August 7th, 2017


Stephen Colbert’s Favorite 'Game of Thrones' Character Might Surprise You + GOT VIEWING POST

-Stephen lists the books he's reading atm and says his favorite character on GOT is Tyrion

Who is your favorite character and why? Who do you think will end up on the Iron Throne? Are you excited for the new episode (if you didn't watch the leaked one)?

Podcast Post: Who? Weekly Sends Love to ONTD!

•On the latest episode of the already iconic podcast WHO? WEEKLY Lindsey & Bobby reference costantinini's post about Rita Ora opening the Teen Choice Awards

•Lindsey particularly likes placentipede's comment: "Has a single teen ever chosen her?"

•They say some nice things about ONTD <3

Listen to the episode here!

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What other episodes are worth checking out, ONTD? Oh and: Good form, Bella Thorne!
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Aziz Ansari in GQ Style interview

  • Talks a lot about the second season of Master of None, including how he wouldn't have wanted to write the Thanksgiving episode without Lena Waithe because "if you're gonna go into other people's worlds, you'd better get it right." Doesn't have enough fodder for a third season yet.

  • Deleted the browser off of his phone; doesn't miss it

  • Feels fulfilled professionally, but is lonely

  • Thinks it would be worse to be a Muslim kid in North Carolina now vs. when he was growing up because Islamophobia wasn't as much of a thing back then

  • Arcade Fire's "Everything Now" gives the band their third #1 album debut

    Selling 100,000 albums they sold about twice as much as the next highest selling album which was Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN".

    They have the second rock album to debut at #1 this year after Linkin Park's "One More Light"

    Both Arcade Fire and Linkin Park were aided by the tour ticket/album bundle that helped The Chainsmokers, Katy Perry, and Halsey this year.

    Lana's album dropped to #10 after a 75% sales drop.

    She's still the only female artist in the top 20 and probably the top 30.


    One of Usher's accusers speaks at a press conference

    Quantisia Sharpton who is one of the accusers in Usher's herpes lawsuit gave a press conference with Lisa Bloom today.

    She went to an Usher concert for her birthday and she was selected to go backstage because of her birthday crown and a security guard asked her for her phone number to give to Usher.

    She gave it to him, Usher called to meet up with her later that night, and they had sex.

    He never warned her that he had herpes.

    She says she's tested negative for herpes and she knew she was negative when the reports came out because she had a child a year ago, but she still feels violated so she contacted Lisa Bloom.

    She says she wouldn't have had sex with him if she had known.
    Halle &lt;3

    Aaron Carter and gf break up after coming out as bi

    -Allegedly a ~mutual breakup
    -Aaron wants to focus on the music (and all the dick he can get tbh)
    -Twitter losers erase Aaron's bisexuality and call him "gay" ofc


    all mine

    Taylor Swift’s sexual assault trial begins in Colorado

    A radio dj allegedly grazed Swift's ass and she told the station's bosses of the assault which led to the dj's termination. The dj sued Swift for $4 million for unemployment and other damages while Swift is counter suing him for a $1.


    Chris Martin/Coldplay ad-libs song with racist slur to pander to Americans

    While performing at a stadium in Maryland, Chris Martin/Coldplay decided to butter up the crowd by crooning the racial slur that is the name of the Washington football team based in the stadium:

    Th team's official twitter tweeted out the video: they were all too happy to have the band, a favorite of Trump-voting security moms, cosign their racism. I shan't embed the tweet because nobody should have to look at the team's awful name and logo.

    Source, source2

    Yas, a(nother) valid reason to hate Coldplay! P.S. I'm actually an unironic Coldplay fan. We deserve to be dragged!

    Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock's attacker has been given a three year restraining order

    Follow up to this post.

    • Unemployed bodybuilder Terroll Lewis assaulted Leigh-Anne in an altercation in a restaurant last year. He slapped her.

    • CCTV footage of the incident was played in court showing the bodybuilder, who claims to be a video blogger, slapping Leigh-Anne before she recoiled in horror.

    • This was part of Leigh-Anne's statement: "The assault did not leave any cuts, bruises or marks. However, the boldness of the guy to assault me like that left me in a state of shock, embarrassment and humiliation."

    • Terroll claimed he had meant to "push Leigh-Anne's face", calling the slap an accident, but the district judge rejected the claims.

    • He was giving a three-year restraining order.

    • He's being extra about it on Instagram and a lot of men are siding with him and claiming that the media is treating him like this just because he's a black man. They also think that he's innocent and that Leigh-Anne is lying.

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    all mine

    Miley Cyrus, Lorde, The Weeknd and more to perform at the 2017 MTV VMAs

    Miley Cyrus, the Weeknd and Lorde are among the first slate of performers booked for the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. The VMAs will air from the Forum in Inglewood on Aug. 27.


    will katy make the vma's great again? it's been 4 years since:

    Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Have a Date Night at Disneyland

    • Oscar-nominated Canadian hipster and his way hotter partner Eva Mendes hit up Disneyland on Saturday without the kids for a date night. They bought presents for the kids.

    • Eva looked fabulous, gorgeous, adorable, happy and ate a lollipop.

    • Ryan stared daggers at the people taking their picture with his old man glasses.

    Source one
    , source two

    Matt Shankman talks Game of Thrones' "death from the sky"

    People are still reeling from last night's Game of Thrones episode, "The Spoils of War," and for good reason. Fans have been waiting years for the events that took place and the wait was definitely worth it.

