July 10th, 2017

Rapper 21 Savage Opens Up About Relationship With Amber Rose

Rapper 21 Savage and Amber Rose are in a publicity relationship. He recently did an interview where he talked about her and their new romance.

He says he's learning from dating an older woman (Savage is 24, Amber is 33) because she makes him do things he never used to, like "drink water" (lmao whaa?)

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Do you think these two love birds will stand the test of time, ONTD? lol
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DJ Khaled blocks Calvin Harris for #1 on Billboard again; Jay-Z a no-show

- DJ Khaled’s Grateful notches a second week at No. 1 (70,000 units / 16,000 sales).
- No. 2 on the Billboard 200 is Calvin Harris’ Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 (68,000 units / 23,000 sales).

- Elsewhere, Jay-Z's TIDAL refused to report any streaming data for 4:44 to Nielsen Music for the week ending July 6, for unknown reasons.
- It is expected to debut on the July 22 chart following wide release instead.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Amy Pascal talks life post-Sony hack

  • She worked at Sony for 18 years and was the head of Sony for 11 months

  • Maintains that she was fired because she wasn't choosing the right projects to produce not because of the leak

  • Post firing she started her own production company which was behind Spider-man: Homecoming, and will also produce Silver & Black and an upcoming movie about Barbie which is currently in negotiations with an Oscar winning actress

  • Forgives the people who didn't defend her and hopes to be forgiven for the things she wrote

  • She never read the emails after they were released 

  • Still emails everyone because she hates talking to people (OP note: same)


Are you ready to forgive Amazing Amy?

ONTD Original: 5 Irresponsible Celebrity Pet Owners

Some people just shouldn't have pets. Lets take a look at some celebs who have a history of being terrible and irresponsible pet owners:

1. Justin Bieber

I'm sure you all remember the saga of Justin Bieber and his pet monkey who was seized by officials and re-homed at a German zoo after Bieber failed to prepare the proper travel documents for the animal. The capuchin monkey was only a baby (and allegedly too young to have been taken from its mother) when it was seized. Bieber was given ample time to provide the proper paper work, but he apparently couldn't be bothered and German officials luckily found a new home for the sweet animal.

This isn't Bieber's only case of irresponsible pet ownership, though. He also had a pet hamster that he handed off to some random, screaming fan (the hamster died a few months later) and he had a dog that he gave away to one of his dancers, only for the dancer to find out that the dog had serious medical issues and needed surgery. The dancer asked the internet to donate to a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the vet bills. Almost $9000.00 was raised for the surgery but there has been no update on the dog since (I checked both the dancer's instagram and his twitter account - neither mention the dog once since the funds were raised for the surgery).

It looks like Bieber's horrible attitude toward animals and pet ownership might stem from his trashbag father who allegedly threw Justin's puppy off of a 2-story balcony back in 2014. The dog was then allegedly abandoned with a trainer and hasn't been seen from since.

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"Run The Rock 2020" formally files with FEC to run The Rock as presidential candidate

A campaign committee has formally filed with the FEC to draft Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as president.

The group is called "Run The Rock 2020."

Although The Rock has previously spoken at the RNC and has also attended the DNC, he is registered as an Independent.

Source: Twitter

Will you be voting for The Rock in 2020?

Ireland Baldwin, Bill Clinton and more roast Alec Baldwin at One Night Only: Alec Baldwin

For Alec Baldwin's One Night Only special, some of Alec's family members, 30 Rock castmates, Julianne Moore, Robert Di Niro, and Bill Clinton honored Alec Baldwin with a roast.

"I'm here to roast this big old ham I call my father. Speaking of pigs..
Some of you may remember me as that thoughtless little pig you read about. That was a decade ago and my dad and I are in a much better place now. He would never say something like that. Because I'm 6'2" and I would kick his ass."

"There are advantages to being married to a man Alec's age. For one thing, he's a wonderful grandfather to our children."
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Piper and Leo

New Teen Wolf 6B promo

A new promo for 6B has been released, featuring Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes, and other returns.


Five-time Olympic Medalist Simone Biles blasted an online hater

Simone Biles Has the Perfect Response After an Online Hater Called Her a Bad Role Model for Going on Vacation.

