February 22nd, 2018

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Gorgeous Human Francia Raísa Dishes On The Physical Struggle After Donating Her Kidney

Selena Gomez bff and kidney donor Francia opened up about her recovery following the donation of her kidney to Selena, so that Sel can live a happy and healthy life with ha Biebs.
Francia opened up about having a harder recovery than Selena, she said, "It’s harder as the donor because we are losing something our body didn’t need to lose, so trying to recover from that, and [Gomez was] gaining something her body needed. So she’s up and at it immediately and I had a hard time."

She also said she couldn't move for 2 months following surgery, and missed out on just walking and getting her coffee in the morning.

She also has newfound respect for mothers who get C-Sections and then get up and care for their kids right after.

Would you give your friend a kidney? Would you give it to one of the random people in the world who have been posting billboards recently desperately needing one?

ONTD Original: A look at the mess that is the Fifty Shades Trilogy (Part 3)


Since the Fifty Shades Trilogy has been deemed as an “ode to consent”, I thought I would highlight all the fuckery in these books and how it is the complete opposite. The trilogy has gone on to make $1 billion at the box office (vomit) because women have been sexually repressed and shamed for the longest so they naturally loved these books. Who doesn’t dream of marrying a billionaire with mommy issues that leaves ~love bites~ all over your body so you can’t wear revealing clothing?!

This will be a three part ONTD Original that is dedicated to every book in the trilogy.

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sources: Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James + my brain

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The Dangerous Book for Boys - Official Trailer

Inspired by the best-selling book, The Dangerous Book for Boys is heartwarming story of a family overcoming loss with the help of a book filled with life lessons that was handed down from a father to his three boys. The book inspires adventurous fantasies in the youngest son, Wyatt, that teaches him how to bring his family closer and move forward.
Premieres March 30th on Amazon Prime Video.


CNN #ParklandTownHall #StudentsStandUp live viewing/discussion post

- Jake Tapper will moderate a live CNN town hall with students, parents, teachers, survivors of last week's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School gun violence/mass shooting, tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT/2am UK.

- Florida Rep. Ted Deutch (D), Sen. Bill Nelson (D), Sen. Marco Rubio (n-R-a), Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, and n-R-a national mouthpiece Dana Loesch have accepted CNN's invitation to participate.

- A very insecure Putin Puppet # 45 and Florida Gov. Lord Voldemort both chickened out, as expected.

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Meryl Streep to Harvey: KEEP MY NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH

Meryl is upset that human waste weinstein and his legal team is using her name to defend his character. Streep was not about that life and deemed Weinstein tactic's pathetic.

SOURCE= https://twitter.com/DEADLINE/status/966471648315564032
Tebow: T-Mobile Commercial #1

Tiffany Haddish Meets Oprah on The Ellen Show and It's The Joy You Need Today

Oprah stopped by the Ellen Show today to talk about the Parkland Shooting and the young students, but also, to surprise superfan, comedian Tiffany Haddish. The sheer excitement and joy on Tiffanys face are enough to make your day better.

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Elton John Talks About Songs for Live-Action "Lion King"; Be Prepared Might Get Cut

"They need to have a new end credits song”, said Elton John in a new interview.

“There’s going to be four of our songs in the film, from the original: Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Hakuna Matata, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King and Circle of Life. And then there will be an end, closing song, and we’ve been speaking to Beyonce’s people and hopefully Tim and I and her can cook up something. That’s going out in 2019 as well. And it will be great to work with her. So we will see”.

I hope he just forgot because I want to hear Chiwetel's version

MTV fires David Eason after homophobic/transphobic Twitter rant

-Teen Mom 2's David Eason, Jenelle Evans' husband and third baby daddy, has been fired by MTV after a lengthy homophobic/transphobic/misogynistic Twitter rant
-Started with David posting a pic of Jenelle on Instagram holding a rifle the same day as the Florida shooting
-He defended her on Twitter and this somehow turned into a slew of hateful tweets. You can read the play-by-play in this Reddit thread
-Jenelle is still employed by MTV at the moment, posting a lot of pictures and video of her husband on social media

(source 1 2)

good luck w/o that MTV paycheck! can we also talk about rhine being sloppy drunk at his wedding in the latest OG episode

Parks and Recreation folks are not here for the NRA

Yesterday, the completely tone deaf National Rifle Association decided it would be a fantastic idea to use Pawnee's own Leslie Knope to pass along a message:

Guess who wasn't having any of that? Show creator Michael Schur, who also passed along a message from Leslie Knope herself (well, Amy Pohler that is):

Surely Ron Swanson of all people would be in support of the NRA, right?

