September 15th, 2017

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'American Idol' filming may be delayed - still no judges besides Katy

- American Idol may need to delay taping. They are still unable to land any judges besides $25-mil Katy Perry.
- If filming is postponed, it might conflict with Perry's Witness tour, which would cause trouble.

- Idol is no closer to signing desired 2nd judge Luke Bryan, as he wants more money and has no interest in the "Disney perks" (which included theme park partnerships) producers offered him instead of cash.
- No progress has been made at all on the 3rd judge.

Source: TMZ

The Killers - Some Kind of Love [Music Premiere]

The Killers premiered a new song off their upcoming fifth album, "Wonderful Wonderful." The song is one of two songs [the other being "Rut"] about Brandon Flowers' wife and her PTSD that stems from chilhood trauma. Brandon and his children sing words of support at the end of the chorus with "can't do this alone / we need you at home / there's so much to see / we know that you're strong / can't do this alone." Have a box of tissues nearby before hitting play. The new album drops next Friday, September 22nd.

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omg this's so E*MO*TIONS rn!

ONTD, what's your favorite new song from the new album so far?

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The View ends the week with James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal

James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal appear on The View to promote The Deuce. Joy asks how Maggie explains Trump to her children and that he is a bully. Sunny asks about James' social media break and how Trump won because of social media. They talk about the reality of porn and sex work. Maggie explains how she got information in regards to being a sex worker during the 1970s.

The 🔥 topics discussed on the show today were:

- They discuss wedding cash bars. It's tacky. They should just leave the bar open. Sunny argues for a dry wedding instead of having a cash bar.
- A study says that men prefer less intelligent women. They have no interest or fear dating smart women. Whoopi says none of them would be married.
- They talk about Hillary Clinton's interview on NPR about how sexism was a factor in the loss. How women voted in the same interest as their husbands.
- Donald Trump is still blaming "both sides" for Charlottesville and this is on the eve of signing a bill that would call out white supremacists. Joy mentions that Ann Coulter is even leaving Trumpet. They talk about the false equivalency between Antifa vs. KKK.

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Riverdale Roundup: Season 2 Stuff and Lots of Photos

-Betty finds herself in the center of the conflict for season 2 (as if she wasn't already pretty central to solving season 1's mystery). RAS said, “I would say by episode 4 and 5, Betty is absolutely in the heart of darkness. We’re putting her through the fires like never before. I can’t say too much because there’s a couple of big twists, but Betty is absolutely at the heart of the darkest story we’re telling this season.”

-Bughead will be going through the wringer what with Jughead going down a "dark path"and they continue to beat the dead horse of comparing it to Romeo and Juliet. I dare to get my hopes up for a breakup with language like their "story line might tear some people's hearts out"

-Archie and Veronica will be "more sexual" as well as "primal and volatile", and Veronica's dad will be another spanner in the works since she'll go back to trying to be a daddy's little girl

-Cheryl will have an unexpected love interest please let it be Toni

-Josie will have more Pussycat trouble and will be butting heads with her mom the mayor

-Kevin will have another love interest they'll probably love triangle him with Moose


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Claire Foy will be the new Lisbeth Salander

-Claire Foy (Netflix's The Crown) will officially play Lisbeth Salander in the upcoming "The Girl in the Spider’s Web"
-Fede Alvarez (Don't Breathe, Evil Dead) will be directing, he also co-wrote the script with Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders, Taboo) and Jay Basu
-Amy Pascal of Sony leaks fame will produce along with Elizabeth Cantillon, Scott Rudin and Yellow Bird
-The film will go on production in January and is set to be released on October 19, 2018

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Athena Incarnate Carly Rae Jepsen Confirms 2018 Release of New Record

Liberative auteur Carly Rae Jepsen has revealed that she is in the "polishing" stages of her untitled new album, tentatively proclaimed as the second Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Carleviticus Ray of Light giving the other pop girlies leeway this Christmas season and avoiding a Q4 release. A true philanthropist.

Eva Mendes Gives a Rare Interview, Talks Clothes and Raising Bilingual Kids With Ryan Gosling

  • While Ryan Gosling is busy doing Blade Runner 2049 promo and going back and forth on Harrison Ford punching him in the face, his longtime and equally obsessively private partner Eva Mendes made a rare public appearance to premiere her new plus size line at a New York and Company store in Cali.

  • People magazine is playing like they got a special sit-down with Eva but they really interviewed her at this event.

  • Eva says the family plans to go to Cuba to visit, they're just waiting on her mom.

  • Is happy to be starting a plus size line, she takes customer comments seriously and her clients have specifically been asking for plus size.

  • Continuing her and Gosling’s tendency to not directly refer to each other, Eva uses "we" and "us" to talk about how they're raising their daughters (ages 3 and 1) to be immersed in Cuban culture and how important it is. They play a lot of Spanish music in their home.

