September 9th, 2017

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@rihanna 's @fentybeauty Launches @sephora

Teen Vogue's Overview of the launch and interview highlights:

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Its out!

Source: Riri Tweet. YT (Interview, Teen Vogue, Sephora, Joanne)

Did y'all get everything yet?
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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Are Selling Their Brooklyn Home for $8M

- John Krasinski and Emily Blunt bought the 5,200-square-foot Park Slope, Brooklyn house in December 2015 for $6 million
- After doing $300,000 in renovations, they've listed the house for $8 million because they don't spend much time there and think that “someone who can spend every night there should have it”

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ONTD's Prayers Answered: Lady Gaga is taking a break next year

Lady Gaga is officialy taking a break next year. Speaking at a press conference for her upcoming film Gaga: Five Foot Two, she revealed that while she plans to take a break from the fame, she may have some surprises for her fans before she goes.

"I'm gonna take a rest," she told a reporter at the Toronto Film Festival. "I don't know how long. That doesn't mean I won't be creating. It doesn't mean that I don't have some things up my sleeve that I'm not gonna tell you today. But I'm looking forward to reflecting and slowing down for a moment and healing because that's important."

Last month, Gaga told Entertainment Weekly that she plans to follow-up Joanne. "I've started writing... I have a lot of ideas and a lot of things I want to create, so you'll see in a bit. I need some time to create."

Watch the full Toronto Film Festival press converance below.

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inb4 she gets preg

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Del Toro's The Shape of Water wins the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival

Just announced: Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water has won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Since premiereing, the film has recieved unamimous critical praise and currently sits at a 92 on Metacritic.

The film will be released December 8.


*oscar intensifies*

Joseph Kahn Cashes in Friendship Check: Taylor Swift Is "Not Racist"

Taylor's music video director says she doesn't go around talking about Tr**p b/c "that's not what she does." He won't go so far as to say who she voted for or her thoughts on Tr**p but says you can infer that based on who she hangs out with (Lena Dunham, I guess?). He says she's not racist and is "a good person."


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Once Upon a Time casts Meegan Warner as the new Rapunzel

"Warner’s Rapunzel will find herself magically trapped in a tower by an evil sorceress. Feisty and full of pluck, she will do whatever it takes to break this spell and make the sorceress who imprisoned her pay for those crimes."


Hopefully they get Gothel right this time.
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'I, Tonya' at TIFF


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Mindy Kaling is Having a Girl!

It's a girl! Her Mindy Project co-star Ed Weeks revealed Mindy broke the news of her pregnancy while on set of TMP. “She kind of just took us aside on set, weirdly in the open office area where we film most of our scenes. She said, 'Guys, I just want you to know I’m pregnant. I haven’t told anybody.'”

“I’m sure she’ll do that amazing as she does everything else. She’s already created a show, how hard can it be to create some lungs and liver and stuff, kidneys?”


Ex-Fox News host Eric Bolling's son dead at 19

- Eric Bolling's 19-year-old son, Eric Chase Bolling Jr., was found dead last night (September 8), hours after his father's firing from Fox News was announced
- Eric Sr. was accused of sending nudes and lewd text messages to female colleagues, leading to his suspension and later "amicable parting" from Fox News
- Eric Chase died of an apparent drug overdose. Initial reports indicated suicide, although most sources are now backing off of that claim in anticipation of further details
- Nevertheless, sources report that Eric Chase was embarrassed and "emotionally upset" by the stories about his father

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Maria Sharapova’s Vile, Racially Tinged Treatment of Serena Williams

The former tennis champion (and confirmed doper) has plenty to say about The Greatest in her upcoming memoir. And it’s all nonsense.
Sharapova’s aforementioned memoir, Unstoppable: My Life So Far, is set to be released next week.

When referring to Williams, she resorts to the type of imagery that is often cast upon black bodies in contrast with white ones. Sharapova writes of first encountering Williams at 17 :
"First of all her physical presence is much stronger and bigger than you realize watching TV. She has thick arms and thick legs and is so intimidating and strong. It’s the whole thing—her presence, her confidence, her personality. Even now, she can make me feel like a little girl.”

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baby groot

Did Disney cut Iago from live-action Aladdin remake?

Just this week Disney announced that production had begun on their live-action remake of Aladdin and posted the final cast list. One character noticeably missing from it was Jafar's talking parrot and sidekick Iago. The film cast Numan Acar as Hakim, Jafar’s right-hand man and head of the palace guards. right-hand man and head of the palace guards, who seems to be replacing Iago.

People seem to think that character has been cut to make the film more realistic than the animated version. Iago could also be present in the film in a non-speaking role (but who wants that?)

It is unknown if other animal sidekicks Aladdin monkey Abu and Jasmine's pet tiger Rajah will be included or not as they have non-speaking roles. The film cast Nasim Pedrad as Dalia, Princess Jasmine’s hand maiden and confidante, a character which was not present in the animated version.


Nadine Coyle talks Girls Aloud, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, and solo career!

