December 4th, 2017

Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, Splits With Husband of 28 Years

-Theresa Caputo, better known as The Long Island Medium, has split with her husband, Larry, after 28 years of marriage.
-She's spoken previously about their relationship troubles on her show.
-The couple released a joint statement to People in which they said, "We will always love each other and our two wonderful children. We are united in supporting each other and our family. Please respect our privacy during this time."

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Game of Thrones: Ned v Jon v Sansa - Battle of Ideologies

The most prominent philosophical value in Westeros is honor. But we've seen that many characters think being honorable is stupid in this cruel world that requires characters to be cunning and adapt. Ned's honor is answered decisively through his fate. Yet over time Jon and Sansa prove that it's possible to practice versions of Intelligent Honor, and that in the long run certain honorable behaviors can be truly smart.


Trisha Paytas Wants You To Know That She Is No Longer A Person

-YouTube "celebrity" Trisha Paytas posted a new video today entitled "i'm no longer a person".
-In the video she is wearing a tube top that says "Daddy", has a bag over her head, and proclaims that she is no longer a person and has no identity.

-A rant about why we should all stop wearing clothes that starts at 0:50.
-"North Korea rising, US is going down. You know what that means, Jesus is coming! Mic drop!" (1:34)
-"One day, you will see none of this matters, none of this means anything. None of it. I am no longer a person. I no longer have an identity and it feels so freeing!"(3:18)
-"I am no longer a robot for the government" (4:23)

This video comes after she posted a video of herself having a conversation with a boot.

How do you pay your rent, ONTD?

Kpop Post: HyunA, Twice, Lovelyz

Promo for Outlander (Starz) 3x13 - "Eye of the Storm" [Season Finale]

Claire is forced to play a game of cat and mouse with an old adversary as she searches for Young Ian. The Frasers race through the jungles of Jamaica to prevent the unthinkable.

Outlander airs on Starz each Sunday at 8pm. It is also made available OnDemand at midnight on the day of airing.


Tried to keep __onthebound's style. ONTD, do you also feel excluded when the man you love has looooooooooooooong loving looks with Lord John?

YouTuber Elijah Daniel releases 'Elton John' music video with Hoodie Allen and Dr. Woke

YouTuber Elijah Daniel, who recently tattooed "Phag" onto his face, released a music video called Elton John which features fellow white rappers Hoodie Allen and "Dr. Woke". He also released it on iTunes where it was making it up the hip-hop chart.
His rap career hasn't been received well by other gay rappers.

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Carol Burnett is so glad to have time together for 50th anniversary special

CBS aired a 2-hour special celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Carol Burnett Show on Sunday, December 3.

  • Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner were also onstage with Burnett

  • The special has tributes to the late Harvey Korman and to Bob Mackie who's estimated to have designed over 17,000 costumes in 11 years for the show

  • Current celebrities who participated in the special include Amy Poehler, Kristin Chenoweth, Maya Rudolph, and Bill Hader

  • Kevin Spacey ws originally in a musical segment but they edited him out (ed: Woot!)

  • Burnett on how the show holds up: "When we were rehearsing and showing clips, there were these young cameramen who were screaming with laughter, because they hadn’t seen some of this stuff. I got the biggest kick out of that."

  • Fun fact: Did you know that The Carol Burnett Show only came about because of a contract clause? Burnett had a contract with CBS for 10 years which required her to do two guest appearances and a special a year. Within the first five years of this contract, she had the option to "push the button" and be put on the air in 30 one-hour variety shows, pay-or-play. In the last week of that fifth year of the contract, Burnett decided to call the head of CBS Michael Dann and, despite the objections that sketch shows were a "man's game," exercise the clause and that's how we got The Carol Burnett Show.


