November 26th, 2017

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ONTD Original: Top 10 Latino songs that have statistically ruled 2017

If you were alive in 2017, you might have heard the name "Despacito," the Latino hit single by Luis Fonsi (with his middle-age crisis, post Maluma-make over looks) and iconic reggaeton artist Ramón Ayala.

And while Despacito's success has perhaps been the biggest surprise of the year, the truth is the Latino music is going through one of its most popular eras since the mid-00s. Spanish-language songs are 1/3 of the most streamed songs on Youtube and their videos have incredible longevity.

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What's your favorite Spanish-language song this year? Latino music post!
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Susan Sarandon says Clinton supporters wished rape on her after she refused to endorse Clinton

In a new interview, Susan Sarandon is opening up about the abusive and threatening messages she received from Clinton supporters after she refused to endorse Clinton during the United States presidential election last year.

Sarandon says she had to change her phone number after receiving messages from Clinton supporters who told her that they wished she'd get raped and have her crotch grabbed.

Sarandon jokes that she feels very flattered to think that her single vote in the blue state of New York for Green Party candidate Jill Stein was all that it took to decide the election.

Source: Twitter

Joe Manganiello shares new image of Deathstroke

- Joe Manganiello is Slade Wilson or villain Deathstroke. He appeared in post credits scene of Justice League
- Rumors had him as the villain of the the troubled solo Batman movie
- Due to the lack luster performance of JL & Ben’s messiness, the Batman solo film is up in the air
- Joe has stated that he has signed on for two films

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Buzzfeed investigates 10 years of Hollywood and Armie Hammer trying to make Armie Hammer happen

  • With his latest film Call Me By Your Name Hammer is trying to spin that the reason he flopped so many times is because he's too ~indie to be a mainstream actor but investigative reporter Anne Helen Petersen digs through 10 years of magazine archives to show how many times he and Hollywood have tried hard to make him happen as a star

  • He first appeared in Vanity Fair in 2009 in a profile on rich kids that featured Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

  • Was a rich asshole who spent his early career being cast as rich assholes in Gossip Girl and The Social Network

  • Tries to cover up his rich childhood by talking about all the time he spent barefoot on the beach getting ringworm (the journalist hilariously points out the ringworm story has come up in at least 5 profiles spanning more than 10 years)

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ONTD do you stan for mediocrity?

Jennifer Lawerence met one of her reality tv faves- Lisa Rinna

Jennifer had talked about her love for reality tv and over the weekend she met RHOBH star Lisa Rinna and geeked out

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Ontd, have you ever met one of your faves? How did it go?

Blind Item: Singer and Dead Fish

A singer and a model both dated the same male singer. They pretend they don’t care in public but in private they call each other names. The singer calls the model a dead fish because of her pill addiction and how the ex describes her in bed. The model calls the singer a whore.

Op note: This is relevant.

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Imgur Sent a Notice of Data Breach, User Information Was Stolen

So, Imgur had a security breach in 2014. Also, happy Thanksgiving, Americans!

∙ On Thursday, November 23, a security researcher who frequently deals with data breaches sent Imgur an email notifying them of data he was sent that contained information on Imgur users.
∙ Immediate investigation took place, and it was confirmed the next morning (Friday Nov. 24) that approximately 1.7 million Imgur user accounts were compromised in 2014.
∙ The compromised data included only email addresses and passwords.

"Imgur has never asked for real names, addresses, phone numbers, or other personally-identifying information (“PII”), so the information that was compromised did NOT include such PII."

Imgur notified users immediately, which web security expert Troy Hunt praises. Especially in comparison to Uber's data breach last year, where it was revealed they paid the hacker $100,000 in hush money. Oh, and they only just recently notified users of the breach.

You can check any and all of your e-mails to learn whether or not those emails are attached to websites that have been breached at, run by Troy Hunt himself. The website also informs searchers of whether or not the compromised data has been pasted or shared publicly. Entering your e-mail will not further compromise user data.

Sources: Imgur Twitter, Troy Hunt Twitter ( 1 & 2 ), Have I been pwned?
My trash e-mail is in the database of 12 websites that have been compromised lmao. I never allow my PII (address, credit card information, etc.) to be saved within a website's database. Ever. So I'm safe.

Check yourselves before you wreck yourselves, ONTD!

Taylor Has Huge 2nd Week Drop

Toilet's second week sales of Reputa dropped by one million, with second week sales of just over 200K. She has sold just over 1.5M in two weeks, far less than the 2M+ her label predicted in the first week of sales.

-Still not on streaming services
-Still did not out-sell 1989
-Tim McGraw and Faith Hilll debut at #2 with The Rest of Our Life
-Sam Smith's album The Thrill of It All bottoms to #3

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Kesha performs new single 'Learn to Let Go' live on Graham Norton

Kesha has brought her Rainbow over to the other side of the pond, promoting her album in England. Last week she appeared on Graham Norton's late night talkshow where she blessed UK audiences with a live performance of her second single.

