February 3rd, 2018

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Celebrities, They're Just Like Us: Jessica Chastain Shocked by Emojis Differing Across Platforms

While praising the film Lady Bird, Jessica Chastain noted that she'd lost her virginity to a Dave Matthew's song and used an emoji that she believed would express shock at the parallels between the film and her life. But then a friend forwarded her what the emoji looked like to them, and she was taken aback that the change in emojis made it look like she was salivating at the coincidence.

She's a bit embarrassed but taking it in stride
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has your message ever been altered because of emojis differing across phones/platforms?

The state of the Oscar race with Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair's awards podcast "Little Gold Men" offered insight into this year's Oscar race. They also shared BTS gossip about the financial state of the various campaigns.

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What do you want to win Best Picture?
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Anonymous Oscar Voters Weigh in on Three Billboards Backlash

Three Billboards seems like the frontrunner of this awards season, but there's been some pushback in regards to Sam Rockwell's character and how breezily/sloppily race is handled in the film, equating it to being this year's Crash. One of the most critical RT'd pieces was from the New York Times which prompted a defensive response from Neil Patrick Harris

Director McDonagh has defended his writing decisions regarding that character in an interview with the BBC, “He’s definitely a racist and a bully, but I wouldn’t say he’s treated sympathetically. I was trying to see the hope in all these people, so if you’re saying that’s treating a character sympathetically, to a degree that is. But the point of the film, and the thing I hope people come away with, is the possibility of change in people.”

But what do some random unidentified AMPAS members think?

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Lady Gaga Cancels Joanne World Tour

-Lady Gaga announces the cancellation of her Joanne world tour. She was supposed to tour Europe and end in Germany.
-She is very ill and her doctors have recommended her to cancel the show and rest.
-Many fans are upset because she had already rescheduled these shows before so they had to spend money on hotels and flights twice.



Watch All of Reba McEntire’s KFC Ads as the First Female Colonel Sanders

• As preciously reported, Music’s Ultimate Survivor Reba McEntire, is the first Female Colonel Sanders. Now watch the first four ads featuring the Country Queen.

Reba on being asked to be the Colonel: “Absolutely I want to do that. Who wouldn’t want to be the first female Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel? It feels very good, and my goatee tickles a little bit … and my mustache. But I am a pretty good looking gray-haired man.”

• Reba will appear in the KFC ads until the end of April.

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she👏did👏THAT.👏 Popeyes is SHOOK!

ONTD, which establishment serves the best chicken?

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Rose McGowan’s heckler: “We get murdered because we decided to slay the street in a tight dress”

Andi Dier, the trans woman who heckled Rose McGowan during her book tour, was interviewed following the incident.

She says that trans women face the same sort of violence that cis women face, only “statistically more.”

Andi says that Rose McGowan doesn’t have to worry about getting followed home anymore since she has a security detail and her privilege to protect her.

Andi Dier, who also heckled Bernie Sanders over trans rights back in 2015, says that people are ignoring a “genocide” on their own soil, describing it as the next AIDS crisis.

Source: Twitter
Tebow: T-Mobile Commercial #1

Grab Your Pitchforks: JT's Super Bowl Halftime Show to Feature Hologram Prince

  • TMZ obtained about a minute of various rehersal footage in the last 24 hours of Justin's halftime show.

  • Songs heard being sang: "Rock Your Body", "Cry Me a River" and "Can't Stop the Feeling" is the finale

  • No NSYNC or Janet Jackson

  • He does have one special guest planned: a hologram of Prince performing



Brandon Flowers is looking like a casual and tasty snack 🍫, interview with LV ReviewJournal

The Killers performed live for listeners at the alt987 lounge. Photos from that performance were shared online and BFlow is looking like quite the tasty snack.

Flowers on new song "The Calling": “I said something about light, and he [Mark Stoermer] had just been looking at a painting by Caravaggio called ‘The Calling of Saint Matthew,’ ” where Jesus is pointing at Matthew and there’s a light shining on him. We looked at that picture and we wrote that song around it.”

On why BFlow chose Woody Harrelson to open the song: "He just sounds a lot cooler reading these passages out of the New Testament than any of us did,” Flowers notes — where Jesus explains why he’d dine with a tax collector like Matthew and invite him to be a follower."

