September 19th, 2017

Emilia Clarke dyed her hair blonde for final season of Game of Thrones

I done did it.
Mother of dragons meet Emilia. Emilia meet mother of dragons. If you squint just so you might never know. 🐉⚡️ All hail to the magnificence of @kevalexanderhair and @candicebanks74 the genius creators of 'KHALEESI WIG' (and not forgetting all the hair on game of thrones for 8 glorious years) for at long last making this magical moment a reality. 🙌🔥❤️🏆💃😎👌

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Diplo regrets inventing EDM after seeing pic of Bella Thorne

After seeing actress Bella Thorne at Nocturnal Wonderland this past weekend, EDM superstar producer Diplo claims to have wished he never created the genre. Thorne who has been wildin' out for the past couple of years displayed one her rave outfits in which Thomas Wesley Pentz detested via tweet.


Gucci Mane Collaborating on New Music with Youtuber/Nobody Jake Paul for Some Reason

Gucci calls the song he's working on w/ J*ke P*ul a "banger." In the above video, he also says, "This song right here is a hit. Listen, if y'all sleepin' on Jake Paul, y'all finna know."

It is not clear if Gucci Mane was being held at gunpoint.

Gucci, blink twice if you're being held hostage.

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What books are celebrities reading lately?

Abandon Me

belletrist: #abfw a book for when you can't outrun your issues (anymore) abandon me: memoirs by @melissafebos 💕 abandon me is not a traditional memoir. it is a book about feelings that we all have at one time or another; feelings of separation anxiety, loss, great joy, sexual excitement, sexual frustration, and perfectionism. at it's core, it is a book about the thing that so many books are about and what so much of our lives are about; love. Xo, emma + karah 💋

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James Franco for Coach Fragrance

Franco stars in the Coach For Men fragrance campaign.

"James is the quintessential-cool Coach guy. He’s handsome, there’s a bit of danger and he’s thoughtful and challenging, energetic and prolific. He represents so many of the references I’ve used at Coach — references of American style that resonate around the world." - COACH Creative Director, Stuart Vevers

The Coach For Men fragrance campaign is inspired by the raw energy of New York



Zedd & Liam Payne - 'Get Low' Music Video 💦

BFFLs Lime and Zedd have finally dropped the clip for their Summer '17 anthem Get Low.

Sources: @Lime. YouTube.

The stars were made to shine, reach up and make a wish
It's a beautiful time, I hope you take a glimpse~


2017's Eurovision winner Salvador Sobral hospitalized; waiting for a heart transplant

He is at Santa Cruz Hospital, in Lisbon, waiting for a heart that is compatible with his body.
His health has worsened because of the increase of his physical activity, after winning Eurovision.
A source says he is "more controlled thanks to machines doing the organs' functions".
His last concert was on September 8th, in Estoril.
After the concert, he spent a few days at hospital, came back home, and is now at the hospital again being monitored 24h while the preparations of the heart transplant are being made.

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Nadine performs employment anthem 'Go to Work' live in London

The Queen of vocals and hairflips stopped by London's iconic G-A-Y venue to perform her new viral smash Go to Werk and a couple of Girls Aloud classics. Enjoy!

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Nuhdeen came through!

Ryan Phillippe claims ex-girlfriend attacked him + hurt herself while drunk

- Ryan Phillippe denies that he abused ex-girlfriend Elsie Hewitt by pushing her down a flight of stairs
- On the contrary, Ryan sources claim that Elsie drunkenly showed up to Ryan's house uninvited after they had broken up, SHE attacked HIM, and she fell and hurt herself
- The L.A. city attorney refused to investigate Elsie's claims, and Ryan thinks she is filing the lawsuit as revenge. In particular, he "finds it amusing Elsie has sent glamour shots of herself to the media and is out for money and fame."
- Ryan plans to countersue for defamation but will drop if Elsie says she lied. Any proceeds Ryan makes will be donated to domestic violence organizations.
- Statement: "As a staunch advocate for the health, well-being and equality of women, Ryan is completely devastated that these false allegations have been made and circulated. Domestic violence is an incredibly serious issue and fabricated and proven false claims should not be used to unjustly slander the falsely accused."

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Jpop Living Legend Namie Amuro Announces Impending Retirement

Jpop icon Namie Amuro announced on her official website plans to retire from entertainment in September of next year which coincides with her 40th birthday:

[Translated Message]
Dear all fans:

Thank you very much for your continuous support.

September 16 marked the 25th year since my debut.
I could not have gone 25 years without your support, for which I am
eternally grateful.

Thank you!

Today, I would like to write about something that I have carried on my
mind and have decided on the 25th anniversary of my debut.

I, Namie Amuro, would like to take this opportunity to inform all of my
fans of my decision to retire as of September 16, 2018.

I plan to make the last year of my music career meaningful by focusing
my full attention on creating a final album and performing at concerts.

Then, I will welcome the date of September 16, 2018 in the best way I can.

I hope this year will be filled with wonderful memories for me and the
fans together.

Together, let’s make this coming year the best one possible!

