rain down your face?!

11. Robert's Heart Attack (Brothers & Sisters)
'Brothers & Sisters' - 3x16 - Troubled Waters

B&S was such an underrated show. In one of their best scenes the show contrasts life and death when Robert (Rob Lowe) has to rush to the hospital to see his baby's birth but he has a heart attack on the way. Everyone's acting is top notch and even the Coldplay music works perfectly.

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ONTD, any TV moments that made you cry like a baby?
Hermione annoyed

Emma Watson Does A Pointless Vogue Shoot

Emmione covers the March 2018 issue of Vogue Australia by Peter Lindbergh. Even though she's not promoting anything and hasn't been on a film set in two years. Also, she guest edited... because that Ivy League B.A. in English literature has gotta go somewhere. (Click for full size.)

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