August 3rd, 2017

12 New Books You Should Read Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Aries — Fitness Junkies by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

About: From the bestselling authors of The Knockoff, an outrageously funny novel about one woman's attempt--through clay diets, naked yoga, green juice, and cultish workout classes--to win back her career, save her best friend, and lose thirty pounds.

When Janey Sweet, CEO of a couture wedding dress company, is photographed in the front row of a fashion show eating a bruffin--the delicious lovechild of a brioche and a muffin--her best friend and business partner, Beau, gives her an ultimatum: Lose thirty pounds or lose your job. Sure, Janey has gained some weight since her divorce, and no, her beautifully cut trousers don't fit like they used to, so Janey throws herself headlong into the world of the fitness revolution, signing up for a shockingly expensive workout pass, baring it all for Free the Nipple yoga, sweating through boot camp classes run by Sri Lankan militants and spinning to the screams of a Lycra-clad instructor with rage issues. At a juice shop she meets Jacob, a cute young guy who takes her dumpster-diving outside Whole Foods on their first date. At a shaman's tea ceremony she meets Hugh, a silver fox who holds her hand through an ayahuasca hallucination And at a secret exercise studio Janey meets Sara Strong, the wildly popular workout guru whose special dance routine has starlets and wealthy women flocking to her for results that seem too good to be true. As Janey eschews delicious carbs, pays thousands of dollars to charlatans, and is harassed by her very own fitness bracelet, she can't help but wonder: Did she really need to lose weight in the first place?

A hilarious send-up of the health and wellness industry, Fitness Junkie is a glorious romp through the absurd landscape of our weight-obsessed culture.

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Book Post!

3 New Persona Spinoff Games Announced

  • Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night for PlayStation 4 + PlayStation Vita (Spring 2018 in Japan)

  • Persona 5: Dancing Star Night for PlayStation 4 + PlayStation Vita (Spring 2018 in Japan)

  • Persona Q2 for Nintendo 3DS (probably based on Persona 5)


Has anyone else here played Persona Q?
  • fka

Oprah: "I can't accept myself if I'm over 200 pounds"

Although she is a proponent for body-positivity and fat-acceptance, Oprah revealed that she can't accept herself if she weighs over 200 pounds, since a heavier weight puts her at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Oprah explained that in order for your heart to keep pumping, your body needs the least amount of weight possible to do that. She says that people should totally accept their weight, but that for her personal acceptance meant finding the right weight-loss plan. Oprah says that being in control of her body is more important to her than being skinny.

Source: Twitter

At what weight do you stop accepting yourself?

IRV Gotti Talks About ICON J.Lo's I'm Real Remix & How Tommy Mottolla Orchestrated the Whole Thing!

- damn irv got old
- starts at 2:10
- tommy heard "if we" from the glitter soundtrack (also, why isn't that amazing masterpiece on spotify?!)
- he called irv at 6 am and said to make a record for jenny lo. with ja rule that's a duet
- irv knew tommy had heard if we and since he loathed mariah it was obvs
- irv wanted full created control. made the song in 10 mins.
- damn, mero looks GOOD.
- he wrote the record cuz jenny hadn't had a song for the projects
- desus and irv said it's cool jenny saying "the n-word" cuz it's new york and jenny's a n-word
- tommy was so into made it happen he gave irv and ja the sony jet for the week so they could be on the original i'm real video
- the original i'm real is the def of GLOW and BEAUTY and CHOREOGRAPHY oh wow your faves could never


r u still blaming a WOC for a feud with a fellow WOC started and orchestrated by a trash man, ontd?
daniel mysterious
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The View chats with Michael Moore and talks about the NAACP travel ban on Missouri

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi
Today's 🔥 topics:
It's Thursday. If you watched the show live, Sara came out with her baby boy Alec who did a backwards crawling moonwalk. Back on topic though, the panel talks about the travel advisory that NAACP sent out in regards to Missouri. They passed Senate Bill 43 which makes it hard to for employees to prove their class and gender. It led to unlawful discrimination.

