November 17th, 2017

Jake Gyllenhaal could potentially replace Ben Affleck as Batman

Apparently, Ben Affleck has been done with Batman since all the way back in February

It's rumored that Director Matt Reeves has had his eye on Gyllenhaal for a while and the actor has been shortlisted for headlining The Batman.

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James Franco to star in "Multiple Man" film based on X-Men character

Fox is developing a starring vehicle for James Franco in X-Men property "Multiple Man".
In the comics, Multiple Man is Jamie Madrox, who, in the comics, conveyed his cloning powers at birth, when a second, identical version of him appeared after the doctor slapped the infant to get him to breathe. His father, a worker at the Los Alamos Nuclear Research Center, moved his family to a remote farm where his son — fitted with a special suit to control his powers designed by X-Men patriarch Professor Xavier — lived quietly until the suit malfunctioned and he began to go crazy. His cloning abilities drove Madrox to have various collisions and collaborations with both the X-Men and Fantastic Four.
Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman) will write the script.


Eminem Donates $150,000 to Change4Change & SNL Behind the Scenes Pics

The Breakfast Club recognizes the importance of equality for all regardless of socioeconomic status, race, gender or sexual orientation. We're proud to partner with an amazing foundation, The Gathering for Justice, who shares the same values and goals--to eliminate racial and social inequalities and to end child incarceration.

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No idea when this album is being released now. This promo is giving me a headache tbh. Em seems over it already. But I am excited for SNL with fellow psychos!!!

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Finally some How to Train Your Dragon 3 news: F. Murray Abraham cast as the villain

Dreamworks announced that F. Murray Abraham has been cast to voice the villain Grimmel in How to Train Your Dragon 3. He won’t be donning a Scottish accent, rather a deep-baritone voice in the classic villain sense.

Dreamworks also confirmed that HTTYD3 will be the final film in the franchise:

“We are thrilled that F. Murray Abraham has joined our How to Train Your Dragon 3 cast as the villainous Grimmel,” said Chris deFaria, head of DreamWorks Animation Film Group. “This character brings a captivating new story line to the culmination of our trilogy. There is a gentlemanly calm to this sinister role, one that dovetails beautifully with this iconic actor’s immense range and talents.”

HTTYD will be released on March 1, 2019.

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Every Snack I'm Packing for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show | Karlie Kloss

This video isn't sponsored. These are all the foods I genuine love, recommend, and plan to eat while in Shanghai for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show.

Molly, my nutritionist and dietitian is the best at explaining the science behind the nutrition in these snacks. Enjoy!

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food post 🍡🍒

Kate Winslet on Harvey Weinstein and Woody Allen

-refused to thank Weinstein in her Oscar acceptance speech because he was a "bully". "I won’t be pushed around or bullied by anyone. I was bullied as a child. Never again. Certainly not by Harvey Weinstein.”

-on Woody Allen...

"At the end of the day, you look at the facts. He’s an 81-year-old man who went through a two-year court case. As far as I know, he wasn’t convicted of anything. I’m an actor; he’s a director. I don’t know his family. I’ve heard and read exactly what you’ve heard and read. I know as much as you do. That’s all I can say."

ontd, do you handwave sexual assault allegations until the alleged perpetrator is personally rude to you?

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Ellen DeGeneres Drags Trump On Her Show, Will Donate to Elephant Charity #BeKindToElephants

After Trump lifted a ban on importing elephant trophies into the US, Ellen talked about Trump and why she loves elephants on her show. She said elephants are better at learning than Trump, and that there are many things she doesn't like about "this guy."

For every retweet of the tweet below Ellen will donate to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. They rescue and rehabilitate orphaned baby elephants.

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Katy Perry banned from China due to pro-Taiwan support

- Katy Perry has allegedly been banned from China indefinitely & will not be performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She was also removed from the VS website.
- Her visa was denied by Chinese officials.

- Officials comb through social media accounts & press reports to look for anything anti-Chinese.
- Example: Maroon 5 was banned years ago because one of them tweeted the Dalai Lama "happy birthday".

- In 2015, Perry wore a sunflower dress during a performance in Taipei, angering many Chinese. The sunflower was the symbol of "hope" for anti-China protesters that year due to its heliotropic nature.
- She also waved a Taiwanese flag in concert & tied it around her neck like a superhero cape:

- Some of the models that were denied visas this year had supposedly "offensive" posts.
- Adriana Lima’s visa was held up a bit due to a separate "diplomatic problem".