Hey ONTD! Anyone watch last night's special? I've not been able to yet but hoping it's fun. Favourite Carol Burnett show sketches? Have you practiced your Tarzan yell or made a dress out of draperies?
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90th annual Oscars to air earlier than usual, Academy releases promo highlighting last year's mess

AMPAS released the first promo for the upcoming 90th Oscars, on Sunday, March 4, 2018. The promo revealed the ceremony will begin earlier than usual, at 8pm EST/5pm PST, and shows clips from a whole lotta non-Oscar movies (????), as well as bringing back fond memories of the Best Picture hot mess this past year.

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Altered Carbon trailer + premiere date

Based on the award-winning novel, Altered Carbon takes place in a future where the human mind can now be digitized and downloaded into a "cortical stack" and placed into new bodies, called sleeves. The series follows Envoy soldier Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman), who is brought back to life centuries later to investigate the attempted murder of Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy), the wealthiest man on Earth. As the investigation progresses, Kovacs comes to learn that his past isn’t nearly as buried as he thought.

The show premieres February 2nd, 2018.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Time shortlist for Person of the Year includes Patty Jenkins, Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump

  • The Dreamers, Patty Jenkins, Colin Kaepernick, The #MeToo movement, Robert Mueller made the shortlist

  • Time's Person of the Year will be announced December 6th!


Who do you consider Person of the Year?

The Exorcist Showrunner Tells Off Homophobic Fans

The most recent episode of The Exorcist featured a gay kiss. A few homophobes expressed butthurt opinions on twitter. Showrunner Jeremy Slater responded with this:

I saw a couple of homophobes on Twitter and my response is, “Good, fuck you. I’m glad you didn’t like it, I’m glad it ruined the show for you. You shouldn’t have good things in your life.”

If a homophobe can’t watch the show anymore because one of the characters is gay, then I’m glad something good has come out of it. This is 2017 and we still have people throwing temper tantrums online because they don’t want to see gay characters. I think it’s the last gasp of a certain breed of dinosaur that’s on the way out, and let them kick and scream as they go.

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FloriBama Shore: Kortni the Bedwetter

- the cast started drinking as soon as they got in the house and Kortni got too drunk. while the rest of the cast decided to go out, Kortni passed out in bed.

- while her roommates were out, Kortni was so drunk that she got up and climbed over to the other bed, pulled down her undies and shorts thinking it was a toilet, sat on the edge and peed.

- queen candace was way too nice and didn't even yell at her. just took her blanket and slept in another bed


ontd, are you watching this? who are your favorites? would anyone be interested in more posts about this show?

House of Cards to Resume Production Starring Robin Wright

Kevin Spacey is being written out of the show and Robin Wright will star in the 8 episode final season. In the source material for the show, Frank’s character dies.


Vanity Fair picks the 17 (5) Best Pop Songs of 2017

As VF writes, "This year in pop can ultimately be boiled down to one emblematic moment, when a stripper-turned-Instagram-star-turned-reality-star-turned-hip-hop princess dethroned the biggest major label superstar of her generation at No.1, with nothing but a freestyle rap and a whole bunch of streaming clicks."

Here are some of their top picks:

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what was your fave pop song of 2017?
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Kristen Bell named as first-ever host of SAG Awards, airing on January 21, 2018

Because Hollywood clearly hates the general public, the SAG Awards have announced their first-ever host for the ceremony, and it'll be Kristen Bell (see above). The SAGs were one of the better award shows because they never had a tedious-as-hell and time-wasting host before, and were also the shortest major awards in any season (at 2 hours).

The Screen Actors Guild awards will air live on TNT/TBS on Sunday, January 21, 2018.


Netflix Exec Tells Woman The Company Doesn’t Believe Danny Masterson's Rape Accusers

  • One of Danny Masterson’s alleged sexual assault victims said this weekend Andy Yeatman, a Netflix executive and director of global kids content, told her that higher-ups at Netflix don’t believe the four women who have accused Masterson of rape after she inquired about Netflix's inaction. This happened at a kids sports game where Yeatman is a coach and the accuser is the wife of one of the other team's coaches.