On being one of the last rock bands still standing today: “It’s a little scary out there,” the 36-year-old Flowers acknowledges. “We’ve definitely got one foot in the fundamental, rock and roll, arena band world, but then I also believe that we have a foot in the future. I think we’re combining these two worlds and people seem to appreciate it. There are tried-and-true things about showmanship and about performance that I’m a student of, and we apply those. And then we’re also aware of what’s going on, and we’re trying to move forward. Having a little dash of Las Vegas on top of that never hurt anybody, either."

tasty bflow.

ONTD, what songs should The Killers perform if they were ever chosen for the SuperBowl?

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Pink performs pre-Super Bowl concert despite flu, at least four players may also have it

- Pink, who is supposed to sing the national anthem Sunday, put on a show in Minneapolis after warning the crowd that she had the flu because her kids “cough into my mouth and I can’t stop them ’cause they’re so cute.” She managed her usual stunts and a cover of “What’s Up?”, but had to abandon an attempt at one of her new songs.

- In the past few days, the Eagles’ Mychal Kendricks, Tim Jernigan, and Ronald Darby were also said to be battling the flu, and the Patriots’ Malcolm Butler was hospitalized with flu-like symptoms. The players think they brought the flu from home on the East Coast, where the flu season has yet to peak.

- Flu hospitalization rates are the highest they’ve been this early since the CDC started tracking them in 2005, and historically there’s a post-Super Bowl spike in flu cases in the contending cities. Ahead of Super Bowl parties, health officials are reminding people to cover their mouths, wash their hands, don’t double dip, stay home if sick, and generally do the opposite of what Pink did.

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Have you had the flu this year? Are you going to a Super Bowl party? Would you rather hear a 4 Non-Blondes cover than the national anthem?

How Alice in Chains turned an unfortunate situation into Jar of Flies; announce European tour dates

In 1993, Alice in Chains was touring, having 5 radio singles, and co-headlining Lollapalooza. But when they got home, they found out they had been evicted, were low on cash, and had no place to stay. They moved into Seattle's London Bridge Studios and ended up making an album.

-Layne Staley said they never planned to make an album from the music they made, but the studio heard it and loved it
-Jerry Cantrell hadn't written any songs and only had one jangly chorus, which turned into No Excuses
-Nutshell turned into the biggest fan fave and it wasn't even released commercially!
-The album title came from an experiment Cantrell did as a kid with 2 jars of flies. He overfed one jar and underfed the other. The underfed flies survived and these findings had a huge impact on Jerry.

In more recent news, the band just announced they will be touring Europe this summer. They are already touring Canada/U.S. this spring.

Source / Source 2

Placebo's Brian Molko reflects back on the band's career

-Reflects on the band's 23-year history, how they didn't mind scorn from the press, and embraced the rock-n-roll lifestyle as a rite of passage
-The band's motivation was to never get an office job but still make money for food/rent
-Their heroes were Lou Reed, Marc Bolan, and David Bowie for their androgyny and sexuality in the 1970s; the band faced "prudish attitudes of the bourgeois"

“I wanted to challenge the homophobia that I was witnessing in the music scene” says Molko. “I wanted anybody who was slightly homophobic to show up at our gigs and think 'Oh, I really fancy the singer. She's hot!' only to find out later that the singer was called Brian, which would hopefully lead them to go home and ask themselves a few questions."

-Says for their current tour, A Place for Us to Dream – 20 Years of Placebo, there were a lot of songs they wanted to play that meant a lot to them and weren't necessarily the hits, otherwise it's a mechanical act with no emotional connection
-He's currently writing songs for an 8th album and says the current political climate is very inspiring

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Uma Thurman breaks her silence on Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino

  • She has complicated feelings about Weinstein because so many other women were assualted by him after she was and she blames herself for being part of the coverup

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JFC poor Uma.

The Reviews are In: Critics throw Timberlake's "Man of the Woods" into the wood chipper

Randall Timberlake's latest lumberjack attempt of an album, Lost Jar of Mayo in the Woods, is out and the reviews are in and they are scathing. Just hours after the coasters' release and before Timberlake is set to take the stage (and hopefully not fall, fingers crossed), reviewers and online users alike are not holding back about music's biggest misstep so far this year.

Pitchfork gave it a 3.8 out of 10 and says: "It’s remarkable how few ideas are contained within this hour-plus Blue Ridge Mountains mood board of an album. Man of the Woods is a misstep large enough to merit relitigating Justin Timberlake’s status as a pop superstar. How much of his career should we chalk up to fortune, privilege, and an essential malleability? Too much of Man of the Woods is musically and thematically shallow; at 66 minutes, it’s a mile wide and an inch deep. There’s a point midway through the album—right around the threadbare-shirt hymnal “Flannel”—where you realize “modern Americana with 808s” wasn’t just a cute tagline: That’s really the whole idea, and it quickly wears thin."