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'Call Me by Your Name' breaks 2017 opening weekend limited release box office record

-- Sony Classics' 'Call Me by Your Name' brought in $404,874 this past weekend in four theaters (two in NYC, two in LA) - it should be noted that both NYC theaters were selling tickets at $17 a pop
-- breaks the 2017 limited release opening weekend record held by 'Lady Bird' a few weeks back, which made $364,437 in four theaters
-- it's the biggest limited opening since last year's 'La La Land' which made $881,104 in five theaters
-- 'Call Me by Your Name' will begin theatrical expansion on either December 8th or 15th
-- also doing really well this weekend was Gary Oldman's by-the-books British Oscar-bait 'Darkest Hour', which made $248,000 at four theaters for the five days

Bobbie Draper
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The Expanse- First BTS look at Elizabeth Mitchell

What they're posing with is the Odyssey award they won for 'most inspiring and accurate vision of the future in entertainment'.

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We still don't know when S3 will drop, besides it being 'before April', let's hope we get the trailer soon at least.

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Directors don't like Lana Del Rey's ideas, so she's directing her next music video herself

-Big-time directors don't approve of your creative direction? Well no problem, you just do it yourself! That's exactly what Lana Del Rey is doing for her next music video for her song Cherry.

-Lana told MTV: "I spoke to a few different directors about ideas I had and... nobody liked any of them so I think I might do it myself." She might be getting a little help from her little sis Chuck however. "Chuck is a great visual artist so we were thinking let's go back to the old days and do our like handheld stuff in a hotel or something..." Lana added.

-The socially-coscious artiste also revealed an abstract, nuclear-themed video treatment for another song off her recent no1 Lust for Life album.


ONTD Original: 5 best Hero/Villain rivalries

Every hero needs a great villain, that one rival that keeps popping their heads around to give the hero a run for their money and leave a lasting impact on a show/character. Here are 5 rivalries that left their lasting impressions!

Xena/Callisto: Xena: Warrior Princess
Best Moment: X:WP 1x22 "Callisto" From the first time we see the two square off, Callisto is immediately shown to be Xena's equal by being the first person in the series who is able to catch Xena's Chakram. A feat that only 4 people have been able to do in the series history.

What Makes Them Great: Callisto is a byproduct of Xena's past as a Warlord, one who grows up to be an even more twisted version of the Warrior Princess. Callisto only has 1 goal and that is to make Xena suffer and pay for her sins against Callisto's family.

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What are your favorite hero/villain rivalries in television?

How The Punisher got his own series

- When asked about his thoughts on the eponymous character, Jon Bernthal says: "People have always asked me, 'So do you believe in what Frank does?'" What I believe in is Frank. I have empathy for him; my heart is open to him."

- Ebon-Bachrach, who plays David Lieberman aka 'Micro' says. "We have Trump running the country, so I didn't want to play a smart guy who's weak. I wanted to play a smart guy who's courageous and strong in a different way. Because that's what we need right now."


Can we talk about the Kastle elevator scene and Frank's insane abs?

What did you think of the show, ONTD? I loved some parts, hated some others, Jon's performace was amazing, etc

For those of you who aren't into the white manpain stuff, the show has a terrific lead female character who also happens to be a WOC. Dinah Madani is legit one of the best female characters Netflix!Marvel has introduced and Amber Rose Revah isn't getting nearly enough credit. stan ha!

5 Songs That Prove Women Should Rule The World

Ask anyone to list a song about peace, cooperation, love, and a better life for all people and no doubt you'll probably get an answer like "Imagine" by John Lennon or "One Love" by Bob Marley. But men have proven throughout the entirety of human history that they just aren't any good and probably shouldn't even be in charge of anything at all. So lets take a look at what life might be like if women ruled the world based on the ideologies put forth in the music of some iconic women musicians:

1. Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation
Janet Jackson preaches: working together, protesting against social injustice, having the courage to do what's best for humanity, and using music to break down man-made boundaries that separate us.

Key lines:
"Things are getting worse, we have to make them better. It's time to give a damn,
let's work together."


"People of the world unite, strength in numbers, we can get it right"

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Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s Daughter Ava Shines at 2017 Debutante Ball in Paris

- her dance partner is Maharaja Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur

- her dress is by Giambattista Valli

- Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori was also there debuting

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New Official 'Justice League' Poster

I saw that no one had posted this & I decided to make this my 1st post on here. Basically I just did it to distract myself [tmi]from monthly pains lol and was excited about the complete poster, it's so good although lol at Superman not being one of the tallest.
Source: @Collider
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Shania Twain Gives The Most Canadian Performance Possible At Grey Cup Final

The Queen of Canada performed at the Canadian Superbowl equivalent: the Grey Cup final game tonight, where the Stampeders took on some Toronto team and unfortunately the Stamps lost.

The highlight was, however, the queen herself performing at halftime. She entered her performance on a dogsled escorted by a mountie. It was snowing heavily during this performance/game and the queen delivered the hits (outdoors) unlike your fave lip synching divas.

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the calgary stampeders are the canadian champs regardless
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Armie Hammer responds to Buzzfeed article pointing out that Armie Hammer is a huge flop


ONTD are you overly sensitive?