August 8th, 2017


Ruth Negga Joins Brad Pitt in 'Ad Astra'

Tommy Lee Jones also is attached to the project.
Negga's role is being kept under wraps for now.
Gray will direct the feature film from a script he co-wrote with Ethan Gross.
Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner are producing under their Plan B banner

James Gray's upcoming sci-fi epic is an adventure film about one man’s journey across a lawless and unforgiving solar system to find his missing father, a renegade scientist who poses a threat to all of mankind.

liza x charles

YOUNGER: Another sneak peek for this week's episode + SPOILERS

-Kelsey and Josh go on a vacation, while Liza struggles with her feelings for Charles, Maggie pushes her to act on them


Liza has a sex dream about Charles against the bookshelves (what we feared actually happened lmao), she tells Maggie about it and Maggie tells her to get on with it already but Liza says it can't happen for so many reasons
Charles doesn't show up to work the next day
Liza will meet Charles' ex-wife who will pitch her a book (I think about her failed marriage)
The scene where he's taking off his tie aggressively IS real, and it turns out they're gonna go at it on the desk...
Towards the end of the episode, she gives him the book his ex wrote
Charles and Liza share a phone call in the final scene


21 TV Dads That Prove DILF's Are A Thing


Fernando Sucre, Prison Break

About: Fernando Sucre is Michael Scofield's cell mate in Fox River State Penitentiary. He is serving time for robbing a liquor store to get money to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Maricruz Delgado. His cousin Hector turned him in because he was also interested in Maricruz.

Despite his criminal past, Sucre is generally a good person and is fiercely devoted to the people he cares about. He frequently makes decisions with his heart not his head.

Sucre initially wants nothing to do with Michael's plan to escape and requests a new cell mate, but eventually he helps in the planning using his inside connections when he learns Maricruz is pregnant and about to marry his cousin.

He becomes one of the Fox River Eight on the run from authorities. He and Michael remain close, bailing each other out frequently.

Background: He is Puerto Rican but grew up in Chicago.

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What tv (or movie) dad do you think is a DILF??

"mother!" Full Official Trailer

"A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence. From filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream), mother! stars Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer in this riveting psychological thriller about love, devotion and sacrifice."


Zendaya, John Boyega and Chloë Grace Moretz for Variety's Power of Young Hollywood issue

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Amazon Studios acquires Lucille Ball biopic starring Cate Blanchett

- The title is "Lucy and Desi"

- Aaron Sorkin wrote the script

- Producers are currently seeking actors to play Desi Arnaz (Ricky), Vivian Vance (Ethel), and William Frawley (Fred)

- Lucy and Desi's two kids are involved with the project

all mine

Diplo reveals the reason Rihanna won’t work with him - and it's pretty brutal

Rihanna refuses to work with Diplo/Major Lazer cuz she thinks they're lame as fuck. They played her 'lean on' and she said she didn't do house music and they played her other tracks which Rih Rih claimed was 'airport reggae music'.


sophie ellis-bextor 3

Sinead O'Connor is suicidal; leaves distraught video from a New Jersey motel


Grammy-winner and 90's alt icon, Sinead O'Connor continues to fight against her debilitating mental illness, leaving a tearful message to fans on her Facebook page. The shocking video in question shows a distraught O'Connor delivering a painful diatribe, claiming that she is all alone, living in a Travelodge in New Jersey, and staying alive only for her psychiatrist.

The news is all the more worrying given the singer's history: any mild fan of Sinead knows her history with the disease. In 2016, she was reported missing in Chicago before being found alive in a nearby hotel.

Due to trigger warning, video can be found at source.


Mods, not trying to make an exploitive case out of this. Just want to share with those who may not be in the know. Reject, if necessary.
mahira khan

Top 5 Shocking America's Next Top Models Stories

- Angelea Preston from Cycle 14 was stripped of the title when it was discovered that she had previously worked as an escort. Preston went on to sue the show.

- Jael Strauss from Cycle 8 became a homeless crystal meth addict and appeared on Dr Phil. She's sober now.

