September 2nd, 2017

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Syfy renews Killjoys, cancels Dark Matter

Syfy has renewed Killjoys for a 4th and 5th final season of 10 episodes each while cancelled Dark Matter after 3 seasons.

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True Detective Season Three Is Happening, Here's Some Info

  • True Detective season three has officially been picked up by HBO and will star Mahershala Ali. No other actors have been confirmed.

  • Mahershala will play Wayne Hays, a state police detective from Northwest Arkansas.

  • The season will resemble season one: "The next installment of “True Detective” tells the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, and a mystery that deepens over decades and plays out in three separate time periods."

  • Season three will be at least partially directed by Nic Pizzolatto and Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room). Pizzolatto, True Detective's showrunner, has no directing experience. God forbid they hire a woman.

  • Nic Pizzolatto has written every script for season three except for episode four, which he co-wrote with “Deadwood” creator David Milch.

  • HBO is really excited about this season.


Beauty Guru Kathleenlights Caught Saying The N-Word on Snapchat

- Non-Black Beauty Guru Kathleenlights aka Kathleen Fuentes was caught saying the N-Word on Snapchat while playing a virtual game
[Spoiler (click to open)]~ N don't F with me. Oh, I said the N-word
- Non other than Jaclyn Hill recorded and posted it
- You can hear her husband telling her not to upload the clip, but she did it anyway

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Update: She apologized

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Taylor Boa

Taylor Swift attends long time BFF Abigail's wedding.

Taylor Swift took a break from being a record breaking pop queen to attend her childhood best friends wedding. Taylor wrote about Abigail in her song Fifteen from her album Fearless.

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The Pop Culture Detective: The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory

Video summary

  • traces the nerd archtypes of BBT back to Revenge of the Nerds, Weird Science etc

  • points out that these stock characters are meant to be likeable underdogs, but treat women with zero respect (stalking, never taking no for an answer, literal rape)

  • Howard is, before his relationship, a wannabe PUA who stalks and harrasses women and who talks about women like they're animals. Sample "joke": "of course it's your house too, why else would you be cleaning it"

  • Rajesh is the sensitive, shy guy who's a terrible drunk and mocked for his effeminacy. Sample "joke": "where did she go, it was going so well. She never even got to see my penis"

  • Leonard is the enabler and the pathetic nice guy who refuses to take no for an answer until the object of his affection is "worn down" and accepts him. Sample "joke": no discernible Leonard jokes detected in the video

  • Sheldon is the innocent bigot who is openly misogynist. Sample "joke": "Madame Curie was an honorary man. She had a penis made of science"

  • the show uses "ironic lampshading" to get away with its comedy, ie pointing out that it's racist, homophobic and sexist jokes are racist, homophobic and sexist in the text

  • the sexism of the characters isn't presented as aspirational, the issue is that it's presented as completely harmless


The video is like 20 mins long but I watched the whole thing, it's very good and covers a lot more ground than just BBT by examining the nerd stock character.

Get ready for your new boyband obsession Ontd

Simon Cowell's latest boy band, PRETTYMUCH, joins Billboard to share 9 things about themselves and promote their single Would you mind. The music video is set to be released later this month but in the meanwhile they have released a dance visual for their single.

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I'm ready to submit my stan application if they serve 90s RnB/Pop on their album.

Luke Bryan offered $6M to join 'American Idol'

- Luke Bryan, reigning king of country music, is now ABC's top pick for the second judging spot on the American Idol reboot
- Charlie Puth, Lionel Richie, and Keith Urban were also considered
- Katy Perry is making $25 million; host Ryan Seacrest is making somewhere between $10-15 million
- ABC has made Luke an unspecified offer, although Idol sources say the second-biggest judge after Katy would most likely get a $6 million offer
- Luke will probably be offered a production deal with Disney to compensate for his comparably low salary


Jane Fonda: Love and Sex Gets Better With Age

Jane Fonda is reuniting with her Barefoot in the Park paramour Robert Redford in a Netflix film entitled Our Souls at Night. They play a widow and widower who fall in love. Here's what she had to say about their on-camera romantic reunion:

"I live for sex scenes! He's a great kisser. It was fun to kiss him in my 20s and then to kiss him again in my almost 80s," she said.

As for sex getting better with age, Fonda said: "First of all, we're braver. What do you have to lose? So my skin does his. You know your body better, so you're not afraid to ask for what you need. I think on a love and sex level, it just gets better."


Sex post? Do you all find sex gets better with age, or do you prefer Kate Beckinsale's younger tastes?