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leslie lol.gif

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Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu on what it's like to compete on your period


ONTD Roundup

Today on The View: Mo'Nique is interviewed about her Netflix boycott

Today on The View Mo'Nique stops by to discuss what happened with the Netflix deal and why she is now calling for a boycott. She breaks down what happened during negotiations for the comedy special with Netflix, her husband, and her lawyer. Netflix basically said they gave Amy what $13 million because she can put butts in the seats and Mo'Nique states that she can as well. Joy asks her to speak on her 'difficult to work with' reputation. Mo'Nique says she fulfilled her contractual obligations for Precious. When asked to work for free to promote it internationally she declined. States declining impacted her career and her life because she refused to work for less than what she felt she deserved and wouldn't be bullied to work for free.

Also today! Megan McCain enrages everyone during discussion about the CNN townhall and gun control by being disrespectful and over the top (what else is new) and Sunni looks over it!

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In one tweet, Kylie Jenner wiped out $1.3 billion of Snap's market value

Snap Inc., faced with a string of criticism over Snapchat's recent redesign, is having a tough day on Wall Street after Kylie Jenner declared the app a shell of its former self on Twitter. The single tweet, an echo of the chorus of users who've complained in recent weeks over the app's new look, saw Snap Inc.'s market valuation tumble by at least $1.3 billion on Thursday.

source= https://twitter.com/business/status/966764355583991809

Nine years ago Lady Gaga and Brandon Flowers shared the same stage

L ast night were the 2018 BRIT Awards in London at the O2 Arena. But did you know 9 years ago at that very same award show two unlikely performers shared the stage to pay tribute to one of the greatest musical acts to come out of the UK? Let us highlight a moment not too many people Stateside are famiiar with. Did you know that a fresh new face to the music scene, Stefani Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, shared the stage with a young Brandon Flowers from royal band The Killers? Stefani (in between The Fame and The Fame Monster eras) and Brandon Flowers (during the Day & Age era) got together to pay tribute to The Pet Shop Boys at the 2009 BRIT Awards. Let's take a throwback look on this #ONTDThrowbackThursday shall we?

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ONTD, what's your favorite performance(s) from Gaga & BFlow?

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Princes William and Harry, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle to undertake first joint engagement

Next Wednesday (February 28th), the four of them will appear together at the first Royal Foundation Forum. They'll be on stage to speak about their current projects and the future of them.

Halle <3

ONTD Original: Top Ten "The OC" Characters

Eleven years ago today, the series finale for one of the greatest teen dramas of all time, The OC, aired on television, and we as a globe had to bid farewell to the melodramatic Caucasian af sun-kissed glee and heartbreak forever. In honor of this anniversary, here are (imo) the top ten characters of the show.

10.) Anna Stern, played by Samaire Armstrong

Anna was a supporting character who initially was introduced as Ryan's set-up date for the Cotillion in season 1, but quickly became a valuable companion to Seth with their similar interests in comic books, indie rock, and sardonic humor. Anna was a funny and likable character that had great chemistry with the entire core four, and honestly should have been bumped up to series regular. Can you imagine how much better the show would have been if Anna was always around? She told it like it was and always put the whiny Seth Cohen in his place, but their goodbye scene in season 1 is one of the most heartbreaking of the show. She returned briefly in season 3 with awful hair extensions but we don't talk about that.

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Gif Sources:

Do you agree with my list, ONTD? If you've never seen The OC or are interested in doing a rewatch,
the entire series is on Hulu! While the lack of diversity makes it very much a product of its time,
the humor and the heart still hold up surprisingly well, and I think everyone should give it a shot.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos creator biopic coming from Fox Searchlight

A biopic about Richard Montanez, the son of immigrants who went from being a janitor to creating a worldwide phenomenon with flamin' hot cheetos.