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Paris Jackson, 19, apparently dating 90120's Trevor Donovan, 38

Paris Jackson, best known as Michael Jackson's daughter, was seen out in LA holding hands with Trevor Donovan, "best known" for his role on 90210. In January, Paris ended a nearly year-long relationship with 26 y/o drummer Michael Snoddy. Donovan, who also appears on Melissa & Joey, was almost 20 years old when Paris was born.
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ONTD would u use a teenager for a come-up? Did 40 year olds use u for a come-up?
all mine

Jessica Simpson capitalizes on Whole Foods fuck up with slick tweet

Whole Foods recently discovered that tuna had been mislabeled and found in the buffalo chicken salad product sold in packets at the popular grocery chain. Last week, Whole Foods recalled about 440 pounds of the "chicken" salad, which had been distributed at multiple Whole Foods locations. When Successica Simpson learned of this news, she clearly couldn't hold back from rehashing her famous past with the "Chicken of the Sea" brand tuna comment. Back in 2003, she didn't know if she was eating chicken or tuna which has became her iconic dumbass line on her hit show Newly Weds.

source= https://twitter.com/JessicaSimpson/status/884074246913351685

First reactions to Dunkirk are here (and extremely positive)!

First reactions to Christopher Nolan's new film, Dunkirk, have made their way onto Twitter, and they are extremely positive, with praise towards the immersive IMAX format, Hans Zimmer's next iconic score, and the performances from the cast (yes, that includes Harry Styles!). The Official review embargo ends next Monday.

A roundup of tweets under the cut:
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Promo, synopsis and stills for 'Killjoys' 03 x 03 "The Hullen Have Eyes"

After tracing a Black Root ship to a radiation scorched planet, the Killjoys find an abandoned Hullen training camp, creepy inhabitants and a connection to their past.

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I feel like so much has happened already and we're only two episodes in this season, holy crap!
Piper and Leo

Derek Theler and more join the cast of "New Warriors" on Freeform

This Is Us' Milana Vayntrub has been cast as Squirrel Girl while Derek Theler will play Mister Immortal. Jeremy Tardy will play Night Thrasher, Calum Worthy is Speedball, Matthew Moy plays Microbe, and Kate Comer is Debrii.


Hilary Duff with new man Ely Sandvick in Malibu

Hilary Duff gets frisky in her bikini with businessman new boyfriend Ely Sandvik in Malibu over the weekend

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Lena Dunham is selling off her clothes (including dress she cried on when Hillary lost) for PP

- Lena is giving 169 of her outfits to be sold by the consignment website TheRealReal and will donate her entire 70% commission to Planned Parenthood
- the lot includes pieces she wore on Girls, what she was wearing in her first photograph with Jack Antonoff, her outfit from election night and I'm With Her tees, Met Gala and awards shows dresses as well as everyday favourites, ranging in price from $35 to $4,000

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would you buy lena's clothes, ontd? do you sell your clothes/buy used clothes online? fashion post tbh

Jenelle Evans possibly pregnant, reveals wedding date

· pregnancy rumors began earlier this month when Jenelle posted a cropped picture in which her tummy appeared round
· fans then noticed that Jenelle stood behind a counter in a video ad for some type of energy pill
· Jenelle's fiance, David Eason, posted a photo which seemed to show Jenelle with a bump (allegedly...), captioned "V.I.", the Roman numeral for 6. Fans speculate that this was a reference to a new baby - David has two children from a previous relationship, Jenelle has two children from previous relationships (8 y/o Jace & 1 y/o Kaiser), and the two share a 6 month old daughter, Ensley, meaning there are 5 kids in total. (Also possible: David completely forgot about Jace and the number six represents Jenelle, David, David's two children, Ensley & Kaiser)

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Do u think she's pregnant or just 6 months post-partum? hard 2 tell w/this 1

Zoe Kazan recalls sexual harassment on set

"I have a lot of girlfriends who are amazing actors, and many times we've talked about having to go into a room and give 'blowjob eyes,'. You know, be flirty with a director or a producer. It's the sense that your sexuality is somehow baked into this situation."