Namie Amuro

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CBB & Internet Celebrity Trisha Paytas Releases ONTD's New Anthem

Trisha Paytas is releasing new music and her latest single is a new genre for her, a "song" called I Hate My Life.

In the video she washes paper plates in her kitchen sink, eats in drive throughs and rap talks about her gay ex boyfriend.

has anyone ever paid you to do absolutely nothing with your life but eat junk food & troll, ontd?

Billy Bush separates from wife of 19 years

Billy Bush — best known for hosting Access Hollywood and the Today show, being related to two former presidents, and talking about grabbing p*ssies with the current president — is separating from his wife, Sydney Davis, after nearly two decades of marriage and three children together. They are "separated for the moment to evaluate their life together. They love each other and their children deeply and are committed to a bright future."

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Celebs tweet about the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit central Mexico

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Jada Pinkett Smith DENIES Claims She's a Scientologist

Former Scientologist Leah Remini has claimed that Jada Pinkett-Smith is a practicing Scientologist, and she’s now firing back.

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Keith Morrison
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Keith Morrison talks about the perks of being Matthew Perry's stepdad

In a rare personal interview on Watch What Happens Live, Keith Morrison talked about his stepson, FRIENDS star Matthew Perry. They discuss the best gift Matthew's gotten for Keith, visiting the FRIENDS set and what Matthew was like as a kid.


Favorite Dateline episode? Has your stepchild ever bought you a Porche?

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TRAGEDY GIRLS Trailer (2017)

Best friends Sadie and McKayla are on a mission to boost their social media fandom as amateur crime reporters hot on the trail of a deranged local serial killer. After they manage to capture the killer and secretly hold him hostage, they realize the best way to get scoops on future victims would be to, you know, murder people themselves. As the @TragedyGirls become an overnight sensation and panic grips their small town, can their friendship survive the strain of national stardom? Will they get caught? Will their accounts get verified?

Cast: Brianna Hildebrand, Alexandra Shipp, Josh Hutcherson, Jack Quaid, Craig Robinson & Kevin Durand

Piper and Leo

Jamie Lee Curtis developing and starring in funeral home comedy for CBS

Jamie Lee Curtis is producing and will star in Quality of Life, which is set in a funeral home that's been run by the same family for generations. She's the matriarch.

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Jimmy Kimmel on the new Graham-Cassidy "Healthcare" bill not passing the Jimmy Kimmel Test

Jimmy shares his thoughts on Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham’s new health “care” bill including why it doesn’t pass Cassidy’s “Jimmy Kimmel Test.”

Last time the GOP was trying to get a wealthcare bill passed, Jimmy shared that his newborn son Bill had a heart problem. Jimmy plead with Republicans not to take the ACA away from the families that can't afford to keep their babies alive without it. Now senators Cassidy and Graham are trying to pass a new horrible bill.

-People who aren't among the 32 million who lose insurance will see a 20% increase in premiums in the first year.
-States can make people with pre-existing conditions pay even more, by the tens of thousands of dollars.
-They already have 49 votes and need one more.
-Call your Republican senators!

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Anthony Scaramucci Suggests Gisele Wouldn't Let Tom Visit the White House Because He Dated Ivanka

Appearing as a guest host on “TMZ Live,” Scaramucci claims Tom Brady once dated Ivanka Trump, so that's why Gisele Bündchen blocked White House visit

“I think she’s possessive of him and probably didn’t want him there,” said Scaramucci

But a source connected to the Trump family told TMZ that he’s wrong about any rift between Brady and Trump, or why Brady bowed out of the White House visit: “While they have known each other for years, this is not true.”


STOCKX & Eminem Team Up to Help Hurricane Victims

For each $10 donation made between now and September 25th, 11:59 pm PDT, the donor will receive one entry for the chance to win sneakers from artists such as Eminem, Pharrell, and Lebron James. Funds raised will be matched by Eminem, up to $250,000. All proceeds will go to the Greater Houston Community Foundation and Team Rubicon in support of the Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief efforts. See video for more info.

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They just announced this a few hours ago and they are already up to $230,000.00

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Joachim Trier's Thelma - US Trailer

Joachim Trier's Latest Lesbian Sci-Fi Adventure

The movie is about "A college student starts to experience extreme seizures while studying at a university in Oslo, Norway. She soon learns that the violent episodes are a symptom of inexplicable, and often dangerous, supernatural abilities."

The movie was generally well received at TIFF2017. Some have described the movie as "a cross between "Carrie" and "Blue is the Warmest Color" as done by a very understated and humanist director."

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Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen Split


They've been together for 9 years and have one daughter

a source: “She’s full-time back in L.A. He’s in Toronto. They’ve been on the outs for a couple of months.”
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John Cleese: "Most of the Best People are Dead"

He talked about life and things including his age...

- says hes not afraid of death cause the best people are dead and awful people are alive
- "when you're old  you know you're gonna die soon so you dont give a f*** you see"
- shades a certain someone, "there are an awful lot of really awful people still alive...and most of them are in charge"
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Do you agree, ONTD?