December 17th, 2017

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are spending a romantic weekend at the chic Shutters on the Beach hotel

They've been dating for four years, but Katie and Jamie still wanna try and stay ­under the radar.

A source says they are spending a romantic weekend at the chic Shutters on the Beach hotel in Santa Monica, Calif.

The source tells Page Six that the pair was seen strolling outside the hotel by the beach.

Foxx had his arm around Holmes’ waist.

In Touch Weekly was the first to report they are dating in 2013 after Holmes was spotted sneaking into the “Ray” star’s hotel late at night.

On Wednesday Katie celebrated Jamie's birthday.


Kate Winslet won't shut up about Woody Allen

- At a roundtable for the Los Angeles Time, Kate Winslet was asked about her film "Wonder Wheel" and she praises Woody Allen for being an "extraordinary writer". Also says thats he's known for creating "extraordinary roles, very powerful, complicated roles for women". Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan looked frozen as she was talking about Woody Allen along with Jessica Chastain.

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Ted Cruz and Mark Hamill are feuding on Twitter and it's glorious

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- Mark Hamill tweeted a video about Ajit Pai, who is actually Satan, and criticizes him for his decision to roll back net neutrality. Ajit used to work for Verizon and is basically doing the dirty work on behalf of AT&T and Comcast. The video was of Ajit Pai doing the Harlem Shake while he makes light of the FCC's decision to roll back net neutrality. He's shown dancing and holding a lightsaber. Hamill tweeted that Pai was unworthy of the lightsaber.
- Ted Cruz decided to respond back to Hamill and be a condescending shit head about it. Hamill in return shuts down Ted Cruz and tells him that he's too distracted from watching porn considering he couldn't spell Mark's name right.

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The Truth Is Out There!


In what is probably the least weird news of 2017, The New York Times recently revealed that the US government spent 5 years, from 2007 - 2012, and millions of dollars on a top secret UFO program. The program was run by military intel official Luis Elizondo...

...who now works for Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy Arts and Sciences.

Tom (of Blink 182 fame, in case you didn't know) has been vindicated. And is probably feeling pretty smug right now:

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Also, Tom was gracious enough to provide the Times with groundbreaking, declassified footage of UAP - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena!!!


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UFO Icon made by Freepik from and is licensed by CC 3.0 BY.</center>

10 horniest moments from The Last Jedi

[SPOILERRRRSSSSSSSSS]-Kylo Ren being shirtless
-Rose kissing Finn
-Poe rubbing BB-8's "tummy"
-Maz Kanata fucks
-Kylo Ren convincing Rey to jump into an evil water vagina on Ach-To

did you watch the movie? what did you find sexy?

the rest are at the src
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ONTD Original: 7 Songs That Reference the Artists' Own Songs

Sometimes artists like to reflect on their life in order to write songs, and they might even reflect on their own discography. The list below contains a few direct lyrics and song titles that come from the artists' own line of hits.

Inside Out (2011) - Britney Spears

"Hit me one more time, it's so amazing how you shook my world and flipped it upside down
You're the only one who ever drove me crazy 'cause you know me inside out"

Referenced: Baby One More Time (1998), (You Drive Me) Crazy (1998)

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Matt Smith Knows If The Royal Family Has Seen The Netflix Drama, But He Isn't Telling


“I’m pretty certain that someone has seen it. In fact, I know that someone else has seen it.”

“But if I told you which ones, I’d have to kill you.”

this is an excuse for a Crown season 2 post

Speed Round with The Last Jedi cast!

Oh My Disney plays a speed round game with some of the cast of The Last Jedi.

[Questions!]- Porg or Ewok?

- BB-8 or R2-D2?
- BB-8 or BB-9E?
- Lightsaber or Blaster?
- Hoth or Jakku?
- Kylo Ren or Rey?
- Luke or Anakin?
- Death Star or Millenium Falcon?
- Tie fighter or X-wing?
- Sith or Jedi?
- Green lightsaber or red lightsaber?
- Stormtrooper or X-wing pilot?
- The First Order or the Resistance?
- Poe or Snoke?
- Phasma or Cassian Andor?
- Light speed or regular speed?

- Light side or dark side?

Source Oh My Disney

I could watch this cast all day tbh, this was cute af

Nick Jonas is Ready for Aliens to Return to Earth & Abduct Him

The Little Saint Nicky J spilled his guts and opinions on all of the most current hard hitting topics, such as extraterrestrial life and the best First lady Michelle Obama, to L.A. Magazine. The Golden Globe nominee admits he believes in aliens, adding that he'd want to be abducted with "someone who could tell the story in extreme detail." Riveting!

Read the full piece Nick Jonas Believes in Aliens, Michelle Obama, and the Power of Fried Chicken here on

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The irl puppy stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to play with puppies. The next morning, the Jumanji hunk performed his cute bop Home, from the Ferdinand Soundtrack, on the Today Show.

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ONTD: Do you believe? What are your thoughts on el gobierno spending $22 million per year on a hush-hush project to investigate UFO sightings?

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Little Mix celebrate #Jades25thKiki

Jade had a drag themed birthday party that featured drag performances to Little Mix's music! Jesy, Leigh Anne, Ella Henderson and Leigh Anne's boyfriend Andre Gray attended too.

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Shameless 8x08 Promo - “Frank's Northern Southern Express”

Frank starts a booming import-export business. Fiona considers moving into her own place after Ford shows her a side of Chicago she's never seen. Meanwhile, Lip interviews new sponsors, Ian confronts a pastor trying to "pray the gay away" and Debbie deals with being unemployed while looking for a way to afford school and raise Franny. (Air date: Dec 31, 2017)

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j lo

Atlético Madrid player Antoine Griezmann wears blackface

Antoine Griezmann, a french soccer player for Atlético Madrid posted his costume for an '80's party' on twitter today. He deleted it just after this post was accepted.


Celebs help get #CorkerKickback trending to stop the GOP tax bill

Background: Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee was the only Republican who voted against the GOP tax bill. He voted against it because he's against raising the deficit by the massive amount that the bill would require. But now that the bill has come back for a second round of voting, Corker says he will vote for it. What changed? Not the deficit raising part. What changed was the inclusion of a new provision that would give a few people, one of them Bob Corker, a massive tax break. The International Business Times, who broke this story, got a panicking Bob Corker to say that he didn't read the new bill, denounce the new provision and then walk back his denouncement. With Senator McCain out because of surgery, activists are calling out Corker in a last ditch effort to stop the tax bill. With the help of a few celebrities, #CorkerKickback is trending on Twitter as part of the campaign.

John Cusack:

If you're in Tennessee, please do as General Hospital actress Rena Sofer says:

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Please do as the charmed one asks, call twice to speak to your two Senators:

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Please like and retweet all these tweets! You can make your own tweets to add to the #CorkerKickback campaign, too!

What you can say on your call: My name is [name], I live in [town], my zip code is [zip code]. I'm calling to demand that Senator [name] stop the tax bill that would raise taxes on the poor to cut taxes for the rich. Thank you for your time!
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Becky G surpasses Taylor Swift in Youtube

- Power Ranger's actress Becky G's video "Mayores" featuring Latin trap artist Bad Bunny has surpassed Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" video in Youtube views.

- As of today, "Mayores" has 807,241,968 views, while LWYMMD has been viewed 781,704,474 times.

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Do you think a T. Swift/Bad Bunny collab would help Taylor with the Latino public? Did you expect Becky G to have a proper hit? Latino music post!