They talk about Steven Miller clashing with CNN's Jim Acosta during yesterday's White House presser. Joy makes a joke about that they should just let people who speak Russian. Sunny mentions him as the architect of the Muslim Travel Ban and his annoyances at people not understanding English. Joy states that we have a President who doesn't understand the difference between presidential and precedential.

Other hot topics discussed was Aziz Ansari quitting the internet as well as Bon Jovi avoiding Chris Christie.

They chat with Michael Moore about 45 and how he won. They also mention abolishing electoral college and what the Democrats need to do. He's promoting his one-man-show on Broadway right now.

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Director Kim Ki-duk being investigated for attacking actress over a sex scene

  • An anonymous actress has come forward to accuse director Kim Ki-duk of assaulting her before a sex scene on the set of his 2013 film Moebius

  • Crew on the film back up her story

  • The actress ended up quiting the film and was replaced with actress Lee Eun-woo

  • The Supreme Prosecutors' Office is investigating the case

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Björk releasing an album very soon

- Her new album is about her search for utopia.
- “If we’re gonna survive the situation the world is in today, we’ve got to come up with a new plan. Especially now, this kind of dream is an emergency.”
- Arca (co-producer of her last album, Vulnicura) is in the project (which she describes as “the strongest musical relationship she's had.”)
- No name and date announced, but there's a pre-order link.

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Bieber Writes a Gramatically Incorrect Letter From The Heart

Explaining why he cancelled his tour, Bieber posted a letter to his fans.
He says broken relationships dictated his crappy behavior and he wants to be a good man
He thinks imperfections are beautiful thus his letter is incorrect cause its from the heart

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Jill Duggar's husband accused of bullying TLC's Jazz Jennings

-Jill Duggar's husband Derick Dillard tweeted about the 16-year-old star of TLC's I Am Jazz, saying "What an oxymoron...a 'reality' show which follows a non-reality. 'Transgender' is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it's ordained by God." He followed it up by misgendering Jazz, saying "I want to be clear. I have nothing against him. I only have issue with the words and definitions being propagated here."
-Duggar and her husband star in Counting On, which also airs on TLC
-Jazz and TLC have not commented


so done with this gross ass dickface and the rest of this family. TLC should've canceled them a loooong time ago

Lionel Richie Says He's Honored To Seat Next To Trump at Kennedy Center Honorees Ceremony

-This will be the first Kennedy Center Honors during the Trump administration.
-Those honored will be Cuban American Gloria Estefan, Lionel Richie, LL Cool J, Carmen de Lavallade, Norman Lear.
-Lionel Richie says he considers President Trump a close friends and says: “In the world of entertainment, I’ve got to tell you, Mr. Trump has been front and center,” Mr. Richie said. “That’s just what he does. You can’t miss him! Listen, when you say, do you want to sit next to the president or not — are you kidding me? He’s the president!”

Sources: 1,2
daniel mysterious
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The Good Fight's Erica Tazel exits the show

After yesterday's news about The Good Fight, we learn that Erica Tazel, who played Barbara Kolstad, will not return to the show as a series regular. She may reprise her role as Kolstad in future episodes. She was also the last person to be added to the cast in Season 1.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Taylor Sheridan asked casting directors to vet the background of Native American actors he cast

  • Writer-director Taylor Sheridan's new film Wind River is set in a remote Native American reservation in Alaska

  • He asked the casting directors to make sure to cast actors who could prove they had Native American ancestry (the writer of the piece points out that this is a thorny issue and is sometimes impossible to prove as most Native Americans are of mixed descent including some of the actors that were eventually cast)

  • Sheridan asked leaders of the Wind River nations to read over the script and provide guidance

