August 6th, 2017


London 2017 : World Athletics Championships Day 1 and Day 2 (Winners)

Men's 10,000m Final

Mo Farah wins gold (26:49.51)
2nd Uganda : Joshua Cheptegei (26:49.94) // 3rd Kenya : Paul Kipngetich Tanui (26:50.60)

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Taylor Swift's younger brother Austin Swift will star in an upcoming movie

Also starting Pretty Little Liars‘ Tammin Sursok.

The movie tells the story of “an estranged brother-sister pair who reunite after their mother’s death to dispose of her ashes in an unusual way,” according to TheWrap.

Austin will play “a small-town hustler who has a run-in with the siblings that dramatically impacts the characters’ path.”

Nepotism at its finest!


Amber Heard splits from PayPal billionaire Elon Musk

Last night a source told The Mail on Sunday: ‘It’s all over between Amber and Elon and she’s devastated. It was his decision.

‘He ended it a week ago. He’d heard certain things about her behaviour that didn’t sit well with him. Amber can be very manipulative and selfish. Elon’s back in LA while she’s licking her wounds in Australia.’


19 Hottest Fictional Characters From Literature, Because Every Reader Has A Book Boy/Girlfriend

Mr. Darcy from 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen

Mr. Darcy from 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen

About: Mr. Darcy is a proud and arrogant man, particularly to those that he considers of less social status. He apparently thinks he is better than the lower classes in both rank and connections so he does not wish to interact with them; we see evidence of this in Meryton - at all of the parties, he seemed to distance himself from the rest of the crowd because he does not think them as worthy acquaintances. At the dance, he does not wish to dance with any girl because they were all beneath him in class and beauty. He is honourable, friendly, and caring to those that are the same class as him.

Mr. Darcy is fine, tall, handsome, noble, proud, forbidding, disagreeable and subject to no control but his own...Darcy is a 19th century man, manliness itself, uncompromising, dark and sexy.

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What fictional characters (from literature) do you find hot?? (or cute or sexy or whatever:P)

Who won the race to three billion YouTube views?


"Despacito" and "See You Again" were locked in an epic, brutal popularity battle atop the YouTube charts.

As the first and second most watched videos on Google's video platform, both had a chance to become the first ever video to break the three-billion view milestone.
[So who won???]

"Despacito"! It currently has 3,027,584,931 views (last I checked) while "See You Again" is still at 2,998,975,400 views, though it will no doubt reach the 3B mark within a couple of days. Congrats Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee (and none for Justin Bieber bye).

"Despacito" reached the milestone in just under seven months while "See You Again" was released on Youtube in April 2015.

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Yubin drums

Preview for Carol Burnett's new Netflix Show

"Comedy legend Carol Burnett will make her return to series television and her Netflix debut in 2018. A Little Help With Carol Burnett features Carol, celebrity guests, and every day people receiving advice to their real-life problems from the straightest-shooters around: little kids."

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Is Netflix increasing Sense8's two-episode finale order to an entire final 3rd season?

- Sense8 had a live Facebook Q&A, during the 16min mark, Lana states that she's writing a 3rd season. Later in the chat, Brian J. Smith also mentions that Lana is facing everyone against their fears for this season.
- Also, the Sense8 official twitter revealed that we might get a special celebration for the sensates birthday: 08/ extended full season?

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ONTD, are you in for a 13-episode final season??!
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Tinashe post! Madonna's advice; "Hot Sauce" demo leaks; working with Mike WiLL Made-It.

Tinashe gave an interview for The Galore magazine and talked about her life, sexism, music industry, work and more.
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Do read the rest of the interview and see more pics at Source.

Tinashe's version of Travis Scott and PartyNextDoor's "Hot Sauce" leaked yesterday. The track is known as an outtake from Travis' second album. It is unclear if this a demo she recorded for him or if she recorded the song after he turned it down.

Listen here:

In other news, apparently Tinashe worked again with Mike WiLL Made It. Tinashe replied with "soon" to a fan asking for new music, and then Mike replied to the tweet.:

The duo worked together before in the Aquarius track "Thug Cry" and in the SoundCloud exclusive "Energy".

