December 28th, 2017


Ryan Murphys "Pose" ordered to series + already experiences major cast shakeup

-Pose has been picked up to series by FX

-Pose is a dance-musical drama centered around the underground LGBT subculture known as ball culture.

-Tatiana Maslany was previously cast in the show but has left the series due to unexplained circumstances.

-Tatiana's role has been given an facelift, she was playing a young dance teacher but that has been changed to a 50 year old African American dance teacher being played by Charlayne Woodard.

Will you be watching?
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Michelle Williams Recalls Being Mistaken for the Destiny's Child Singer

The Jack Nasty actress says, “We often get confused for each other…I took my daughter to see Stevie Wonder. They were like 'Huh?' I was like 'uh huh.” They were like 'Oh! Oh. Okay, cool! My daughter is a huge Stevie Wonder fan and we were not going to miss that night – but they were not expecting this Michelle Williams.”

The other Michelle Williams of Poor Michelle fame received baby gift baskets when she was mistaken for the Dawson Creek actress.


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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Kate Winslet continues to promote Wonder Flop, talks more about Weinstein and Woody Allen

  • Weinstein never sexually harassed her but he would tell her he was responsible for her success every time he saw her (Winslet's breakout role in Heavenly Creatures directed by Peter Jackson was distributed by Miramax)

  • He also called her agent (Hylda Queally, the one Chastain thanked for protecting her) a c**t for years

  • She was also personally angry at him for releasing The Reader the same year as her passion project Revolutionary Road with Leo and her ex- husband Sam Mendes. She wanted to win the Oscar for RR, so when she was only nominated for The Reader she vowed not to thank Weinstein if she won (which she did)

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The Ten Best Episodes of Animated Television This Year

SPOILERS AHEAD! This is four out of ten of the list, the rest can be viewed at the source.

Bojack Horseman - "Time’s Arrow"

In season 4's Penultimate episode "Time's Arrow" it explores the past of Bojack's mother Beatrice while incorporating visual themes of the horrors of dementia. While Beatrice is the bane of Bojack's existence and is the reason for a lot of his insecurities this episode showed us a new side to Beatrice that we've never seen before.

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Favorite animated shows of the year?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (+Oprah, Pope, Queen, Beyoncé) still America's most admired in 2017

- Obama narrowly defeats Drumpf by 3%, while Hillary just edges out Michelle by 2% to retain their titles.
- Hillary has won the most admired accolade for the past 16 years, while Obama the last 10 years.
- Only men and women living anywhere in the world today, including family and friends, are eligible.
- A quarter of the 1,049 American adult respondents struggled to name someone they admire most.

Most Admired Man
1. Barack Obama (17%)
2. Donald Drumpf (14%)
3. Pope Francis (3%)
7. Bernie Sanders (1%)
10t. Paid Protester Pence (1%)
- A friend or relative (9%)

Most Admired Woman
1. Hillary Clinton (9%)
2. Michelle Obama (7%)
3. Oprah Winfrey (4%)
6. Queen Elizabeth II (2%)
7t. Melania Drumpf (1%)
10t. Kate Middleton, Beyoncé (1%)
- A friend or relative (13%)

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Simon & Schuster's rebuttal against Milo Yiannopoulos lawsuit reveals hilarious editorial notes

  • ICYMI: alt-right troll, racist, sexist, and all-around bigot Milo Yiannopoulos was offered a book deal by Simon & Schuster in 2016. Within two months they dropped the book after video where Milo appeared to defend sexual relationships between men and boys resurfaced

  • Milo sued Simon & Schuster for breach of contract

  • S&S are currently defending themselves by saying his book was unpublishable and full of errors. They included the editorial notes for the book which are... a lot

  • Some of the notes include statements like:

"Delete irrelevant and superfluous ethnic joke", "This is not the time or place for a black-dick joke", "You can't say that ugly people are drawn to the left. Have you ever seen the people at a Trump rally?" and "This is definitely not the place for more of your narcissism"

