February 16th, 2018

Robert Pattinson & Willem Dafoe to star in A24 horror film The Lighthouse + Pattinson joins The King

• The project will be written/directed by the 'The Witch' filmmaker, Robert Eggers.

• It's "set in the world of old sea-faring myths, taking place in Nova Scotia in the early 20th century and centering on an aging lighthouse keeper (Dafoe)."

• THR confirms that Pattinson will also join Timothée Chalamet in Netflix's The King (see post: https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/109524001.html), a drama about Henry V, directed by David Michôd and written by David Michôd & Joel Edgerton.

Source: THR Twitter
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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux have split

- they decided to make a joint statement to reduce speculation

- "This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year. We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship. Normally we would do this privately, but given that the gossip industry cannot resist an opportunity to speculate and invent, we wanted to convey the truth directly. Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else’s fictional narrative. Above all, we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love that we have for one another.

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31 (5) Books That Portray Love In A Realistic Way


1. This Love Story Will Self Destruct by Leslie Cohen

About: This is the classic tale of boy meets girl: Girl…goes home with someone else.

Meet Eve. She’s a dreamer, a feeler, a careening well of sensitivities who can’t quite keep her feet on the ground, or steer clear of trouble. She’s a laugher, a crier, a quirky and quick-witted bleeding-heart-worrier.

Meet Ben. He’s an engineer, an expert at leveling floors who likes order, structure, and straight lines. He doesn’t opine, he doesn’t ruminate, he doesn’t simmer until he boils over.

So naturally, when the two first cross paths, sparks don’t exactly fly. But then they meet again. And again. And then, finally, they find themselves with a deep yet fragile connection that will change the course of their relationship—possibly forever.

Follow Eve and Ben as they navigate their twenties on a winding journey through first jobs, first dates, and first breakups; through first reunions, first betrayals and, maybe, first love. This is When Harry Met Sally reimagined; a charming tale told from two unapologetically original points of view. With an acerbic edge and heartwarming humor, debut novelist Leslie Cohen takes us on a tour of what life looks like when it doesn’t go according to plan, and explores the complexity, chaos, and comedy in finding a relationship built to last.

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Book Post??

Trace Cyrus Releases New Song, 'Brenda'

Trace Cyrus, brother of Miley and singer of flop warped tour band Metro Station, released a new crappy song yesterday, 'Brenda', about his ex-girlfriend Brenda Song.

The two dated on and off for six years, and were engaged at one point. She has since been seen with Macaulay Culkin in recent months.


ONTD, can you not get over your ex?
Hermione holds Ron

Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Mahershala Ali, more confirmed to present at 2018 Oscars

It's that time of the year. The first batch of Oscars presenters have been announced, and of course include three of last year's acting winners, Viola Davis (presenting supporting actor), Emma Stone (presenting lead actor), and Mahershala Ali (presenting supporting actress). Note that best actor winner Casey Affleck will not be attending or presenting. The rest are listed above/below/everywhere.

-- Oscar winner Mahershala Ali
-- CinemaCon award winner Chadwick Boseman
-- Oscar winner Viola Davis
-- Oscar nominee Laura Dern
-- Golden Globe winner Jennifer Garner
-- Oscar nominee Greta Gerwig
-- New York Film Critics Circle Awards winner Tiffany Haddish
-- BAFTA winner Tom Holland
-- Oscar nominee Kumail Nanjiani
-- Oscar nominee Margot Robbie
-- Oscar winner Emma Stone
-- Palm Springs Film Festival winner Daniela Vega

Source: https://twitter.com/TheAcademy/status/964496373432422401

Katy Perry Catches Bouquet at Wedding, Jokes About Running From Love

Katy Perry was at her brother's wedding recently and she caught the bride's bouquet. Katy joked about it on a Valentine's Day Instagram post:


Could this mean that a wedding is in her future? With on/off bf Orlando? Hmmmm.

ONTD, what are your best/worst/hilarious/horrible wedding stories?

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Celebrities celebrate the Lunar New Year 2018

Our favourite young actors from Fresh Off the Boat, Hudson Yang, Forrest Wheeler, Ian Chen, went to Disneyland

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ONTD Roundup

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The Americans Season 6 promos

Best current show you people are sleeping on returns on March 28th and FX is giving us amazing promos!

