October 2nd, 2017

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Taylor Swift May Have Dropped A Sneak Peek Of Her Next Single

Everyone knows Taylor Swift has a partnership with UPS. Everyone also knows she's very strategic with the way she handle her image, brand, and music releases. She may have dropped her next song in a UPS commercial.

A Swiftie slowed down the track and claims it's Taylor singing "rip off the page." Some of her fans think she's releasing her next song, "Rip Off The Page."

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ONTD, are you ready for Taylor Swift's Blackout era?
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Footballer Gerard Pique gets emotional talking about the Catalan Referendum.

FC Barcelona reuqested to have their game against Las Palmas cancelled due to to referendum and the violence that has continued throughout the day by the Spanish police against voters. The league rejected their request so Barcelona decided to play the game behind closed doors instead. The Las Palmas team also wore football strips with the Spanish flag on them specifically for this game.


if you're unsure about what is happening in Catalonia right now, here are some good places that sum up breifly what is happening- here, here and here

Amber Heard spotted kissing new man

Amber Heard was spotted kissing a new man in Australia

“Amber Heard was snogging her bf in broad daylight, they were really going at it,” the source told Page Six.

The actress’ representative has yet to address the video release, which emerges less than two months after she called off her year-long romance with billionaire businessman Elon Musk

Video at the source

Kail Lowry announces 3rd son's name, two months after giving birth

Caption: "Lux Russell, 08/05/17 💕 7 lbs 15 oz, 19 3/4” born at 3 am on the dot. It only took us 7 weeks to decide a name and 8 weeks to make it official 💛 thank you to @shophighway3 for our first personalized blanket to announce."

-Lux is her third baby with third baby daddy, Chris Lopez
-Also mom to Isaac, with Jo Rivera, and Lincoln, with Javi Marroquin


oh my god, it's so bad. russell lux would be okay but the other way around?? just makes me think of virgin diaries. names post?

Little Mix will release "Glory Days: The Platinum Edition" next month

  • Little Mix will release Glory Days: The Platinum Edition on November 24.

  • The album will include three new songs, Touch (ft. Kid Ink), No More Sad Songs (ft. Machine Gun Kelly), Power (ft. Stormzy), Reggaetón Lento (Remix) with CNCO and a never-before-seen documentary that goes behind the scenes of their world tour.

  • Little Mix's next sold out UK arena tour coincides with the repackaged album, with 37 dates taking place across October and November.


I'm just glad they aren't releasing a completely new album already. The whole "an album per year" thing is getting boring.
you made me a shadowboxer baby

Fiona Apple and St. Vincent Perform Together!

Queen Fiona Apple invited St. Vincent’s Annie Clark to join her set at Trans-Pecos Festival in Marfa, Texas. Fiona and Annie played “Pale September” and Cyndi Lauper’s “Money Changes Everything” together. Last month, Fiona played her first show of 2017 at Ohana Festival, and confirmed that a new album is in progress.

st_vincent Fiona. I have no words. You saved my life. Thank you. I will love you forever.

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ONTD Original: Anti-anxiety musication

Anxiety & depression affect over 50 million people in America and 350 million people worldwide. Last night's mass shooting in Las Vegas has caused your own anxiety to flare up and has more than likely created new cases for others.

Whether you're already suffering from these illnesses, or have just started experiencing symptoms, music may be a remedy that you often use to combat your woes. Below are five artists that can help clear your head and talk you down. Let's take a calming breath and dive in.

1. KWAYE - Little Ones (2017)

- One of the newest artists of the group, KWAYE's purposeful R&B/Electronic/Pop has already started making a mark across streaming platforms. "Little Ones" is a track that discusses the realities of how hard it is to be who you are in a society that is constantly oppressive to your truth. You may feel like you have to pretend to be someone you're not 24/7 just to function on the outside while your insides are screaming. Let KWAYE inspire you to live.

"You wanna take him down? He'll get up again. Try to take her smile? She'll laugh harder. Got his eyes fixed on the prize so don't you categorize my brother."

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If you or someone you know is experiencing severe anxiety/depression, please note the resources below for a helping hand.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America | Online Resources

What songs are your therapy, ONTD?

