December 23rd, 2017

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Melanie Martinez releases song in response to rape allegations

Melanie Martinez has released a new song over night. Judging by the lyrics and the timing, it is highly suspected be in response to the Timothy Heller rape allegations. Martinez previously claimed in a statement on twitter that the act was consensual. The lyrics refer to somebody she called a friend who ruined her reputation and benefitted from it ("kill my name for some fame"/"was a good friend and you used that to your advantage").

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Mariah Carey Will Return to ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ Stage

The Elusive Chanteuse is set to return to Times Square in New York City for a “redemptive” performance. Mariah, who infamously suffered major technical malfunctions during her previous performance for “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest” ,because she was sabotaged by her ex-manager/flop person Stella Bulochnikov will once again take the stage at 11:45 p.m.

This time around Mimi is expected to have a bigger production more in line with her Las Vegas show with a full band and dancers. Apparently Dick Clark Productions reached out to MC and begged for her to return, and Mariah being the gracious Imperfect Angel that she is agreed without any hesitation to shut all the haters up once and for all.


What do you think ONTD, will this time everything go as planned since Stella's ass is nowhere near around our Legend?
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Lauren Scruggs defends husband Jason Kennedy after Catt Sadler leaves E! News over unequal pay

In an essay posted to her blog, fashion journalist Lauren Scruggs Kennedy defended her husband Jason Kennedy, following Catt Sadler's departure from E! News.

Catt Sadler left E! News earlier this week after she found out that her male co-host Jason Kennedy was making double what she was making for the same position and amount of work.

In her essay, Lauren mentions that during his time at E! News, Jason worked with a female co-anchor who made three times his salary.

Lauren defended her husband, saying that Jason's name was unfairly dragged through the mud on social media for nothing he did.

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Jordan Feldstein, Maroon 5 Manager and Brother of Jonah Hill, Dies at 40

Jordan Feldstein, brother of Jonah Hill and Ladybird's Beanie Feldstein, has passed away at the age of 40 due to cardiac arrest. Jordan got his start at ICM before starting Career Artist Management where he repped Maroon 5 among many other reputable acts.

"His family asks for privacy during this difficult and unexpected time. In lieu of food and flowers, the family will announce a charity in the coming weeks where memorial donations can be made in Jordan’s name."


Quelle Surprise, “Artists” Behind “She Knew” Street “Art” Paid $5,000-$20,000 by Conservative Donors

Shitlord Sabo already confessed to putting up those Meryl Streep “She Knew” posters alongside two other collaborators. His collaborators wish to remain anonymous because they are in the industry. Sabo and the other two “artists” hang out with Hollywood conservatives at secret Friends of Abe meetings with the likes of Tom Selleck, Gary Sinise, Robert Duvall, Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton. Anonymous wealthy conservatives pay them anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 per mission. They don’t know who the donors are because the payments are set up by intermediaries.

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Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are holding strong

- Scott, 34, and Sofia, 19, have been spotted out and about this week.
- On his Instagram Story, Scott posted video of Sofia dancing to her dad's song "All Night Long (All Night)" (video behind cut).
- According to the article: "A source says the two are 'very serious' and that Sofia has been a positive influence on Disick, who has openly struggled with alcohol abuse and is the father to sons Mason, 8, Reign Aston, 3, and daughter Penelope, 5 — all with ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian."
- The source says: "'[Sofia's] been great for him. She's made a big impact on his life and hasn't partied at all since they met. His friends adore her and nobody notices the age difference. She is very mature, she grew up in Hollywood and has always been in older situations. They seem really happy."

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A look back at how Designing Women addressed AIDS 30 years ago

-Designing Women was one of the first scripted shows to address gays, safe sex, and the aids epidemic.

-In the 4th episode "Killing All The Right People" of the 2nd season the show dedicated an entire episode to educating America more about the problems surrounding the current crisis going on in the gay community.

-From wikipedia: "Killing All The Right People" features Tony Goldwyn (best known for playing the President on Scandal) as Kendall Dobbs, a young man dying of AIDS who asks the women to design his funeral. Series creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason's mother died of AIDS and her experience with her mother's disease and the prejudice associated with it inspired the episode.

-The show put more effort into the situation then President Reagan did back in the day.

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Max Landis is accused of sexual harassment on Twitter

Max Landis, the worst artsy child of nepotism, the star of this iconic post and the screenwriter of that new flop will smith movie, is getting accused of sexual harassment on twitter.

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will netflix ever stop working with shit men, ontd?

Rumored Collaboration with Bronx Natives, J.Lo & Cardi B, and DJ Khaled Coming Soon!

- Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B met earlier in October at the Brooklyn Tidal X Benefit for those impacted by natural disasters this year, such as Mexico and Puerto Rico
- Cardi B and J.Lo both had a personal exchange and talked about possibly collaborating together
- Most recently, Alex Rodriguez, recorded a live Instagram story of J.Lo talking with DJ Khaled about a music project, and exchanging/sharing audio to complete the track. J.Lo clearly talked about wanting to include "ad-libs" for Cardi B's part. She also mentioned important dates around January 3-5, possibly the release date for the track?
- J.Lo and DJ Khaled released a short teaser for their project, which will be coming out in January
- No word whether this is a side project or a track that will be included in her upcoming Spanish album

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What would be your dream collaboration, ONTD?
Alexander Rybak

And the first song of Eurovision 2018 is...

...from Albania! Eugent Bushpepa's Mall just beat 13 other contestants in the country's national final, the 56th edition of Festivali i Këngës, aired today. We don't know if this is the official version, some changes might happen (like last year's entry, World).

Taking part of the contest since 2004, Albania has never won - the closest was a 5th place in 2012. The last time Albania was in the finals was in 2015.

SOURCE: 1, 2

Toxic Masculinity Is the True Villain of Star Wars: The Last Jedi SPOILERS

Let's talk about the competent women and the emotionally-challenged men of The Last Jedi.

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This article is so worth reading, and really helped me process what was actually being doing in TLJ.

Does your favourite series examine toxic masculinity, ONTD?

Man Spends £20k To Try And Look Like David Beckham

- Has had tan injections; lip, cheek and chin fillers, botox and veneers.
- Paid for the surgeries using his disability allowance, loans and borrowing money off of his brother.
- Is now £14k in debt.
- Got a lot of surgery for free after becoming recognised.
- Was diagnosed with body dysmorphia and tried to kill himself.
- Is now in counselling and having some of his surgeries reversed.


ONTD, which celeb would you want to look like?