"I had a producer ask me on set once if I spat or swallowed. At work. He'd say, 'Oh, it's a joke ha ha.' But he was also paying my check and then watching me from the monitor as I made out with another actor — so when he tells me I look good, it feels different."

[read more]
"There's no HR department. We don't have a redress. We have our union, but no one ever resorts to that, because you don't want to get a reputation for being difficult… You leave the situation feeling not good about what just happened, but you don't really have the language for why. You feel like, if you said something, it would reflect badly on you."

"It's almost as if he can't take it in. If makes you feel guilty, and bad, as if it's somehow your fault that you're somehow giving that person the signal that it's OK to treat you that way. And none of that is stuff that Paul (Dano, her boyfriend) has to deal with."

hey arnold

Nickelodeon Releases a first look at Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

- Will take place one or two years after last episode, The Journal, when Arnold finds a map of the fictional country San Lorenzo his parents traveled to at the end of his fathers journal.
- Creator Craig Bartlett walks viewers through the gangs new looks.
- The movie is set to premier November 23rd.

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Did Britney and G-Eazy kiss backstage @ the 2016 VMAs?

In a new interview, G-Eazy let us know that he's been a Britney fan a while now (he had a poster of her on his wall, had a crush on her "forever") and when asked whether he's shared a kiss with Brit he replied "I couldn't tell you what happened...I couldn't tell you what happened backstage!"

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S1: https://twitter.com/fiebrebritney_/status/883824808336781313/video/1
S2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK6vTlyVVAI

Rachel makes her Final Four selection

Can Rachel rebound after sending the best guy and OP's future fwb home?
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Peter, bb Dean, Eric, cheek implants, Adam Jr's father, and some rando (who I'm 99.9% sure just joined the show in the last episode) are left.


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Kesha talks about her new music, depression, seeing spaceships + getting hugged by Bob Dylan

In a new revealing in depth radio interview which is totally worth your time, Kesha digged into a bunch of different topics, talking about her life, the last couple of years and of course her new music #buyPrayingoniTunes. Some key points:

-She has been very excited and anxious to release her new music.
-Writing songs and even just being there in the studio was incredibly cathartic. Says that you need to allow yourself to suck in order to make those great songs.
-Didn't know if she would be able to release new music again and the only thing that got her out of bed in the morning was the hope and the desire to make that happen.
-One of the hardest things she had to learn was to wish happiness on the people that have hurt her and not holding grudges. ("it's like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get hurt" she says)
-She still likes and appreciates her old songs, they continue to be a part of her and Praying is just the new chapter of her life as an artist and a person.
-Talks about seeing spaceships and the importance and meaning of Rainbow (letting colour and emotions back in your life).
-Managed to hit that Mariah whistle note after many takes, is nervous for the live performances of the song. Collaborating with Dolly Parton was a dream come true.
-Still loves glitter, says she is "the glitter Queen and that title will never be taken away from her!"
-Says the $ is indicative of her younger self, Kesha is more appropriate for this new phase of her life. The crazy Kesha is still there she re-assures us.
-The pigs in the Praying video are a "psychedelic interpretation of whatever scares you"
-Never got a hug from Jerry Seinfield but got two from Bob Dylan #upgrade.

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|| cassidy ||

AMC - PREACHER 2x05 Promo "Dallas" + Sneak Peek & More

[youpak link]

[synopsis]Jesse learns of Tulip's secret relationship; a look into Jesse and Tulip's past; and the darker side of Jesse.

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Another busy evening for me, so will join the discussion later tonight =) Last week's ending has me stoked for tonight's ep! I'm also looking forward to the ongoing saga of Cass's amazing wardrobe this season ♥


Tyler, The Creator comes out?

his new album has a song with lyrics "Next line will have them like woah / I been kissing white boys since 2004."
Also his old tweet:
And another one regarding dating Kendall:

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Kendall goes drunk swimming in Greece

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid was seen at a beach party in Mykonos. Kendall was spotted wading in the ocean while holding onto a champagne bottle, while Bella was snapping pics. At one point Kendall was dragged into the ocean fully clothed.

