December 3rd, 2017


Schitt's Creek Season 4 Teaser | The Roses Will Bloom Again

Watch a 5 second season 4 preview of Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) talking to her son David (Daniel Levy) and being well....being Moira: "It's probably nothing...but I think I've killed a man." Errrr, what? Pop! you damn tease. Season 4 of Schitt's Creek premieres in 8 weeks on January 24th 2018 on PopTV. aka not soon enough!

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ONTD, which Schitt's Creek character is your fave?

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Ron Howard Mourns Father, Rance Howard, and Andy Griffith Co-Star Jim Nabors

Around the Thanksgiving weekend, Ron Howard's father Rance Howard passed away at the age of 89 due to West Nile virus. He's been tweeting lots of memories and articles related to his dad

Actors that both Howards worked with expressed their condolences

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Bryce Dallas Howard also shared a poem that her grandfather memorized by heart as well as a short film

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Jim Nabors passed away at 87 in Hawaii. Known best for playing Gomer Pyle on The Andy Griffith Show, he appeared in various shows throughout the years as well as a handful of movies at the behest of his friend Burt Reynolds. From 1972 to 2014, he would sing "Back Home Again in Indiana" before ever Indy 500.

In 2013, Nabors married Stan Cadwallader, his partner of 38 years who was by his bedside when Nabors passed.

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harold | live lounge

A One Direction Update: because the 3 least known members all did live performances tonight

Louis performed his new single "Miss You" on the X-Factor (while wearing a very questionable outfit) and really upset the Larries because he won't stop talking about his girlfriend, he told Billboard: "I wrote this song about a time in my life when I was going out partying every night. In hindsight throughout that time I was pretty numb and just going through the motions. Deep down, it was always in the back of my mind that what I really missed was the girl that I loved."

Meanwhile Liam and Niall met up and both performed at the iHeartJingleBall in LA:Collapse )

And Harry is apparently still on tour, idk.

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Halsey and G-Sleazy "Him & I" Video...

G-Sleazy just dropped the video to his collab with Halsey. It's rumored that he had originally written the song for his ex Lana del Rey. It's currently trending at #5 on youtube for some reason. While the song remains awful, the mv is kinda cute, pretentiousness aside.

source: you think these 2 will make it, ontd?

Did Love Actually actually predict Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal romance?

- People pointed out that Meghan resembles Joanne, played by fellow biracial American entertainer Olivia Olson.

- Harry is of course Liam Neeson's character's son Sam, played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster, both red-haired Brits, both dealing with the tragic passing of their mothers at a young age.

- Olivia Olson wrote on Instagram: "Memedom ✔️ congrats to the happy"

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Arnold Schwarzenegger skips out of event to avoid questions about his sexual harassment allegations

- Arnold was set to attend a dinner last Friday in Los Angeles, for the California Common Cause Gala and receive an award
-Common Cause rescinded the award and asked him to not attend, after a group of activists threatened to protest the event
- Arnold had been accused over the past 20 years of sexual harassment
- In 2011, the LA Times did an expose on him after several women came forward and described how he groped and harassed them

Trio - Great Hall

'The Disaster Artist' leads limited release box office with over $1.2M opening weekend

While Justice League continues to under-perform, pretty much all limited releases are doing well this Oscar season, including:

-- 'The Disaster Artist' made $1.2 million at 19 theaters this opening weekend
-- 'The Shape of Water' made $166,800 in just 2 theaters this opening weekend
-- 'Wonder Wheel' unfortunately did not flop, and made $140,555 at 5 theaters its first weekend
-- 'Call Me By Your Name' made another $281,280 at 4 theaters for a 10-day total of $908,175 (expanding on Dec. 15)
-- 'Darkest Hour' took another $109,000 at 4 theaters for a total of $412,000 in 12 days (expanding Dec. 8)


Chris Hemsworth was the guest narrator at Disneyland’s Candelight Ceremony & Processional

- Last night, Chris Hemsworth was the guest narrator at Disneyland’s Candelight Cermony & Professional
- The Candelight Cermony has been a Disneyland tradition since the 1950s
- There is a surprise celebrity narrator each year

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Has anyone attended this event at Disneyland? Is it fun, a madhouse, or not worth it? 🎄

Game of Thrones Showrunners not working on "Confederate" anytime soon

-when news about "Confederate" first hit in which the premise revolves around an AU in which slavery still exists, D&D were super excited and confident about it and basically said that they had already started writing it and would start working on it immediately as they were finished with GOT

-but now it seems like they've changed their minds
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good. I hope HBO and D&D got some sense knocked into them and realized that this is the last thing people want to watch rn with everything that's going on.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife Vanessa are expecting baby number two!