Source 1
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Best Late 2010's Boyband PRETTYMUCH Anoint Each Other with Superlatives

Who's the messiest? Likely the latest? Or to be on their phone? Between members Brandon (glasses™/he should go solo™), Austin (blonde™/why is he there™), Zion (dreads™/seems like he's always high™), Nick (dancer™/high maintenance™) and Edwin (fashionisto™/problematic™), find out who is guilty of what!

Source: 1
Eleanor Chidi kiss

Lucy Davis is the new Hilda Spellman

British actress Lucy Davis will portray Hilda in Sabrina, described as motherly, warm, and and wicked. She's been brewing love potions for Sabrina's classmates.

Halle <3

Aaron Carter Can't Stop Talking About His Exes Pt. 37 - This Time He Brings Madelaine Petsch Into It

Aaron Carter wrote a song on his album about Riverdale's breakout star Madelaine Petsch, whom he dated during a clearly confusing time in young Mads' life.

According to Carter, Petsch has heard "Seattle Tide" -- which he wrote after bumping into her at an airport in Seattle after their breakup -- and instantly knew the song was about her when he played it for her "in person." And while the 23-year-old actress is now dating Travis Mill, Carter couldn't be happier for her. "I have not been watching [Riverdale], but I heard it's doing great. I'm very happy for her," Carter shared. "She's a very talented actress."

Further interview, where Aaron discusses his family and his album at the source:

I'm still trying to pretend this relationship never existed...


Why Is Everyone Picking on Justin Timberlake? Cuz it's what she deserves.gif

Mayo's willingness to let Janet Jackson go down with the 2004 "nipplegate" to his support of the Time's Up Movement while simultaneously starring in the Woody Allen directed film Wonder Wheel — Mayo's lack of "wokeness" exposed him as a dumbfuck that he truly is, in an era where music fans prefer their stars to come with a social responsibility. Janet Jackson told Oprah Winfrey that she felt Mayo, didn't adequately come to her defense. “I think that America's harsher on women. And I think that America is, you know, unfairly harsh on ethnic people.” Mayo's delayed reaction is both ironic and infuriating when you consider that Black artistry is the single most important pillar that has upheld his solo career, help from Nu Black Pharrell Williams & Timbaland aka neck rolls. Mayo has been noticeably hands-off about race related issues as well, like #BlackLivesMatter, Sandra Bland, Eric Garnerwhich have dominated the media in recent years. Mayo done and fucked up when he made a now deleted #AllLivesMatter tweet. Mayo's first try at righting his wrongs since the incident was a very intentionally "woke" video for one of his various flop singles “Supplies” which shows news clips of the #MeToo movement, the Muslim ban and police brutality. It was a cheap ploy to fit in with the times and remain relevant. Dylan Farrow, Woody Allen's stepdaughter who has repeatedly accused him of sexual assault called Mayo out saying, "“I struggle with how a powerful force like Mayo can claim to be in awe of the strength of women and stand with them at this #MeToo moment and then in the next breath say that working with Woody Allen is a ‘dream come true.'"Timberlake’s seemingly mild brand of white ignorance is perhaps the most dangerous kind. Mayo mocked Prince's height at the 2007 Golden Globes and again when he tried to mimic Rihanna's mom's accent at the 2013 American Music Awards. Social media platforms, the general public and relevant celerity gossip sites like ONTD sites have not let Mayo pass to the left, or sail to the right this time around. Mayo's SuperBowl Halftime show made history for being the lowest viewed show in over a decade and his album tanked. The general public and the kid who took a selfie with mayo at the superbowl who didn't know who he was are all wondering the samething? "Mayo WYD?"

source= https://twitter.com/RollingStone/status/964228333138477063

Fans yell FUCK YOU MARILYN MANSON and he abruptly leaves the stage due to a reported meltdown.