Source: Page Six

Zac Efron is the Ringleader We Deserve in New 'Greatest Showman' Rehearsal Clip

All eyes on Zac in the center of the ring, just like a circus! The IRL Disney Prince is back to doing what he does best, singing and dancing his little heart out.

Zefron serves B6 realness, showing off Troy Bolton's 2017 movements~ in a new behind-the-scenes video from the set of HSM 4 The Greatest Showman. The biographical musical drama, based on the true story of how P. T. Barnum started the Barnum & Bailey Circus, also stars Hugh Jackman and Zendaya.

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The Greatest Showman soars into theaters on December 20, 2017.

Sources: @JustJared. @Zefron.

Everybody let go / We can make a dance flo' / Just like a Circus_(Deluxe).zip

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Evan Rachel Wood reflects on the year since Trump was elected and her own experiences with abuse

  • Earlier this year a Rolling Stone article in which she talked about being raped came out

  • Wood says that in the initial interview she did not talk about the rapes but decided to come forward after Trump was elected because she felt like women being silent contributed to him being elected

  • She also opens up about being in a physically abusive relationship with an unspecified boyfriend and talks about how the emotional abuse was the most damaging part for her

  • The man who abused her is powerful and she says that when she reached out for help everyone around him had signed NDA agreements or were on his payroll

  • Compares Trump being elected to the country being in a relationship with a domestic abuser

  • Says the past year has taught her that thinking of herself as someone with "good" opinions isn't enough and has pushed her into activism

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Eurovision roundup: Macedonia is in, tickets, a returning artist

After explaining in my previous post that Macedonia would not take part of next year's contest due to debts, they are in again. No explanation was given to why ESC changed its decision (if I know anything, I'll update the post), but this is great news! (also #justicefordancealone)

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Colbert "grills" a flustered Ben Affleck about Harvey Weinstein

Last night, Stephen Colbert asked Ben Affleck about his connection with Harvey Weinstein. Bloated Batfleck looked uncomfortable and began by saying, "This is a comedy show, correct?"

The conversation begins at 2:36. Ben looks really squirmy (and shiny).

On Harvey Weinstein: "It was awful to see the extent of [his] terrible crimes and it was hideous... I thought I understood the extent of the problem, and I thought I had a handle on it. The truth is, I really didn't. I didn't understand what it was to be groped, to be harassed, to be interrupted, talked over, paid less, pushed around, belittled, all of the things that women deal with that for me as a man I have the privilege of not having to deal with."

On the accusation against him: "What I was accused of by a woman was touching her breast while I gave her a hug. I don't remember it, but I absolutely apologize for it. I certainly don't think she's lying or making it up."

Do you think this was truly sprung on Ben, or did he ask Colbert to bring it up?

Water War
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The Results of Having to CGI the Mustache from Henry Cavill's Face in Justice League

For those that don't know, Henry Cavill grew a mustache for his upcoming role in Mission Impossible 6. When he had to do reshoots for Justice League, Paramount wouldn't let him shave it off therefore WB had to remove it with CGI.

There are no HD screencaps so just have these blurry ones to judge

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I'm more interested in seeing the CGI corn

Bravo's Latest Attempt at Tryiiiiiing Black Women: To Rome for Love

These ladies are traveling halfway around the world to find the loves of their lives. Watch new episodes of To Rome for Love, premiering Sunday January 7 at 9/8c, only on Bravo!

ONTD, have you ever had to leave your country to find a man/partner who will appreciate you because the men in your country dont like your skin colour?


Voice Actress Hiromi Tsuru has died at 57

  • Legendary seiyuu Hiromi Tsuru has passed away at the age of 57.

  • According to Asahu News, she was found unconscious in a car along the Shuto Expressway in Tokyo. She was wearing her seatbelt, and her hazards were on. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died. It is believed that she pulled her car safely to the side and turned her hazard lights on to prevent further casualties.

  • She died from an aortic dissection.

  • Best known as Bulma in Dragon Ball Z, Ukyo Kuonji in Ranma 1/2, Meryl Strife in Trigun, Naomi Hunter in Resident Evil, and she was the dub voice for Megan Fellows in the Anne of Green Gables franchise.


Such grace. Why do the people that don't deserve to die....die? RIP

Jenna Marbles Under Attack for Animal Abuse

Popular Youtuber Jenna Marbles posted a video of her new pet fish, only to face an onslaught of criticism because she bought a circular tank instead of a rectangular one.

Jenna had gone to a specialty pet store and relied on advice from one of their associates regarding which fish and supplies to buy. Apparently the tank that she bought was the wrong kind, prompting accusations of animal abuse and neglect. She has since removed the video, saying that she does not want to spread misinformation about the care of fish.