Two new Nadine Coyle interviews have surfaced, one with The Guardian and another one with Muumuse; here are some highlights:

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You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Watch the New Season of 'BoJack Horseman'

The article describes it as "hilariously sad as ever" and praises it for its realistic depiction of loss, grief and above all, depression.

Celebrity cameos this season include Felicity Huffman, Jessica Biel and Zach Braff.


Discussion post! What did you think of S4?

Goop Magazine's first cover star is Gwyneth Paltrow

The first issue of the new quarterly GOOP magazine will be available for purchase September 19th.


Print media lives! What do you think of the cover ONTD?

Big Brother contestant Paul Abraham slaps fellow housemate Josh

-Josh is crying to his ride or die reindeer Christmas due to having to betray one of his friends, Jason, after being convinced to vote him out.

-Paul walks up and slaps him stating “Did I ever tell you I could cry on command? You fucking idiot.” with no further explanation.

-Big Brother does not appear to have bothered to get involved.

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Troubled Jonathan Rhys Meyers 'under the influence' led away by Dublin Airport security

The actor was preparing to board a transatlantic flight when he was stopped staggering near the departures gate, reports Dublin Live.

An eyewitness said: “He was staggering around for a good while. He wasn’t causing any hassle with anyone, he just seemed to be really intoxicated. It was very sad to see him like this.

“He looked like someone who didn’t have a clue where he was. He was completely out of it. Other passengers were concerned to see him in such a way just after 10am.

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Futurama Returns, but only as a podcast episode

-Futurama ended 4 years ago
-It will return for one episode, but it will be just audio because it's on a podcast
-It will be available on September 14 on The Nerdist Podcast for free
-Matt Groening and David X. Cohen are involved, and the original voice actors of Fry, Bender, Leela, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Amy, and Hermes will be involved as well
-All of this is to promote the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

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Selena Gomez Getting Slammed For Her Time Magazine Cover & She Finally Uses Her Voice For Something

People aren't happy with Selena Gomez being featured on Time Magazine's Firsts for women who are changing the world feature. The women in her company are Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Mae Jemison, and Serena Williams.
The responses to TIME magazine's tweet about her cover were overwhelmingly negative, asking things such as how her Instagram following is in any way helping the world, and how she's on the same list as Rita Moreno. Selena finally did use her voice for something that matters, though, speaking up finally on DACA by posting a few lines on her Instagram, below.

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Lady Gaga: 'I just want Madonna to kiss me and tell me I’m a piece of shit'


In advance of her Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two, out September 22, she released several short clipsfrom the film, including one tantalizing scene where Gaga comes clean about her beef with Madonna.

"The thing with me and Madonna is that I admired her always and still admire her, no matter what she might think of me. The only thing that really bothers me about her is that I’m Italian and from New York, so if I have a problem with somebody, I’m gonna tell you to your face."

To hear Gaga tell it, if Madonna would just take her comments straight to the source, there’d be no beef. "She wouldn’t look me in the eye and tell me I’m reductive. I just want Madonna to push me up against the wall and kiss me and tell me I’m a piece of shit."



Brandon Flowers Had a Minor Mountain Biking Accident

The Killers lead singer, Brandon Flowers, shared a picture on Twitter after having a minor biking accident. Flowers was mountain biking & going downhill when he accidentally squeezed the left brake abruptly and thus falling. Ouch! With the exception of some cringe worthy scratches to the left side of his face, thankfully, he seems to be in good health despite the fall and should make a full recovery. Click the cut to see the picture Brandon shared.

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ONTD, do you know how to ride a bike?


Meryl Streep, RuPaul, Ava DuVernay among Creative Arts Emmys Night 1 winners

Night 1 of 2 for the Creative Arts Emmy just wrapped. Categories presented were mostly in reality/non-fiction, variety and documentary programming with a few others in for kicks.

Winner Highlights:
- Variety Special: James Corden's Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special
- Documentary/Nonfiction Special: 13th
- Informational Series: Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath
- Animated Program: Bob's Burgers
- Narrator: Meryl Streep for Five Came Back
- Reality Host: RuPaul for RuPaul's Drag Race

Night 2 (tomorrow) will see awards presented in comedy, drama, limited/tv movie categories.

Full list can be found at the Source

Is Leo diCaprio back with Toni Garrn?

Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted holding hands with Ex Girlfriend Toni Garrn while leaving 1 Oak

Since their break-up in 2014, DiCaprio has been in a number of other relationships including one with Baywatch actress Kelly Rohrbach, which ended in late 2015, and another with model Nina Agdal, which ended in mid-May.

Apparently, Leo‘s other love interest, model Lorena Rae, 23, was also at the same club and they may have arrived together.


George Clooney says he's "past" leading man roles: "Nobody wants to see me kiss the girl."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter the 56-year-old actor gets candid about what's in store for him in the future

"I haven't acted in almost two years, and I am not really sure when the next version of that would be," Clooney admits. "If somebody brought me The Verdict, I'd jump. But I'm not going to do movies just to be in front of the camera. I did that for a long time and I had a good run."

"And as you get older, the parts aren't as interesting," he continues bluntly. "I'm not a leading man anymore. Nobody wants to see me kiss the girl."