Hey, why not.

People Confirms: Rachel McAdams is Pregnant!

E!News confirms through multiple sources that Rachel McAdams, 39, is indeed pregnant with her first child. It will also be her first child with boyfriend Jamie Linden, 37. They've been together since around April 2016 and have yet to walk a red carpet and rarely appear in public together.

She has been a no-show for the entire promo run of Game Night and Life & Style last night claimed the exclusive of her pregnancy.

In 2010, Rachel said having children would be something she'd consider with the right person: "Part of me is very attached to the idea of having children. It’ll depend on if I find the person I want to do that with."

It looks like she found the right person. Congratulations, Rachel and Jamie!

Ben Schwartz

Sense8's Brian J. Smith cast as a lead in CBS Pilot 'LA Confidential'

  • SGU's Sense8's Brian J. Smith has booked one of the leads in CBS' LA Confidential pilot.

  • The show is based on the same noir novel as the 1997 film of the same name.

  • He will play Detective Ed Exley, the role played by Guy Pearce in the film. Exley is an LA cop who wants to prove himself and make his father proud (original, groundbreaking, etc). Walton Goggins has been cast as another detective.

  • In addition to his past television work, Smith was a Tony nominee several years ago for his role in the The Glass Menagerie.


I have a real soft spot for this dude since SGU. ONTD, are you excited for another CBS cop show about fathers and sons and brothers and male detectives and other male detectives?

Yara Shahidi in talks to star in ‘The Sun Is Also A Star’

Grown-ish actress Yara Shahidi is in talks to star in the movie adaptation of “The Sun Is Also a Star.” “The Sun Is Also a Star” is a YA novel from Nicola Yoon.

Girls’ Trip writer Tracey Oliver adapted the screenplay.

The story centers around Natasha, a NYC teen who is trying to keep her family from being deported back to Jamaica. During this time, Natasha meets and falls in love with a teen named Daniel.


Harvey Weinstein apologises to Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence

Harvey Weinstein apologizes to Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence. His lawyer read the following statement: "“Mr Weinstein acknowledges the valuable input both Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence have contributed to this conversation and apologizes,” the creep states.

“Moving forward, Mr. Weinstein has advised his counsel to not include specific names of former associates; and to avoid whenever possible, even if they are in the public record. Mr. Weinstein has been informed that his civil counsel responded in court to a class action lawsuit which improperly sought to include all actresses who had previously worked with Mr. Weinstein, even where those actresses have made no claim of wrongdoing.

Both actresses were not about that life and shut that shit down. Streep went 0 to a 100 real quick calling the pig and his lawyers desperate.

source= https://twitter.com/THR/status/966771242429693952

NBC's Jesus Christ Superstar Cast Update: Sara Bareilles, Brandon Victor Dixon and More Cast!

NBC has announced more main cast for their upcoming Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert event, set to air on Easter Sunday this year. The newest cast members are: Sara Bareilles as Mary Magdalene; Brandon Victor Dixon as Judas; Norm Lewis as Caiaphas; Ben Daniels as Pontius Pilate; Jason Tam as Peter; Jin Ha as Annas; and Erik Gronwall as Simon. They join John Legend as Jesus Christ and Alice Cooper as King Herod.

Earlier this month NBC uploaded their first promo for the event as well:

NBC's Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert is set to air on April 1st (Easter Sunday) 2018.

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homer obama

MC Chris calls out Matt Thomson for sexual harassing him

* MC Chris (voice actor, nerd rapper) wrote on his IG page that he was sexually assaulted by Matt Thomson (co-creator of Sealab 2021) back in 2001

* Post can be found here (TW: sexual assault) and here is a follow up

* Claims Thomson groped him because he thought Chris was gay

* Chris hopes any gay or effeminate employees that work with Thomson are safe

* Chris credits Brendan Fraser for giving him the courage to talk about his assault