Esquire: "To say the least—and this is coming from a Justin Timberlake fan, mind you—Man of the Woods is a mess. It’s disappointing. It’s kind of embarrassing. I want to say it’s well-intentioned, but it comes across like Timberlake just didn’t read the room on this one. Specifically, “Flannel” is so poorly-timed that you can’t help but think it was intentional pandering to red states or worse. But isn’t that the most perfectly 2018 thing to happen to Justin Timberlake? Maybe we can give him the benefit of the doubt and bury this album somewhere in the woods, along with this uncomfortable diversion in his career."

The Los Angeles Times: "As clever as the production can be, "Man of the Woods" contains Timberlake's least convincing singing; in song after song, there's a glazed-over quality to his vocals that defeats the idea that he's drawing from some raw-water reservoir of cherished down-home memories. And his lyrics are even worse, with flimsy clichés about country life — "Breeze Off the Pond" rhymes that phrase with "trees on the lawn" — and no shortage of condescension to those well-meaning simpletons struggling out in the heartland."

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Shawn Mendes Caught Cheating on Hailey w/ Camila?

Allegedly heterosexual Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were caught cozying up and holding hands while eating artichoke pizza in NY at some pre Grammy gala thing.

Later that day, Hailey dissed an article mentioning Camila and other Guess "models", before deleting it.


maybe she's mad her contract expired? #timesup

Jane The Virgin 4x10 Extended Promo "Chapter Seventy-Four"

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) try to be friends which works great until Jane goes on a date. Petra (Yael Grobglas) and Jane’s new partnership is off to a rocky start, but they both know they have to find a way to work together somehow. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is convinced he has Male Post-Partum Depression, which puts him at odds with with celebrity Post-Partum Advocate River Fields (guest star Brooke Shields). Meanwhile, Alba (Ivonne Coll) finally tells Jane why she turned down the marriage proposal, leaving Jane to help Alba in the romance department.

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"In defense of Woody Allen" - an opinion piece by Hadley Freeman

- summary: "he was never convicted! this is too complex and not for the public to decide!! his fascination with young women does not equal pedophilia!!!"
- says moderation isn't cool nowadays, both political (lmao, i guess she must be a friend of JK "terrorists on the right & left" Rowling) and moral
- mentions the "shape-shifting quality of the Woody Allen saga", says it's bizarre that Colin Firth had a change of heart now bc he was 32 in 1992 and able to read newspapers, but "understandable" in Chalamet's case bc he was only born in 95 (i feel like there's a condescending 'young & impressionable' subtext here, but maybe that's me)
- selectively "re-establishes some truths about the original case"; again, it's all very complex!!!
- says Manhattan is eyeroll-worthy but come on you guys, that's hardly pedophilia!!!
- makes the disingenous, emotionally manipulative argument that #MeToo emerged bc women had lost faith in the justice system & too many victims had been silenced, and then implying that we're not exactly being just now either since "condemnation needs to have real value"
- "Justice is not 'Believe all women', as I’ve seen many people claim; it is 'Listen to all women'"


Justin Timberlake album is NOT selling like a Justin Timberlake album!

After moving 968,000 copies in a week of his last album, many were wondering if Justin Timberlake could hit a million with his much hyped new record, "Man Of The Woods!" NOT happening ... Not even close.

Despite huge Super Bowl buzz, Timberlake's poorly reviewed return to music is on track for sales between 300,000 and 350,000, according to early sales reads from Hits Daily Double.
SOURCE http://m.hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=310380
Cardi B pic
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Bruno Mars and Cardi B Announce Tour

After rightfully and deservely sweeping the Grammys, PoC King Bruno Mars announced a joint tour with none other than the queen of New York City herself Cardi B. It will be the last leg of his current 24K Magic Tour and will visit Boston, Newark, among other cities. See the cities below

Tickets go on sale Feb 16

Are you still pretending Humble deserved the Grammy instead of Bodak Yellow, ontd?