  • Even though the movie is set on a Native American reservation Sheridan wrote the two leads as white (portrayed by Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen) because he said he didn't want to be a white guy putting words in the mouths of Native Americans portraying their experience

daniel mysterious
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🚨 🚨 🚨 Celebs react to Mueller impanelling a grand jury for Russia investigation 🚨 🚨 🚨

Kumail Nanjiani - Actor/Comedian (Silicon Valley/Adventure Time/The Big Sick)

Today, two proposals were sent forward to protect Special Prosecutor Robert Swan Mueller III. If you've been living under a rock, the man was appointed as the Special Counsel by the DOJ in the investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 US elections and matters relating to it. The legislation would protect Mueller from being fired by 45 without cause or at least a reason good enough to convince a panel of federal judges.

Add to that, today we found out that Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in the Russia investigation. Along with that, we've learned that Mueller is looking into the financial trail in regards to 45 and has subpoenaing Donald Junior in regards to his June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower.

[🙏 🙏 🙏 TWEETS FOR THE LIVING!!! 🙏 🙏 🙏]

James Morrison - Actor (24/HawthoRNe/Twin Peaks)

Beau Willimon - Screenwriter/Showrunner (House of Cards)

George Takei - Actor (Star Trek)

Rosie O'Donnell - Actor/Comedienne (A League of Their Own/Rosie O'Donnell Show)

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Tebow: T-Mobile Commercial #1

Plot Twist: Black Chyna Could Owe Rob Kardashian Child Support

  • TMZ says Chyna makes more from club appearances and her side businesses than Rob does so she could be the one paying child support in this equation.

  • Rob's sock venture is a failure and he only gets nominal checks from his appearances on KUWTK. Kris bankrolls Rob's life

  • A custody settlement is being ironed out. Rob will most likely get full custody as he does now. Chyna goes weeks without seeing baby Dream, same with King Cairo, whom Tyga has full custody of.



J-Pop Megapost: Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi, Hoshino Gen, and More!

Utada Hikaru Releases Music Video for "Forevermore"
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Koda Kumi Releases Music Video for "LIT"
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Hoshino Gen Releases Music Video for "Family Song"

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Namie Amuro Sues Tabloid "Josei Seven" for Libel and Publishing Photos of her Son
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DANCE EARTH PARTY Releases Music Video for "POPCORN"
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Some Japanese Fans of Wonder Woman are not Happy with the Lyrics of Theme Song "Onna wa Hitori ja Nemurenai" by Nogizaka46
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Hiroomi Tosaka Releases Music Video for Wasted Love for his Solo Debut
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Utada Hikaru 1a / 1b / 2 / 3
Koda Kumi 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Hoshino Gen 1
Namie Amuro 1 / 2
Wonder Woman/Nogizaka46 1 / 2
Hiroomi Tosaka 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

akb48 also released their senbatsu single, but i figured the wonder woman/nogizaka46 news would interest ontd more

ONTD Original: 5 Celebrities Who Have Chosen to Stay Child-Free

Tabloids are obsessed with celebrity pregnancies (see Jennifer Aniston's decades long pregnancy as an example). Paparazzi clamour to get the first shot
of newborn celeb offspring, baby bump posts on social media are all the rage, and interviewers are often desperate to be the first to sit down with a new celebrity parent. But while Hollywood (and society in general) spends a lot of time and attention on who is having babies and when, there are many celebrities that have chosen to stay child-free instead. Below are just some of the celebrities who have explicitly stated their desire for a child-free lifestyle:

1. Dame Helen Mirren

The 72 year-old has spoken openly about her choice to not have children:

“I never felt the need for a child and never felt the loss of it," she told AARP for its June magazine. "I’d always put my work before anything.”

Mirren even joked that she was in no rush to marry and called the institution "voluntary imprisonment." She's come around after meeting her husband.

Mirren married director, Taylor Hackford, in 1997 when she was 52. It was her first marriage.