Rashida Jones & her siblings came to get their dad, now Quincy Jones apologizes

Quincy Jones gave us all the scolding goss we desperately needed when he lost his damn mind and gave a no holds barred interview to multiple publications about his life. Jones said Marlon Brando fucked Richard Pryor, The Beatles sucked, Michael Jackson was the original Beyonce and stole songs and that Cyndi Lauper fucked up the 'We Are the World' Song. Rashida and her siblings collected their father and staged a family intervention. Now Jones is apologizing for his candid give no fucks remarks.

source= https://twitter.com/QuincyDJones/status/966720607541800960
scully [x files]

Kristin Chenoweth is heading to Trial & Error

• She will lead the show in its second season, replacing John Lithgow

• Chenoweth's character is described as "an aeccentric heiress who finds herself on trial for murder after her husband Edgar’s body is found stuffed inside a suitcase in the back of her car"

[kpop] taeyeon → i got love

Joshua Rush on Playing Disney's First Openly Gay Character: I Wanted to 'Do It Justice'

  • “I feel the pressure, and I also don’t,” Rush, who plays Cyrus Goodman on Disney’s Andi Mack, tells PEOPLE Now. “I think the most important thing for me when I got this part was to do it right.”

  • “I knew that I wanted to do it justice, because I knew that people were gonna end up seeing this and being like, ‘Wow that’s me, I identify with that [and] I can be who I am now,’ but I also wanted to make sure that it’s not all-encompassing. Like that’s not all of Cyrus’ personality,” the 16-year-old adds.

speaking about representation

  • “I think this storyline is definitely going to help a lot of my peers,” Rush says. “I was the first person that one of my good friends came out to, and I think that if I had someone like Buffy on TV, I think I would’ve done a better job and had been a better friend in that situation. I’m glad that I can be a part of this.”

Bf // Glastonbury gold suit
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Brendan Fraser says #MeToo

In a profile piece with GQ Magazine, Brendan Fraser explains why he all but disappeared from the movie industry.

Details for the first time the sexual assault he encountered from former Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Philip Berk.

Mr Berk denies the allegation.

Talks about how a set of injuries left him needing surgery and being in and out of hospital for seven years.

Talks about how he saved a horse from being abused on set in Mexico and brought him back to America as a gift for son, who is rated on the autism spectrum, and how the two became therapeutic for each other.

Talks about how an interview he did for The Affair was difficult for him because he had just lost his mother. The article mentions that the interview went viral because people thought he was sad, Fraser simply states that it was because he was.

Talks about a bizarre encounter he had with Brett Ratner in Ratner's home, when he was up for the part of Superman and Ratner was attached as director.


It's an interesting albeit melancholy article. Definitely worth a read.

Everything that's leaving and coming to US Netflix in March 2018

While February was the month for new shows debuting on Netflix, March will be a month that sees a few fan-favorites returning for new seasons. Fans longing for new episodes of beloved Netflix Originals are in luck as Jessica Jones, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Love return will all new seasons in March. Check out what's coming and what is leaving next month on Netflix.

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ONTD, what are you watching on Netflix?


Is Nike Losing Relevance?

- According to footwear industry insiders close to Drake, the rapper is unhappy with his Nike partnership and Jordan Brand and is seeking out other shoe brands.

- Nike's most recent celebrity collab was with declining pop star Justin Timberlake that was a flop.

Keith Morrison
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Dolly Parton to dedicate 100 Millionth Imagination Library book to Library of Congress

On February 27 Dolly Parton will be at the Library of Congress to dedicate the 100 Millionth book in her Imagination Library program to the Library of Congress collection. The dedication will be live-streaming on Youtube at 10am.

Dolly's Imagination Library has been giving free books to children in select communities around the world every month from birth to age 5. Dolly started the program because her own father was unable to read or write, and that kept him from doing many things he had wished to do in his life. The Imagination Library's mission is to get children to love reading and learning at an early age.

Sources: 1, 2

What's your favorite childhood book?
sora smiling

ONTD Original™ – A Detailed Guide to Getting Into the Kingdom Hearts Series Part 3

We're almost out of the woods, ONTD. After covering the first games starting with Kingdom Hearts, and the three that were made after Kingdom Hearts II, we have just a little bit more to go. See, after the set up for Kingdom Hearts III was firmly established with 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep and Coded, there was one last game that tied those three together, essentially did a lot of legwork for the final entry in the trilogy, and brought Sora back into focus.

