September 30th, 2017

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Thursday night TV ratings: Will & Grace returns big, HTGAWM and Gotham hit lows

As previously discussed, Will & Grace's return to television drew a big crowd with a 3.0 ratings point. Great News, its lead-out lost more than half of that with a 1.3, which although was a series high for the show, but was a disappointing start. The Good Place was a up a tenth from last week with a 1.4 and Superstore also did OK at 1.3. Chicago Fire hit a 1.5, an increase from previous timeslot occupant The Blacklist.
The two-hour premiere of Grey's Anatomy returned with a 2.3 rating point, barely down from last season's premiere. 14 years and the show is still kicking. HTGAWM, on the other hand, returned with a series low of 1.0. Does anyone really care about [Spoiler (click to open)]where Laurel's baby is?
Gotham tied it's previous series low of 0.9 with it's 2nd episode in a new timeslot. The Orville was surprisingly steady at 1.1, despite more competition.


harry styles and taylor swift performing at this year's vsfs?

- a press release was put out saying taylor and harry were invited to apply for an administrative license in shanghai, where the show is being filmed
- the creative director of the fashion show was also at harry's concert in nyc on thursday
- it says they will be singing 4 songs
- harry has been linked to a number of models walking in the show, as well as taylor herself



The Exorcist 2x02 Promo - "Safe as Houses"

Tomas and Marcus attempt to escape Cindy's enraged family, while simultaneously trying to finish her exorcism; Rose is concerned about Caleb's mental state; Andy's neighbors offer to teach the children farming skills, but there's something sinister behind their intentions; Verity may be hiding something from her foster family. (Air date: Friday, October 6)

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Celebs react to Trump's attacks on the mayor of San Juan

As the crisis in Puerto Rico continues to mount the mayor of San Juan criticized the government for not getting enough aid to Puerto Ricans quickly enough. Trump took the time out of his busy GOLFING WEEKEND to attack the mayor for no longer being complimentary and accuse Puerto Ricans of wanting everything done for them. Meanwhile the first outbreaks of cholera have been reported in Puerto Rico.

Celebrity condemnation was swift:

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Lin Manuel's #PuberMe throwback

Nick Kroll and Stephen Colbert are raising money for Puerto Rico relief through #PuberMe and #PuertoRicoRelief, by donating money to the One America Appeal with every awkward teenage photo posted by a celebrity with those hashtags. Lin-Manuel Miranda unearthed this gem that should be nominated for Best Short at the Academy Awards or put in the MOMA:

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you know what to do, ONTD. post your #PuberMe pics.
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Shania Twain will debut at #1 while Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus land at #2 and #3 respectively

Shania Twain is expected to debut at #1 with her first album in 15 years.

Early numbers show that Twain's album "Now" should move 121-132k units.

Shania Twain's last album "Up!" debuted at #1 with 874k in sales.

Demi Lovato's "Tell Me You Love Me" is expected to land at #2 with 68-78k units.

Lovato's last album "Confident" debuted at #2 with 98k units moved.

Miley Cyrus should debut at #3 with 40-55k units of her album "Younger Now."

Cyrus' last major label album "Bangerz" debuted at #1 with 270k units moved.

Source: HITS Daily Double
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IT'S DARKSIDED! Horror book recs for a spooky October

The October reading task in the ONTD Reading Challenge is to read something scary! Gargoyles, psychics, everything’s ungodly! The collection below is ranked by scaredy cats, with 3 being the most frightful.


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BOOK POST!!! What scary book will you be reading this month, ONTD?

YA author/scammer of the year Lani Sarem finally speaks out

- Previous post: Lani Sarem, the Handbook for Mortals author whose previous claims to fame are being related to JC from NSYNC and managing the band Blues Traveler, scammed her way to a #1 on the NYT Bestsellers list by buying thousands of her own books

- She finally gave an interview to Vulture reporter Lila Shapiro, who exposed her many lies straight to her face (I wish there were video footage of this)

- In the most recent week with reported data, Handbook for Mortals sold ten copies

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What's the best scam you ever orchestrated, ONTD?
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Amazon developing live action TV series based on "Snow Crash , Ringworld & Lazarus "

Amazon developing Three live action TV series Based on Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
Ringworld by Larry Niven , Lazarus by Greg Rucka .

Snow Crash will be produced by Joe Cornish the director of "Attack The block" with Producer Frank Marshall (amblin entertainment . Husband of Kathleen kennedy)

Ringworld's protagonist Louis Wu is asian american . Snow Crash's Hiro Protagonist has a mother who is Korean Japanese  and Father is African american .

    IMO  Louis and Hiro  , you are in danger ..


Jay-Z & Jennifer Lopez are headlining a benefit concert + Jay Z and Fat Joe deliver aid

Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, and more are coming together to perform at a Tidal benefit concert for those who were impacted by the recent hurricanes. Tidal is working alongside Andrew Cuomo, Fat Joe, and Ruben Diaz to collect and transport supplies to Puerto Rico. Jay-Z donated a plane to Fat Joe in order to deliver aid to Puerto Rico as the Trump administration has been grossly negligent. Fat Joe is also hosting a charity drive on Sept 30 and hopes to deliver the supplies by Oct 5th.