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Erika Jayne

CBB Day 5: Pizza is forever

-Housemates must play a game of falling stars that have prizes and consequences should they catch the star

-Amelia and Chad catch their stars that takes them on a romantic date. Brandi and Sam gain immunity. Trisha & Sarah fail to catch their stars but luckily for them the stars included consequences.

-All of the housemates who have not won immunity are tempted with Pizza. If they should accept the Pizza they will give up any further opportunities to win immunity. Trisha is the only housemate to take the pizza as she hates everyone in the house and loves food.

-Karthik does not like Brandi using the "ladies first" card as he thinks men and women are equal.

-Chad and Amelia discuss their feelings for one another. Chad thinks that Amelia likes Sam and thus will just shut off his emotions while Amelisa reveals that she is not interested in Sam but is confused about Chads feelings towards her.

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Serena Williams Celebrates ’50s-Themed Baby Shower With Star-Studded Party

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Jaskier Bomb

Twin Peaks is Gwendoline Christie's Favorite Show

She's been a fan since she was 11 thanks to her mom: "We sat down to watch it together and I loved it because it was unlike anything I had ever seen on television [...] Aesthetically, I love subversion, so the idea of this noir sensibility that is turned on its head that's so weird and strange and dark and frightening but utterly beautiful [...]It just really captured me. I loved that its form was entirely different to anything else I'd seen on television, and it made me laugh so, so much, which I felt was sort of wrong."

Knowing all this makes it even sweeter that Christie was able to meet Kyle MacLachlan at SDCC

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Twin Peaks discussion post, tbh
Remidner: Twin Peaks will now be airing an hour earlier at 8pm

Claws [TNT] 1x10 (Season Finale!) Promo

Following a harrowing escape from Roller's (Jack Kesy) grasp, Desna (Niecy Nash) is on the run. Roller is close behind, running from the Russians. Dean (Harold Perrineau), Polly (Carrie Preston) and Virginia (Karrueche Tran) frantically search for Desna before time runs out. Meanwhile, Jennifer (Jenn Lyon) gets more deeply involved with Hank (Hunter Burke), oblivious to how close her life is to imploding. In the end, only Desna can save Jennifer, Roller, and her crew with a sacrifice greater than any she’s ever had to make.


Carly and Evan from BIP are having a baby.

Less than a year after their season of Bachelor in Paradise aired, Carly and Evan are now married and expecting a child.

They've come a long way from the days when Carly was talking about gross he was and vomiting after they kissed for the first time.

Carly and Evan currently live in Tennessee with his three children from a previous relationship.

Carly's due date is in February of 2018.


Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry spotted at dinner together

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry were photographed having dinner together last night.

TMZ says they were having dinner with other people but the restaurant is very romantic.

A couple weeks ago Rob mentioned he and FKA Twigs are engaged.

Neither of the photos are particularly incriminating.


ICON & ONTD Unproblematic Fave JLópez Goes To a Wedding! Hillary Clinton is also in attendance!

Global Icon Jennifer Lynn López and her hung as a horse man, Alex Rodriguez, are at Sophia Larsy wedding in NYC. Sophia Larsy is the daughter of a billionaire hedge fund, which explains why Hillary Clinton is in attendance as was a well known QUEEN.

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r u well connected, ontd?

"Life of Kylie" Premiere Recap

E! has kindly provided us with short video summaries of Kylie's new show. During the first 2 episodes, Kylie:
- talks about the pressure she feels to engage the public on social media
- takes a guy to prom
- sets her BFF Jordyn up on a blind date
- wishes people would just forget about her (© Selena Gomez)
- has a semblance of a personality

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London 2017 : World Athletics Championships Day 3 (Winners)

Men's marathon final
Geoffrey Kipkorir Kirui wins (2:08:27)
2nd Ethiopa : Tamirat Tola (2:09:49) // 3rd Tanzania : Alphonce Simbu (2:09:51)

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