  • Netflix confirmed the statement, calling it “careless” and “uninformed” BUUUUUT also notes the asshole wasn't aware he was talking to one of the accusers,

  • The victim told Yeatman that she and the other women accusing Masterson of rape were telling the truth and that “Netflix is going to regret this, this is a mistake, they’re going to see.” A witness confirmed the exchange, and that Yeatman said in a condescending tone, “we’ll see.” A Netflix spokesman denied he said such a thing.

  • Netflix released a statement, saying in part: "We are aware of the allegations against Danny Masterson and we are following the current investigation, and will respond if developments occur."


Celebs react to Sen. Chuck Grassley's "booze or women or movies" theory on poor people and tax cuts

Background: While discussing the GOP tax reform and repealing the estate tax (which only kicks in for individuals with 5.5 million or more), Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley explained to the Des Moines Register why only rich people deserves that particular tax cut: “I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing, as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.” Celebs, who find nothing wrong with spending money on booze and movies, have thoughts:

Tom Arnold:

Catherine Ryan Hyde, who wrote Pay It Forward, has a 🤔 moment:

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Sources: Des Moines Register, Tom Arnold tweet, Catherine Ryan Hyde tweet, Cary Brothers tweet, Michael Ian Black tweet, Audra McDonald tweet, Alan Tudyk tweet, Alan Tudyk tweet 2, James Morrison tweet

ONTD, how would you spend 5.5 million on booze, women and movies?

But more seriously, let's blow this story up because people need to be reminded what the GOP really thinks of them.
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GQ Magazine has just released their worst dressed men list

The annual list, which is judged by fashion experts including Giorgio Armani and Sir Paul Smith, have come together i rank male celebs with the shittiest taste in fashion.

Coming in at # 9 is Elon Musk and 5: Morrissey.


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Bryan Singer has been fired from directing the Queen biopic after on-set chaos

“Twentieth Century Fox Film has temporarily halted production on Bohemian Rhapsody due to the unexpected unavailability of Bryan Singer,” Fox said in a statement.

Singer’s rep told the BBC that his absence was due to “a personal health matter concerning Bryan and his family.”

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Kesha filming with Macklemore + Performs at Jingle ball

Kesha was photographed serving looks on a rumored videoshoot accompanied by Macklemore. Fans are speculating it's for a new music video for her bop (and second single off Rainbow), Woman. That's not all Kesha has been up to tho...

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Chloe Bennet, BD Wong, Awkwafina, and more cover Kore Asian Media's 2018 New Hollywood issue

BD Wong, Ross Butler, Karrueche, Justin Chon, Leonardo Nam, Jo Koy, Grace Park, Ludi Lin, Lana Condor, Awkwafina, Chloe Bennet, and so many more cover Kore Asian Media's 2018 New Hollywood issue, now available for pre-order. It seems like each star is getting their own issue.


Star Wars TLJ: Press Tour/Promo Round Up!

Press Conference Highlights:
- A lot of stuff we've heard before: everyone is excited for strong female characters, everyone reminisces about Carrie and Leia's impact on women in film.
- John Boyega talks a bit about how it's more of a war film than TFA.
- Domhnall Gleeson talks about Kylo & Hux's rivalry
- Laura Dern loves that her character is strong/confident but also has pink hair.
- The Resistance plot won't dwell on Han Solo's death too much, but the Force plot will.
- Mark Hamill talks about playing the mentor role this time around.

Mark Hamill on the backstory he came up with for Luke in TLJ:
[He says it is not canon and will not be talked about in the film, but behind a spoiler cut just in case]- Luke fell in love with a widow with a young child. He briefly left the Jedi Order to marry her and raise this kid, but the kid accidentally killed himself with Luke's lightsaber.