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Hermione holds Ron

Kerry Washington, Alicia Vikander, Carol Burnett, more announced as first Golden Globe presenters

The first announced group of Golden Globe award presenters include (UPDATING because the list is actually much longer):

-- Oscar winner Alicia Vikander
-- Emmy winner Carol Burnett
-- Golden Globe winner Aaron Taylor-Johnson
-- Oscar winner Shirley MacLaine
-- Golden Globe nominee Greta Gerwig
-- Tony winner Neil Patrick Harris
-- Teen Choice Awards winner Gal Gadot
-- Emmy nominee Kerry Washington
-- Emmy winner Amy Poehler
-- Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson
-- Oscar winner Halle Berry
-- Oscar winner Penélope Cruz
-- Emmy nominee Darren Criss
-- Golden Globe winner Hugh Grant
-- People's Choice Awards winner Chris Hemsworth
-- Emmy nominee Christina Hendricks
-- Oscar nominee Isabelle Huppert
-- Grammy nominee Ricky Martin
-- Emmy winner Sarah Jessica Parker
-- Golden Globe nominee Edgar Ramírez
-- Emmy nominee Seth Rogen
-- Oscar winner J.K. Simmons
-- Oscar nominee Sharon Stone
-- MTV Movie + TV Awards winner Emma Watson


Riz Ahmed is Probably Not Carnage

- Originally, Riz Ahmed was rumored to be playing Carnage in the upcoming Venom movie
- With set photos surfacing, many think Riz will be playing Carlton Drake, who is not as prominent in the comics compared to Carnage
- Drake heads the Life Foundation, a survivalist group in response to the Cold War
- The movie will also be using the Lethal Protector storyline, in which the Life Foundation captured Venom before taking symbioses from him to create other five individuals with superpowers
- Venom is set to be released on October 5, 2018

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Model Aya Jones opens up about near-fatal vacation accident

- In August 2016 Aya Jones was jet skiing in Thailand with her boyfriend when a boat carrying hotel passengers crashed into her, puncturing her lung & stomach and fracturing her cranium, pelvis, leg & arm
- she doesn't remember the incident at all; the next thing she remembers is waking up in a Bangkok hotel 2 weeks later, surrounded by her family, after being flown in from Ko Samui
- her friends still sent happy birthday messages, unaware that she was on a respirator
- “My first thought was the unfairness of it all,” the model, now 23, said over lunch at a macrobiotic restaurant in SoHo. A faint shadow passes over the soft beauty of her heart-shaped face, with its bee-stung lips and the widely spaced eyes that give her the look of a wild fawn. “I thought, Why did this happen to me; why was I in that place on that day? And then I had a very strong feeling of revolt,” she says. “I wanted to fight and get over it.”
- she says she's "always been a bit ballsy" but after the accident has given up daredevil activites (eg, zip lining & ATVs)
- her friend Imaan Hammam visited her while she was hospitalized in Paris
- it took 5 months for her body to become strong enough to bear her weight & another 6 months of relearning to walk; her mother (a retired physical therapist) stayed by her side the whole time. She has metal rods in her arm & leg and bears scars from the accident. She has since resumed her career, returning to work on the 1-year anniversary of the accident. She & her boyfriend broke up during her recovery


have you ever defied death, ontd?

ONTD Original: Liam Gallagher's Best Tweets of 2017 By Month

2017 was an eventful year for Liam Gallagher - he released his first solo album which went to #1 in the UK, he shared a stage with Chris Martin of Coldplay to pay tribute to the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing, he became a climate change activist by partnering with the climate coalition for a television ad, and he reconciled with his brother, Noel, after 8 years of estrangement.

While sitting in an airport due to a delayed flight home for the holidays, I decided to look back at Liam's year through his superbly entertaining twitter account and pick his best tweet of each month of 2017. My criteria was simply whatever I found the most entertaining, bizarre, or drama-filled. I held off on posting this for a few days to ensure that I didn't miss anything, because you never know with Liam.