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Rapist Roman Polanski will be a character in Quentin Tarantino's Manson murder movie

  • Quentin Tarantino is looking for a Polish actor to play the famous director/actor who was arrested and charged for raping a child in 1977

  • Polanski was married to actress Sharon Tate who was murdered by members of the Manson family while 8 1/2 months pregnant with their first child

  • Tate's death and the movie take place in the late 1960s and thus will not cover any of Polanski's rape accusations which all date from the 1970s and 1980s

  • Sony and Tarantino plan to release the film to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Tate's death

  • Margot Robbie and Leonardo Di Caprio are rumoured to be in the film


Twitter users rally to create trending hashtag #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay for Super Bowl Sunday

In commemoration of the blacklisting Janet Jackson received after Justin Timberlake exposed her nipple to the world in 2004, over 1000 people have RT above to honour Ms Jackson after Timberlake threw her under the bus to further his own career.

will you be helping #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay go viral?

Animal Planet to Showcase Senior Dogs in First Ever Dog Bowl Tonight

For the first time ever, Animal Planet will showcase older adoptable dogs in need of forever homes in the Dog Bowl. Puppy Bowl XIV will air tomorrow, as usual, but tune in tonight at 8 PM EST to see older dogs take the field.

People Magazine spoke to producer Jill Rappaport, herself a rescuer of four senior dogs and a middle-aged dog, about the show:

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The show will also feature instagram celebrities, but don’t worry — none of them are going to sell you diarrhea tea or gummies for your hair. They’re all insta stars of the four legged variety.

Check out a slideshow of all 50 doggies at Animal Planet. Who are you rooting for as Most Valuable Pooch?? My money is on Dolly, the great pyrenees mix, because she looks like she has a secret.


Karni Sena, the militant Rajput group which rioted to prevent Padmavat release, now praise the movie

ONTD members who frequent the Bollywood tag will be aware of the months-long drama unfolding in India over the movie, Padmavat/i directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, which has resulted in arson, large-scale rioting, destruction of public and private property, terrorizing and attacking school children, petrol bombing theatres, and basically bringing life to a stand-still in many Northern Indian states, some of which have banned the movie. Karni Sena, the militant Rajput organization which had been spearheading the protests because of the supposed defamation of Rani Padmini (who is an imaginary character), has now retracted their stand, praising the movie for showcasing Rajput valour. From the movie it is clear that its politics of representation is an extremely regressive one- Rajputs, an extremely oppressive dominant caste which is a mainstay in right-wing Hindu politics, are glorified in every second dialogue, while Khilji is portrayed through an Islamophobic and biphobic/homophobic perspective. Under the current right-wing Hindu regime, the artistic choice to engage in both of these things (valorizing Rajputs and demonizing Muslims) cannot be seen as an innocent one. Moreover some feminists (including actress Swara Bhasker) have argued that the ending glorifies Jauhar, a practice in which Rajput women voluntarily or more often unvoluntarily commit suicide by self-immolation when their husbands were defeated in battle. The climatic scene of the movie shows a pregnant woman and a child among those who commit jauhar (For more details about what is wrong with the movie, see this excellent post by setara_nosheen). Clearly all of this has satisfied the organization which has promised that it will help release the movie in the states in which it has been banned. It wants all Rajputs to see their glory represented on screen.

Earlier in January 2016, activists from this organization assaulted the director and vandalized the sets of the movie. The organization had also issued death threats to Deepika Padukone and Bhansali recently.

Source for the news. Text by OP.

Nothing in India is as it appears. Karni Sena used the protests to raise their profile and Bhansali has a hit in his hands. Only the public lost out thanks to the violence and destruction. Shame on Bhansali for making a terrible movie glorifying one of the most violent and regressive communities in India, while demonizing Muslims! At least Ranveer and Jim Sarbh are hot? Wish the movie was about their relationship tbh!

Pete Doherty and The Libertines want you to help fund their incomplete hotel

Back in 2006-2007, ONTD had several Pete Doherty posts. I was thinking about old school ONTD recently and decided to see what he was up to. It turns out his band, The Libertines, have bought a hotel!

-The band bought a Margate hotel last year for £450,000 and are now calling it The Albion Rooms - a creative residential hub for music, poetry and art
-The band has started a crowdfunding campaign to finish paying off what they call a "beautifully shabby" hotel
-They want it to be a place for fans, friends, family
-Hotel will include a studio that young bands can use for free
-They are offering merch for those funding the hotel - check it out here


ONTD, which band's hotel would you want to stay at?

