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EXCLUSIVE: Cher & Nelly Furtado Fight over Grammy Duet Today

I have just learned that this weekends 50th Annual Grammy Awards will feature a duet from Nelly Furtado and Cher. However, there is major drama going down right now at their rehearsals.

Cher is acting like a HUGE diva and my source says, "Cher was being bitchy because the production kept being stopped and she was asked to work on certain things in her performance. Just things as simple as to where she needed to stand. Nelly's part was amazing and Cher literally bombed."

Finally Nelly said, "I need a drink!"

My source continues, "Cher's face is so 'red' right now. She is furious speaking to staffers her saying that Nelly had the performance all worked out her way and she didn't need to listen to a 'f*cking kid!' "

Tina Turner and Beyonce have also just rehearsed an amazing duet together for the Grammy Awards to air this weekend.

And Kid Rock will be making a duet with a famous jazz pianist.

More Grammy news from the inside to come...Stay tuned on my exclusives!!!

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