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m skinny

Mariah Carey Can't Quit Champagne; Says She Puts Honey In Her Alcohol To Maintain Her Voice

-On a recent interview for ET Mariah reveals how she maintains her vocal chords, she says she drinks champaign but adds honey to make sure her voice sounds hydrated.
-Mariah currently is the opening act special guest on Lionel Richie's tour.

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Sources: 1,2

ONTD Fave Carly Rae Jepsen Thinks The Song of the Summer Race is a "Dangerous Trap"

On fans calling "Cut to the Feeling" the Song of the Summer: "Obviously, it’s really flattering to hear that, but the song of the summer idea has always seemed a little crazy to me because I think you can have whole soundtracks and many songs."

• Feels that the yearly rat face to have one song declared as the "Song of the Summer" is a dangerous trap to get into. Feels it takes the heart out of writing music and you get caught up referencing songs that have worked before especially in the Los Angeles writing scene.

• Explains how there was a transition between the massive hype of "Call Me Maybe" into E*MO*TION but that she's content with her current mindie success. Carly adds: "It’s a little more intimate and less No. 1s, but I really don’t need those to be happy."

• Would love to share more unreleased material from the E*MO*TION sessions but feels she wouldn't be able to get away with releasing a Side C (my impact).

Read the full interview at the source.

humble Queen.

ONTD, what is/are your Song(s) of Summer Seventeen?


Will & Grace already renewed for Season Two (Part Deux!)

-first season will have 16 episodes instead of 12
-of course there'll be trump jokes
-the best thing about this show that peaked in season 4 and somehow people think its great aka Karen Walker is of course a Trump supporter
-still no word on the past seasons being online


Creators of Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and More Teaming up for a Draw-A-Thon Charity!

Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls), Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe), Ian Jones Quartey (OK KO! Let's be Heroes), and Dana Terrace (Gravity Falls/Ducktales) are all teaming up tonight to draw whatever you request for charity. They are fighting back on Trump's ban on Transgender Troops from join the military and donating all the money they recieve tonight to the Trevor Project which helps LGBT youths on crisis and suicide prevention. Alex Hirsch and Dana Terrace also hosted draw-a-thon charity streams in the past donating different organizations liked Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. The stream starts tonight at 11 PM EST/8 PM PST which you can watch here. The link to the donation page is here.

I'm glad they are doing this again, I definitely recommend watching it's usually a lot fun and for a good cause! (still love a cute drawing I got too from one of their older streams)
king manbun

Supergirl/Mon-El Backlash Draws Reaction From CW Boss Mark Pedowitz


- a reporter at the Television Critics Association summer press tour: "Is Mon-El coming back in season 3? Nobody wants that."

- the CW CEO: “I think some people would disagree with you on that.”

“I understand there is some backlash to [Mon-El]. I am a big fan of Chris Wood and Melissa [Benoist], and they get along great. And you know what, it’s the right way to tell a story.”

Rosario won't be back to make Karen's drinks on 'Will & Grace'

  • Shelley Morrison (Rosario) will not return to the show because she retired from acting.
  • Her last on-screen role was in My Name is Earl.
  • Last acting credit was voice work for an animated film, Foodfight!
  • Don't expect Rosario to stay in the show like Karen's husband, Stan, was: invisible. "We're dealing with her as a character and we're writing to it very specifically," W&G co-creator Max Mutchnick said.

  • As for Bobbi Adler... The writers plan to address Grace's mother's absence on the show.
  • The only other confirmed returning guest star is Harry Connick, Jr., who played Grace's husband, Leo.


    ONTD, who do you want to return on WAG?

  • Ceylin

    The Young And The Restless’ Star Adrienne Frantz Sues For $5 Million After Dog Bite

    In 2014, She was shooting a love scene with Canadian actor John Cor on the set of “The Perfect Girlfriend” when the dog attacked her.
    The dog was allegedly no stray. It is said to be an untrained Boston Terrier that had a role in the movie.