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A Murder on Schitt's Creek? Season 4 Teaser

A murder in room 4? The Roses are on the case! Ok, maybe not that kind of show. A season four teaser shows Stevie in shock as she tells David she has discovered a dead man in the motel. David responds in well...the only way David could. Who is dead (a nobody townsperson lbr)? Who did it? Was it in in fact Moira Rose? Was it accidental or was is premeditated. WIll the whole season revolve around the death and who did it? Riverdale who? Sorry Archie, go watch Josie and the Pussycats do a reprise of "Milkshake." The new season starts a lot sooner thanks to CBC on January 9th 2018 and on PopTV on January 24th 2018 for some reason.

ONTD, which Rose if your favorite Rose?

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🐀 🐀 Swifties go after Kim Kardashian with rat emojis after she posts a throwback Famous photo 🐀🐀

• On Monday, Kim Kardashian West posted a throwback photo from her husband Kanye's "Famous" video with the simple caption "famous."

• Swifties caught wind of the post and swarmed her Instagram with rat and mouse (🐀  🐭 ) emojis as well as lyrics from the Taylor Swift's Reputation album. Too far.

• When others asked why people were posting rat emojis, fans pointed out because snakes eat rats and Taylor's socials were swarmed with snake emojis when Kim leaked audio between her and Kanye via snapchat.

• See the full photo behind the cut.

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Kim Kardashian West rat/mouse rings and merchandise coming soon.

ONTD, have your socials ever been spammed with emojis?

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Shape Magazine's Sexiest Vegetarian & Vegan Male Celebs

Shape made a list of 25 "steamy successful stars" known for their "compassionate diets" i.e. vegan and vegetarian.

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ONTD are you a "compassionate" eater? do you care what your boyfriend / girlfriend / imaginary lover eats?
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Actresses detail groping, simulated rape in audition for sex trafficking film

  • Actress Sanchita Malik details her experience auditioning for the movie Trafficking, she contacted SAG-AFTRA back in 2015. Mentions her audition involved her hair being pulled back, being licked and a male actor simulating rape by "pretending to force his penis in me".

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John Oliver and Dustin Hoffman get into a heated argument over harassment at film panel

- At the 20th anniversary panel and screening of Wag the Dog, John Oliver asked Hoffman about the allegations of sexual harassment against him. Hoffman visibly grew uncomfortable. Oliver and Hoffman proceeded to get into a heated exchange in which Hoffman told Oliver that he wasnt there and Oliver responded that he's happy that he wasnt.
- Hoffman then accused Oliver of unquestionably believing the accusers and not keeping an open mind. Hoffman denied knowing the women and said the Oliver made an assumption about Hoffman.

I detailed the allegations against Hoffman in my "Men are Trash" series


Black Mirror - 'Hang the DJ' trailer

Hang the DJ is the 3rd episode of Season 4 and seems to be an indie rom-com with a 'Nosedive' feel. Release date for the season is sometime in the next few weeks.

Starring: Joe Cole ('Peaky Fuckin Bloinders') and Georgina Campbell (BAFTA winner for 'Murdered By My Boyfriend').

Directed by: Tim Van Patten (The Sopranos, first two episodes of Game of Thrones)

Charlie Brooker's description of the episode:

“The elevator pitch for this episode is it’s a Spotify for relationships... If you can imagine a service that gives you a playlist of all the relationships you’re going to have in your life. It takes the guesswork out of the romance. It’s quite a playful episode, really.”

trailer source: x

source for episode descriptions: x

Excited to see John Shelby again, Peaky fans?

Academy announces the 20 films competing for the Visual Effects Oscar

The Academy announced today the 20 films that will compete for the Visual Effects Oscar. The Effects Branch executive committee determined the 20 and will now shorten that list to 10. Those 10 finalists will then enter the "bake-off" where each films effects team presents their work to determine the final 5 nominees.

They are:
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Bebe Rexha is the first woman to debut at #1 on the Country music chart

Bebe Rexha's song "Meant To Be" with Florida Georgia Line debuted at #1 on Billboard's Country chart and it is apparently the first time for a song with a female lead artist. She was understandably surprised.
Her fans have been asking her to do more to promote the song but she (and what remains of her promo budget) said it'll happen naturally if it's meant to be.