- Renee Alway from Cycle 8 was arrested after a six-hour standoff with police in 2013. She was sentenced to 12 years in prison for felony burglary charges.

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Dontella Versace does a Versace on the Floor Video

Dontella just saw Bruno Mars in concert and both showed mad love for eachother. Mars dedicated his song to Dontella while she was in attendance of his 24K Magic World tour and Versace made a lip sync video. She assembled a super model team for the lip sync, featuring the likes of Candice Swanepoel, Natasha Poly, Hana Soukupova, Kiki Willems, Binx Walton, Alexandra Micu, Hiandra Martinez, Faretta, Mag Cysewska, Diletta Paci, Alpha Dia, Leonard Mushiete, Jurriaan Seppenwoolde, and Adrian Chabada.


Leah Remini Talks Scientology on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

[By notes, I mean a paragraph of bulletpoints because I can not condense]- Scientology and the Aftermath is nominated for two Emmys. This is the first time Leah has ever been nominated for an Emmy.
- Season 2 starts on August 15th at A&E
- Church is obviously not cool with Leah Remini doing the documentary
- Leah Remini is impressed with how familiar Stephen is with the terminology as he guides the interview. Stephen credits it to finding Scientology and their use of terminologies fascinating..
- Goes over Leah's history as a former scientologist
- Scientology teaches basic skills that helps you when you first get into it, but becomes damaging to both yourself and your relationship with friends and family as you become further indoctrinated into it
- Leah says that Scientology is not a religion when Stephen asked if it's a religion
- When asked why, Leah explains that Scientology is a business rather than a religion because you need to pay money to both get into the religion and climb up the OT levels
- Admits to still struggling to transition from calling Scientology a religion and slipping up at times
- Leah Remini is not actively seeking a new religion
- Has a Catholic background and both Leah and her daughter are baptized, but fell out of Catholicism due to Scientology's rules (Publically, you can be part of another religion while be in Scientology, but you are expected to drop out of the other religion once you hit the confidential OT levels as you're taught that God/gods are a lie)
- Jokingly ends the topic of whether Scientology is a religion or not by asking Stephen Colbert if 1984 mirrors a religion or not
- Emphasizes how the point of the show is to give a voice to former members and share their narratives, and applauds their bravery for them to participate despite knowing that they will be attacked by Scientology within hours after the show airs
- Jokingly talks about whether Stephen will be an enemy of the church (Leah says that he's basically towing the line as he's having her on his show but asked neutral questions rather than making straightforward negative statements
- Stephen asks what kind of statements can he say to cross the line as a joke
- Short PR for Kevin can Wait
- Stephen asks if Leah was afraid that she will no longer be able to work in Hollywood after leaving Scientology since there are multiple members in the industry. Leah says she feels the opposite as she felt isolated from members of Hollywood when she was a scientologist, but wasn't able to understand why she felt like people were isolating her until she left
- People used to ask Leah how could she be in Scientology if she's not "cultish". Says that people need to understand that when you're a second generation brought into the church at a young age, so they had no choice in whether they want to be Scientologists

- Says that Hollywood and the general public have been supportive towards her and embracing her post-Scientology, and she expresses her gratittude for that support


Chris Evans wants you to help find the guy who tried to shove a woman under a bus

- CCTV footage of the May 5th attack was released this week

- If you can't watch: a man is jogging on Putney Bridge in London, passes a man walking in the opposite direction on his right, and then veers out of his way to shove a woman also walking in the opposite direction on his right just as a bus is approaching. She manages to keep her head up and the bus driver immediately swerves, so she only suffered minor injuries. The same jogger passed by again 15 minutes later and ignored her when she tried to confront him.

- Even Piers Morgan thinks this guy is an asshole

SOURCES: 1, 2 & 3

HBO hack continues: GOT's stars personal info released

HBO's hacking woes continue to get worse.