    GOT first-timer Matt Shankman talked to THR all about how he brought the episode to life.

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    Dominic Cooper

    Kyra Sedgwick on marrying her Cousin: "Most White People Are Related"

    Hollywood power couple Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon are couple goals in Hollywood minus that whole marrying your cousin part.

    Kyra was at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour on Sunday when she was asked about an episode of "Finding Your Roots" that revealed quite creepily that she and her husband Kevin Bacon are distant cousins.

    "I figured I was going to be related to Kevin Bacon -- I mean, most white people are related, ultimately."

    "I wasn't surprised, honestly," she continued. "Frankly, I figured that was part of the reason that they wanted to do both of us. I had to act surprised."

    Are you currently or would you ever consider marrying your distant cousin ONTD?


    Elizabeth Olsen like to keep things low-key


    • Felt intimidated by Jeremy Renner was excited that he wanted to work with her in Wind River

    • Would have loved to have starred in The Handmaid’s Tale

    • Should she lose interest in acting she would flip homes

    • Dislikes being asked about her sisters

    • Attended NYU because she did not get into Brown University

    Do you crave the limelight ONTD? How does Jeremy Renner make you feel?

    Boosie's bday gift to his 14-year-old son: cash and oral sex

    Rita's third attempt at a second album is delayed again

    Despite the massive success of "Your Song", it appears Rita's album will not be coming out this fall as she has been saying since "Your Song" was released.

    Rita did a Facebook live and she said the album should be out early next year.

    Her last studio album was released in 2012 and since then she's run into many roadblocks and has had to scrap her album completely at least twice.

    After signing with Atlantic records, her album was supposed to be released by the end of 2016 but that was pushed into early 2017 and then late 2017 and now early 2018.

    ONTD how did you feel when you found out pop music won't be saved until next year?


    Brooklyn Beckham talks to W magazine about his distinguished career as a photographer

    · In case you didn't know: Brooklyn is the 18 y/o son of David & Victoria Beckham. He's spent the past couple of years trying to start a photography career & has worked on a campaign for Burberry
    · says he doesn't listen to people who say he's where his is only because of his parents
    · recently published a book of photographs to what seems like very minimal critical acclaim
    · Victoria suggested he go to college for photography & he's headed to NY to study this fall
    choice excerpts:
    Have you ever felt like you've been underestimated because of how young you are to be so accomplished?
    Yeah, especially when people knew I was shooting Burberry, everyone was kind of—some were annoyed, and I kind of got quite a bit of hate for that. But I think once the photos came out, people could really see that photography was my thing that I wanted to do. So I feel like people are starting to take me more seriously as a photographer now.

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    full interview @ the source



    Cardi B Vaults Up the Hot 100 w/ "Bodak Yellow" + Performs at Veld Fest

    New Queen of Rap, Cardi B's commercial single debut "Bodak Yellow" is quickly rising up the charts as she zooms into the top 20 with a 28-14 leap. Her chart run has been pretty impressive debuting at #85 then #78, #49, #28 to current peak #14.

    She joins Nicki Minaj and Young M.A. as the only other female rappers to score solo top 30 hits with no feature this decade.

    She was also brought on stage during Migo's set to perform Bodak Yellow and the crowd went wild!

    Will she break the male-dominated streak on the chart?

    Predict her chart run:

    Top 3
    Top 5
    Top 10


    will she get a #1 b4 nicki? her stans are shook

    ONTD Original: Lainey Blind Items Revealed, Part **6**


    This is PART 6 of a series revealing Lainey Gossip's many blind items!

    If you don't know, a blind item is a piece of gossip that is too juicy or legally dangerous for a gosisp journalist to publis. So they write them as anonymous riddles and leave clues for you to guess. Lainey has revealed some of her best blind items on her blog, and this series is a ~master list~ of them.

    More tea spilled at Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4, Part 5.

    CW: Animal abuse

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    Erika Jayne

    CBB Day 6: Nominations and breakdowns!

    -Brandi/Helen/Shaun and the other safe houseguests must nominate three more houseguests to face the public eviction but little do they know the house is watching from the living room.

    -They nominate Chad for basically being boring, Sarah because they think she isn't stable enough and want to protect her career, and Karthick because he is rude and pulled the racist card.

    -Sarah has a breakdown after she is nominated in the diary room and no longer likes and Paul.

    -Paul and Karthick talk through their issues and Big Brother talks to Shaun (whose really Paul) about how Karthick could have misheard him leading him to think that Shaun (who is really Paul) is racist. Paul (who is not Shaun) has an epiphany afterwards about his fight with Karthick.

    -Trisha is barely anywhere to be found and makes it through an episode with no tears.

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    Celebs lose their shit over Rihanna @ Crop Over 2017

    In case you've been living in a hole, Rihanna graced the world with her presence at this years Crop Over festivities in Barbados.

    The world collectively lost their shit.

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    Some more HQ pics, not been posted before, for your viewing pleasure

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    London 2017 : World Athletics Championships Day 4 (Winners)

    Women's 1500m final
    Faith Kipyegon wins (4:02.59)
    2nd USA : Jenny Simpson (4:02.76) // 3rd South Africa : Caster Semenya (4:02.90)

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    SOURCES : 1, 2, 3