February 18th, 2018

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Merch News: Hasbro Drops Transformers & Picks Up Power Rangers + Everyone Pays Black Panther DUST

• Merely a minuscule selection of 'Black Panther' products are available, and mostly at indie retailers (listed at the source)
• The article notes that "you can buy Avengers sunscreen and Batman No More Tears shampoo at any Target or Walmart with ease" despite the quality of what those movies may be, yet the widely praised 'Black Panther' gets generic T-shirts and lackluster offerings.

"We've never been in a position where companies really cared about our opinions on marketing, let alone been the focus of said marketing attempts. They love our money and our culture, but only when it benefits them." — Raven Smith, CBR Author

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there is some drama in the toy business, man

Justin Timberlake’s Tour to gross $100 million + his new album suffers big sales decline

According to Arthur Fogel (president of global touring for Live Nation) over 700,000 tickets were sold for 50 shows in North America and 16 in Europe, grossing $100 million.

The middle-aged crackhead looking singer seems to be an unstopabble touring-force 20 years into his career.

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ontd, are any of y’all going to see him in concert? which is the least terrible best song on mayo of the woods?

heather graham on jimmy kimmel

she's here to promote her movie half magic that she wrote, directed and starred in

the movie is about bad dating experiences and harassment that she's experienced irl

had a lot of trouble getting it made because ppl kept telling her nobody wanted to hear stories about women

she has a group of friends that get to gether and make wishes and they jokingly call themselves witches in a coven

jimmy found an old headshot of her when she was a 80s bb

she used to have the rollerskates from boogie nights on display at her house but then felt weird about it


Kosovan ambassador Rita Ora celebrates a decade of the country's independence with crowd of 300,000

Yesterday, Ambassador Rita held a concert Prishtina, Kosovo on the ten year anniversary of the country's declaration of independence from Serbia. Since then, over 100 countries have recognized Kosovo's statehood. There were reportedly 300,000 people in the streets waiting to see Rita. The foreign policy advisor to the prime minister posted some photos of Rita's arrival and the crowd.

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'The Soup' is back!!! ...and a 'Community' reunion just happened!!!

The Soup... i mean, That Joel McHale show hosted by Joel McHale called 'The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale' just premiered on Netflix (*insert Netflix drums sound*). And the first episode mocked The Bachelor Winter Games, Netflix shows, Korean Soap Operas where people get hit by cars and Kunts.

Also a Community reunion just happened:

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ONTD, favorite 'The Soup' clips?
Keith Morrison
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How Patton Oswalt helped get his late wife's book published after her death

Michelle McNamara, a true crime writer, was found dead by her husband, comedian Patton Oswalt, on April 21 2016. At the time of her death she was in the middle of writing a book about the Golden State Killer, who had murdered at least 10 people and sexually assaulted at least 50 others. This story had become an obsession to McNamara, and Oswalt was determined to see the investigation she'd worked tirelessly on finished.

Oswalt recruited Billy Jensen, an investigative journalist, and Paul Haynes, a researcher who worked closely with McNamara, to use her handwritten notes and over 3500 computer files to complete the unfinished chapters of the book.

Several of McNamara's finished chapters remain in the book unchanged. The final section of the book includes details on what McNamara's next steps in her investigation would have been, especially about the DNA evidence she believes would crack the case wide open.

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d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

NCT Debut First of 6 Music Videos For Their Latest Comeback

NCT (Neo Culture Technology) is launching their 2018 project #Yearbook2018 which sees the group grow to 18 members. This is the first buzz track from the NCT-U unit. 5 more songs and music videos are on their way.


Are you a boss,ONTD? Have you accepted NCT's rollercoaster of a concept into your life?

