July 31st, 2017


The Cast of "Game of Thrones" on CONAN (FULL) + VIEWING POST!

-One of the cast members present is gonna die on the show
-Maisie and Sophie went to a U2 concert and went backstage, Bono asked Sophie and Maisie for their names and then Maisie asked him for his lmao
-Greyworm looking like Miles Morales
-John Bradley thinks Kit Harington is like Mona Lisa come to life
-The kid that plays Bran (sorry I cannot remember all of their names) summarizes Bran's arc
-Conleth, Alfie and Jacob joke about not having dicks
-Alfie signs autographs with a little dick next to his name
-Jacob ends arguments with his girlfriend by spoiling Game of Thrones for her
-Nathalie talks about her nude scene
-Conan asks Liam when he's gonna get naked on GoT lmao
-Conleth says he gets paid for doing nothing, but he pours his own wine on the show lmao
-Gwen says her dentist asked for GoT spoilers
-Hodor surprises Bran <3

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MTV officially renames VMA 'Moonman' to 'Moon Person'

- MTV president Chris McCarthy revealed that the Video Music Awards’ Moonman trophy now be called the Moon Person in order to be gender-neutral.

- He explains: “Why should it be a man? It could be a man, it could be a woman, it could be transgender, it could be nonconformist.”

- A reality show about gender-nonconforming teens called We Are They is also being developed, he added.

- New TRL (coming Oct.) will have 5 hosts, including rapper DC Young Fly & radio host Erik Zachary. It will run 1 hour a day & increase to 2-3 hours eventually.

Dominic Cooper

First image of Zazie Beetz suited up as Domino from Deadpool 2

As production continues on the film, Ryan Reynolds released the first image of Zazie Beetz suited up as Domino from Deadpool 2. Zazie was one of many great actors up for the role of Domino including Janelle Monáe (Hidden Figures), Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane), Sienna Miller (American Sniper), Sofia Boutella (Star Trek Beyond), Stephanie Sigman (Spectre), and Sylvia Hoeks.

Deadpool 2 is set for release on June 1st, 2018.

How are you liking her look?

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ONTD Reading Challenge (August) - Free For All Fiction!


The August reading task in the ONTD Reading Challenge is to read any fiction you'd like! If you've yet to decide on a book, milfordacademy and hjalmartazar bring you a selection of books, organized by genre, that were published in 2017.


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Book icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com and is licensed by CC 3.0 BY.

BOOK POST! What will you be reading for the challenge, ONTD? It's never too late to join in! And if you're on Goodreads, join the discussions in our ONTD Reading Challenge Group!

'Killjoys' creator Michelle Lovretta and actress Mayko Nguyen talk Delleela

For anyone who hasn't watched Friday's episode of Killjoys was a whirlwind. Not only did the episode feature fan favorite Fancy Lee (in his best story to date) and Delle Seyah Kendry, but it included homages to both Die Hard and Star Wars, kick ass action, character death, a cold open featuring pegging of all things and Delleela (Delle Seyah Kendry / Aneela) becoming canon.

Since season one of Killjoys fans have talked about the undeniable chemistry between Mayko Nguyen's Delle Seyah and Hannah John-Kamen's Dutch. However, at the end of season two with Delle Seyah seemingly killed at the hands of Johnny it obviously seemed like that ship had long sailed... that is until Delle Seyah is resurrected and essentially made immortal at the hands of villain Aneela (also played by John-Kamen).

"I had no idea that I was coming back until close to the third season..." Mayko Nguyen told The TV Junkies in a recent interview. "This year though, Delle Seyah definitely plays a much bigger part."

Nguyen also spoke of Delle Seyah's relationship with Dutch and while she loved the will they or won't they aspect and wondering where they were going to go, Aneela is much more on Delle Seyah's level.

"It's like Delle Seyah finally met someone she felt worth of following and it gives her a sort of ... calm stability. She's been topped, so to speak, and she kinda likes it, at least for now. Actually, she likes it a LOT. Her old life was pre planned for her by her ancestors, and now on this ship everything is new and exciting and anything is possible if Aneela wills it so. That's pretty seductive," Lovretta said to The TV Junkies. "I don't mean to suggest that Delle Seyah is some lovestruck moppet, not at all. This is early, tentative days. She's still a viciously brilliant tactitian who knows power equals security - but Aneela IS power. And instead of trying to fight someone else's status, for once, Delle Seyah wants to invest in and support it and nurture it."

