December 24th, 2017


10 pop releases to look forward to in 2018

ONTD! Did you think 2017 was a moribund ass year in pop music? You're right! Popbitch actually went ahead and crunched the numbers and found that this year had a higher percentage of UK number one singles in a minor key than any year since bleeding 2002. Luckily there are a lot of exciting releases lined up - will these save pop?

Ariana Grande
Ariana revealed she's working on AG4 through Instagram stories. Dangerous Woman was a lowkey masterpiece and this could be the one that gets the charts back into some semblance of respectability after certain British men have spent the last year stinking them up. Also Ariana has gone blonde and if a drastic hairstyle change doesn't signal exciting things ahead, I don't know what does.

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What new music are you looking forward to in 2018 ONTD?

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Ansel Elgort and Timothee Chalamet watch a basketball game together

Ansel Elgort and Timothee Chalamet watched the Knicks vs Celtics game at Madison Square Garden on Dec 21. The two attended La Guardia High School together.

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Are you ready for these two whites to be the male lead in every movie from now until 2030, ONTD?
Erika Jayne

Elegance is learned my friend! Luann de Lesseps arrested at Palm Beach!

-Luann was arrested this morning at 1:25am by the Palm Beach police.

-Luann de Lesseps, 52, was arrested on charges of battery on an officer, disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest with violence and crimes against a person.

-Don't expect to see the arrest on this upcoming season of RHONY.

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Merry Christmas (Eve)!
harold | live lounge

John Oliver talks to Russell Howard (comments on the Dustin Hoffmann incident)

They talk about:
• the state the US is in right now
• John's two year old son
• his comedic approach as an outsider in the US and the desire to make things better
• his favourite moments on Last Week Tonight (Supreme Court full of dogs, Dalai Lama, Tom Hanks, etc.)
• John confronting Dustin Hoffman, and that he felt it was unavoidable.

The quote about Hoffman (but I recommend watching the whole thing):
“I had spoken to the organisers of this event twice before, when it was clear he might be there. I said ‘If he is going to be there, I have to ask him about this. I understand you might not want your event to be about this, so you might want to get someone else,’ and they said ‘No no, we want you to do it.’ Then when he confirmed, I said ‘I am going to ask him.’ So it was a collision course was set at that point. I felt like I had to bring it up, I knew the stories were out there and I knew there were a few more coming. It felt unavoidable and that we had to have a discussion about it. It wasn’t ideal but it became such a big story – but it became about my questions rather than his answers. But the questions weren’t particularly remarkable, but his answers were kind of, not great. That was the point of it. But it didn’t really go anywhere constructive, so the whole thing just made me feel sad.”

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Kardashian/Jenner '25 Days of Christmas' ends tomorrow — still no Kylie or Rob

The Kardashians/Jenners have been revealing a new family photo every day of December through tomorrow. Today's photo features the entire family — except Kylie and Rob, who haven't made an appearance all month. (And the only significant other to be featured is Kanye.) Some people speculate that tomorrow's photo will feature Kylie, announcing her pregnancy.

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place ur bets - is kylie pregnant?

ONTD Original: Best and Worst Christmas Songs Released in 2017

Mariah Carey's enduring Christmas classic, "All I Want For Christmas Is You," topped the charts this year after 23 years of ringing in the holidays. In an attempt to follow her record-breaking footsteps, many artists have released their own Christmas songs this year. However, not every artist can be so lucky to have a hit holiday tune like the Elusive Chanteuse.

Below, I've made a small roundup of the best and worst Christmas songs released in 2017 (according to me). Enjoy!

Shania Twain and Nick Jonas - Say All You Want For Christmas

Shania Twain is involved. Need I say more?
The country inspired song makes for easy listening and their voices work well together. Will it become a replay-able classic like Mariah's? Probably not. But it's definitely one of the stronger contributions to Christmas music released this year.

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Any other new releases you're feeling this year, ONTD?
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Muse Singer Matthew Bellamy and Elle Evans Are Engaged!

She is a Former Playboy Playmate and is known for appearing in Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” video

This is Matt's third engagement, who was previously engaged to Italian psychologist Gaia Polloni and Kate Hudson.


Jersey Shore's RAAAAHHHNNN Is Going To Be A Father!

-US Weekly is confirming the news that Ronnie of Jersey Shore fame is about to be a dad.
-His girlfriend, Jen Harley, is 6 months pregnant and they are expecting a girl.

