August 27th, 2017

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''Please welcome to my channel: KIM KARDASHIAN WEST! - CAN SOMEONE PINCH ME?? - When Kim asked me to do her makeup (I peed my pants a little) I immediately knew I wanted to do a throwback to a video that united makeup lovers all around the world: THE POWER OF MAKEUP! Kim is gorgeous both ways, but still, it was beyond surreal to see the power of makeup on this icon! Hope you enjoy!''


Why Taylor Swift Is A Nazi Icon

Though critics have given her song bad reviews, Breitbart seems to love it and has been tweeting out its regular stories with a relevant line from "LooKKK What You Made Me Do."

She probably would like to be excluded from this narrative but her team or Taylor herself have not denounced them, though she did have time to call out speculation of her contorting her body in luggage to avoid the paps, but not this.

The Alt-Right website is obsessed with Taylor and was profiled last year by the Washington Post which described her as an "Aryan goddess icon."

Back in 2013, another white-supremacist website The Daily Stormer started to post memes of Taylor with Hitler quotes. They called her "...A pure Aryan goddess, like something out of classical Greek poetry.”

Milo Yiannopoulos wrote that the alt-right thinks “Swift is covertly ‘red-pilled,’ concealing her secret conservative values from the progressive music industry while issuing subtle nods to a reactionary fanbase. She's white, blond, and doesn't speak about politics.”


When will she speak up? she hasn't even denounced tramp yet...
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Natalie Portman interviews Lily-Rose Depp for CR Fashion Book

Natalie & Lily-Rose co-star in Planetarium, about two spiritualist sisters in 1930s France.

choice excerpts:
NATALIE PORTMAN: I heard that your photoshoot for CR was really special.

LILY-ROSE DEPP: I love working with Carine. She actually styled the first shoot that I did for Chanel when I was 15. This time I got to show a little more skin and be a little more sexy. I had just turned 18, so I was ready to up the ante.
NP: Growing up, what was it like having both the French and the American sides to your family?

LRD: Weirdly enough, I feel pretty connected to both cultures. I can seem fully French when I’m in France or totally like a Valley girl when I’m in L.A. [Laughs]

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Brian Austin Green Reveals He and Megan Fox Are Considering Having a 4th Child After Reconciling

· Former teen heartthrob & current Mr Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, said in an interview that he really wants to have a daughter
· BAG has four sons - three ages 4 & under with Megan and 15 y/o son Kassius from his relationship with Vanessa Marcil - and admitted he was hesitant to try for a girl since it might mean he'd end up with 5 boys and honestly who wants that??
· During her last pregnancy, Megan said she felt she was destined to be a #BoyMom and that having only sons might be her karmic lesson
· Megan & Brian filed for divorce in 2015 and later announced their reconciliation/upcoming third child. His best advice to making marriage work is to just stick with it

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Are your parents disappointed about ur gender?
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Author Zadie Smith: If makeup takes longer than 15 minutes, don't do it

· At the Edinburgh International Book festival, Zadie Smith told the crowd she doesn't allow her 7 year-old daughter, Katherine, more than 15 minutes in the mirror after noticing her daughter spent so much time focusing on her appearance. She told her daughter that she is "wasting her time" & pointed out that Katherine's brother Harvey doesn't do anything besides get dressed before he leaves the house.
· Her comments inspired accusations of makeup shaming and internalized misogyny while some Twitter users suggested Zadie is too conventionally attractive to criticize time-consuming makeup regimens Collapse )
· A couple of places - namely Fashion magazine & Feministing - came to her defense & Vogue posted a beauty guide to help you obey Zadie's 15-minute rule

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Paris Jackson says violent protests don't work & we just have to teach Nazis that they're wrong

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Who's "we"? 🤔
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Shawn Mendes reveals that he fell in love with a fictional girl

In a new interview, Shawn Mendes reveals who he wrote "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" about.

He says that he wrote the song about a character in a movie he was supposed to act in.

Shawn Mendes says, "I was going to act in a movie and I fell in love with the girl character."

Shawn also adds, "I mean, it'd be cool if it was a real girl."

Source: Twitter

Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character?