She went on to say that essentially Delle Seyah is becoming the Johnny to Aneela's Dutch in terms of encouragement... but sexier and with more kissing and murder.

[And yes credit for the ship name goes to nomorefrostbite]

Source 1 and 2

This episode was everything. I can't wait to see what happens next. If you aren't watching yet what are you waiting for?
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Harlots renewed for 2nd season!

The gods have smiled upon us and renewed Harlots for another season!

Set against the backdrop of 18th century Georgian London, Harlots is a powerful family drama offering a brand-new take on the city’s most valuable commercial activity – sex. Based on the stories of real women, the series follows Margaret Wells and her daughters as she struggles to reconcile her roles as mother and brothel owner. When her business comes under attack from Lydia Quigley, a rival madam with a ruthless streak, Margaret will fight back, even if it means putting her family at risk.

In case you haven't seen it yet, it's written, directed and produced by women, starring a diverse female cast, without making the sex work titillating or exploitative. There's not even that much nudity, I think I've seen more male butts than boobs.

Sources: Variety Hulu Twitter

are you ready for the continued cuteness of everyone's fave baby lesbians and their gay neighbourhood friends? are you ready for the duchess of quim to rule? and the fucked-up semi-mother/daughter rivalry between margaret and lydia?

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Iconic French actress Jeanne Moreau dead at 89

  • Moreau is perhaps best known to English audiences for the iconic work she did in the '60s. She starred in films like Michelangelo Antonioni's La Notte, François Truffaut's Jules and Jim, and also worked with Orson Welles, Luis Buñuel and Jean-Luc Godard

  • Moreau appeared in over 100 films as an actress and also directed three films



Lana Del Rey's 'Lust for Life' debuts at #1

With 103,085 copies sold Lana narrowly beat Tyler the Creator and Meek Mill whose albums sold 100,641 and 98,595 copies respectively.

Lana is the only female artist in the top ten and is likely to be the only one in the top 20.

This is Lana's 2nd #1 debut.

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Playwright and actor Sam Shepard is dead at 73

  • As an actor he appeared in Days of Heaven, Frances, Steel Magnolias, The Notebook and August: Osage County among other films

  • He was a Pulitzer prize winning playwright who also wrote for film including co-writing Paris, Texas

  • Shepard was in a relationship with Jessica Lange from 1983-2009

  • He died from complications from ALS


Ron/Hermione hands

HBO confirms hack, upcoming episodes of Ballers and Room 104 leaked online, maybe new GOT script

- Hackers stole 1.5 terabytes of HBO data, and released upcoming episodes of Ballers and Room 104 online so far, as well as what might be the script for the next Game of Thrones episode, called 'The Spoils of War'.
- Hackers are threatening that more will be released. This is the note they sent out on Sunday:

“Hi to all mankind. The greatest leak of cyber space era is happening. What’s its name? Oh I forget to tell. Its HBO and Game of Thrones……!!!!!! You are lucky to be the first pioneers to witness and download the leak. Enjoy it & spread the words. Whoever spreads well, we will have an interview with him. HBO is falling.”

More on HBO chairman's comments about the hack/leak at the source.

Source: https://twitter.com/EW/status/892046959111831552
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The View "reclaiming my time" talking about Scaramucci's divorce & Gen. Kelly as new Chief of Staff

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi
Today's 🔥 topics:
It's Monday. The View kicked off this week with a new promo for people who watch the View called #ViewStrong. Aside from that we hit the hot topics, they talk about General Kelly, former of the Head of the Department of Homeland Security, taking over Reince Priebus's job as Chief of Staff in the 45 White House. Hopefully, he can control the rambunctious crowd in the White House. Jed talks about how she talked to 45 supporters over the weekend and said that they don't want Kelly. They want the chaos that comes with 45. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, JED?!

Scaramucci's wife has filed for divorce when she was 9 months pregnant. Mooch wants the public out of his private affair. There are rumors that his wife didn't like that he wanted to work in 45's staff as well as aligning his thoughts with the man. Joy says that the wife doesn't deserve the Mooch. Nobody deserves the Jersey Shore looking Harvard Law graduate.

They also talk about the ongoing divorce between a couple from Florida. The wife who is a former(?) cheerleader went to Maralago and took selfies with 45 and his family. Her husband was not having it as he was a Florida prosecutor who was a Democrat. Their political views have clashed.