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The Killers Are #1 in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia etc.

The Killers first no. 1 album on the Billboard 200 album chart in the United States.
• "Wonderful Wonderful" sold 118,000 equivalent album units and 111,000 was pure sales.
• The bands previous album, 2012's "Battle Born," debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 with 113,000 copies sold. (Pure sales as the charts still didn't factor in streaming then).
• Previous albums peaks: #7: "Hot Fuss" #2: "Sam's Town" #6: "Day & Age".

• The bands fifth #1 in the United Kingdom.
52,000 physical, downloads and streaming equivalent sales, outselling the Top 5 combined.
• "Wonderful Wonderful" continues the band’s unbroken record of no. 1 studio albums. No other international act ever has managed an untarnished career streak of five no. 1 studio albums since their debut.
Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, & Coldplay are the only groups who have equalled or bettered The Killers' streak of no. 1 albums.
• Including Brandon Flowers’ two solo UK no. 1 albums "Flamingo" and "The Desired Effect," Flowers has seven no. 1. Others to have such a feat are Alex Turner, Sting, Damon Albarn.

• The bands second no. 1 on the ARIA Albums Chart in Australia.
• Their other no. 1 was their debut "Hot Fuss."

bflow they did that.

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Shania Twain Unveils New Album and MV!

To coincide with the release of Now, her first album in 15 years (available on iTunes, Spotify, and swap meets near you), Canadian pop icon, Shania Twain has dropped a new music video for the record's opening track, Swingin' With My Eyes Closed.

Taking place in what has become a stock setting for budget music videos, it consists of Shania showing off her fabulous figure in a pair of ensembles that would make Rihanna nod in approval, interspersed with shots of beautiful, ethnically varied dancers kicking up clouds of pigmented chalk. Overall, a cute video for a cute song!

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Sources: 1/2/3
i haven't heard the album in full yet, but this was a highlight for me as well as 'more fun' and 'let's kiss and make up'
Tebow: T-Mobile Commercial #1

RHOA Drama: Porsha Williams Ejected from Cast Trip Over Assault + Kenya Update

  • If the Real Housewives of Atlanta trip to Barcelona wasn't already interesting due to the Kenya/Kim drama, it just got 100x heavier.

  • Porsha Williams has been removed from the trip after she tried to assault the mugshot maven, Marlo Hampton.

  • Porsha and Marlo got into a heated argument and Porsha pointed an object in Marlo's face (uh hypocrite anyone?).

  • Marlo grabbed the object out of Porsha's hand and threw it across the room to which Porsha lunged at Marlo.

  • Security stopped her before she could assault anyone this time and had to restrain her because she was going ballistic.

  • Producers put her on a flight home yesterday, two days early.

  • This is Porsha's fourth assault on the show  plus she took part in the false date rape allegations against Kandi last season.

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This season is gonna be a mess due to the new, all white production team that has a major conflict of interest.
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‘Good Morning Britain’ slammed for ‘inappropriate’ Mariah Carey Vegas shootings interview

Mariah Carey was on Good Morning Britain promoting her Christmas Tour in the Uk. Carey was asked about the Vegas tragedies sprawled on a chaise lounge chair in front of a Christmas tree. Many viewers took to social media to voice their disgust. Carey herself was learning more details about last night's tragedy,“It’s terrible. People are just going out to listen to music because that’s what they want to do,” Carey said. She added, “They’re out for the night, and something shocking happens. Nobody could have expected it, and it’s just wrong. I really don’t know what to say.”

source= https://twitter.com/NME/status/914972021427195904
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Jensen Ackles on Live With Kelly+Ryan

Majestic creature Jensen Ackles graced morning television today with his keeps-getting-better realness to promote the upcoming season of Supernatural & stuff.
Apparently, Ryan and Jensen were roomies back in the day, too.

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ONTD, are you aging like fine wine?
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TRL showrunner on having a finger on the pulse of youth culture, XXXTentacion, and Trump

TRL Showrunner Albert Lewitinn on MTV doing things like eliminating gendered categories at the VMAs and if the new TRL will try to be politically conscious:
"It goes back to the idea of us being a youth culture show. Youth culture envelopes a lot of things. The idea of woke is about culture and what's happening right and that's the intent of the show, to be on the pulse."