The group that stole 1.5TB of data and last week released a detailed script summary of GOT's "The Spoils of War," have gone and released the phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses of the shows cast members as well as another detailed summary of Sunday's upcoming episode "Eastwatch."

Only 3.4GB of data has been released and the hackers are demanding a six-month salary in bitcoin, explaining they earn between $12-15 million a year from blackmail.


can we stick with the spoilers instead, hackers? idontwantthese.jpg
Wanda Gasp

Celebs React to Political News: North Korea has nukes, Trump threatens "fire and fury"

-U.S. officials are telling NBC News and WaPo that North Korea can put a nuclear weapon on a missile. Trump threatens "they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen".
-Trump is a manchild who needs constant validation, gets 2 daily folders with praise for himself.
-Insults another veteran, Senator Blumenthal, on twitter. Calls him a cry baby.
-Says nothing about the bombing of a mosque in Minnesota.
-Is ending an Obama regulation that allows seniors to sue nursing homes for mistreatment.
-Is on a 17 day "working vacation" where all he does is watch TV and tweet about it
-May have leaked classified information again.

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Trio - Great Hall

Game of Thrones' season 7, episode 4 had a record 10.2M views despite episode & script leaks

- despite the script being leaked, and worse, the actual episode being leaked from India, episode 4 still was still watched by a record 10.2 million on Sunday night
- more than those who tuned in for the season premiere last month, which had 10.1 million on Sunday, July 16
- hackers are now blackmailing HBO to pay $6 million in bitcoin but they haven't budged yet


Season Two Unlikely for Twin Peaks: The Return

The Twin Peaks revival was intended as one season, there are no discussions for a season two. It will be up to David Lynch if there's a season two but Kyle MacLachlan has expressed strong interest in continuing on. However, it looks like this is it, folks!


Marvel writer Jonathan Hickman says F4 comics cancelled over movie rights

  • The Fantastic Four - Marvel's First Family of superheroes that have been around since 1961 - have been noticeably phased out of the Marvel franchise over the years, starting with the cancellation of their comics.

  • Many have speculated this is due to Marvel Studios - owned by Disney - not owning the rights of the F4 and wanting to downplay the franchise to spite Fox, the company that does own the F4 (as well as the X-Men, who were also allegedly subject to the treatment). Fox, of course, has made a mess of the fran4chise.

  • Jonathan Hickman had previously written the Fantastic Four as well as a few spinoffs relating to the F4, and in an interview with Newsarama, has stated that "it’s pretty common knowledge at this point that Marvel isn't publishing....because of their disagreement with Fox."  As well as disagreeing with Tom Brevoort over the relevancy of the Fantastic Four within the Marvel universe. Many have taken his word for it, as Hickman is considered a high-up writer, having recently written the Secret Wars event.

  • Ben Grimm AKA The Thing pops up regularly in Infamous Iron Man (starring iconic Marvel character and Romani legend Doctor Doom) and is expected to appear in Marvel's upcoming Legacy titles, while Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch is in Uncanny Avengers / hanging out with the Flophumans not the X-men. Fox is also planning a Doctor Doom solo movie that better not star a white man but probably will and one yall will stan for anyway.

  • In other news, DC is going to launch the Terrifics in response to Marvel phasing out their first family. I'm not kidding.

how do you feel about this information, ontd? do you believe hickman? and new sources added!
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Bella Thorne wrote an essay in defense of her hairy bod

As you may or may not know, I'm one of the hairiest teenage girls. I go by "Kiwalla Beastella" or "Bella the Mammal," which I prefer because, I mean, we are all just mammals, aren't we? Body hair is always hit or miss for a person. While I never viewed it as gross, I didn't really love it either. But I never understood the weirdness surrounding it.

Guys feel more manly when they have body hair, right? So what's the problem with a woman wanting to feel more manly (or, in my case, just lazy AF)? Because I have a vagina, I have to be feminine all the time? Excuse me, but no. Whether I'm a tomboy or a rebel, I'm comfortable with it, so why shouldn't you be? If you really want my legs and armpits shaved so badly, you can do it yourself. Wait, I take that back: I'll shave my own armpits if need be because I don't trust any of you city slickers next to my precious axilla!