Shirley Manson on life, death, Trump, #MeToo, Dolores O'Riordan, and the future of Garbage

-Was named the first NME Icon Award winner, but says she doesn't entirely believe in award shows: "One man’s meat is another man’s murder"
-Says it's good for young women in the industry to watch older women succeed
-Says the "step up" comment by the Grammys Recording Academy President was stupid, tone-dead, and "go fuck yourself, mate"
-Realized what the industry was when she got older, her family had kids, and felt empowered for herself
-Says she spews common sense on social media, even if the media picks it up as something controversial
-Cites Halsey for being outspoken and using the attention she gets for the good
-Her dream job is to work for the International Wildlife Fund
-Just started recording the next Garbage album; every time the band tries to do something different, it never happens

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5 Fictional Boybands from Television (ONTD Original)

Inspired by the #explosive debut of PRETTYMUCH ('10,000 Hours' out now on iTunes), let's take a look back on how television shows took inspiration from the phenomenon of boybands.

1. Oh Boyz (Kim Possible)

Oh Boyz were a short success. Fans have gotten over them and their manager was not happy with how expensive their demands on their rider was. They were kidnapped by Kim Possible's enemies Senior Senior Senior so he could pressure their label into making his son Junior a pop sensation. However, Oh Boyz' sales boosted once they were gone, and their manager had no real incentive into saving them.

Notable song(s): Hello Hello Hello, I Want It My Way, Quit Playing Games with My Head

2. Boyz 4 Now (Bob's Burger's)

Louise was very vocal about being anti-boyband until Tina takes her along to a Boyz 4 Now concert, where Louise begins her obsession with one of the members.

Notable song(s): I Love You So Much Its Scary, I Wanna Hear Your Secrets

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martiza ramos oitnb

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne to end relationship

- Due to Liam's success, Cheryl is left looking after their 11-month-old son Bear.
- Are having "crisis talks" after Liam returned from touring.
- They are ready to call it off.
- Sources say they're only together because of the child.

Luke bb

Snowboard champ Ester Ledecka SHOCKS THE WORLD by winning the Super G, a skiing event

- The 22 y/o Ester Ledecká of the Czech Republic is a snowboard specialist and the current snowboard parallel giant slalom world champion
the first athlete to compete in skiing and snowboarding events at the same olympics
- stuns the enite Super G olympic field, beats the Austrian Anna Veith by one-hundredth of a second

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Movie Poster Post

whistling lab

A Head Full of Ghosts finds its director

Osgood Perkins will be directing the adaptation of Paul Tremblay's horror novel A Head Full of Ghosts, which is about an American family who let a reality television production document their 14 year old daughter's demonic possession and exorcism. The novel is told through the perspective of Merry, 8 years old at the time of filming, now an adult and sharing her memories in an interview.

Perkins is also apparently rewriting the current script for A Head Full of Ghosts. His previously directed films were The Blackcoat’s Daughter and I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House.


Loved this book! Horror genre appreciate post?

Nelly Furtado is trending on a Sunday... because she is thick.

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The Killers take a photo with Shaq, perform during the 🏀 NBA All-Star Weekend + fan photos

The Killers performed last night outside the Staples Center for a free show for fans during the NBA All-Star Weekend (this OP was in attendence). The show lasted an hour and included hits like "The Man," "Human" and deep cuts like "The Way It Was" from 2012's 'Battle Born.' Charles Barkley was in the audience and during "The Way it Was" Brandon Flowers told Barkley: "Charles, I cleaned your golf clubs in Las Vegas, NV about 16 years ago! [Laughs] And you gave me $5 bucks. It was good. You could have given me $10 or $20. You gave me $5. [Laughs] But you said, you said 'Thank you little fellah' and I was happy about that. I carry that with me." Humble King! Check out photos from the performance and more below and behind the cut.

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ONTD, are you a good tipper?

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Veteran German Actress Hanna Schygulla Criticizes #MeToo

German actress Hanna Schygulla (The Marriage of Maria Braun, Lilli Marleen) is the latest prominent figure to push back against the #MeToo movement.

"When I started making films, Fassbinder [German director] slapped me in the face and said I had to take it. I know that there is a taboo about this kind of thing now. But there is a problem these days that people are touching each other less.”