The interviewer asked about artists like Kodak Black and XXXTentacion and whether or not they would promote known abusers of women on TRL:
"I'm not sure I want to answer that question. We want to be on what pop culture wants. When it comes to something like that, it's something that we would have to look into. It's a tough question to ask, I can't answer that question until something like that happens."

The interviewer followed that question up by explaining he specifically was wondering about Noah Cyrus' scheduled Tuesday appearance and if XXXTentacion will be on with her to perform their new song together:
"Can't tell you that part. Surprise, surprise."

To the question of whether or not they're prepared for Trump perhaps watching the show and if they would have him on:
"I would love both. He's welcome to hashtag us and @ TRL. He's the president of the United States. Of course we would welcome him on. He's the president of the United States."


Will There Ever Be A "Princess Diaries 3?" ONTD Investigates

It's been well over a year since this post announcing plans for a third "Princess Diaries." Director Garry Marshall had said he and Anne Hathaway wanted to do another film however, as many know, Garry Marshall passed away just shortly after that announcement on July 19, 2016 due to complications of pneumonia after suffering a stroke. Naturally plans for a third film had stopped. These past few months however, there has been some talk about possibly moving forward with the project. This OP goes deep and undercover and investigates the truth lazily Googles - there may have been snacks.

Exhibit A)

Former 00's Teen & Candy Singing Sensation™ Mandy Moore was asked by Elle if she would return for a third film and she had this to say about her mean girl character from the original, Lana Thomas: "I don't think it would make sense for my character, the high school bully, to appear. Maybe I would make some quick cameo. I would like to see this woman evolve. If I'm going to be involved, I would be down for a cameo—maybe she could make amends with Mia and apologize for being a bully when she was younger. She was insecure, going through a difficult time in her life and [has now] reflected on why that wasn't okay."

So long as you do a "Stupid Cupid (Reprise)" in the third film.

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whoops. fixed the sources mods.

sleuthing is exhausting. literally me.

ONTD, who would you want in a third film?

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Alec Baldwin gets verbally attacked by New York cops + Revisits Trump role on SNL

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Wisdom of the Crowd 1x02 Promo

"In The Wild" Promo - A user of Sophe, the cutting-edge crowdsourcing platform, uploads new footage of Jeffrey Tanner’s daughter, Mia, being strong-armed by an unknown man five months prior to her murder. Also, Tanner enlists Sophe to help with Cavanaugh’s case of a missing teenager, on WISDOM OF THE CROWD, Sunday, October 8th on CBS.


what did you think of the premiere, ONTD?
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This season on "Ten Days in the Valley"

“Day 2: Cutting Room Floor” – After seeing the security-camera footage of PJ staking out her house the night that Lake went missing, Jane goes on a desperate search to find PJ and question him. Meanwhile, Bird learns the truth about Lake’s nanny; plus Pete, Ali and Tom canvas the neighborhood trying to find Lake, on “Ten Days in the Valley,” airing SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8.


Tom Hiddleston Is Still Surprised About His Career


Tom Hiddleston says that he is still surprised that he gets to play Loki.

The internet's former boyfriend says of fame, "I never expected that when I started playing him. I feel a huge responsibility to deliver the character people know, even though it’s been four years since I last played him, and also to try to take him in new directions."

The posh used car salesman adorkable dancing nerd adds, "It is a source of constant surprise to me that I’m still here."

Us too, Hiddles. Us, too.

In the past year, Hiddles became better known for being Taylor Swift's publicity stunt after her breakup with Calvin Harris. Since Taylor is allegedly shading Hiddleston on her next album, it looks like that reputation might not fade soon.


Real Estate P0rn: Katy Perry Lists Hollywood Mansion for $9.5 Million


Katy Perry is selling one of her L.A. homes. She has listed her 1954 Mediterranean-style home-- right next to Runyon Canyon Park-- for $9.5 million. The estate has four residential buildings that include four bedrooms and six bathrooms, a gym, a pool, a Roman-style bath, a garden filled with fruit trees, a guest house, and a guard house.


