July 6th, 2017

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Title Sequence for the DuckTales reboot

The title sequence for the reboot is performed by Felicia Barton.

Disney XD will introduce the series with an hour-long movie on August 12 titled “Woo-oo!” which will air for 24 consecutive hours. The series will then premiere on September 23rd to co-incide with the 30th anniversary of the original series.

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Katy Perry inadvertently outrages Australian koala activists

- Katy filmed an ad with Myer announcing a 8,000 ticket giveaway for her concert.
- In the ad, she tells her dog, "Let's go and chase some koalas, Nugget!"

- "Koalas attacked by dogs is one of their biggest threats and primary reasons for presenting to wildlife hospitals across Australia," said an activist.
- "Perry is a role model to so many young people, and this just destroys all the good work we do to try to encourage people not to let their dogs come into contact with koalas... Learn first hand why your comment should NOT be streamed across the nation."
- 110 koalas yearly are attacked by dogs, almost all fatally. Less than 100,000 koalas are left in the wild.

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Disability Organization Slams ‘Blind’ for Casting Alec Baldwin in Lead Role

The upcoming film “Blind,” starring Alec Baldwin as a novelist who loses his sight in a car crash.
It has drawn criticism for casting an able-bodied actor as the blind lead.
The Ruderman Family Foundation, a leading organization advocating for disability rights, spoke out against the film :
“Alec Baldwin in ‘Blind’ is just the latest example of treating disability as a costume. We no longer find it acceptable for white actors to portray black characters. Disability as a costume needs to also become universally unacceptable.”


50 Cent Disses Jay-Z’s Album ‘4:44’

The rapper posted an Instagram video (post deleted now) on Wednesday criticizing his latest release :

“I thought the s— was aight, you know what I’m sayin’? I liked the s—. But I’ma keep it 100: The s— was a little, the s— was too smart. I felt like I was supposed to be wearing glasses and s—, and tie a f—ing sweater around my waist. It was like Ivy League s—.”

“I ain’t gon’ hold you up. Some of that s— was like golf course music.”.

“I’mma tell you the truth: N—as hot out here. They don’t wanna hear that sh—. They just wanna have a good time. F— that. You can’t be the best rapper at 47, because the new n—as is here,”


Rita Ora working on movie script

- singer/actress/model/boss rita ora is adding screenwriter to her resume by penning a film script
- the hitmaker is in the early stages of developing a movie
- "i'd love to do a film. i've been writing one, like, secretly. it's really early, early days obviously so my dream is to one day co-produce, co-write, do the soundtrack and just do something behind the scenes.''
- rita explains she was inspired to work in the movie industry by her filmmaker grandfather, besim sahatciu, who revealed he wanted her to work onscreen before he passed away in 2005


what should be Rita Ora's movie title?

Teen Wolf Returns on Sunday, July 30th, with Final 10 Episodes!

Ready for one last romp 'round Beacon Hills? MTV's ground breaking supernatural thriller, Teen Wolf, returns on Sunday (what?!?), July 30th, 2017 with the series' last 10 episodes.

According to the show's Twitter, via @Variety, Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, Shelley Hennig, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo and executive producer Jeff Davis will host their final Comic-Con panel in Hall H (the venue's biggest hall, which is usually reserved for Star Wars or Game of Thrones).

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Sources: Teen Wolf on Facebook, and Twitter, 1. YouTube.

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Variety Interview With "Keep the Change" Director

Variety talks to first-time director Rachel Israel about her Tribeca-winning film "Keep the Change" and the importance of autistic representation and input into her work.


Younger Insider | "Gettin' Hygge With It" + Outtakes

In this behind the scenes interview, Sutton Foster, Nico Tortorella, and Hilary Duff discuss the change in their characters’ relationships. Plus, watch as Peter Hermann undergoes a spontaneous laugh attack, or as Miriam Shor calls it "corpsing!"

Miriam jokes that she was insulted by how good Peter looked in a turtleneck, like a God, a foot taller than everyone else with his sparkling eyes (same, Miriam)

Peter Hermann and Hilary Duff can’t keep a straight face in this behind the scenes blooper reel.



Did you watch last night's episode?
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Steven Yeun Talks Walking Dead, Representation, and Okja

  • Steven was offered a lot of leading roles this past pilot season, including a CIA guy on the run, a postapocalyptic world ex-cop and a “non-stereotypical genius.” He turned them all down. Guess which shows, ONTD!

  • He very politely states he thinks Glenn didn't get his due on The Walking Dead. He felt "they" didn’t acknowledge the connection people had with the character until he was gone, and his death scene was gratuitous. While he was grateful for the solo Entertainment Weekly cover, he felt it should have happened sooner, since he never got his own until Glenn's death. He also calls out the lack of Glenn merchandise.

  • The character of K in Okja was written specifically for him as a Korean-American, who has a different experience. He says it was crazy to have a role written for him, but also awesome.