Manson was performing in Huntington, New York on Thursday night. Manson went on as planned and suddenly started delivering “incoherent rants” isn't that his music?during onstage “meltdown” and leaves the stage while fans yell obscenities at him.

source= https://twitter.com/NME/status/964561818613055489
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Pop Princess LIZ Interviews with L'ART Magazine

- Explains why she released a double single
- Cites Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, and Janet Jackson as inspirations
- Names Rina Sawayama as one of her artists at the moment
- Advises female and male artists in the music industry to not take 'no' as an answer and to love and respect oneself
- Teases more double singles to be released in this year, and like with Cross Your Heart mixtape and Queen of Me/Could U Love Me, they will come with an editorial visual accompanying with the music

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janelle monae

Angelina Jolie - ELLE cover and story to bring awareness to International Women’s Day

Conversation between Angelina Jolie and John Kerry.

John Kerry: I hope readers understand how important their individual voices are.

Angelina Jolie: And that they feel their voices are being heard. I tell my daughters, “What sets you apart is what you are willing to do for others. Anyone can put on a dress and makeup. It’s your mind that will define you. Find out who you are, what you think, and what you stand for. And fight for others to have those same freedoms. A life of service is worth living.”

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Jamie Lee Curtis Finishes Filming For New Halloween Movie

- Jamie Lee Curtis refers to the new Halloween film as "astonishingly scary"
- The film itself is almost wrapped on filming
- Will be released October 19, 2018

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PoA - trio backs

'Three Billboards', Saoirse Ronan, GOT, more win at this year's Irish Film and TV Awards

This year's winners for the Irish Film and TV Awards were announced, and included 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri', directed/written by British filmmaker Martin McDonagh, as well as Ireland's own Saoirse Ronan for 'Lady Bird'. Full list of winners below, including Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders for the TV side.

-- Best Film -- Michael Inside
-- Best International Film -- Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
-- Best Actress: Film -- Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird
-- Best Actor: Film -- John Connors, Cardboard Gangsters
-- Best Supporting Actor: Film -- Barry Keoghan, The Killing of a Sacred Deer
-- Best Supporting Actress: Film -- Victoria Smurfit, The Lears
-- Best International Actress -- Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
-- Best International Actor -- Ethan Hawke, Maudie
-- Best Director: Film -- Aisling Walsh, Maudie

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Source: https://twitter.com/Variety/status/964457930727788544
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Celebs react to Mueller's 13 indictments to Russian nationals

Today, the Special counsel’s office charged 13 Russian nationals, 3 Russian entities with interfering in US political process. (INDICTMENT)

Understanding what this is?

- A federal grand jury has indicted 13 Russians and three Russian entities in connection with the attack on the 2016 presidential election.
- Those indicted are "accused of violating U.S. criminal laws in order to interfere with U.S. elections and political processes," and the indictment charges them with "conspiracy to defraud the United States, three defendants with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud, and five defendants with aggravated identity theft."
- Internet Research Agency which is part of an active measures campaign to destabilize the United States. If you've heard of the Kremlin troll-farm, that's them.
- They even traveled to the United States and worked with individuals who might not even know of them. To sow the fields with disinformation and they had a monthly budget of a $1 million dollars.

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Gugu Mbatha-Raw joins Twitter and Instagram

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Spice Girls Say You'll Be There


Contrary to speculation or leaks from Simon Fuller, The Spice Girls have not signed touring contracts as previously reported. Posh Spice rebuked the tour rumors and said "No Shit, Sherlock, were not touring", at New York Fashion Week this past Monday. Fans and news outlets didn't believe Posh as headlines boldly stated the girls were reported to earn a shit load of guap from reunion endeavors that included a tour and other stupid shit Simon Fuller had in store for them.

source= https://twitter.com/Daily_Express/status/964606310691037186

who can we blame for this? vicky or mel c
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Slate asks 'Does drag race have a race problem?'

*Describes Tyra Sanchez talking about how, while only existing as her authentic self, Latrice rose to a fan favorite because white people see her as a motherly, non threatening figure as opposed to queens like Shea or Nina

* Mentions how Nina Bonina Brown was glad that DR fans are being sympathetic to Thorgy's paranoia because 'Y'all let my black ass have it'

* References Katya pointing out how unfair Kennedy was treated vs. someone like Acid Betty.