Flight attendant forced to quit job for loving Rita

Charlotte Whittingham, a Virgin airlines flight attendant shared what her experience serving Rita was like with her girlfriend.

“I’m a fan, but I stayed totally professional."

Her girlfriend made a facebook post about how lucky Charlotte was to serve Rita

Charlotte commented on the post saying Rita was flawless, gorgeous, and like a beautiful oil painting.

"She was so friendly and gorgeous I thought I’d share it."

Charlotte was called in and informed she violated the company's privacy policy. She asked her girlfriend to take down the post, but it was too late.

She could either quit or she would be fired.

Charlotte suspects one of her coworkers tattled on her.

“I’ve always been so conscious of not affecting the Virgin brand."

i am

Bebe Rexha to Epic: "don't be dumb make lonely night [the] next single"

Singer Bebe Rexha, who apparently listened to Fifth Harmony last album, shared her thought on which song should be the next single

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so which song should be the nexrt single of fifth harmony?

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Lena Dunham to play Valerie Solanas on American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy revealed "Throughout the season, [Evan Peters is] playing six different cult leaders: Kai, [Charles] Manson, David Koresh, Andy Warhol, Jim Jones — that’s a big one. We really examine how those people rise to power. … They really are idiots. … Lena is doing an episode called ‘Valerie Solanas Died For Your Sins, Scum Bag.’ That episode is about female rage then and in the country now. Valerie Solanas created a thing called the SCUM Manifesto in which she told all women to kill all men [in order to achieve equal power.] We also examine our female characters as they’re trying to figure out a way they can have equal power within this cult that Kai has created.”


Made a small edit about Evan Peters because LJ isn't letting me respond to comments.

Liam Payne Does His Best Henry Cavill Impression, Zedd Falls for Thirst Trap Again

Does Lime even own a shirt anymore? The chart-topper spent a day on a boat with his wife bb!Mama Cheryl Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini-Payne, taking time to pose and share some tasteful, teasing vignettes.

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No word on where bb!Bear is. Next, Lime hopped into a pool, sharing his impressive skills on Instagram, with the caption: Rising out the pool like Henry Cavill.

His buddy Zedd has been spotted once again keeping an eye on Lime's timeline.

Sources: @Payno, 1, 2.

What a superboy! He went and put that booty on that Gucci belt~

uh ok

Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" Slammed by Domestic Violence Survivors

- "Look What You Made Me Do" utilizes a vocabulary of abuse which is deeply, traumatically familiar for domestic violence survivors.
- Instead, "Look What You Made Me Do" seems to have Swift taking on the language of an abuser to exact her own karmic revenge on old enemies.
- What's more is that "Look What You Made Me Do" is damaging and misguided, because no one can make anyone else do anything. Everyone has free will, and the ability to control their own actions.

king manbun
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Handbook for Mortals author Lani Sarem fires back after publishing fiasco


update to this post

- claims to not being aware of any organized attempt to manipulate the sale

- nobody actor Thomas Ian Nicholas (who is attached to the movie adaption of the book) says he ordered bulks of copies for conventions but did not "instruct anyone" to buy at NYT tracked bookstores

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Russell Brand marries Laura Gallacher

Russell Brand married 30-year-old lifestyle blogger Laura Gallacher in Henley-on-Thames yesterday (August 26). They've known each other since 2007, started dating in 2015, and have a 9-month-old daughter together. This is Russell's second marriage after divorcing Katy Perry in 2012.

music | sleigh anne.

Just when you thought Scott Baio and his wife could sink no lower!

On August 24, washed up, unemployed sitcom "star" Scott Baio joined the ranks of mass shooting false flag conspirators by posting (and later deleting) a tweet that questioned whether the grieving mother of Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old anti-racist demonstrator killed in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month, was the same woman as Donna Fagan-Soto, mother of murdered Sandy Hook schoolteacher Victoria Soto.