She posted a 47-minute long apology video in which she explains the situation, expresses her sincere regret, and apologizes repeatedly. She also posted explanations on her other social media.

Is this abusive to fish?

I eat fish, fuck fish.


After Paper Magazine's Release, Onika Maraj Secretly Visits Guilty Brother at Correctional Center

- Onika Maraj only visited her brother because her mother hasn't seen him since he was found guilty (on November 9th) for raping his step-daughter who was 11 years old at the time. She "only wanted" to support her mother.[spoiler]
- She recently released BREAK THE INTERNET: MINAJ À TROIS on the 14th. She's been making posts these past, few days about her issue on Instagram, even after her visit.
- Her visit with her mother to Nassau County Correctional Center in East Meadow was on the 15th (same day she posted the tweet above).
- His team previously accused his ex-wife and step-daughter of extorting him and Onika for $25 million dollars.
- Her brother will be facing 25 years behind bars, but he plans to appeal, even though there was DNA evidence that supported the allegations that he sexually abused the child.
- Expect her to release something about her campaign with H&M next week (on the 28th) and not about her brother.

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'Despacito' Wins Latin Grammy for 'Best Urban Fusion/Performance'

That Bieber reign just won't let up. El Rey Del Pop's remix of Despacito with Luis Fonsi y Daddy Yankee won el Latin Grammy for "Best Urban Fusion/Performance" en last night's award show.

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Sources: @Biebs. @ScooterBraun.

ONTD: Are you successful?

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Dee Rees talks Mudbound and growing up in the south

  • Her childhood friend was the granddaughter of a klan member and told her she couldn't invite her to her birthday party because Rees was black

  • Rees injected aspects of her family history into the backstory of the black family in Mudbound including the fact that her grandmother didn't want to pick cotton but wanted to be a stenographer

  • Her great-great-great grandparents were slaves and she has a picture of them taken on a plantation

  • Rees came out in her '20s and still had a hard time coming out to her parents even though she was living on her own and paying her own bills at that point

  • Her real name is Diandrea

  • Most of the people she credits with helping her in her career are men (including Spike Lee and Lee Daniels) so she's trying to be a woman who helps and mentors other women


It's Mudbound day! Don't forget to watch now that it's on Netflix!

Owen Wilson being cute on Jimmy Kimmel Live

-He shows pictures of his kids and their Halloween costumes
-He talks about what kind of a parent he is
-He says that his kids should not listen to their uncle Woody
-He says he and Luke Wilson are very competitive over dumbest shit
-He was in military school


Are you competitive, ONTD?
What are some of the cutest things you saw kids wear/or do? Share pics <3
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Iconic Simpsons Episode, Mr. Plow, Turns 25

The episode, which is all about Homer buying a snow plow, was born from one writer's wish to meet Adam West. "I wanted to do a winter episode, and then it occurred to me that if Homer bough a snow plow, we could have him go to the car show, and Adam West could be at the car show, and I could meet Adam West," said writer Jon Vitti. The cast and writers were very enthusiastic about meeting West, and it was a great experience for everyone. West's daughter says it was a milestone of his career since it introduced him to a new generation of fans.

The words to the catchy jingle were initially written as placeholder lyrics in the original draft, but it was apparently so bad that they left it to be in the actual episode.

Singer Linda Ronstadt, is also featured in the episode, but they had to fly to San Francisco to record her voicework. Apparently, she's wearing a mariachi inspired outfit in her commercial with Barney.

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Famous YouTuber Shay Butler Returns To The Internet With An Apology

After disappearing following the cheating scandal that occured last year, famous YouTube star Shay Butler posted an apology today on his personal YoutTube page.

- Says he's sorry to his family, wife and the fans
- Says he made the choices he did, "not because I have an alcoholism problem" , it has nothing to do with his addiction and he wont use it to justify it
- He's not sure if God forgives him and that he's not sure his wife has forgiven him yet either
- "I have to forgive myself or I will destory myself, I hate myself for the pain I caused my angel of a wife, the embarassment, the public humiliation..."
- Doesn't care about money or YT he cares about his wife and kids and is going to fight for them
- Takes responsibility for the things he said to someone who didn't deserve the things he said and apologises (about the girl who leaked him cheating I presume)

This is the Shaytards guy who cheated on his wife with cam girl...sorry for the confusion

Post Malone reveals that Hillsong is "Culty" and that Bieber gave them 10 million...

