December 25th, 2017

Erika Jayne

"Ladies..have you heard! I was arrested! AND it was about Tom!" LuAnn de Lessaps posts apology

A follow up to this post wherein the former Countess, Luann de Lessaps was arrested early yesterday morning for public intoxication. She threatened to kill the police/firefighters that were there to detain her along with attempting to get physical with them.

Now Lu has issued an official apology:

Since then, Luann has joined an exclusive group of Housewives who have been arrested for varying reasons:
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Ed Sheeran Gets His First Christmas Number One

- 'Perfect' secures him the number 1 spot after he released three different versions of the same song.
- Beyonce will not receive a credit due to chart rules.
- Eminem's 'River' came 2nd.
- Wham's 'Last Christmas' came 3rd after fans started a social media campaign to get it to number 1. The aim was to stop Ed Sheeran and to also honour the late George Michael.
- Ed said that securing the spot was an 'actual dream come true'.


ONTD, whats your fav christmas number 1?
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ONTD Original™ - Christmas Edition: Make the Yueltide Gayer Pt. 3

Judy Garland's status as a gay icon is well-documented – her father and other significant people in her life were gay, for starters – but the rise of it is perhaps no better captured on screen than when she sung Somewhere Over the Rainbow in The Wizard of Oz. It's only fitting then, that five years later in 1944's Meet Me In St. Louis, Garland would sing the first-ever rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", including the lyric, "Make the yueltide gay".

Yes, that's right: everything you've ever loved has belonged to the gays, including your safe Christmas music. But when it comes to Christmas musicals and music, how much have things visually changed? What can you compare to "Make the yueltide gay" with actual gay Christmas music and videos today? Does anything immediately pop into your head?

In part one of this series, I focused on film. In part two, I focused on television and shorter works. For part three, the standards are going to be a bit different:

  1. With musical films, performances, and specials they have to don LGBTQ sensibility and/or have camp figures and icons in some way, if not be definitively gay.

  2. With Christmas music videos, they have to be from an LGBTQ performer or creator.

Each category will have ten entries in no particular order of favorability. How did I fare this time, and how much have things changed? Is there anything worth watching?
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What are your favorite Christmas songs and albums from LGBTQ artists?



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Danielle "Cash Me Ousside" Bregoli paid her mother’s $65k mortgage for Christmas

Danielle "Cash Me Ousside" Bregoli shared a video of the moment she gave her mother $65k for Christmas in order to help pay off her mortgage.

In the video, Danielle says “Merry Christmas, bitch! Here you go” before handing her mother an envelope.

Her mother begins to cry after she opens the envelope and reads Danielle’s message.

Source: Twitter

What gifts did you get your parents this year?

Jodie Whittaker regenerates into the 13th Doctor (and Moffat is gone)!!!

- At the end of tonight's Doctor Who Christmas Special, Jodie Whittaker became the 13th doctor!
- Jodie becomes the first woman to lead the iconic role.
- The episode featured some returns [Spoiler (click to open)]including Bill (Pearl Mackie), Clara (Jenna Coleman), Nardole (Matt Lucas), Rusty (the good dalek), the Brigadier's father (Mark Gatiss) and the first doctor (played by David Bradley)


ONTD, will you return to Doctor Who now that Jodie is the doctor and MOFFAT IS GONEEEE???!!!!!

Why Zac Efron Chose 'The Greatest Showman' for His Musical Comeback

This holiday season's must-see film The Greatest Showman stars Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, and Zac Efron. Ever the hard hitting reporters, @CNN asked the Disney Prince about the film, its message of inclusion, and the film's extensive dance sequences.

"It's not like riding a bike, you can't just remember instantly and pick up where you left off," Zefron says of his return to musicals. He adds that director Michael Gracey is someone that he has always wanted to work with.

The Greatest Showman is in theaters now.

Source: @CNN.

ONTD: What are you watching and/or bopping to today? 🎅🏼
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Fans upset with final Kardashians/Jenners '25 Days of Christmas' photo

This is a follow-up to this post.

Kim has been promoting '25 Days of Christmas' family photos all month. Each day in December through today, the family posted a new Christmas photo/card. Because Kylie didn't appear in any photos all month, there was a lot of speculation that today's photo would feature Kylie announcing her (still not-confirmed) pregnancy.

That didn't happen — Kim posted an ordinary family photo (below) today. And like all of the photos this month, it didn't include Kylie or Rob.

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Do you think Kylie is pregnant?

Yes — they are dragging it out for the publicity
No — they are not denying it for the publicity
No idea / Just show me the results

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Simon Wiesenthal Center condemns Lorde's decision to cancel Israel concert

“This is a classic example of the world’s singular obsession with one country, the State of Israel.

The fact that Lorde still intends to perform in Russia, and has no issues with that country’s multiple human rights abuses in the Ukraine, is a clear example of the hypocrisy the international community applies to the Middle East’s only democracy.

This double standard smacks of anti-Semitism. Not performing in Israel will only embolden terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad."

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Britney Spears stands up for #DreamAct + Performing live in Europe in 2018

With the current mess in Trump's America, many artists have been actively speaking up and Brit is no different. She posted a pic wearing a 'We're all Dreamers' shirt while urging Congress to sign the #DreamAct, a proposed bill that would grant residency rights to illegal minors currently living in the US.

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Merry BritChristmas ONTD!

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