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Jim Carrey's Ex-Girlfriend Claimed He Introduced Her to 'Cocaine, Prostitutes, Mental Abuse and Std'

According to a letter written by Cat White in 2013, Jim Carrey introduced her to “cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease,”
The actor is being sued for her wrongful death by White’s estranged husband, and her mother.
They are claiming that Carrey used a false name to obtain the drugs that White used to kill herself in 2015.
They’re also alleging that Carrey gave White “three STDs without warning her.”

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Demi had advice from Jay-Z on her new album, duels fan in Demi trivia

-hints she'll be working soon with a male Latino star (J Balvin? Maluma?)
-was not sure which would be the lead single and Jay told her to go with SNS
-says Jay is really supportive and she sometimes send him emails with questions
-her priority is to tour europe
-is trying to learn spanish
-favorite color is red
-does MMA to stay in shape
-takes a compatibily test

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Macklemore is making conservative Australians mad

- He's to perform at the NRL grand final (like the Super bowl of Aus rugby league)
- He's singing Same Love (amongst others) bc rn Australia is trying to get same-sex marriage legalised
- Ultra conservative ex-pm and[raw onion eater], Tony Abbott, was super salty about it and said the song should be banned etc
- Other conservative politicians/commentators/people joined in saying politics shouldn't be in sport (hmmm sounds familiar), with one (Bob Katter) saying it will 'besmirch' the game and is '...tantamount to seeping sewage into the debutante ball'
- Same Love and Macklemore got a boost in the charts
- Macklemore told Abbott he's just 'gonna go harder' and that all proceeds of the song in Aus will go to the Yes campaign
- It's been a big thing


Do you like Macklemore now, ontd?

HAIM Releases Short Film "Valentine"

More a compilation of slow-panning music videos than a film proper, the sisters HAIM eschew the glitz and glamor of your usual visual album for a more intimate look inside their natural habitat. Shot on 35-mm film, the video is directed by Paul Thomas Anderson of There Will Be Blood and Boogie Nights fame.

Along with the video for their lead single, Right Now (also directed by Paul Anderson), they perform "Something To Tell You" and "Nothing's Wrong" (personal faves)

sources: 1/2

ontd, now that it's been a few months, do you still listen to "something to tell you?" (i'm partial to 'ready for you' and 'walking away' myself)
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This season on "Marvel's Inhumans"

“Divide and Conquer” – After fleeing their home, The Inhumans desperately search for each other in the wake of Maximus’ coup. Now they must learn who they can trust on Earth, on an all-new episode of “Marvel’s Inhumans,” airing on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6


what did you think of the premiere, ONTD? Was it as bad as you thought it would be?

Regina Hall, Issa Rae and more stars doing #fortheDchallenge

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ONTD, who is the winner ?
Erika Jayne

Is Kenya Moore finally twirling away from RHOA?

-Season 10 of RHOA is looking to be the most dramatic yet!

-Kenya/Kim HATE each other and things have gotten heated even more now that Kenya is married.

-Kim and Poorsha are rumored to be trying to prove that Kenyas marriage is a sham and majority of the cast appears to be remaining quiet instead of sticking up for Kenya.

-They are filming their last trip of the season in which both Kenya and Kim were suppose to join the ladies but word on the street is that Kenya told the producers that she refuses to film with Kim and finally forcing their hand leading them to drop Kim from the girls trip and then Kenya herself proceeded to twirl away as well before getting on the plane.

-Kenya allegedly is ready to bring a lawsuit against Kim Zolciak and perhaps certain producers of the show which of course is frowned upon. Has the Queen of RHOA finally ready to walk away from the show?

-In other RHOA news, Eva Marcille has reportedly won producers over and will be appearing as a Friend Of this season with an option for a peach for S11.

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Jim Parsons is TV's highest paid actor for 3rd year in a row

Thanks to their a million dollar an episode salary for the previous season of The Big Bang Theory, the actors of the show were the top 4 on the list. The adult cast of Modern Family also had 4 spots on the list. Mark Harmon (NCIS) and Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) finished off the list.

1. Jim Parsons - $27.5 million
2. Johnny Galecki - $26.5 million
3. Simon Helberg - $26 million
4. Kunal Nayyar - $25 million
5. Mark Harmon - $19 million
rest of the figures at source

Aussie Grand Final Football weekend pre-entertainment Part1 - The Killers edition

- Australia plays lots of different types of football, this is the AFL Grand Final (Australian Football League aka Aussie Rules), the NRL Grand Final (National Rugby League Grand RL final is tomorrow)
- They played in front of 100,000 AFL fans
- They played a Midnight oil song so Aussies are impressed
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Feminist and Activist Bella Thorne Poses Nude Without Retouching

Gorgeous Cuban feminist Bella Thorne has taken her activism further, and recently posed nude for GQ Mexico and specifically asked for them to not retouch her to help encourage her fans to be comfortable within their own skin and not follow unrealistic beauty standards projected by the entertainment industry.

On her Instagram she said, "As a public persona you know naturally that everytime you shoot with a magazine there is always small retouching. Cuz yeah if they show my acne scars or a wrinkle in my forehead or my teeth aren't perfectly white, people will look at the photo and say no she's not perfect and usually most people don't want the public trashing and I get it, But f--k it I'm here to tell you that's right I'm not F--KING PERFECT. IM A HUMAN BEING AND IM REAL."
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Are you comfortable in your own body?