  • Bobby Lee’s story about them auditioning for the same five-line part comes up, and Steven doesn’t blame the casting director. He talks about how the system is tilted against Asian-Americans and how people are ready for mainstream success and visibility. He also applauds everyone calling out the bullshit.

  • He treads carefully on the Tilda Swinton/Margaret Cho debacle, as well as the Tilda/Dr Strange casting.

  • His son was conceived in South Korea during Okja filming.


Please read the whole interview, it's fantastic.
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Chelsea Handler to take on unemployed Tr*mp Supporter in a live debate

Comedian Chelsea Handler will go head-to-head with conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren at Politicon, a political convention set to launch its third outing July 29-30 in Pasadena, CA.

source= https://twitter.com/HuffPost/status/882996384575696896

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Blac Chyna considering legal measures against Rob Kardashian

On July 5th Rob Kardashian went on a multi-instagram rant where he accused Chyna of cheating on him and posted her nudes.

Blac Chyna's lawyer gave this statement to People:

I am exploring all legal remedies and protections available to my client at this time in attempts to best advise her on how she may want to proceed.

His instagram account has been suspended. Meanwhile he's been on twitter accusing Chyna of only conceiving their child out of "spite"


Dame Angela Lansbury (potentially?) joins Little Women adaptation for BBC/PBS

The project, from Colin Callender’s Playground, is written by Heidi Thomas (Call The Midwife) and directed by Vanessa Caswill (Thirteen). Lansbury will play Aunt March. (Michael Gambon is playing Mr Laurence and Emily Watson is playing Marmee) This just began filming in Ireland, supposed to air early next year.


Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Ava DuVernay announces another new project, a miniseries about the central park 5

  • The five part miniseries is being produced for Netflix who also produced Ava's Oscar nominated movie 13th

  • Each episode will focus on one of the 5 men

  • The case deals with the rape and assault of a female jogger in NYC in 1989. Five boys, four black and one hispanic, were tried and convicted in the case serving time in prison until 2002 when the actual murderer stepped forward and confessed to the crime

  • DuVernay's next project is A Wrinkle in Time coming out in 2018. She is also working on a miniseries about the Battle of Versailles and a film about Hurricane Katrina with David Oyelowo as well as staying onboard as a producer for the TV show Queen Sugar

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LCD Soundsystem’s Gavin Russom Comes Out as Transgender

Russom said she has been wanting to come out for years. “This is my fifth decade being alive, and in each of those decades, there’s been a time where I’ve tried to say, ‘Hey, I think I’m transgender!’ This was even before that word existed.”

Russom added that she “could not imagine” continuing to pretend to be someone she’s not on stage for the next year, especially as the band prepares for its upcoming tour and album cycle in support of American Dream, due Sept. 1. Coming out has left Russom feeling more connected to her bandmates and their catalog.

source= https://twitter.com/people/status/883066700802949120

Steven Yeun appears on Korean TV and talks about 'whitewashing'

  • Says we are in a midst of transition

  • Hollywood has a history of suspression

  • There are asian role models in Asian media for kids to look up to

  • Has hope in time


The vid doesn't have subs yet but he talks about it in english. I'm assuming the second part is about him dying on 'The Walking Dead', they might be asking him of the chances of coming back. Also Steven has light brown eyes? brand_new_information.gif
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Taylor Swift's Squad Members Betray Her!

-Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner met up at a Vogue event in Paris.
-They posed for photos and Karlie shared the photo on her Instagram account.
-Taylor Swift's fans think she's betraying their friendship.

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Nicole Kidman, Milo Ventimiglia and More Celebs Sing Spice Girls’ ‘Wannabe’

Celebrities - Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Milo Ventimiglia, Keri Russell, Riz Ahmed, Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Jodie Comer, Rupert Friend, Sanaa Lathan, Claire Foy, Johnny Flynn, and Brit Marling - dramatically sing the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" in honor of its 21st anniversary, which is on July 8.


Gathering of the Juggalos announces line-up featuring P.O.D., Vanilla Ice, Waka Flocka and more!

◘Oklahoma City, OK... get ready for the Gathering of the Juggalos!
◘POD, Vanilla Ice, Waka Flocka Flame, former members of the Bloodhound Gang, Mushroomhead, and of course ICP to perform
◘Featuring activities like beach volleyball, a Juggalo wine mixer, Faygo launching contests, a Miss Juggalette pageant, and an ICP memorabilia auction
◘This isn't the only "gathering" of the Juggalos this year... the band and their fans plan to march on Washington DC in portest of the FBI's classification of Juggalos as a 'gang'

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ONTD do you have your tickets yet? Do you love faygo?
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Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli are married!

Grimm co-stars Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli got married last month in Montana and both shared multiple pictures of the wedding. They've been together for three years.