Enjoy his 12 best tweets of 2017 below:

January 2017
Liam kicked off 2017 rather slowly on twitter. Tweeting, rather uncharacteristically, only four times in January, my options were rather limited. I've chosen this dig at his brother, Noel, for supporting U2 on tour as his best tweet of January:

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Source: Liam Gallagher's Twitter Account 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12
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Amy Schumer appeared in the audience on today’s Judge Judy episode

In today’s episode of Judge Judy, Amy Schumer appeared in the audience during a trial concerning stolen Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

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The Americans news

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So for the 10 of us on ONTD who have good taste, what do you think? I honestly can't wait ! it's the final season and It's going to be a ride.
Harry - the Chosen One

Online Film Critics Society choose 'Get Out' as best of 2017 in movies, full list of winners

The Online Film Critics Society's best of 2017 are:

-- Best Picture -- Get Out
-- Best Director -- Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk
-- Best Actor -- Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour
-- Best Actress -- Sally Hawkins, The Shape of Water
-- Best Supporting Actor -- Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
-- Best Supporting Actress -- Laurie Metcalf, Lady Bird
-- Breakout Star of the Year -- Timothée Chalamet, Call Me By Your Name

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Erika Jayne

Move over Tyra! There's a new Top Model judge in town! Yolanda Hadid to judge "Making a Model"

-The OG lemon Queen is making her triumphant return to tv.

-She's trading in her Real Housewife title for Judge! The woman who brought Gigi and Bella Hadid into this world and the fashion industry is ready to pass on her knowledge to a group of models and their mothers.

-Yolanda and her trusted team of experts will put the girls and their “momagers” through an intensive eight week training program, focused on the physical, mental and emotional wellness that it takes to build a sustainable brand.


The Queen Enjoyed Watching "The Crown"

According to a royal insider, The Earl & Countess of Wessex enjoy watching "The Crown" and recomended the show to The Queen.


ONTD, has someone found out something that you said about them or vice versa?
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Selena Gomez & Her Mom Had Troubled Relationship For Years

Despite reports that Selena Gomez and her mom's fight recently was due to her reconciling with Bieber, sources claim that her mom and her have had issues which date way back and have little to do with Bieber himself.
- Originally years ago when Selena fired her mom as her manager, the two didn't speak for an entire year because of it. Selena's mom also didn't let selena talk to her sister because of this.
"Mandy and Selena’s stepdad [Brian Teefey] really did everything they could for Selena so when she fired her it took a toll on Mandy emotionally and professionally. Mandy lost her clout as a manager after Selena left. It caused a major rift in their relationship but they eventually reconnected.’
- Source also says Bieber doesn't wanna cause problems for Selena and her family, but Selena is leaning on him now that she's off again with her mom.

ONTD Original: Are Your Favs Allegedly Lizard People?



What is a lizard person?
They are reptilian humanoids from outer space, colonizing the earth. They are also known as reptoids, reptiloids, saurians, Draconians, and Argonians.

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Do you believe in Reptoids? Aliens? Hybridization? Shadow governments? Who do you think is a shapeshifting reptile? What's your go-to conspiracy theory?

A laundry list of sources:

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“Dr" Phil Accused of a Giving Alcohol and Drugs to Former Addicts Before Show

Former Survivor: Chinawinner and alcoholic, Todd Herzog, told the Boston Globe and STAT that he found a bottle a vodka in his dressing room, and that a crew member offered him a Xanax to relax before going on the show in 2013. His appearance was about his alcoholism. Others have claimed that they were denied proper medical attention.


Ryan Craig says that Ending the Jedi is 'Not really a valid choice'

  • Actual human pile of garbage director Rian Johnson continues to speak out about things we saw in The Last Jedi, which currently stands as the most divisive film in the Star Wars franchise to date.