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Neither Baio nor his wife offered any apology for their comments. Instead, Renee Baio locked her twitter and Scott appeared on Fox and Friends this weekend to discuss PC culture gone mad.

twitter sources: ben landy's screenshots of baio's tweets, shannon watts' screenshot of renee baio's tweet, baio's tweets 1, 2, 3, and nelba marquez-greene's response

Kathy Griffin announces new International Tour "Laugh Your Head Off"

Kathy Griffin, who took massive hits for her ill-advised pose with what looked like Trump's disembodied head (but which unfortunately was not), is bouncing back, announcing an international tour.
It's called "Laugh Your Head Off"

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2017 MTV VMA Arrival Post


Shawn Mendes

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OMG at some of these looks...still updating, bear with me - this shit is exhausting!
Photo Sources: Getty Images

Even superheroes may not be able to save Hollywood’s desperate summer

- There was a significant drop in movie attendance this summer - the lowest level of attendance since the summer of 1992, when Batman Returns topped the US box office. The statistics according to the article: "down 52% year-on-year to 385 million at the time of writing."

- Box office analysts say that the superhero genre is the only one that's really doing well with audiences at large, so we should expect to see more hero flicks; particularly more female led ones since Wonder Woman did so well. However, the article notes that Hollywood is becoming dangerously overdependent on the superhero genre in general. 25 superheroes are estimated to appear in individual and ensemble films by 2019.

- The Netflix effect is also making its presence felt and is starting to pose a real treat to the traditional Hollywood movie model. Similarly, the Golden Age of Television means that the small screen is attracting Hollywood stars and A Listers away from the movie theatres to TV or streaming platforms instead (e.g. Nicole Kidman on Big Little Lies, Brad Pitt in War Machine).

- Movies expected to do well have flopped in China, the second largest film market in the world. The Great Wall was the most expensive film to have ever been shot in China yet it was a failure at the box office. However, Wolf Warriors 2 was a massive hit.

Read more at the source.

how are YOU going to save Hollywood, ONTD?

Ben Wishaw and Hugh Grant to co-star in series about the Thorpe affair scandal

Russell Davies (Queer As Folk, Dr Who, Banana/Cucumber/Tofu) recently revealed that Ben Wishaw has joined production for a new three-parter series about disgraced British politician Jeremy Thorpe. Davies will write and Stephen Frears will direct.


Beyoncé In the Running for New Bond Theme Song

• Beyoncé has been in discussions to record the next theme song for Daniel Craig's fifth 007 James Bond entry according to sources from Hollywood studio MGM.

• Adele and Sam Smith provided the last two bond themes with Adele winning an Oscar for her theme "Skyfall" as well as Samuel Frederick Smith with "Writing's on the Wall."

ONTD, will Bey finally get that Oscar?

Poncho ~ e_e

Adam Levine drags Lorde and the VMAs

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- Lorde didn't sing, she just had people carry her around the stage.
- Not only MTV cut off Julia Michaels mid performance, they also interrupted Chester Bennington's tribute with a commercial break.

Source 1, 2

Amir Khan's Estranged Wife Faryal is Pregnant

- He's a British boxer & Olympic silver medalist
- They split earlier this month
- This is their second child together
- Amir has yet to comment


what a mess
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Taylor Swift Is Not Performing at the VMAs But May Make an Appearance


“Taylor is very excited about her new album. This has been her life for the past months. She is very excited to share it with her fans. She is also ready to come out of hiding.”

Kathy Griffin isn't apologizing anymore

After the photo of Kathy Griffin holding a fake bloody Trump head came out, she was fired from the CNN's NYE special, she lost endorsements, live performances of hers were cancelled. She estimates she lost out on about a million dollars.

Kathy said she realized she had made a mistake when Rosie O'Donnell called her. Rosie asked her what James Foley(who was beheaded in Syria)'s mom would think about the photo.

Kathy received messages from friends telling her to cancel the Lisa Bloom press conference that ended up making things worse, but she didn't want to seem erratic so she went through with it.

She couldn't find a crisis management team willing to take her on as a client and she still can't find a publicist willing to represent her.

“President Trump just pardoned Joe Arpaio, who was essentially running a concentration camp in the Arizona desert. He said there are some good Nazis, and he’s kicking out young adults who were brought here as kids by their parents, and I’m the one who has to continue to apologize?”
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