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On a scale from dolphin to tarantula, how hairy are you? Are you empowered by ur body hair?

Child star turned musician Corey Feldman yellin at an unruly audience during a show

I must say, guys - and I'm not playing - we're tired, we've got a long tour; I know you all got here for free so you don't appreciate the sale of a ticket. Most people paid to see their show, you guys are getting in for free. Please treat these ladies & myself with respect or we'll walk off. Thank you.

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Have you ever been yelled at by a musician, ONTD?
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Adam Levine: "Joe Jonas is a beautiful man"

JJ is Adam's new team mentor on the Voice. When asked what prompted this choice Adam kept it short and sweet: "I mean look at him. He's a beautiful man!". He elaborated saying that he's known him a long time and he trust his opinion as he's a fan of his.


ONTD is Joe Jonas a beautiful man?
haters will say its photoshop

"I can't look like a copycat of J.Lo" Old texts reveal why Gaga begged to be credited on J.Lo's song

- Chicago-local singer Rebecca Francescatti sued Lady Gaga in 2011 for copyright infringement because she claimed it was based on her own song 'Juda.'

- The judge originally ruled in Gaga's favor, but Francescatti appealed the decision and the case was finally settled out of court.

- Now DailyMail is revealing the texts in the 2011 court documents sent by Lady Gaga which allegedly show she 'lied' to Jennifer Lopez to save her own reputation. The texts were part of Francescatti's argument intended to show Gaga as someone who is capable of copying another artist.

- In the texts, Lady Gaga was worried Judas sounded too similar to J.Lo's 'Invading My Mind', and begged RedOne to credit her on the song.

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More info + Court documents @ Source

The Killers On Upcoming Album, includes a song about Brandon Flowers’ wife’s PTSD

Brandon Flowers on new album Wonderful Wonderful: "I don't want to chase what's on the radio. The best way to put it is that I wanted to inhabit my age, so it's a snapshot – a true representation of where we're at."

• In "Some Kind of Love" Brandon sings words of support to his wife, Tana Mundkowsky, who suffers complex PTSD stemming from childhood traumas. "It's really emotional, I played that for her, and she just sobbed."

• Mark Knopfler has a guest appearance on "Have All the Songs Been Written?"

• Flowers adds that his children will have to face what he puts out there and so he wants to create music his children will be proud of.

this GQ looking supportive husband and father. bless.


Philip Winchester Will Join SVU as his Chicago Justice Character

Philip Winchester will recur on the 19th season of SVU as Peter Stone, his character from the cancelled Chicago Justice (and the son of the classic Mothership character Ben Stone, played by Michael Moriarty). He will first appear around midseason as an ADA. Keep in mind, the showrunner/head writer of Chicago Justice is now the showrunner of SVU.


ONTD, what does this mean for Barba? Why do we even need a second ADA? I was hoping he might be Barba's boss, or something, but he'll be another ADA? Are they phasing Barba out (just like they brought Carisi in, and phased out Amaro)? Will they alternate? Did SVU really need another white guy in the cast? Why couldn't we get Jon Seda? Why are you punishing me, Dick Wolf?
king manbun

Chloë Grace Moretz revealed she was body shamed by a male co-star when she was fifteen


"This guy that was my love interest was like, ‘I’d never date you in a real life,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, you’re too big for me’ – as in my size."

"It was one of the only actors that ever made me cry on set ... I had to pick it up and go back on set and pretend he was a love interest, and it was really hard. It just makes you realise that there are some really bad people out there and for some reason, he felt the need to say that to me. You have to kind of forgive and not forget really, but it was just like wow. It was jarring."

"I look back on it and I was fifteen, which is really, really dark"

she doesn't say his name, only that he was 23-25

Full Trailer for Victoria Season 2 Released

The series, created by Daisy Goodwin, will pick where the finale left off, and will strive to establish Victoria as a working mother.