    The dog bite allegedly had severe consequences for Frantz. The actress was three months pregnant and opted to not get a tetanus shot in fear of harming her unborn child.
    Frantz suffered a miscarriage less than two weeks after the bite, as well as post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression and Graves’ disease.

    The production company concedes that a dog “incident” took place, but insists Frantz was not seriously or permanently injured.


    Suge Knight Pleads Not Guilty to Threatening ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Director

    Knight was extremely unhappy with his portrayal in the movie and threatened the director by text in 2014.
    F. Gary Gray was reasonably in sustained fear for his safety and the safety of his immediate family.
    In January, 2015, Knight was arrested on murder charges for running over Terry Carter while on the film’s Compton set with his car.
    It is the latest in a long line of legal problems for Knight, dating back to 1987.

    Joan Smalls, Yoncé

    Jessica Chastain is not impressed that CBS lineup has zero female leads, offers alternative viewing

    In response to this article:

    Chastain tweeted this:

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    ONTD how diverse is the TV you watch?

    Uber Partners with McDonalds while Lyft Partners with Taco Bell

    • McDonalds announced delivery to those too lazy to get up and go eat at a location. It's available to more than 7,800 restaurants in 47 countries with that service expanding to about 25% of the current US locations with UberEats (a partnership that started earlier this January). "People are so used to living their lives with one click of a button," said McDonalds CEO Steve Easterbrook.

    • Taco Bell's service differs in that it is testing a new option in the app called "Taco Mode" — a feature that allows Lyft passengers to push a button to have their driver take them to a Taco Bell drive-thru between 9pm and 2am.

    • Taco Bell will test "Taco Mode" in Orange County, California, from July 27th to 29th and August 3 to 5, with plans to expand the service across the United States in 2018.

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    ONTD, do you eat fast food?

    Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

    True Crime Post: Michelle Carter, A Man Kills His Wife For Laughing At Him, and More...


    *Michelle Carter will spend 15 months in prison after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for repeatedly encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide.

    She was sentenced to 2 1/2 years, with 15 months suspended. The judge also granted her a stay of incarceration, meaning she will not have to go to prison until she has exhausted her appeals in state court.

    *Netflix is creating a parody true crime TV series called American Vandal. It's a mystery about who is spray-painting dicks onto cars. The spoof is unexpected coming from Netflix, since it helped spur the true crime craze with its documentaries Making a Murderer and The Keepers.


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    Why are men so shitty?


    Kim Kardashian West Makeup Tutorial With PatrickStarrr

    ''I PRESENT TO YOU KIM KARDASHIAN WEST ON MY CHANNEL! This is so surreal to have Kim with me in a video! We met at her home and chatted about doing a makeup tutorial...and here we are GLAMMING and giving you all a full coverage natural glam beat face slayed to the gawds hunty. So happy to have used the KKW BEAUTY highlight and contour sticks on KIM herself! She officially stated that she would be coming out with a LARGER kabuki brush official for blending out the contour!

    To Kim Kardashian West... thank you so much for inspiring millions of us to snatch our face like yours alongside you many talented makeup artists throughout the years. When I pretended to do play on your wax figure...I never thought Id have the chance to do the REAL YOU! ''


    Makeup post??
    king manbun

    The Very Millennial Way Sophie Turner Beat a “Better” Actress for a Job


    “I auditioned for a project and it was between me and another girl who is a far better actress than I am, far better, but I had the followers, so I got the job. It’s not right, but it is part of the movie industry now.”

    Sophie has has 5.4 million Instagram followers, 1.3 million Twitter followers, and 2 million Facebook fans
    • treats

    News outlets are telling you to go to Taylor Swift's trial.....

    Taylor's court case against the dj who she says groped her is next week. news outlets such as the always classy tmz is saying it's "the hottest ticket in town"
    -Jury selection will begin next monday for 32 seats

    -this is all very invasive..
    source :