True Crime Post: Is It Okay To Joke About Murder?

*Zac Efron shared a behind-the-scenes photo from his Ted Bundy movie, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile.


*Satire website The Onion has launched a true-crime parody podcast called A Very Fatal Murder.

*Is the true crime obsession bad for society?

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Daniel Radcliffe Is Sick of Talking About Rap


Daniel Radcliffe would like you to stop asking him about rap. Even though he joined Jimmy Kimmel in 2014 for an impromptu version of "Alphabet Aerobics" by Blackaclicious, the Harry Potter Swiss Army Man actor is sick of talking about it. He said:

"It’s embarrassing, ‘cause I have a very average knowledge of rap and hip hop. I’m into it, and I like it, but my actual knowledge is very, very—I mean, I grew up listening to punk and all that kind of stuff, so that’s the stuff that I know really well. But doing “Alphabet Aerobics” definitely caused people to think I was way more knowledgeable than I am."

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No word on whether he is still friends with racists.

Elijah reading
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ONTD Original: Love is in the Pages

Love cover

Goodreads is at the end of its romance week so I think the genre deserves its own post.

Whether it's for lacking plot and substance or involving weak and underdeveloped characters, romance books get a lot of flack. Somebody mentions the genre and people assume the worst about it. *cough*fiftyshades*cough*

I'm here to recommend the ones worth your time. The ones that are filled with all your favorite tropes, the ones that are masters of the slow-build, and the ones that are filled with angst and will frustrate you but you still love them at the end. The new adult, the contemporary, and the romcom books.

Let's get started, shall we?
[Who can resist a good romcom?]
Lauren Layne
She's into the romcoms. She loves the tropes. Whether it's exes who have to work together or life-long friends to more, she's got it handled.
She has a number of series that you could start off with but I'd recommend the Sex, Love, and Stiletto series as well as the Oxford series because it's a spin-off of the first.
Layne Yours
Irresistibly Yours
Hotshot sports editor Cole Sharpe has been freelancing for Oxford for years, so when he hears about a staff position opening up, he figures he’s got the inside track. Then his boss drops a bombshell: Cole has competition. Female competition, in the form of a fresh-faced tomboy who can hang with the dudes—and write circles around them, too. Cole usually likes his women flirty and curvy, but he takes a special interest in his skinny, sassy rival, if only to keep an eye on her. And soon, he can’t take his eyes off her.

Just One Night (#3 in the series)
Layne Night
Riley McKenna knows sex—good sex, bad sex, kinky sex…Her articles in Stiletto magazine are consistently the publication’s most scandalous—and the most read. But Riley has a secret…all that sexy talk? Not an ounce of it comes from personal experience. Her own bedroom escapades are more limited than even her best friends know. When her editor requests that all columnists write something more personal for Stiletto’s anniversary issue, Riley turns to the one man she’s always been able to count on and calls in the favor of a lifetime.

If Lauren Layne doesn't strike your fancy, that's okay! You could try this next author.

R.S. Grey
Another one who writes romcoms and loves the tropes. She has a number of series that you can pick and choose from as well.
Anything You Can Do
Grey Anything
Lucas Thatcher has always been my enemy. It’s been a decade since I’ve seen him, but our years on opposite coasts were less of a lasting peace and more of a temporary cease-fire. Now that we’re both back in our small town, I know Lucas expects the same old war, but I’ve changed since high school—and from the looks of it, so has he.
The arrogant boy who was my teenage rival is now a chiseled doctor armed with intimidating good looks. He is Lucas Thatcher 2.0, the new and improved version I’ll be competing with in the workplace instead of the schoolyard.