ONTD do you think the drag race fandom has issues with how they treat non white queens they don't want to sleep with or are you content to pretend it doesn't?
Viola Davis - Popcorn/Snowing

Come thru, Becky G! New music with David Guetta & Sean Paul, 1 billion views, and 'Selena' Festival

Becky G

Latin superstar, Becky G has put up a lot this past year, but she ain't slowing down! She continues to hustle her way through the charts, earning her first #1 Latin Airplay single on Billboard, and becoming the first young female singer (age 20) to receive 1 BILLION views on Youtube (Feb 8) for her spanish song "Mayores".

New Music! 'Mad Love' with David Guetta & Sean Paul

Becky G teams up with David Guetta and Sean Paul for another hit, 'Mad Love'. Below is the lyric video for the new single.

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Source: YouTube | Headline Planet - Article 1 / Article 2 | YouTube | Fiesta De La Flor | Youtube | YouTube

OP is still waiting for her full length album... drop Dr.Luke, Becky... just do it.
Please just leak 'Move it' already!!
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Promo Stills for Riverdale 2x14 - The Hills Have Eyes and More

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A WEEKEND ESCAPE AT THE LAKE HOUSE – When Hiram suggests that Veronica and Archie head up to their lake house for the weekend, Veronica decides to invite Betty and Jughead to join them (probably for a couples retreat). Determined to uncover Hiram’s plans for Riverdale, Jughead uses his time at the lake house to press Veronica about what she may know. Hot tub hijinx happens somewhere in there.

Back in Riverdale, Cheryl makes a surprising connection with Toni an unlikely friend, while Josie lands in hot water after she most likely tells Kevin about their parents fucking each other.

Skeet Ulrich also stars.

Directed by David Katzenberg and written by Ross Maxwell. Airs March 7 in the US and March 8 for international Netflix subscribers

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this is like the first time every series regular teen has actually been mentioned in the synopsis, lol

Release Dates Set for Colette, Papillon, Beautiful Boy & More

Collapse )Bleecker Street set release dates for a number of upcoming films:

  • Beirut (Jon Hamm, Rosamund Pike) will be released nationwide April 11th, up from April 13th

  • On Chesil Beach (Saoirse Ronan) will be in limited release starting May 18th

  • Leave No Trace (Ben Foster) will be in limited release starting June 29th

  • Papillon (Rami Malek, Charlie Hunnum) will be released nationwide on August 24th

  • Colette (Keira Knightley) will be in limited release starting September 21st

  • What They Had (Hilary Swank, Michael Shannon) will be in limited release starting October 12th

Amazon Studios set the release date for Beautiful Boy (Steve Carell, Timothée Chalamet), which will also start as a limited release on October 12th.

Source 1, 2

What upcoming releases are you looking forward to, ONTD? Do we have some sort of release date tag that I am not seeing?

'Black Panther': Fans Around the Country Dress for Opening Night

Fans of the heavily anticipated “Black Panther” movie went all out for Thursday night preview showings.
From traditional African clothing to character costumes. There were some costumes from the 1988 Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America, too. 

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Sources : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Cat - SOS
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Jazz Jennings undergoes life regression therapy. "She just wants to be accepted"

Jazz, 17, participated in past life regression therapy (a form of hypnosis and attendant talk therapy that essentially suggests that we carry evidence of our past lives into our current one), and it made her tear up from the negative feeling.

- Says she was a gay man named Cal, is homeless because his family kicked him out after finding out about his sexuality.
- He died alone because nobody accepted him.
- Towards the end of therapy, she says "he's hungry to be accepted", the therapist asks her what she's hungry for, she chokes back a sob and says " she's still hungry to be accepted".

Idek. She's been having some problems lately, she doesn't want to go to school anymore and doesn't seem so sure about getting bottom surgery anymore. I just feel bad for her.

Viola Davis - OSCAR

Sofia Reyes - 1, 2, 3 (feat. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto) - Music Video

Latina singer, Sofia Reyes is trying again for that english crossover. Her most famous hit is 'Llegaste Tu'. This time she teamed up with Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto for this Spanglish hit, '1,2,3'.


American Idol alum Danny Gokey signs with Capital Christian Music Group

Who knew placing 3rd on American Idol Season 8 would be so prosperous?

-After his album Rise earned him a Grammy nomination, he started prepping for work with his new label
-Currently on tour with TobyMac's Hit Deep tour
-Capitol is happy to have him; says his music fills listeners with hope and compassion

Never forget:

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ONTD_AI rollcall?