Taraji P. Henson's manager Vincent Cirrincione accused of sexual misconduct by 9 women

Hollywood manager Vincent Cirrincione has been accused of sexual harassment by nine women.
Eight African American women and one Asian American woman allege Cirrincione made unwanted sexual advances toward them over a two-decade period.
Tamika Lamison, Peppur Chambers and Letha Remington, went on the record with their claims against the manager, while six other women withheld their names for fear of reprisal.
A majority of the women say Cirrincione would only represent them if they were willing to have sex with him whenever he wanted. 
The manager formerly represented Halle Berry for 20 years and currently manages Taraji P. Henson. 

He used his reputation “as an important gatekeeper for black actresses” to “prey upon young women of color seeking an entry into Hollywood.”

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source, source

Harvey Weinstein considering legal action against Uma Thurman

Uma has claimed in an article this morning that Harvey Weinstein tried to attack her in a London hotel room, among other incidents of sexual misconduct. He allegedly also threatened to ruin her career. She also claimed Quentin Tarantino nearly killed her and left her body permanently damaged during a stunt gone wrong for Kill Bill.

A statement from the shithead's attorney reads in part: "Harvey is stunned and saddened by what he claims to be false accusations by Uma Thurman, someone he has worked closely with for more than two decades...Ms. Thurman’s statements to The Times are being carefully examined and investigated before deciding whether any legal action against her would be appropriate."

Neither Thurman or Tarantino have responded to requests for comment.


The fucking audacity.

Students dance with joy upon being gifted with Black Panther tickets

Middle class students from the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta erupted into a joyous song and dance routine upon finding out that they had all got tickets for and were going to see Black Panther.

The school's director of curriculum and instruction, Wade King, came up with the idea of incorporating the upcoming Marvel blockbuster with the school curriculum. This will include the students using the BP comic books to learn about imperial history and African art, along with using the content during maths, science and gym lessons (Wakanda is a highly advanced country with genius scientists as well as superheroes who can fight).

Before finding out about their surprise outing, the students opened the meeting with an African-inspired spoken word performance.


This was sooooo cute. I didn't see it posted so I had to share.
To learn more about the Ron Clark Academy, visit these links!


Selena Gomez hangs out in a park (again)

After revealing she just finished a two-week treatment program for "mental wellness and empowerment", Selena was spotted hanging out in a park. Wearing denim overalls, she took off her shoes and strolled barefoot by the water while feeding the ducks. She also found a few kids to include in her photo-op.

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she also went out for dinner that night:
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Jai Courtney - CRINE

AWOLNATION released the best rock album of 2018

According to ONTD poster CHUCKISFUCKIS, at least.

You may be familiar with AWOL thanks to their hit single that just won't die, SAIL. Or if you're super old like me and remember TRL hosted by Carson Daly (side note: remember when he was engaged to Tara Reid?? Anyway), you're probably familiar with Aaron Bruno's previous band, Under The Influence of Giants (Mama's Room).

But enough about the past~~

Here Come The Runts is out now! Turn off the new Justin Timberlake Brohanne album and turn on this record. It's written by a white man with enduring talent who tells a love story with the help of catchy hooks and melodies. Do not snooze on this album, beloveds!

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Water War
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Second Trailer for Fake Dundee Movie Features More Australian Actors

Another trailer for the fake Son of Dundee sequel. Turns out it's just viral marketing for Australia tourism which will probably air during the Super Bowl. Spot all the Aussie stars!

harry chest icon

Liam Payne continues to embarrass himself on social media

On twitter Liam thanked a fan for saying that people should stop dragging him for wanting to be black, though he then said in a later tweet that he was just 'trying to be me'.

Liam also blocked a super fan, supposedly for saying the stan Liam replied to shouldn't have tweeted it's ok for him to want to be black.
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SOURCE 1 2 3 4

American Gods has a new showrunner!

  • American Gods has found a new showrunner after a turbulent period. Bryan Fuller and Gillian Anderson have both exited the show (or has she?), which also means Gillian won't be getting her justly deserved Golden Globe and Emmy wins for playing Media.

  • Jesse Alexander, who previously worked on Hannibal, Lost, Star Trek: Discovery, Heroes, and Alias, among others, is now leading the charge for the second season.

  • The series was renewed by Starz in May 2017, and was also snubbed at every award show, a curse of being a Fuller program.


#lucylawlessformedia, also more of Salim, the Djinn, Bilquis, and Zorya plz