Scoring Wilder
Grey Wilder
With Olympic tryouts on the horizon, the last thing nineteen-year-old Kinsley Bryant needs to add to her plate is Liam Wilder. He's a professional soccer player, America's favorite bad-boy, and has all the qualities of a skilled panty-dropper. Not to mention Liam is strictly off limits. Forbidden. Her coaches have made that perfectly clear. But that just makes him all the more enticing…Besides, Kinsley's already counted the visible ones, and she is not one to leave a project unfinished.
Kinsley tries to play the game her way as they navigate through forbidden territory, but Liam is determined to teach her a whole new definition for the term “team bonding.”

Some other authors of note.

If you're a fan of reality TV and the drama behind it, try Dawn L. Chiletz's The Fabulist
Dawn Fabulist
After losing her job and her apartment, Samantha Wittaker takes a leap of faith when she tries out for The Fabulist, a new reality TV show promising a prize well worth the risk. Her sexy, tough as nails personality attracts more than just the attention of the producers. She also catches the eye of a couple of contestants as well as a hot, challenging cameraman.
The twists and turns of reality TV are like nothing she ever even imagined. Deception, danger, love and lust lurk at every turn.

Fake dating? Try The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory
Jasmine Date
Agreeing to go to a wedding with a guy she gets stuck with in an elevator is something Alexa Monroe wouldn't normally do. But there's something about Drew Nichols that's too hard to resist. On the eve of his ex's wedding festivities, Drew is minus a plus one. Until a power outage strands him with the perfect candidate for a fake girlfriend...
After Alexa and Drew have more fun than they ever thought possible, Drew has to fly back to Los Angeles and his job as a pediatric surgeon, and Alexa heads home to Berkeley, where she's the mayor's chief of staff. Too bad they can't stop thinking about the other...

Did you love The Hating Game by Sally Thorne? Or were you one of the ones caught up in the hype and wish it was more realistic? Try Christina Lauren's Dating You/Hating You!
Lauren Dating
Despite the odds against them from an embarrassing meet-awkward at a mutual friend’s Halloween party, Carter and Evie immediately hit it off. Even the realization that they’re both high-powered agents at competing firms in Hollywood isn’t enough to squash the fire.
But when their two agencies merge—causing the pair to vie for the same position—all bets are off. What could have been a beautiful, blossoming romance turns into an all-out war of sabotage. Carter and Evie are both thirtysomething professionals—so why can’t they act like it?

See Also: Alice Clayton, Emma Chase, and Jessica Park

[How about some YA romances?]
It's hard to find a YA romance that actually has a good story line and strong characters. These may fit the bill.
Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett (Really, I'd check out anything she writes at this point)
Jenn Alex
Classic movie fan Bailey “Mink” Rydell has spent months crushing on a witty film geek she only knows online as Alex. Two coasts separate the teens until Bailey moves in with her dad, who lives in the same California surfing town as her online crush.
Faced with doubts (what if he’s a creep in real life—or worse?), Bailey doesn’t tell Alex she’s moved to his hometown. Or that she’s landed a job at the local tourist-trap museum. Or that she’s being heckled daily by the irritatingly hot museum security guard, Porter Roth—a.k.a. her new archnemesis. But life is a whole lot messier than the movies, especially when Bailey discovers that tricky fine line between hate, love, and whatever it is she’s starting to feel for Porter.

Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway
Robin Emmy
Emmy’s best friend, Oliver, reappears after being kidnapped by his father ten years ago. Emmy hopes to pick up their relationship right where it left off. Are they destined to be together? Or has fate irreparably driven them apart?

The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You by Lily Anderson
lily worse
It's a modern adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing!
Trixie Watson has two very important goals for senior year: to finally save enough to buy the set of Doctor Who figurines at the local comic books store, and to place third in her class and knock Ben West--and his horrendous new mustache that he spent all summer growing--down to number four.
Trixie will do anything to get her name ranked over Ben's, including give up sleep and comic books--well, maybe not comic books--but definitely sleep. After all, the war of Watson v. West is as vicious as the Doctor v. Daleks and Browncoats v. Alliance combined, and it goes all the way back to the infamous monkey bars incident in the first grade. Over a decade later, it's time to declare a champion once and for all.