  • Eldest daughter Esmeralda is bilingual and speaks mostly Spanglish. Eva's doing the same with younger daughter Amada.

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Moms, fashionistas and Latin ONTDers, this is your moment!

Adam Beach on the Whitewashing of Native Roles

  • talks about how Native Americans have had to fight for the right to hold onto their culture - how for hundreds of years, Natives have had to endure everything from forced assimilation to genocide for practicing any forms of their culture (speaking their languages, performing spiritual practices, existing in general) and that whitewashing Native roles is a continuation of the erasure of the Native identity.

  • explains that Native American identity is more than just having a great-great-grandmother who is Cherokee or "looking Native" for having high cheek bones. Likely a reference to the casting of Kelsey Chow in the role of a Native woman in Wind River and the upcoming show Yellowstone.

  • audiences are given inauthentic stories about Natives, or are presented stories where Natives live in extreme poverty and must rely on White Saviours to help them.

  • notes that this erasure also glosses over the extreme violence Native women endure, both from within their communities and from non-natives. He mentions the murder of a First Nations woman that reminded him of the death of his mother and unborn sister.

Link to the essay in the SOURCE (source)(previous article)

5H Post: Down Goes Gold + Sets Record & Guess which Mega Popstar is a Harmonizer


Fifth Harmony has officially been certificated Gold by the RIAA for their hit single, Down. In addition to the achievement, Down has crossed over the 100 million mark in Spotify plays making it their 5th single to do so. This makes makes Fifth Harmony the FIRST and ONLY girl group in history to achieve this feat. Fifth Harmony now has a record 8 consecutive certified records under their belt.

List | Receipts (Update)
(new) - The First and Only girl group to have 5 songs with 100 million spotify plays | check
(new) - All 8 of Fifth Harmony official singles has been certified | check
- ONLY girl group to have their first three albums debut in the top 5! | check
- Ties Destiny's Child and Dixie Chicks with the most top 10 albums | check
- Most awarded group of 2017 | check
- Most Talked about Musical Group | check

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The Fab Four!
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Harry Dean Stanton Passes Away at 91

Harry Dean Stanton passed away from natural causes at the age of 91. He never married, though he has said he has “one or two children".

Known for his roles in Alien, Pretty in Pink, Cool Hand Luke, Godfather II, Big Love, Repo Man an amusing cameo in Avengers, and so much more. His most recent role was in Twin Peaks the Return. The late Roger Ebert once said that no movie featuring him can be altogether bad. Many actors and creators are expressing their sorrow over his passing


Patty Jenkins hires Expendables writer to co-write WW sequel

-David Callaham has been brought in to write the WW2 screenplay based off of Patty Jenkins and Geoff John's treatment.

-Writing credits include:
The Expendables 1/2/3

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Harrison Ford Sort of Finally Comments on Affair w/Carrie Fisher

-He hasn't read her memoir, and it's not a subject he really wants to talk about: “Oh, I don't know. I don't know. You know, with Carrie's untimely passing, I don't really feel that it's a subject that I want to discuss.”

-He had an advanced warning "to a degree" that the subject would come up but still found it strange to have been included.

-Wouldn't answer when asked if he personally preferred that the book had never been written

have you ever been asked to comment on your past infidelities?
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The Toronto International Film Festival sucked this year and here's why

  • The biggest sale of the festival was I, Tonya, BUT CBS films offered to buy it for $6 mil sight unseen before the festival and after seeing it dropped their offer down to $2 mil.

  • It was eventually picked up by Neon for $5 mil so producers lost a million by trying to promote it through the festival

  • All the prestige indie distributors like Fox Searchlight, Focus Features, and A24 have lost money buying festival movies and are now more interested in creating movies in-house

  • Netflix and Amazon already bought all the good stuff from Sundance

  • All the star studded movies like Suburbicon, Downsizing and mother! flopped

  • All the buzzed indies like Lady Bird, Mudbound, Battle of the Sexes and The Shape of Water already have distributors and premiered at other festivals


Did you go to TIFF this year, ONTD? And if not which movies are you looking forward to watching in the fall?
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Frances McDormand film pulls out of Fantastic Fest in reaction to Devin Faraci

  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is the latest film by Martin McDonagh (In Bruges)

  • The film stars Frances McDormand as a woman who tries to seek justice after her daughter is raped and murdered and the police do nothing

  • Fox Searchlight issued this statement: In light of recent events, the makers of ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,’ have decided not to participate in Fantastic Fest

  • Fantastic Fest is hosted by the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas which until recently had employed Devin Faraci, a critic who admitted over twitter that he had sexually assaulted a woman last year

  • Faraci resigned from his position at Birth.Movies.Death (which is affiliated with Alamo Drafthouse) in 2016 only to be quietly rehired. He has now resigned again.

  • Todd Brown, a programmer for the festival, also resigned in protest over Faraci's employment before he resigned for a second time.