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The couple attended the Evening Standard Theater Awards in London tonight and after pictures began circulating, Lin confirmed it on Twitter. They already have a three-year-old, Sebastian.


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Julia Stiles speaks out after she was criticized for the way she held her newborn

"It was brought to my attention that in the previous photo I am not holding my baby correctly. 
Wow, I didn't expect that. What was supposed to be a shout out of products I like, suddenly becomes an invitation to comment on my baby, and my ability as a mother. That's the internet for you, the carnivorous plant from "Little Shop of Horrors". I was trying to keep much of my son's image private, including, I guess, his little feet. And it was just a photo taken at home, not how I normally carry him around. Thanks for the concern, anyway. 
Yes, Mothers, always read the safety instructions. But also, Instagrammers: instead of writing snarky comments about a 5 week old, try dancing around your living room to a Clash record. It's way more fun."

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China goes "Un Poco Loco" for Coco! Becomes highest grossing Pixar film there

-Pixar films usually flop in China, the most successful by far was Finding Dory with a $38M gross for its ENTIRE run. Coco itself only grossed $1.9M opening day
-Coco technically should not have gotten past the film censors because of China's prohibition on ghosts and spoopy skeletons
-Apparently the censors burst into tears after watching Coco(lmao) and were so moved by the film's message of family and honoring your ancestors that they let the movie through without any alterations
-All of this surrounding hype and very good word of mouth made the film gross overall $18M the opening weekend, and $44M on the 2nd weekend for a 10 day cumulative of $75.5M!

ONTD, what movie(s) have caused you to burst into tears?
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ONTD Original: Ranking the music videos of ... Taylor Swift

So Demi Lovato's epic "Tell Me You Love Me" video got me thinking of other awesome videos out there and I randomly decided that I wanted to rank music videos of certain singers and the first one who came to mind was Taylor Swift because she's had some great ones that I've really enjoyed. So I sat down and watched them all and did my ranking. Firstly, I did not include the few videos that was just concert footage so "Fearless," "Sparks Fly," "Red," "The Last Time," and "New Romantics" are not included. Also, I am big on story over high-concept. Finally, this obviously was way subjective.

ETA: I've put almost all the videos contained in this post under spoiler-cuts to reduce the loading time. Thanks to ishumy for the suggestion. :)

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ONTD, what are your favorite TSwift videos?

I may do a series of these, depending on reaction. I'm thinking of doing Demi Lovato, One Direction or Kelly Clarkson next. Any suggestions?

Source: TaylorSwiftVEVO | Separate videos sources above

Mods: URLs are hopefully fixed. And this is a complete original, not a linked article. The ranking and text is ALL MINE. All original content created for Oh No They Didn't.

90 Day Fiancé: Season 5, Episode 9 Viewing Post!

On tonight’s episode: Molly asks Luis to step up as a parent; Elizabeth and Andrei have new plans for the wedding; David won't talk about the wedding night with Evelyn; Nicole and Azan have a big decision to make; Josh and Aika argue about babies.

If this is your first time watching this show, enjoy with us. If you’re lost, revisit this long ass description I’m about to give to understand these couples.

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This show has put me THROUGH it, y’all.

Note: The embedded tweet promotes the episode as being on 10/9CST when it's really 8/7CST. TLC done frauded us again!