ONTD Original: 6 UK pop flops which should have been huge

The Xenomania and Richard X golden age of commercial UK pop may be over, but the Brits have kept producing brilliant, idiosyncratic pop artists. The problem is they're just not selling all that much anymore. Here are six fantastic albums which may have passed you by.

Charli XCX: True Romance (2013)
Peak UK chart position: #85
Did it kill her career? No, strategically aligning herself with more basic forces such as Icona Pop, Iggy Azalia, John Green and Halsey has kept Charli relevant even as her albums stay underperforming or unreleased.
Why should it have sold more? Because it's an amazing, sexy, big-hearted and relentlessly cool album which is never less than affecting and true.
The song that should have been a hit:

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What are your favourite completely underrated and underperforming pop albums ONTD, UK or otherwise?
Bobbie Draper
  • ivy_b

Killjoys season 3 finale review

Killjoys 3X10 (season finale) review by Den of Geeks.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

* When shows go for the 'dueling twins' approach they tend to have lazy traps and pitfalls, so after Aneela murdered Alvis, posing as Dutch, they were worried Johnny would fall for the ruse as well, but thankfully it doesn't happen. Did Aneela intentionally miss Johnny's heart? If her intention was the hurt Dutch as much as possible, killing Johnny would have been a good start, so did she intend to just wound him? Is there something deep in her psyche that prevented her from taking this drastic step, knowing how it would impact Dutch?

* The episode structure drives the narrative with impeccable timing, as it moves from Pree and the Farren camp, the RAC ship and Kendry and the Hullen. Director Stefan Pleszczynski stays with each location long enough for viewers to become emotionally invested, rather than ave the editing become frantic to convey tension. The highlight of the episode's construction bookends the opening scene in the Farren camp with Dutch and Aneela on the green plasma's serene beach at the end, bringing us full circle, while still heading in an unexpected direction.

* The fact that Fancy Lee and Turin can put their differences aside in pursuit of a common enemy, doesn't just show how formidable the foe appears, but also puts on display the power of brothers-in-arms ideology. Fancy is definitely the bigger man in this situation, but his RAC commander's willingness to die so the others can escape, begins to address his desire to square accounts with all his men.

* The Dutch-Aneela meeting had us on edge the entire season and didn't disappoint. Even though both of them vowed to kill the other, an alternative might exist. As we learn about their shared experiences and memories, the situation they both face becomes much more complex. Can the two reconcile? They may have a common enemy, but whether they can work together to contain the Lady will have to wait until next season.


Your thoughts in the finale/season 3? How excited are you for two more final seasons?


Kendall Jenner Tries Britney Spears' 2001 Demin Look

• Kendall Jenner and her Pepsi was seen out and photographed giving us Justney in all denim (Balenciaga).

• Spears and box office poison Timberlake both wore matching denim outfits to the 2001 American Music Awards when they were both 19.

• Before Spears dragged the good sis with a bible verse, Christian Pop Singer Katheryn Hudson recreated the look in 2014.

Kendall could never. She can try Shasta Cola.

ONTD, who wore it best? If anyone.


'Narcos' Season 3 gets positive reviews

After Pablo Escobar, Netflix's drug war drama begins season three with a new focus and Pedro Pascal as its leading man.

Some general notes:

  • Pedro Pascal's character Javier Peña is now the main character and he gets praised because agent Peña is recognized as more interesting character than the outsider gringo agent from earlier seasons. (you'regoddamnright.gif)

  • The story centers on the Cali cartel threat.

  • Another main character is Jorge Salcedo (Matias Varela) who has to balance between the DEA and his bosses.

  • The show was able to rejuvenate and reinvent itself, creating tense, and solid crime drama.

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Anyone watch season 3 yet?

Han Solo Film Adds Paul Bettany

Right on the heels of the news of cutting out Michael K. Williams from the film, Howard has added Bettany to the cast. No word on the character but get used to Bettany next May in his five minute cameo role as Vision in the overloaded Avengers: Infinity War.

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Sony Is Developing 'The Crow Reborn' Now

  • it's a reboot of the original movie, but more faithful to the original comic

  • Relativity Media spent a decade developing it before they folded

  • Jason Momoa and Corin Hardy (upcoming The Nun and Olly Murs's Heart Skips a Beat video) were last attached to the project as the lead and director

  • Sony wants to keep them both, apparently

  • the article says Jack Huston was going to play Eric Draven before Jason, but iirc both Luke Evans and Bradley Cooper were, too (lol)


Fetty Wap Hands Out Stacks of Cash to Random Kids in New Jersey

The rapper Fetty Wap started handing out money on the streets to random schoolkids.
He was asking kids if they were in school, and if they said yes, ... he gave them $$$.
One lucky student walked away with $400.