See Also: A Million Junes by Emily Henry and Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

[He ends up with him and she ends up with her]
Annoyed that this post only has M/F recs? Try Christina Lauren's Autoboyography
Lauren Auto
Three years ago, Tanner Scott’s family relocated from California to Utah, a move that nudged the bisexual teen temporarily back into the closet. Now, with one semester of high school to go, and no obstacles between him and out-of-state college freedom, Tanner plans to coast through his remaining classes and clear out of Utah.
But when his best friend Autumn dares him to take Provo High’s prestigious Seminar—where honor roll students diligently toil to draft a book in a semester—Tanner can’t resist going against his better judgment and having a go, if only to prove to Autumn how silly the whole thing is. Writing a book in four months sounds simple. Four months is an eternity.

Or Knit One, Girl Two by Shira Glassman (Note: This one is more fluffy and cute than steamy)
Shira Knit
Small-batch independent yarn dyer Clara Ziegler is eager to brainstorm new color combinations--if only she could come up with ideas she likes as much as last time! When she sees Danielle Solomon's paintings of Florida wildlife by chance at a neighborhood gallery, she finds her source of inspiration. Outspoken, passionate, and complicated, Danielle herself soon proves even more captivating than her artwork...

A&B by J.C. Lillis
Eighteen-year-old Barrie Krumholtz is a super-tall optimist hell-bent on a single goal: securing a slot on Pop University, a reality show for singer-songwriters helmed by her #1 musical idol. When she humiliates herself on national TV and loses a spot in the finals to smug balladeer Ava Alvarez, the door to Barrie’s well-hidden dark side swings open. Never a quitter, she uses her bitter envy of Ava to shape a bold new artistic direction, and people love it. But when Ava ropes her into a secret collaboration, it sparks feelings neither girl expected—feelings that might threaten their creative identities and distract them from their professional goals.
Can love and ambition live side by side? Is happiness an art-killer? They’ll figure it out with the help of a blue guitar named Fernando, a keyboard named Rosalinda, and a few new friends who feel like home.

See Also: The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee

[Where are the angsty romances?]
I got you covered.
Tarryn Fisher has written a trilogy called Love Me With Lies. These are not sympathetic characters. You'll straight up hate one of them but somehow, you'll still want to keep reading.
The Opportunist, Dirty Red, and The Thief
Tarryn OpportunistTarryn DirtyTarryn Thief
Olivia Kaspen has just discovered that her ex-boyfriend, Caleb Drake, has lost his memory. With an already lousy reputation for taking advantage of situations, Olivia must decide how far she is willing to go to get Caleb back. Wrestling to keep her true identity and their sordid past under wraps, Olivia’s greatest obstacle is Caleb’s wicked, new girlfriend; Leah Smith. It is a race to the finish as these two vipers engage in a vicious tug of war to possess a man who no longer remembers them. But, soon enough Olivia must face the consequences of her lies, and in the process discover that sometimes love falls short of redemption.

Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios
Heather romance
Grace wants out. Out of her house, where her stepfather wields fear like a weapon and her mother makes her scrub imaginary dirt off the floors. Out of her California town, too small to contain her big city dreams. Out of her life, and into the role of Parisian artist, New York director—anything but scared and alone.
Enter Gavin: charming, talented, adored. Controlling. Dangerous. When Grace and Gavin fall in love, Grace is sure it's too good to be true. She has no idea their relationship will become a prison she's unable to escape.
Deeply affecting and unflinchingly honest, this is a story about spiraling into darkness—and emerging into the light again

See Also: Krista Ritchie, Kylie Scott, and Atheists Who Kneel and Pray by Tarryn Fisher

[How about a few adaptations of the classic Pride and Prejudice?]
Boots and Backpacks by K.C. Kahler
Kahler Boots
Originally a fanfic but published since I read it.
In classic romantic comedy tradition, Boots & Backpacks follows our reluctant partners (William and Elizabeth) as they build trust, friendship, and even more. Six weeks together on America’s most famous hiking trail may turn out to be just what these two need!