Current Location: eating lechon at a water buffalo sales training convention in Claremont, NH

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Pikachu and Hello Kitty Named Ambassadors of Osaka + Guess Who's Back on Pokemon

Japanese Foreign Minister Tarō Kōno awarded the title of cultural ambassador to these two icons so as to promote the city as a potential host for Expo 2025. Dubai is hosting the upcoming World Expo in 2020 while Japan, France, Russia, and Azerbaijan are vying to host in 2025.

“I would like for you to represent Japan and proactively (promote) the attraction of Osaka inside and outside of the country.”


Brock and Misty might've been cut from the 20th anniversary movie, but they got to temporarily reunite with Ash in the anime series. The episode aired in Japan months ago, but it just premiered in the US. Though they'll sound very different than what nostalgic viewers remembered as the dubbing has changed hands.

who should be your country's cultural ambassador?

Shawn Mendes Hates Tomatoes: "They taste horrible, [and] they ruin sandwiches."

Interviewer: Googling “Shawn Mendes trivia” reveals that you hate ladybugs and tomatoes. True?

Shawn Mendes Cody: I love ladybugs! That is very untrue. But I’ve never liked tomatoes: they taste horrible, they ruin sandwiches and they seem to be in everything. But that’s a first-world problem.

This isn't the first time Mendes has shared his disdain for the controversial vegetable argued to be truly a fruit. In 2016, Mendes appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show where if he didn't answer a question correctly...he had to bite into a delicious tomato. His over the top reactions from above can be seen in the full video below. Mendes also tweeted his dislike for tomatoes via Twitter in 2014.

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mods, the quote this news comes from is in the first source dated Dec 2nd 2017.
i merely mentioned 2 past references but the actual quote is recent. thanks.

ONTD, honey, are there any vegetables and/or fruits you dislike as much?

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Shameless 8x06 Promo - "Icarus Fell And Rusty Ate Him"

Fiona is forced to reflect on her own life after a lonely tenant dies and the duty of cleaning out the apartment falls upon her. Meanwhile, Debbie has a pregnancy scare and winds up in a compromising position, Lip enlists Carl's help to search for his sponsor and Frank enjoys having his first-ever credit card. (Air date: Dec 10, 2017)

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US government wants to seize Martin Shkreli's one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album

- $500 for the category 'What the fuck is this headline'

- Martin - known for being completely devoid of any human morals and/or emotions - former pharmaceutical chief executive owes the US some money

- 'some money' is in this case approx US$7.3m

- there's money to be made from one of a kind the Wu-Tang Clan "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" album, but the gov would like some cash as well, as the album alone isn't worth 7 mill

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I'm done for the day. How you're doing, ONTD?

DJ Tiësto is getting married

- he proposed while vacationing on the Maledives

- he's 48, she's 21

- he feels like he's too young to consider children just yet

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I'm not even going to bother to ask y'all about where you'll be when the question is popped so ONTD, when's the last time you enjoyed a Tiësto (produced) track?

[POP EMERGENCY] Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen collab coming out soon!

Earlier today, Charli XCX teased how cool it would be to release a new mixtape featuring collabs with her faves such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Tove Lo, Cupcakke, and others. Turns out the mixtape is real!!!

Here's the tracklist:

The mixtape is rumored to come out sometime this month.

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No sign of Lorde....oh well 2/3 is not bad.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Billy Bush writes an op-ed about Trump denying the Access Hollywood tape is real

  • He says that in addition to the tape he and 7 other men were on that bus and they all know what they heard

  • Claims to have thought at the time that Trump was just making a lewd joke

  • Bush recently sat down and read the stories of the women that had come out after the tape leaked

  • He believes the 20 women who came forward with claims of sexual assault and harassment against Trump

  • Think Trump is "poking the bear" by trying to deny that the Access Hollywood tape is real

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Are you ready for the Billy Bush comeback apology tour?

Mariah Carey Gets Millions (and THAT Ring) in Settlement with Ex-Fiancé James Packer

Mariah Carey and James Packer quietly entered into a settlement agreement.
She claimed she uprooted her life and moved to Los Angeles to be with Packer.

Mariah got to keep the ring.
Between the cash and the ring, Mariah walked away with between $5 – $10 million.

The former couple had battled for over a year after they split in October 2016.