They also talk about Sen. Maxine Waters reclaiming her time during a House Financial Services Committee on the State of the International Financial System. She did not like that Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin was taking her time.

BONUS: Michael Che and Colin Jost visited the View to talk about Weekend Update heading to primetime in August.

[JOY: She is yelling Make America Great Again in bed at night.]

I feel like I wrote an essay today describing the View.
SOURCE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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"The Star" Teaser Trailer

The story of the first Christmas. A donkey and his animal friends become the heroes of Christmas.

Release date - Nov 10th 2017

Starring- Steven Yeun - Kristin Chenoweth - Zachary Levi - Tyler Perry - Tracy Morgan - Patricia Clarkson - Oprah Winfrey - Kelly Clarkson(!) - Aiyd Bryant - Fluffy - Gina Rodriguez - Tracy Morgan and more!


I'm not into many animated films but that bird distracting the dogs scene was cute.

Inclusion and Diversity in Hollywood - Little Has Risen Over 10 Years

  • 31.4% of speaking characters were female (No gender or orientation breakdowns re: that)

  • 2.7% of characters had disabilities.

  • Male gay characters' in speaking roles went from 19 in 2015 to 36 in 2016.

  • 70.8% of speaking roles were white in 2016. There was also an uptick in underrepresented racial or ethnic groups in animation, but that was attributable to just two films, “Moana” and “Kubo and the Two Strings.”

  • Not including 2011 for some reason, only 34 unique female directors released films between 2007 and 2016.


For an industry that talks a lot of smack about being 'progressive' and better than 'the other guy', this is completely unsurprising.

IOC OFFICIALLY Announces Paris Will Get 2024 Games, LA Will Host 2028

Los Angeles has agreed to let Paris host the 2024 Olympics so they can host the 2028 Olympics.

The agreement has been in negotiations for months ever since the 2024 Olympics was narrowed down to LA and Paris. Due to the strong bids from both cities, the IOC took the unusual step of awarding two games at once.

LA will host the games for the third time. Paris will host it's second games, 100 years after their first time hosting in 1924.


mods.. this is an official announcement. don't delete it fat
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'Dream Daddy' Fan Art Sparks The Summer's Dumbest Outrage



A fanartist recieved death threats for drawing a genderswapped version of the Dream Daddies. Part of the controversy is because one of the daddies is a trans man in the game.

The game's official twitter released a message condemning the hate messages.

Kpop Post: GOT7,1/3 Orange Caramel, #SaveStellar, Jay Park


Celebs React: Scaramucci fired as WH Communications Director

-After serving as White House Comms Director for 11 days, Anthony Scaramucci is "no longer with the administration"
-Trump considered Scaramucci's comments "inappropriate," according to Sarah Huckabee Sanders
-John Kelly, new Chief of Staff, most likely the one who fired him
-Scaramucci's wife just filed for divorce after he missed the birth of their child to be with Trump

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source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Paris Jackson and her godfather Macaulay Culkin Get Matching Tattoos

If you can't make it out it's two tiny spoons.


I'm still reeling from the fact that he is her godfather. Do you have any cool tattoos, ONTD? Or seen any really terrible ones lately?

Zendaya reacts to her first YouTube videos

  • Zendaya decided to watch some old videos that she used to post on her YouTube channel when she was on Shake It Up, back when was 14/15 years old.

  • She's embarrassed by the videos because she used to play this "persona" who was pretty much her character on the show because she thought that's what she was supposed to do.

  • Darnell, her assistant and friend, makes fun of her for pretty much the whole video.

  • Half of the video is bleeped out because of how much she curses at her old self.


ONTD, do you hate your old self/are embarrassed of your young self?
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Serena Williams writes op-ed for black women's equal pay day

  • Talks about how black women only make 63 cents for every dollar white men make

  • She faced prejudice growing up and people told her she wouldn't make it because she was a black woman

  • Thinks the current biggest obstacle towards getting equal pay is the lack of awareness

  • Black women: Be fearless. Speak out for equal pay. Every time you do, you’re making it a little easier for a woman behind you. Most of all, know that you’re worth it. It can take a long time to realize that. It took me a long time to realize it. But we are all worth it. I’ve long said, “You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.”

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HBO Responds to #NoConfederate Campaign


"We have great respect for the dialogue and concern being expressed around Confederate. We have faith that [writers] Nichelle, Dan, David and Malcolm will approach the subject with care and sensitivity. The project is currently in its infancy so we hope that people will reserve judgment until there is something to see."