Denis Lawson has been announced to play the Duke of Atholl for the new season. Also Dame Diana Rigg has joined the regular cast as the Duchess of Bucchleuch, Victoria's new Mistress of the Robes.

Victoria season 2 will air on ITV later this year.


I'm so excited!

Dua Lipa's New Rules is gaining all over the world thanks to clever music video!!!

Dua Lipa’s momentum-rich “New Rules” earns a spot on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The chart, which spent the past two weeks on the Bubbling Under Hot 100, earns #90 on this week’s edition of the actual Hot 100.

The Hot 100 ranks songs based on combined activity from sales, streams and radio airplay. “New Rules” is beginning to gain traction on all three fronts.

“New Rules” is the artist’s third song to reach the Hot 100. She previously peaked at #72 with her own “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” and at #76 on her Martin Garrix collaboration “Scared To Be Lonely.”

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ONTD are you stanning this Pop Princess? I need an icon!!!!!

Is a CL x Nicki Minaj collaboration at the AMAs in the works?

That's what CL's latest Instagram likes seem to hint!

FYI: the AMAS date was announced 2 days ago and it's the same date as the one in the IG posts.


I doubt CL could book her own stage so let's go with that. Thoughts?

Elisabeth Moss Left the Room When Leah Remini Won a TCA Award

Leah Remini's A&E docuseries Scientology and The Aftermath won a Television Critics Association award for outstanding reality programming. When Leah and the rest of the crew (most former Scientologists) went up to receive the award, Elisabeth Moss, the star of the Handmaid's Tale, walked out of the room.

Moss, a Scientologist since birth, would not be allowed to listen to anything Leah, a suppressive person (an enemy of Scientology) would say.


World of Dance: The Finale

The first season of World of Dance concluded today. The finalists, Eva Igo, Swing Latino, and Les Twins, each did two dances. The judges chose the songs for the first dances. The winner was determined by who had the highest average.[Spoiler (click to open)]Les Twins won.
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Source: YouTube 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Smh this show was such a mess and I doubt they'll improve it much for season 2. I think they got the finalists wrong in the first place and this finale wasn't great. The judges' song choices were boring and awful. Eva wasn't allowed to use her usual choreographer for it and Neyo chose an uneventful song, so it was her worst routine on the show. She had her usual choreographer for her final routine though and it was amazing and was the highest score of the night. Swing Latino were really messy once again. The spoilers were right and Les Twins won. It was super predictable that they would win since the judges have given them the highest scores since the beginning. I don't think it was really deserved tbh. Their first performance was on top of that small platform, so it had basically no footwork. They used Scream for the 2nd performance and it was underwhelming besides the part with the mirrors. #justiceforKinjaz #justiceforKeoneandMari #justiceforTheLab #justiceforQuickStyle #justiceforFikShun #justiceforanyonewhogotnoscreentime
harold | live lounge

Liam Payne Plays With Puppies (and Answers Questions)

SUMMARY (but you should watch the vid bc puppies)
• out of all the 1D members he'd collaborate with Zayn, because their styles are similar
• there is a collaboration with a female artist on his album
• if he could collaborate with anyone he'd pick Nicki Minaj (why, Liam, why?)
• his favourite part of touring was hanging out with all the boys on the bus
• wasn't surprised Harry went into acting, is proud, hasn't seen Dunkirk yet, etc.
• yes, 1D will re-unite eventually
• songwriting is both easier and harder by himself
• his go to karaoke song is Hotline Bling
• he is no longer afraid of spoons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
• would like to play arenas on his tour, cause he likes big stages
• perfect day = hitting the gym, eating burgers & watching Peaky Blinder (doesn't mention Cheryl or Bear)
• favourite memory with 1D is playing Madison Square Garden
• favourite tattoo is Cheryl's eye


Serena Williams about giving birth: "I'm about to be a real woman now"


“There are barriers I hope to break so my baby, whether boy or girl, won’t have to live under those stipulations,” the 35-year-old told the mag of her recent activism. “I definitely am a feminist. I like to stick up for women and women’s rights. So many things happen and I just think, ‘Wow, why don’t we have a chance?’ If that makes me a feminist, I am proud to be one.”