The Shocking Abuse Allegations Against Michael Fassbender

The domestic abuse allegedly occurred in 2009.
The 2010 report landed right before Fassbender’s mainstream success, it came after Inglourious Basterds—and was promptly ignored and seemingly forgotten.

Fassbender has never commented on the accusations. These allegations did not negatively affect Fassbender’s career. He has never been asked to comment on his own past.
Fassbender was alleged to have dragged his former girlfriend Sunawin “Leasi” Andrews, alongside a car and broke her nose.

The allegation has now resurfaced in the era of #MeToo and Time’s Up, with The Daily Beast obtaining the petition Andrews filed in court against Fassbender.

Andrews filed a restraining order in 2010, requesting Fassbender stay away from her and her two children.
She also sought $24,000 to pay for medical bills that were the result of the injuries she says she suffered after Fassbender abused her on multiple occasions.


Courtney Love on the return of grunge and glamour

The queen of 90s grunge took some time to share her thoughts on the return of grunge and glamour:

-Says grunge has returned because people are looking for comfort and are nostalgic for a better era than present day's

-Her slip dress became her signature look partly because she grew up in a gender-neutral household, and because she could only afford them from thrift stores

-In 1992, Marc Jacobs did a grunge line for Perry Ellis which was panned by everyone, so she threw out all her items from that collection - she regrets that now

-Was paid to attend a Versace fashion show in 1996 but didn't want to "sell out" by going, so she gave the money to a friend to open a bakery

-Says Frances doesn't borrow her clothes because they are different sizes (Frances is "very tiny")

-Her all-time favourite dress is from Galliano's homeless collection in 2000 - Joan Rivers laughed in her face about it, so she told her she was going to strangle her

-Will be wearing something body-conscious and not too wacky to this year's Oscars

federer - animated

Roger Federer reclaims #1 ranking

- Federer first became #1 14 years ago
- Was last #1 over 5 years ago
- Holds the record for the longest stretch between #1 rankings and since first becoming #1
- A year ago Serena Williams was the oldest #1 by claiming the #1 ranking on the WTA side
- All the players in the rest top 10 when Roger first held the #1 ranking have since retired

Source, Source, Source

Legit when his knee buckled and he went down at Wimbledon 2016 I never ever thought I'd see this. Even if it's literally for 2 weeks before Nadal takes it back, I don't care.
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kendrick lamar’s label to host free ‘black panther’ screenings for kids

+ Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) in
partnership with Interscope Records will host free “Black Panther” screenings for the youth of the Watts neighborhood in South Los Angeles.
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CBB US Day 7: Did you sleep with Trump? + Eviction!

-Ari informs James that he is safe.

-Shannon still doesn't understand how she is seen as the most dangerous player in the game and the biggest super fan and is upset that they keep ignoring Marissa/Omarosa/Ross. She breaks down since everyone is against her and wishes she could self-evict.

-Brandi asks Omarosa if she ever slept with Trump and reveals that she's heard other former Apprentice women have slept with him.

-Marissa turns into ONTD and lusts after James as he strips to take a shower.

-World Peace continues his relationship with the stuffed animal and finds out the Owl is a guy. No word on if the relationship will continue.

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ONTD Original: Oscar Snubs & Surprises

Nominations are everything in Hollywood. Nominations mean much more than they appear. Some nominations are bullshit (Casey Affleck, Emma Stone, Armie Hammer, Jared Leto, Linda Hunt, How Green Was My Valley, and Memoirs of a Geisha anyone?) while some are well deserved. However, quite often there are the films and actors that we believe should have been nominated, but were not, for whatever reason or another. Here are some surprising snubs.

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Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4

What would you nominate for an Academy Award?

Rita's album is delayed again + she ties 30 year old record for most top 10 songs by a British woman

After announcing in June that her third attempt at a second album would be released in November of 2017, and then announcing that the album would be released in early 2018 ,and then announcing that the album would be released in March, it appears the album has pushed back again. Rita did an interview and said her album will be released "probably after March".
With "For You" rising to number eight on the UK charts this week, it became Rita's 12th top ten single. She now ties Shirley Bassey and Petula Clark's thirty year old record for the most top ten singles by a British female artist on the British music chart. Rita celebrated by posting photos of herself.
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