#NoConfederate trended on no.2 worldwide (no.1 in the US) during last nights GoT episode
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Bryce Dallas Howard to make feature film directorial debut with Sorta Like a Rock Star

  • Not Jessica Chastain has directed music videos and short films before but this will be her first full-fledged film

  • The film was originally set to be made at Fox Searchlight but they ditched the project so it currently has no studio attached

  • The film is based on a novel by Matthew Quick about a teenage girl who is forced to live in a school bus after an altercation at home renders her homeless

  • Not Jessica Chastain is following in the footsteps of her father actor/director Ron Howard who has enjoyed a long career both in front of and behind the camera


Be honest ONTD, can you tell the difference between BDH and Jessica Chastain?
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Scaramucci follows Gay Porn Star on Twitter

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is following gay porn actor Blake Mitchell and Mitchell opened up about this revelation.

“I posted the screenshot that showed that he was following me.”

“He was in a Twitter ‘Moments’ slideshow, and I clicked on his profile inside that. When I saw he was following me, my reaction was exactly what I posted online — Wait…

“I’d have to say, Anthony Scaramucci is the most surprising follower I have.”

WOW Twitter Source , Los Angeles Blade Quotes

WESTWORLD: Jimmi Simpson confirms his S2 return + The cast sings some #Ham4All

Jeffrey Wright, Evan Rachel Wood, and Ben Barnes sing some HAMILTON for #Ham4All

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Source: 1 2 3 4
Jimmi def said he wasn't come back for season 2 at the end of last season, so hmmmm.... Idk how that's going to work. Moving forward seems to be the best bet, imo.
Also, I love ERW's voice.

Midnight, Texas 1x02 promo


How did y'all feel about the first episode? I thought it was kind of good. The whole time I was watching it, I was getting a True Blood vibe; I didn't find out the connection until afterwards. The only thing I really didn't like was the main character's little romance. They could've at least built it up.

Second episode airs tonight!

The Bachelorette: At least Alex will be back on my TV

It's time to bring back all of the rejects for The Men Tell All. Who will come out looking good and who will dig themselves into a deeper hole- lookin at u, Lee.


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Ryan Adams Tweets & Deletes Insults Directed At The Strokes

In Elizabeth Goodman's new book, Meet Me in the Bathroom, about the New York Rock and Roll scene of the early 2000s, The Strokes discuss the influence Ryan Adams had over guitarist, Albert Hammond Jr, and basically accuse Adams of getting Hammond hooked on drugs. The story made the rounds on news sites during promo for the book but just today Ryan Adams took to twitter to insult The Strokes - seemingly in response to the negative things that were said about him in the new book. The tweets have since been deleted, but many news outlets reported on the tweets (including Rolling Stone) and Paste magazine managed to snap a few screencaps of some of the tweets.

(OP adores the reference to Liam Gallagher in this one. As you were, x).

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Sources: Paste Twitter / screencap 1 / screencap 2 / Stereogum Twitter

Is Billboard Manipulating the Charts?

Although other publications announced Lana Del Rey having the #1 album on the Billboard 200 with 'Lust for Life'", Billboard has not reported on it or released the charts.

The stories information came from leaked chart data showing Lana out-edged the #2 album, Flower Boy by only a few thousand with Meek very close behind.

As previously reported, Tidal was streaming Meek Mill's album for free in front of a pay-wall with no account needed, making it easier for bots to stream the album. These streams receive no revenue. Billboard had agreed to count them towards the chart although lower-level staff are outraged by the response and apathy from the top.

The Billboard 200 charts normally release and announce a top 10 on Sunday and announce the top 10 for the Billboard Hot 100 charts on Monday. They have not released either. The last time this happened, Lana Del Rey's song "High By The Beach" debuted on the Hot 100 at #7, but Billboard revised the charts to #51 after it found out the data was wrong.

Billboard sent this message on the delay of it's Country Weekly Bulletin:
The release of this week’s Billboard’s non-airplay charts, including Hot Country Songs and Top Country Albums, is delayed due to data issues...

Billboard Chart Manager responds on Twitter:
Except it never came out today.

So what is going on at Billboard? Did Jay z Tidal have a bunch of streams they "forgot" to report after the information was leaked? Are they doing a change in rules? No one knows...


lana's brujeria is backfiring on ha.