Is Sammie Sweetheart Seething?
Source: US Weekly Twitter / Gif Source

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant with her second child

The actress , 26, is expecting her second child and first with husband Jamie Watson


Jennifer Lawrence visits children's hospital

For the past few years when Jen goes home for Christmas she makes a point to visit a children's hospital on Christmas Eve and this year was no different. This year she went to Norton's Children's Hospital in Louisville, KY.

Jennifer also got her new BFF Kris Jenner a Porsche for christmas
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It's a Christmas Miracle! Henry Cavill & Jason Momoa’s Shirtless 'Justice League' Scenes Leak Online

*SPOILER WARNING* since technically one of these characters died in the last film.

DC and WB's Justice League came and went faster than a Katy Perry era. The second-most-expensive film ever made cost the media giants an estimated 300 million USD to produce. Disaster artist Ben Affleck, of Daredevil fame, takes a turn as the crusty Caped Crusader in the film, which has made around $646.7 million worldwide, despite leaving a sour taste in viewers' mouths.

The dumpster fire's only saving grace, AKA Superman (Henry Cavill 💙❤️) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa 🧡💚)'s shirtless scenes, have made their way online and @GayTimes is HERE FOR IT.

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Peep even more shirtless wonders @

Source: @GayTimes.

Trash movie, but at least Henny was shirtless and barefoot for like 63% of it. I wonder if Lime has seen this footage of his hero yet.


Lexi Alexander comments on the Max Landis allegations

continuation from this post

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eugenia volodina

Lorde cancels Israel concert in response to New Zealand Jewish+Palestinian activists open letter

On twitter Lorde responded to the open letter written by New Zealand Jewish and Palestinian activists, Justine Sachs and Nadia Abu-Shanab, urging her to cancel her planned concert in Israel, thanking them for educating her. Later the concerts' organizers reported she had cancelled the concert.

In the letter Sachs and Abu-Shanab wrote, 'Playing in Tel Aviv will be seen as giving support to the policies of the Israeli government, even if you make no comment on the political situation. Such an effect cannot be undone by even the best intention and the best music. As Elvis Costello put it when he canceled his show in Israel, “there are occasions when merely having your name added to a concert schedule may be interpreted as a political act that resonates more than anything that might be sung and it may be assumed that one has no mind for the suffering of the innocent.”' The letter also mentioned the death of a 29-year-old double amputee who was killed by Israeli forces during a protest this December.

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Twitter requests Rosie O'Donnell remove explicit tweet

Rosie told conservative columnist Ben Shapiro to 'suck my d---' in a tweet. He filed a complaint to Twitter stating that Rosie's tweet was harassment. At first Twitter's response was that it wasn't in violation twitter policies but then they ended up asking Rosie to remove the tweet. Apparently Shapiro only reported the tweet because he was planning on showing twitter's bias towards 'liberals'. He also had the nerve to put #metoo in his tweet like the vile scum he is.


politics post if anyone wants to even though it's christmas!
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Jimin and the Cat (kiss)

Meghan Markle's Dog Breaks 2 Legs

Wanna bet that Nazi bitch put a hit out on her dog after being verbally bitchslapped into an apology?

In September 2015, the Princess was in the news for stating publicly that animals do not have rights because they do not pay taxes, have bank accounts or vote.

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Billboards 25 Best Rock Albums+ Songs of 2017 featuring Harry Styles, Paramore, St. Vincent

1. Harry Styles, "Sign of the Times"

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'Combining the sonically pristine theatrics of Freddie Mercury with the gentle grandeur of Hunky Dory-era Bowie, Styles makes it clear on “Sign of the Times” that he’s not a pop star playing rocker -- he’s been a classic-rock kid hiding in boy band clothes all along, and with this piano-ballad-meets-outer-space anthem, he’s finally arrived as a worthy keeper of the flame.'

1. Paramore, 'After Laughter'
'Williams matches despondent lyrics with sunny hooks that delve deeper into the '80s than the band ever has. It's easily Paramore's most cohesive effort, its best-produced, its catchiest, its most relatable -- and it's a triumph that an album with this much anxiety can make you feel so good each listen, like escapism without the happy-go-lucky parts.'
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H - Car nod babe

Jessica Chastain is Being Called Out for Her Response

Jessica was featured on the LA Times cover which got backlash on twitter, because the over lacked inclusiveness and only featured white women.

This is the backlash that she chose to respond to:

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Do you think the LA Times cover is deliberate ?