Dream Drop Distance was released for the 3DS in 2012. That wouldn't have been enough for a PS4 remaster priced $60 of course (it's not as pricey now don't worry), so Square Enix also decided to include a cinematic remaster called Back Cover, which summarizes the events of the mobile game Kingdom Hearts X in under an hour. In addition, the KH3 development team also decided to chop off what was going to be the prologue of their game, Aqua's time in the realm of darkness, and have it be essentially its own glorified demo titled A Fragmentary Passage. And a good demo it is.

All the games are now in one place: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 for the PS4.
This is it... this is the entire series and everything you need.
But even then, there tend to be lingering questions:
"Where do I start? What order should I play them in? Which games are important, and which ones can I skip?"

I have given you almost all these answers, but these most recent entries tend to be the most confusing because people... don't really know what they are? For example: does that mobile game matter? Is Dream Drop Distance fun?... Yes. And so I am here to help.

So, shall we finish?
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ONTD, are you ready to take these final steps? Also, what are some your favorite pieces of music from the series?

Newcomers and other confused people, if you'd like to ask any questions, here's your chance!


Mcdonalds brings back Szechuan sauce

- Beginning Feb. 26, fans of McDonald's Szechuan sauce can enjoy it once again, and, this time, there will be more available.

- The fast food chain announced that it will distribute 20 million packets of the popular condiment. Back in October, fans lined up when several locations around the country participated in a one-day limited release of the sauce.

- People on Twitter are saying the hype is gone and McDonalds waited way to long.


Minnie Driver on the #MeToo Cause

Minnie Driver was speaking at a London event focused on the #MeToo movement and organized by The New York Times and the How To Academy. She had more choice words about Matt Damon:

“What was interesting about Matt Damon - which was not interesting to the media but was very interesting to me - it's not that he was an ex-boyfriend or that I had any sort of beef with him because God knows I really don't like that I haven't seen him in 20 years, but he represented every intelligent, nice, white male who feels it is their job to comment on the way that women metabolize stuff, and what he happened to be talking about in this instance was how women should metabolize abuse. That we should somehow have a hierarchical system whereby you know, a touch on the ass is this, the tits is this, you know, front bottom, back bottom, over the shirt, rape. You know that there would be some kind of criteria.”

She adds: “He was only talking about how men should be dealt with which of course there should be due process of course there is a judiciary that is in charge of doing that, but when I said that men needed to listen, it was that they needed to listen to the women speak about their assault without being prescribed.”

Driver also believes men need to also be included in the conversation otherwise there is no way to move forward. She believes in the “model of truth and reconciliation.” She says, “Women get to be heard. You get to be seen and heard and the accusers get to hear that and get to metabolize that and then there is due process and then there is healing.”

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Sources: 1 | 2
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Bellamy Young to play lead in ABC pilot "False Profits"

The show is set in Arizona, where a group of women try to fight their way to the top of a marketing cosmetics business. Bellamy will play Laura, a level-headed single mom of two kids who signs up for the business after a few bad years.

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Riverdale Roundup: Ep 2x15 Promo Stills, Filming Spoilers, and More

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FAMILY TIES — Fred's running for mayor, but Archie's worried that his dad is another pawn in the Lodges' game for power in this backwoods maple syrup murder town.

Meanwhile, Kevin actually gets to do stuff when Betty asks for his help in finding out what her strange, shady hooker brother (whose cam videos they've both watched and in Kevin's case probably jerked off to) is hiding.

Also, it turns out that creepy wig wearer Clifford Blossom left a secret will behind that surprises Cheryl and Penelope (and probably is why Polly is back in town).

Finally, Jughead makes a major discovery in his quest to take down Hiram.

Directed by Mark Piznarski and written by Aaron Allen. Original airdate 3/14/2018.