  • In the book Star Wars: The Art of the Last Jedi, Johnson claims that “When Rey shows up, the first and foremost thing is she needs a mentor. In looking at this grand plan from ten miles up in the air, Luke is missing the thing right in front of his nose. Here’s somebody who needs you, who needs your help. If you think you are throwing away the past, you are fooling yourself. The only way to go forward is to embrace the past, figure out what is good and what is not good about it. But it’s never going to not be a part of who we all are. And that includes Rey, who grew up hearing the legends about the Jedi. So the notion of, ‘Nope, toss this all away and find something new,’ is not really a valid choice, I think.”


Shut up

Rob Marshall to direct Disney's live-action 'The Little Mermaid'?

  • Reports vary, but allegedly Rob Marshall is set to take the helm for the live action adaptation of Disney's The Little Mermaid.

  • Colleen Atwood is being brought on as the costume designer, as well as John Myhre as production designer.

  • Marshall is director of the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns. He also directed Into The Woods and Pirates: On Stranger Tides.


I'm still curious as to how this will work. Maybe they'll do the Shelley Duvall method and use fans and wigs.

New American Crime Story featurette

  • New first look at American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

  • Show will star Darren Criss, Edgar Ramirez, Ricky Martin, Penelope Cruz, and Max Greenfield

  • Murphy has said that the show "will actually be about being gay in the nineties." No word yet on how sympathetic he will make Cunanan look.


I just......

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45 Beauty Secrets in 5 Minutes—Here’s Everything We Learned in 2017 | Vogue

In 2017 celebrities from all over the world like Kendell Jenner, Priyanka Chopra, Natalia Vodianova , Fei Fei sun and Miranda Kerr showed Vogue their beauty secrets, from Priyanka's all-natural, homemade lip scrub from India to Vogue sex columnist Karley Sciortino's use of lipstick as a blush.

You can see all the ''Beauty Secrets'' videos on Vogues youtube page :)


Beauty Post // What beauty product did you discover in 2017??

Iliza Shlesinger Sued for Banning Men From Comedy Show

An attorney has sued comedian Iliza Shlesinger, contending that her “Girls Night In” show violated California law by barring men.
George St. George bought a $30 ticket to Shlesinger’s which was advertised as “No Boys Allowed.”
Initially they were told they could sit in the back row, but later they were denied entry and offered a refund.

It's a violation of the Unruh Civil Rights Act of 1959, which provides for “full and equal accommodations” to all business establishments regardless of race, sex, religion and disability.

Violations are punishable by a $4,000 fine, plus attorneys’ fees.

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Cancellation Jitters: Shows in Danger



- Once Upon a Time (shitty ratings)
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine (shitty ratings)
- Jane the Virgin (shitty ratings)
- Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (shitty ratings)
- Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (shitty ratings)

Katharine McPhee and David Foster pack on the PDA during a Paris vacation!

The 33-year-old singer/actress and the music mogul, 68 packed on the PDA while sightseeing in Paris this week.

A source exclusively told Us Weekly: “When Kat talks about David, her face lights up. She’s really so happy. They’re actually so sweet together. … The age difference might seem substantial to some, but they are really cute together and it makes sense.”

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Adriana Lima Did NOT Break Up With Her Turkish Boyfriend

Despite rumors, Adriana Lima's boyfriend Metin Hara has made it clear the two are not broken up and he will sue you if you say they are!

Rumors began after she unfollowed him on Instagram. He responded publicly saying on his Instagram page:

“I am in the U.S. now. The time is 5:00 a.m. I am working on a ‘wellness’ project. How could I have given a statement on something that is not true? There is no break-up, so there is no statement. There was never [a break-up] to begin with. At the moment, the happiness of two beautiful little girls and the person I have shared my life with are more important to me than anything. I sadly wish to convey that I will take legal precautions against delusive claims about me. “I am a scientist, not a celebrity."
Have you ever dated anyone creepy, ONTD?

Celebs react to Trump saying global warming isn't real because it's cold in the Northeastern US

Trump tweeted this:
This is so easy (though deserving) to dunk on I'm actually going to rate the celeb tweets reacting to this!

The winner:

Mo Collins from MadTV:


Vinny from Jersey Shore with an important lesson in both climate modeling and not judging a book by its cover:

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