  • He shares that Bieber "has gotten super-religious recently. Real culty."

  • That Bieber has already given Hillsong like $10 million.

  • That he used to be super-religious and believes in God. But now sees through it.

  • "It's nice to support something you believe in, I guess, but people are spending so much money, and God doesn't care that your church has a fucking gold roof."

  • When asked if he told Bieber about this, Post says they do not talk about that type of stuff.

  • A source to Bieber also denied that he gave them 10 million..


Jeffrey Tambor Accused By ‘Transparent’ Actress Of Sexual Harassment

Transgender actress Trace Lysette alleges that Jeffrey Tambor made lewd, sexually suggestive and unwelcomed remarks to her on a number of occasion.
Tambor is also said to have physically pressed up against Lysette in a sexually aggressive manner during a break in filming.
Tambor says he can at times be “volatile and ill-tempered,” denies the claims.


Project Runway's Wendy Pepper dead at age 53

  • Project Runway's own Wendy Pepper has died. Cause of death is currently unknown. She was 53.

  • Dubbed one of reality television's "First Great Villains", Pepper was known for her massive ego and constant feuding with the other contestants, such as Jay and Kara on the very first season of Project Runway, as well as her manipulative streak.

  • After the show ended, she and her husband separated. She opened her own store in Virginia to great success, selling her own line 'Pretty World'


The Killers invited an Irish fan on stage to play the keyboard after he held up this sign

The Killers are currently on their Wonderful Wonderful Tour and performed at the 3Arena in Dublin last night. In the crowd the band spotted a sign that read "Can I play Dustland Fairytale with you? (please)." Brandon surely enough then called the lucky fan, Sean, to the stage to play on the keyboard with the band. Dreams do come true! Check out videos below and while you watch think up some ideas for your own sign that could land you on stage with your fave. It could be you that's next.

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ONTD, who is your fave that you wish to perform with on stage?

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Jennifer Hudson splits from fiance after ten years together, plus gets protective order against him.

Jennifer Hudson claims she's in fear of David Otunga.
She claims David has exhibited aggressive, threatening and harassing behavior toward her.
Jennifer and David, who broke up several months ago, have been negotiating a custody arrangement but each want primary physical custody.
Hudson got an order of protection and got cops to remove David from the family home.
The order of protection gives Hudson exclusive possession of their residence and orders David to stay away from her and their son.

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Britney's "Piece of Me" sweeps awards + more

Yet another successful year for Brit's Vegas residency. The show won all the awards it was nominated for at the Best of Las Vegas awards. If you still haven't seen the show don't despair quite yet, there are still five shows left on the 19th, 27th, 28th, 30th and 31st of December.

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Wanda Sykes breaks attendance record on Ellen

Wanda stopped by the Ellen show recently, which also constituted her record breaking 30th (!) appearance there. The two chatted about that for a bit, Wanda's adorable family and making people laugh in the dark times known as living in Trump's America.


Just reminding you that Wanda Sykes is a national treasure

Viola Davis to produce, star in adaptation of Terry McMillan's ‘I Almost Forgot About You,'

Universal Pictures has optioned the rights to Terry McMillan’s bestseller I Almost Forgot About You,
Girls Trip's Malcolm D. Lee will direct. Ron Bass and McMillan will write the script.
Viola will play Georgia Young, a twice-divorced, successful optometrist. Despite a life, full of great friends and family, she hasn’t felt a romantic spark in awhile, and feeling bored and restless. She decides it’s time to change, and goes on a wild journey of self-discovery, reuniting with old lovers, and getting a brand new lease on life. 


BTS: "We don't have a Boyfriend or girlfriend"

The Kpop sensation BTS talk about daing and love with Entertainment Tonight’s Denny Directo during rehearsals for the American Music Awards.

“For me, true love is really something that comes within myself, and I think that’s what really gets transferred to the fans,” J-Hope told Entertainment Tonight.“When we don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, we always say, ‘Oh, I’m so lonely. I want a date,’ or something like that,” RM added. “But I think the biggest love we’re all searching for is the love for one’s self. If you want to love others, I think you should love yourself first.”

baby groot

"A Wrinkle in Time" new poster + new trailer out Sunday

Disney has released a new poster for their upcoming film "A Wrinkle in Time". They also announced that they first full trailer will air this Sunday during the AMAs on ABC.