All The Things I Know by Audrey Ryan
Ryan Know
All the Things I Know is a one-mistake-at-a-time retelling of Pride & Prejudice set against the backdrop of modern-day, techie Seattle. Full of wry observations, heartache, and life lessons, All the Things I Know shares the original's lessons of correcting ill-conceived first impressions and learning who you really are.

The Muse: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Jessica Evans
Muse evans
Elizabeth Bennet, the newest corps de ballet dancer at Ballet Theater of New York, dreams of rising through the prestigious company's ranks to become a prima ballerina. When she's cast in superstar choreographer William Darcy's newest work, she believes she's one step closer to realizing her dream-until she meets him.
William Darcy, the former dance legend and ballet bad boy, is a jaded perfectionist whom dancers both fear and admire. Although touted as the next big thing in the ballet world, he secretly battles a bad case of artist's block-until he meets Elizabeth Bennet.
Tempers ignite between Elizabeth and Darcy, but he's irresistibly drawn to the stubborn and beautiful corps de ballet dancer. Could she be the muse he needs to reignite his passion for ballet?

This one was also originally fanfiction and then reworked to be published. Personally, I find the original better but the published book is still great. You can't really go wrong with a ballet-inspired Pride and Prejudice fic. It will definitely give you Center Stage vibes.

(Side note: If you're really digging the ballet aspect, check out Katherine Locke's District Ballet Company series)

See Also: The Season by Jonah Lisa Dyer, Unleashing Mr. Darcy by Teri Wilson, and A Weekend With Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly

[Slow burns are the best burns]
Last but not least, the slow-build romance. This is a tough to get just right but Mariana Zapata might be the master at it. She writes long books but the build-up is usually worth the wait.
The Wall of Winnepeg and Me
Zapata Wall
Vanessa Mazur knows she's doing the right thing. She shouldn't feel bad for quitting. Being an assistant/housekeeper/fairy godmother to the top defensive end in the National Football Organization was always supposed to be temporary. She has plans and none of them include washing extra-large underwear longer than necessary. But when Aiden Graves shows up at her door wanting her to come back, she's beyond shocked.
For two years, the man known as The Wall of Winnipeg couldn't find it in him to tell her good morning or congratulate her on her birthday. Now? He's asking for the unthinkable.
What do you say to the man who is used to getting everything he wants?

And last but certainly not least, From Lukov With Love.
If you're in an Olympic mood, if you love figure skating, if you adore the hate-to-love trope, or The Cutting Edge then this needs to be your next read.
Zapata Lukov
From Lukov With Love
If someone were to ask Jasmine Santos to describe the last few years of her life with a single word, it would definitely be a four-letter one.
After seventeen years—and countless broken bones and broken promises—she knows her window to compete in figure skating is coming to a close.
But when the offer of a lifetime comes in from an arrogant idiot she’s spent the last decade dreaming about pushing in the way of a moving bus, Jasmine might have to reconsider everything.
Including Ivan Lukov.

See Also, everything else written by Mariana Zapata

This could go on but this is a good starting point. Romance doesn't get enough love.

Many thanks to readmymiind and simplyxkate for contributing recs for this post. Thanks to hjalmartazar for helping me format this beast and for the graphic!

Book post! Feel free to rec your favorite romances!

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Rebooted ReBoot: Guardian Code first look at Hexidecimal

-A first look at the beloved Hexadecimal has leaked from the planned ReBoot revival.

-Before you get to excited....a former Mainframe/Rainmaker employee has stated that the show doesn't look to good (which would make sense as to why we've waited so long for the show to premiere)

-The show will be a blend of live action and the world of ReBoot (kind of similar to Digimon) where real life teens go into the world of ReBoot to defend it.

-It seems that they will ignore ReBoot canon and the creators of the series were not invited back to partake in the new show.