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Female characters have a 5% drop in representation in the highest grossing films of 2017

--The Center for the study of women in television & film have released a study stating that even with female-fronted studio releases like Wonder Woman, The Last Jedi and Girls Trip, female representation onscreen dropped 5% in 2017 to 24%.
--The study also acknowledges that diversity is lacking.
--74% of the women on screen is made up of white women. Black female characters increased 2% to 16% in 2017. Latina female representation went from 3% to 7%. Asian women increased from 6% to 7%.
--The study thinks that better representation behind the camera will influence on screen representation.


sorry mods, on my 3rd glass of wine <3

Schitt's Creek - Behind the Episode: "RIP Moira Rose" + Episode Clip & Season 4 Promo

• Schitt's Creek creator and star Daniel Levy (David) talks with Annie Murphy (Alexis) and Dustin Milligan (Ted) about their characters' unexpected reunion in Schitt's Creek S4E5, "RIP Moira Rose."

Watch here if you're in Canada and outside the US.

• Watch a clip from the RIP Moira Rose episode and what's still to come on Season 4 behind both cuts.

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new episodes are coming...

ONTD, are you caught up with Season 4 and ready for next week?

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Kerry Washington Round up!

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SOURCE 1 2 3

Is anyone still watching Scandal besides me? I don't know what I'm going to do without Olivia Pope on my tv every week *cries* Scandal returns March 1!!
Don't forget there is the Scandal/How To Get Away With Murder crossover March 1!!!

3rd time's the charm?? <3 <3 :) if not i give up lol

Jay-Z angers servers by leaving less than 20% tip

Jay-Z was attacked by servers on Twitter for only leaving an $11k tip off a $80k tab, and not 20%, which is the norm.

source 1, 2
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Claire Foy is a single woman

  • She was married to actor Stephen Campbell Moore for 4 years

  • They have a two year old daughter

  • Apparently they have been seperated "for some time" and the split is amicable

  • Campbell Moore also recently revealed that in 2016 he had surgery to remove a brain tumour that was benign


ONTD are breakups ever really amicable?

Joss Whedon exits BATGIRL Movie

Whedon told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement:

“Batgirl is such an exciting project, and Warners/DC such collaborative and supportive partners, that it took me months to realize I really didn’t have a story.”

Sources say that Whedon, after a year of trying, could not crack the code of what a Batgirl movie should be.


Kim Cattrall’s on-screen beau Jason Lewis is team Sarah Jessica Parker

Actor Jason Lewis is Team SJP.

During a KTLA interview on Wednesday, the actor, who played Samantha Jones’ beau Smith Jerrod said:

“I would have to say that Sarah was always just so lovely and such a consummate professional.”“I think that people should remember their graciousness and the things that have been given to them.”And I’m going to stop there because I’ve got nothing good to say.”

When the newscasters asked him if he was saying he was Team SJP, he added:

“I might just have to say yeah. What a gracious lady. She was always so good to me.”

  • theemii

Black Panther Fixes Marvel's Most Annoying Flaws

There are a handful of common criticisms that apply to almost every film made by Marvel Studios, from unmemorable music, to ugly color grading, and generic villains. But Black Panther is different. In this video, I look at how the film solves a lot of Marvel’s most common storytelling problems, as well as some of the techniques Ryan Coogler uses to tell a story that resonates.


Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux 'Wanted to Have a Baby', Says Source

People is reporting that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Wanted to Start a Family Early in Relationship.

According to a new report in People, they did try to have kids.

An Aniston insider said:

"When Jen met Justin, she had almost given up on the idea that she would have kids." "They wanted to have a baby, but it didn't work out."

“She has been sad that it never happened, but it never consumed her.”


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Olivia Munn Did NOT Get Lip Injections

After debuting new look at the CFDA luncheon this past week and leaving many to discuss the work she's had one...Olivia Munn addressed the rumors she's had some work done.
She shared a video on insta stories, which wont embed but can be viewed at the source of her makeup artist DRAWING on her fuller lips using lip liner, and then took them off in the car to reveal they weren't injected.

Do you know how to enhance your features with makeup? tips?
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Cheryl Also Wants You To Use Your Voice For Something That Matters

Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini Payne attended the BRIT awards this past week with her baby daddy Liam Payne, but it was not a desperate stunt to prove they were together amid rumors of them being on the verge of a split. Nah it was just two people in love.
She hit back to you haters on twitter with a msg that says no one cares what u think and use ur voice for SOMETHING THAT MATTERS (that whisper queen inspo):