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Animal Shelter Disputes Lena Dunham’s Story About Lamby, the Dog She Gave Away

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- A few weeks ago, Lena wrote about re-homing her dog, Lamby, "after four years of challenging behavior and aggression"
- Lena claims Lamby suffered terrible abuse as a puppy and had multiple owners before her
- She detailed his adoption in a New Yorker article and showed him off in a Vogue magazine spread
- Now, the animal shelter, BARC, where Lena adopted Lamby is disputing her story
- The shelter clapped back: “We checked the records for Lamby. He was ‘owner surrendered, not enough time,’ so we do not know where she got ‘multiple owners that abused the dog.’”
- And: “If Lamby had a bad past or was abused, do you think BARC would have adopted him to Lena knowing she’s a new star and put her — or the dog — in that situation? We would have told her if the dog had issues. We are a no-kill shelter. We don’t lie about the dogs’ histories because that gets them returned — and mentally it’s not good for dogs.”
- And then: “It’s just hard to believe the dog was nasty when she took Lamby to every green room with her when Girls was still a thing 4 years ago.”
- Lena's rep has no comment.
- Someone close to Lena says that several vets told Lena that Lamby had “past abuse” and even “possible brain damage.”
- Tons more details and quotes at the source.


Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner Split After 8 Months

Apparently, the couple had cooled throughout June, as the last photo on social media was posted in May. Lautner had spent his Fourth of July holiday separate from Lourd.

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ONTD Original: Celebrity Couples Who Have Had Sex in Public

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend on a Plane

“We were on our way to Thailand to see my parents, flying commercial first-class. We were under a blanket. We weren’t even in one of those pod things. I feel like we should get a trophy for that.”

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ONTD, what's your favorite celebrity hook up story?
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Retooled Once Upon a Time adds a bunch of actresses for season 7


Gabrielle Anwar (Burn Notice), Dania Ramirez (Devious Maids), Adelaide Kane (Reign), Mekia Cox (Chicago Med), and Rose Reynolds (Poldark) all join the cast for yet unknown roles
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Hear Lady Gaga's soulful vocals on new Lukas Nelson song 'Find Yourself'

Lady Gaga hasn’t put the soulful sounds of Joanne to bed just yet.

Gaga has collaborated with Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real on their new, self-titled LP, and is now available for purchase online.

Gaga features on the track “Find Yourself,” a smoldering blues duet that burns with smoky guitars, raspy vocals, funky keys, and smooth percussion.

The son of music icon Willie Nelson, Lukas, previously worked with Gaga to craft “The Cure.” He also posted a tribute to Gaga following her performance with Metallica at the Grammys, writing that the superstar can “destroy in any genre.”

Source: 1 | 2
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RHOC Season 12 taglines are here and they do not whoop it up!

-Shannon Beador “The truth is organic, but lies are just artificial.”

-Tamra Judge “I’m pint-sized, baptized and highly prized.”

-Meghan King Edmonds “I can handle a baby, and women who act like one!”

-Kelly Dodd “If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you.”

-Lydia McLaughlin “If you can’t take my sparkle, then stay off my rainbow.”

-Newbie Peggy Sulahian (Bravo’s 100th Housewife!) “I’m living the American dream, one sports car at a time.”

-OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson “I go big or go home, and I’m not going home.”

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Lena Headey recalls disturbing audition experience

The actress also admits that refusing to flirt with casting directors has lost her jobs.
"When I was in my twenties, and doing a lot of audition tapes in the States, a casting director told me: 'The men take these tapes home and watch them and say, 'Who would you fuck ?'"
"I've never played the game of going in to auditions and flirting; I've never done it."

She also spoke of her struggle at being heard on set as a woman :
"I said to a female colleague, 'Do you find that you have to say the same things seven times, whereas a man says it once and everyone listens?'"
"Male counterparts can say the same thing and everyone's like, 'Oh, that's a great idea,' and I'm like, 'I just said that 19 times but you chose not to listen or take it on board.'"


Does This Photo Show Amelia Earhart After Her Plane Disappeared?

According to HISTORY’s upcoming investigative special “Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence,” retired federal agent Les Kinney scoured the National Archives for records that may have been overlooked in the search for the lost aviator. Among thousands of documents he uncovered was a photograph stamped with official Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) markings reading “Marshall Islands, Jaluit Atoll, Jaluit Island, Jaluit Harbor.” In the photo, a ship can be seen towing a barge with an airplane on the back; on a nearby dock are several people.

Kinney argues the photo must have been taken before 1943, as U.S. air forces conducted more than 30 bombing runs on Jaluit in 1943-44. He believes the plane on the barge is the Electra, and that two of the people on the dock are Earhart and Noonan. As part of the program’s investigation, Doug Carner, a digital forensic analyst, examined the photo and determined it was authentic and had not been manipulated, while Kent Gibson, another forensic analyst who specializes in facial recognition, said it was “very likely” the individuals in it are Earhart and Noonan. Both analysts identified the ship in the photo as the Japanese military vessel Koshu Maru, which is thought to be the ship that took Earhart and Noonan away after their crash landing.

What's your favorite conspiracy theory, historical or otherwise, ONTD?
#EarhartLostEvidence premieres this Sunday, July 9th at 9/8c on HISTORY.