Katy is close to securing a deal with the Vatican to buy a convent in Los Angeles to use as a private residence. The nuns who lived there didn't want to sell to Katy, claiming that she is perveted by Satanism.

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Would you sell you soul to Satan for prime real estate?

Erika Jayne

Bethenny Frankel documents her crusade to help Puerto Rico

Caption: #workingforyoupuertorico We got a 4th plane headed to PR and working on a 5th! I'm bringing $25k in Costco gift cards, $25k in cash gift cards and approximately 15k lbs of food, water and medical supplies. With the planes return we will be able to transport PR citizens stateside to get medical attention. #Bstrong #100percent #thisisacrisis

-Bethenny has been using her charity Bstrong to get as much help to Puerto Rico as possible.

-Thus far she has chartered four planes full of water, canned goods, diapers, baby food, medical supplies, and more.
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Gymnastics GOAT Kohei Uchimura gets injured at the 2017 World Gymnastics Championships

Kohei Uchimura, 6x All Around World Champion and 2x All Around Olympic Champion, was going for his 7th World title in Montreal. He successfully did rings, but on his vault, a 1/2 on 2 1/2 twist off or the Li Xiaopeng, he landed low and hurt his ankle. Despite heavy limping, he still did parralel bars and had trouble with the landing on his dismount. He finally decided to scratch on high bar. Since he didn't do high bar, floor, or pommel horse he is ineligible to qualify for the all around title and his streak ends here. Afterwards, he was using crutches to walk around the arena. He told the press that he apologizes to his teammates and those support him.

Source: Twitter

2017 Worlds is cancelled

Armie Hammer for Out Magazine + Call Me By Your Name Audiobook Released

The good sis Armie Hammer posed for OUT Magazine's November issue.
-Armie says financial backers wanted an antagonist to "contrast with Elio and Oliver" but director Luca Guadagnino remained opposed to the idea.

+Audiobook is released October 3rd (tonight)! Narrated by daddy Armie.


me as i listen to the audioshook:
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Jimmy Kimmel tearfully talks about his hometown Las Vegas, pleads with GOP for gun control.

After the tragedy in Jimmy’s hometown of Las Vegas, he sends love to everyone affected, talks about the major gun violence problem we have in this country, calls out the senators who are in the pocket of the NRA, and asks for common sense and action from our elected officials to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again.

Some quotes from the monologue:

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Great Caesar's Ghost! Who Went Home on 'Bromans' Episode III? 🍆

They're modern day geezers in the time of Caesar! ITV2's hit new reality show Bromans aired its third episode. The tantalizing new series challenges 8 sexy couples to live as if in ancient Roman times, as the boys duke it out to see who will be crowned America's Britain's Next Drag Broman Superstar.

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Things are heating up in Rome. Episode III introduced a new couple and saw the boys getting really comfortable with each other, cuddling, comparing 🍆 sizes, and even feeding each other 🌶. The ladies were challenged to turn their boobies body parts into sculptures and then have their partner identify them.

The bromances didn't last long, as the lads were once again forced to battle it out in the colosseum.

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The next installment airs Thursday on ITV2.

Sources: @GayTimes. @TETU. @Attitude. @GlennKlauber. @ITV2. Twitter, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. @Bromans.
Bromans Episode I | Episode II

On behalf of the planet, I'd like to thank not only God but also Jesus for this show.

veronica coffee

Papyrus font creator responds to SNL skit

  • The use of Papyrus font for the massively successful film Avatar was the subject of a hilarious skit starring Ryan Gosling in SNL's season opener

  • The font creator, Chris Costello, came to its defense: "I believe it’s a well-designed font, it’s well-thought out." He designed it when he was 23 years old going through a lot of stuff.

  • Costello sold the font for $750 and now he gets "very low" royalty payments from its use

  • Thinks the font is overused. Loved the skit!

"[Cameron] just highlighted 'Avatar,' clicked the dropdown menu and he randomly selected Papyrus, like a thoughtless child, just wandering by a garden, yanking leaves along the way."

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Best and worst fonts, ONTD?