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Wiz Kid releases alternative 'Come Closer' (ft. Drake) video

The original Star Boy, Wiz Kid, graced us with an alternative (better) version of the 'Come Closer' ft. Drake video, by acclaimed video director and husband of Solange Knowles, Alan Ferguson.

And no, Drake isn't in this version either.

What's this summer's afrobeats song?

Source: youtube, words by me
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Queen Tori Amos Announces Tour for 15th Album, "Native Invader"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tori Amos announced a U.S. fall tour in support of her upcoming LP, Native Invader. The 27-date Native Invader Tour starts October 24th in St. Paul, Minnesota and stretches until a three-night stand at Los Angeles' Theatre at Ace Hotel on December 1st through 3rd.

Check out Amos' site for the verification process and other on-sale information. The nature-inspired Native Invader, Amos' 15th studio album, is due out September 8th.

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ONTD, what is your favourite Tori Amos album / song?

Alberto El Patron Detained in Orlando Airport - Is Being Investigated for Domestic Abuse

Former WWE Superstar/GFW Champion Aleberto El Patron has been detained by Orlando Police after cops were called by someone who allegedly witnessed he and his wife/fiancée/whatever, WWE Superstar, Paige fighting in the middle of the airport.

Paige went on to say that they were the ones to call the cops after a fan threw a glass at Alberto.

"WE got the cops involved. I'm crying cuz I found out bad fam news & a lady tries take a pic. She gets angry throws a drink on @PrideOfMexico

"Please leave us alone. That's it."

A fan recorded the incident- more details after the cut.
No physical violence, just verbal fighting, so not sure if a trigger warning is necessary but here it is anyway.

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Alberto El Patron (40) and Paige (24) have been in a relationship, publicly, since 2016.

ProwrestlingSheet, Paige's Twitter, Paige's Twitter (2), PWInsider

'Moonlight' Director Barry Jenkins to Adapt James Baldwin Novel for Next Movie

Jenkins will direct "If Beale Street Could Talk".
Adaptation of the author's 1974 novel : When Fonny is falsely accused of rape, Tish, who is pregnant, races to find evidence that will prove Fonny's innocence.


Nelsan Ellis' family shared the circumstances of his death in hopes of helping others

Nelsan Ellis struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years.
That battle ultimately cost the 39-year-old his life.
In an effort to help others who may be struggling with the same addictions that afflicted Ellis, his family released the following.


🚨🚨Celebs react to politics! Don Jr is also having some trouble with emails🚨🚨

- NYT dropped a late night bombshell about Don Jr. He received an email (lmao) and was informed that the damaging information re: Clinton was part of an effort on behalf of the Russian government to aid his father's candidacy. Donny has changed his story multiple times. He first said they met about a Russian adoption program, and then confirmed he met about info privy to the campaign. Kompromat Kush is basically dodging any questions about this meeting and is letting Donny take the heat.

[more tweets!]

Jon Favreau from Pod Save America

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lindsey wixson

Variety predicts the Emmy nominations


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Xtina Maxim

Is Christina Aguilera Dropping Her New Single At The VMAs This Year?

It's no secret that Xtina abhors technology and has a very limited social media presence, but she just followed the VMAs on Twitter, and considering she only follows 24 people, and rumors have been bubbling of her releasing her music this year, it seems very likely that she'll be performing at(or at the very least attending) the VMAs, just over a month away.

She also recently liked a fan's tweet, joking about the wait we've endured for her album (a rarity for her).

Could it be? Could she finally be dropping the single for her next era? I haven't died nor am I imagining this?

Source 1, 2

George RR Martin to Produce ‘Who Fears Death’ Series Adaptation for HBO

HBO is in early development on a series adaptation of the novel “Who Fears Death” by author Nnedi Okorafor.
George R.R. Martin is attached as an executive producer.

[read more]
The novel takes place in post-apocalyptic Africa in which the Nuru tribe has enslave the Okeke people and now look to eradicate them for good. An Okeke woman who was raped by a Nuru man gives birth to a daughter that she names Onyesonwu, which means “Who fears death?” As the child grows, she develops magical powers, ultimately discovering that she is being targeted by a powerful force that wants her dead.

source : 1, 2