Keegan-Michael Key & Cynthia Blaise Finalize Divorce Days Before He Announces Engagement

The Key and Peele star has been ordered to pay Blaise, an actress and dialect coach, $34,000 per month, 21 % of his gross annual income from all sources in excess of $2,153,846.
The total spousal support payable from Key to Blaise each year shall not exceed the sum of $700,00 gross.
He is obligated to pay Blaise spousal support until the death of either party, Blaise’s remarriage, or further Court order.
Key has also been ordered to pay Blaise $655,649 to equalize the division of the assets.

you made me a shadowboxer baby

FIONA APPLE comes for Trump's wig re: Keystone Pipeline Leak

Fiona Apple is rightfully furious at the most recent oil spill where TransCanada's Keystone 1 pipeline leaked 210,000 gallons of oil (that's 795,000 litres) onto agricultural land in Amherst, SD. Since of course there is a tweet for everything, Fiona addresses a particular one he made in 2015 rebuking superior president Obama's rejection of the Keystone XL project (which Trump has since green-lit).

Fiona has previously performed her anti-Trump Christmas carol at a Standing Rock benefit concert.
She also released a "Tiny Hands" chant for the Women's March.

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ONTD, do you share her frustration/fear about the state of our environment?

St. Vincent "Pills" Video

St. Vincent released the video for her song "Pills" today. The video is directed by Philippa Price who has done videos for Pharell, Rihanna, and Stella McCartney.


This song is still not my favorite from the album, but I like this video.
blacktress janet hubert

Mariah Carey: "All I want for Christmas is peace and harmony"

Best-selling singer-songwriter whose music has literally saved lives Mariah Carey sat down for an interview, recently published in the November issue of Hollywood Reporter magazine, in which she discussed her new Christmas song "The Star," the title song to Columbia Pictures' animated film about the birth of Jesus Christ, told from the point of view of the animals in the manger. (Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Tracy Morgan voice the Wise Men's camels.)

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Photo source

Marti Noxon Speaks Out Against Matthew Weiner

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Marti Noxon was a consulting producer on AMC’s Mad Men.

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What happened on that Scandal winter finale!!!

MAJOR SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED!! (is anyone here even still watching besides me??)

-The show returns Jan 18, 2018 with the last 11 episodes of the series.
-[Spoiler (click to open)] Quinn (played by Katie Lowes) appears to be dead (But she ain't, lbr. She was about to pop so she was written out for a bit) courtesy of papa pope as she bid her farewell on Twitter last night. The rest of the cast, and show creator shonda, tweeted that they all missed Katie on set.
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Ryan Seacrest denies any allegations even though he hasn't been publicly accused yet...

- Ryan Seacrest publicly denied a claim of sexual harassment before it went public. According to Ryan, a wardrobe stylist complained that Ryan acted inappropriately with her ten years ago. He apologizes if he made her feel anything "less than respected".
- According to a source, the accuser wanted a "substantial amount" of money to keep quiet. Ryan called the allegations "reckless" and that he's "distraught". He calls himself an advocate for women (no thanks) and will continue to support their voices (no thanks).


Ben Affleck & Girlfriend Lindsay Shookus Look Smitten in NYC

Ben Affleck holds Lindsay Shookus tight and looks deep into her eyes while leaving his apartment in New York. The couple looked very much in love as they headed out for the day.
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Piper and Leo

Bridget Regan pregnant with second child!

Bridget Regan (Legend of the Seeker, Agent Carter, The Last Ship, Jane The Virgin and so much more) has announced that she and husband Eamon O'Sullivan are expecting their second child together. They have a daughter, Frankie, who turns seven next month.


George Clooney returns to television for Catch-22, two decades after ER

George Clooney will Star in Joseph Heller novel 'Catch-22' Adaptation From Paramount TV

He will direct the six-episode limited series

Catch-22 is set in Italy during World War II and tells the story of Yossarian, a U.S. Air Force bombardier trying to fulfill his service requirements so he can go home.


John Stamos Mourns Death of 'Inspiring' Fan and Friend: 'She Was One of My Favorite People'

In a post written on Facebook, John Stamos revealed that his "dearest, most important and most inspiring" longtime fan Paula Haynes had died

He explained that the two of them met through The Beach Boys some 30 years ago and that they stayed in frequent contact throughout the years.

Read his entire post on facebook source

'Transparent' Mulls Future Without Jeffrey Tambor Amid Harassment Claims

Creator Jill Soloway and the writers are fighting to save the show from cancellation.
Transparent writers had already begun working on the forthcoming fifth season, set to premiere late 2018.
Soloway is now said to be open to figuring out a way to plot out Tambor's main character, Maura Pfefferman.
The creator is asking for the right amount of time to creatively write Maura out of the show, possibly with a death.