“I have so much respect for so many women [for giving birth]. I am about to be a real woman now, you know? It’s going to be something incredibly impressive to go through.”

source: 1, 2
Comrade Jewbear

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich and socialite Dasha Zhukova separate/divorce

Roman Abramovich, 50, and Dasha Zhukova, 36, announced their separation. Dasha was Roman's third wife and they have two children together.

"After 10 years together, the two of us have made the difficult decision to separate, but we remain close friends, parents, and partners in the projects we developed together."

-They allegedly disagreed over how to develop their $400 million New Holland Island in St. Petersburg. He wanted a cultural center/restaurants, she wanted a mini Ibiza.

-They have been separated since December and may have already secretly divorced and settled in May. Abramovich has a net worth of $9.2 billion and owns Chelsea FC. His second wife received $300 million in 2007.

-Dasha Zhukova, besties with Ivanka Trump, Karlie Kloss, and Wendi Deng, is the founder of GARAGE Museum, GARAGE Magazine, and fashion line Kova & T. However she is most famous for a photoshoot sitting on a chair made from a black mannequin. [View at your own risk]

-Abramovich has been rumored to be pursuing Mariinsky and American Ballet Theatre prima ballerina Diana Vishneva (who is married and friends with Dasha).


Youtuber Jake Paul addresses his recent controversies with a music video

After a news clip where Jake Paul climbs on a news van and makes fun of the shoes of a reporter who was reporting on how he's terrorizing his neighborhood went viral and he got dropped from Disney, Jake Paul decided to respond with a rap.

It's called "That Ain't In The News"

The lyrics are pretty impressive:
-Where was y'all at when Selena left Disney? Didn't talk shit to her, but now you talk shit to me.
-That ain't on your twitter. That ain't on your insta. That ain't on your twitter man. That ain't on your insta.
-Where was y'all at when the neighbors didn't hate me?

The title and pictures of other youtubers are clickbait as he explains a second into the video: "This isn't a diss-track. It's a message to the news and hate."

He says he's sorry a few times and then makes excuses by listing all the nice things he's ever done in his life.

Is there anything more distressing than learning that Jake Paul was a little girl's Make a Wish choice?

NY Mets' Noah Syndergaard had a Cameo on Game of Thrones

He threw a spear that killed a horse carrying a Dothraki. Probably got roasted by dragon fire seconds later

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I like to pretend Ed Sheeran's character got roasted. what random cameos do you want to see on this show?

Nathalie Emmanuel's Five Everyday Beauty Must-Haves | Byrdie

When we spent some quality time with Nathalie Emmanuel (who Game of Thrones fans might know as Missandei) for a gorgeous photo editorial last month, we had a lot of questions—beyond potential GoT spoilers, of course. Namely: How does she take care of that hair? It only made sense to ask for a peep inside her vanity, and fortunately, the gorgeous Brit obliged for our latest edition of Just Five Things. Among the actress' top beauty picks: Kate Somerville's Eradikate Treatment, a drugstore nude lipstick, and all things Devacurl. Watch the video below to get a closer look at her must-haves—if you're not too distracted by her impeccable curls, that is.


Beauty Post??

Chris Pratt's 'Cowboy Ninja Viking' Gets Summer 2019 Release Date

Universal's adaptation of Cowboy Ninja Viking, starring Chris Pratt, will hit theaters on June 28, 2019

-Pratt stars as a new kind of assassin who manifests the toughest skills of three different personas.


Are you excited for single Pratt, ONTD?
baby groot

FOX eying "King of the Hill" revival

“I would like to explore that [further] with Mike and Greg,” Dana Walden said at FOX's TCA panel. “Given what’s going on in the country, I think they have a point of view about how those characters would respond. But it was one meeting. I hope to revisit it.”