-Rainmaker does not seem interested in making a continuation of the original series that left off on a cliffhanger.

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This is why we can't have nice things.

Bill Maher thinks #metoo Movement Ignores Grey Area

- Hollywood makes movies with problematic plots like 50 Shades. Since women go to see them, they must also like harassment in real life.

- Implies women are fine with harassing behavior as long as they like the guy.

- Calls out rules at Google and Facebook that only allow you to ask out a coworker once. Thinks they are stupid because people are complicated and change their minds.


Disney releases "Freaky Friday" remake teaser

Disney has released the teaser for "musical" remake of "Freaky Friday" which will air this summer.

Heidi lickenstaff will reprise her role of Katherine from the stage show and Cozi Zuehlsdorff will play Ellie in the comedic story that follows an overworked mother and her teenage daughter who magically swap bodies and begin a musical journey of self-discovery and empathy neither one could have ever imagined.

Also joining the cast is newcomer Ricky He as Ellie’s friend, Adam; and Alex Désert as Katherine’s fiancé, Mike. Disney Channel star Jason Maybaum will play Ellie’s little brother, Fletcher. Kahyun Kim has been cast as Torrey, Katherine’s high-strung business associate. Additional cast members include Dara R. Moss as Savannah, Jennifer LaPorte as Monica, Isaiah Lehtinen as Karl and Sarah Willey as Kitty.

source 1, 2

RHOA 10.14: Barcelona Breakdown (Promo)


LALATE is exclusively reporting cast overhaul is silently in the works, leaving many peach-holders uncertain about their future. Current peach holders may be contend their peaches are secure for next season, the network is thinking otherwise. New York is preparing to give aggressive ATL negotiators a shocker this March.

LALATE source
Erika Jayne

CBB US Day 8: The day Omarosa finally came into power

-Omarosa wins HOH

-Mark/Metta/Ross are put on slop for being the first 3 out of the HOH comp.

-Brandi admits that she voted to keep Shannon which pisses off her now former alliance members who want to get her out.

-Metta decides to join the House meeting in his underwear to show off his physique.

-Omarosa plots to get Ross out.

-Omarosa talks about working for Hillary being betrayed by her organization which lead her to work with Trump for revenge.

-Ross and Brandi are put on the block.

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chadwick boseman graces the cover of rolling stone


In the new feature, the 'Black Panther' star discusses the making of the film, Hollywood's double standard when it comes to identifying young black talent and more. "Some [black] actors will say, 'I don't want to play a character just because he's black,'" he tells us. "And that's great, I'm not saying they're wrong. But that's missing all the richness that's been whitewashed."

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Trump calls Oprah "insecure" and implies she's lying, wants her to run in 2020.

Tonight Mr. Alternative Facts, aka Trumplethinskin, took a break from desperately blaming Obama, Hillary, the FBI, and Democrats for the Russian 2016 election interference to call Oprah names on twitter after watching her 60 Minutes interview of a panel of Democrat and Republican voters.

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Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Mueller is coming for you tr*mp.

Rebecca Gayheart files for divorce from Eric Dane

Rebecca Gayheart has filed for divorce from Eric Dane after 14 years from marriage.
They have 2 daughters together.
Gayheart is asking for spousal support and joint custody of their daughters.
Last year Eric Dane revealed that he has been suffering from depression.


See the winners' speeches from tonight's BAFTA Film Awards, including 3 Billboards lot, actors, more

The BAFTA Twitter page put up the acceptance speeches from the top categories from tonight's BAFTAs, including acting winners Gary Oldman (lead actor), Frances McDormand (lead actress), Allison Janney (supporting actress), Sam Rockwell (supporting actor), and Daniel Kaluuya (rising star). Best picture and director were split, with 3 Billboards getting the top award, sigh, and Guillermo del Toro receiving the best director BAFTA for 'The Shape of Water'. Get ready for a boring as fuck Oscars in two weeks, people.

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All the videos come from the same source: https://twitter.com/BAFTA