July 1st, 2017


Ex-The Used Members Tell All!

About a decade late, Quinn Allman and Branden Steineckert (founding members of The Used) have done a tell-all podcast about their time in the band, and more importantly, talk all about how and why they got kicked out!

Tons of details behind the cut, but for people who mostly dgaf but kinda wanna know, the TLDR:
- Quinn/Branden wrote 99% of first two albums and are making music again now!!
- Bert and Jeph seem like huge jerks. Branden was kicked out for being sober, band wanted someone they could party with (this was pretty much known).
- Kicked Quinn out after he took a personal year for many stressors (multiple deaths, mom was homeless, etc.). He had intended to come back initially. He found out he was out of the band officially through the FB announcement.
- Anniversary tour with first two albums was Quinn/Branden’s idea, which other guys shot down. Then they kicked them out and used the idea.

Long af info about the drama for probably the 2 remaining Used fans in the world:
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Sorry ONTD...looks like Em's Manager Confirmed the Rumors

A new Eminem album by the end of the year!?!

Paul Rosenberg (Eminem's manager) all but confirmed it via tweet today!

Also some more pictures of Em with his new beard with 2chainz (I'm a little nervous as to why he was with 2chainz but...whatever)

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I am soooo excited!!!!

(also I feel like the gif above is a representation of me and ontd every time I make a post...I'm Jessie freaking out and everyone else is Zack trying to knock sense into me...idek lol)
sources: https://www.instagram.com/hairweavekiller/?hl=en

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn arrive in Rhode Island ahead of her famous yearly 4th of July party

Toe recently arrived in Rhode Island where Taylor traditionally throws her big Fourth of July party. The photos of Taylor and that guy getting off of her jet are as blurry as the other paparazzi appearances she's made since she disappeared months ago.

First in mid-may, blurry pictures of Taylor in front of her mother's house in Nashville emerged as she publicly announced her relationship with Joe Alwin. Then as sources close to Taylor exclusively confirmed Joe has met her friends but she's keeping their relationship "insanely private", the first blurry photos of Toe together near her private jet came out. A couple days later, we saw blurry photos of Taylor and Joe very casually enjoying coffee on her balcony. And now we see blurry confirmation that they will both be in attendance at her big holiday party.

In related news, it appears the giant water slide of patriotism is already up at her house and the party will be getting started soon.

Do you believe blurry paparazzi photos give off a less staged vibe than crisp, clear ones? Will Toe make their first public appearance together in high-definition at her party?

SEKAI NO OWARI “RAIN” To Be Used as Theme for “Mary and The Witch’s Flower”

It has been revealed that SEKAI NO OWARI have provided their song “RAIN” as the theme song for ex-Studio Ghibli director Hiromasa Yonebayashi‘s new anime feature film “Mary and The Witch’s Flower.“

Read more at source.


Looks exciting. I can't wait for the movie to come out.
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ONTD Reading Challenge (July) - "I Don't Know Her"

Happy July! A new month, a new ONTD Reading Challenge task! This month the theme is "I Don't Know Her," and the task is to read a book by a woman author who you've never read anything by. If you've yet to decide on a book (or books), milfordacademy and hjalmartazar are here with a selection from across the globe!

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[More Resources...]
50 Books by African Women That Everyone Should Read
50 books by African Women That Everyone Should Read (pt. 2)
25 New Books by African Writers You Should Read Note: Some of these writers are not women
Writing Against the Grain: Contemporary Korean Women to Watch
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South Asian Women Authors We Love
10 Must Read Women Writers From the Middle East
Thanks to milfordacademy for these links!

SOURCES: AFRICA: 1 2 3 4 5 AMERICAS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ASIA: 1 2 3 4 5 EUROPE: 1 2 3 4 5 OCEANIA: 1 2 3 4 5

What will you read for the challenge, ONTD? If you're on Goodreads, join our challenge group! This month's thread is here.

ICON & ONTD Fave Jennifer López tapes her 4th of July performance; debuts a NEW single!

Following her last CERTIFIED SMASH single, Ain't Yo Mama, Jennifer Lynn López is back at it, even gave us an ACAPELLA rendition of her new SMASH!

Ni Tú Ni Yo:

Lil acapella clip

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'Hit The Floor' moves from VH1 to BET. Season 4 to air in 2018.

- BET has renewed 'Hit The Floor' after VH1 passed on more episodes. It'll air in early 2018.
- 'The Breaks', also from VH1 is moving to BET as well.


taylor swift - story of us

Katy Perry Dating Roundup: Chris Martin, Orlando Bloom, And Niall Horan

-Katy Perry and Chris Martin were spotted holding hands at Glastonbury last weekend.
-Katy's fans caught her and she immediately dropped Chris's hand.
-She even tried to run away from her own fans.
-Other reports claim they were hanging out together the entire day.

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ONTD Original: 7 celebrities who initially came out as bisexual before coming out as gay

Elton John: In 1984, Elton John married German recording engineer Renate Blauel. At the time, many people speculated that the marriage was a cover for his homosexuality, as Elton had previously come out as bisexual in a 1976 interview with Rolling Stone. After his divorce from Blauel in 1988, he told the magazine that he was "comfortable" being gay. In 1993, he began a relationship with David Furnish, and they have been together ever since.

Neil Patrick Harris: On Howard Stern's show, Neil Patrick Harris revealed that even though he knew he liked guys since the age of 13, he had slept with around 15 women. He explained that while he was in high school, all of his friends were sleeping with girls, and it just seemed like that’s what he had to do, even though it left him feeling unsettled. Neil came out as bisexual, describing it as being a "half-truth, but the only truth" for him at the time. Neil didn't realize he was gay until he kissed Burt Reynolds, and he later came out as gay in 2006.

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Wanda Gasp

Gillian Anderson Calls Out X-Files for Only Hiring Male Writers

Gillian Anderson points out that out of 207 episodes only two were directed by women and looks forward to the day that changes.

[MORE + Wil Wheaton calls out dudes mansplaining X-Files to Gillian]

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Quentin Tarantino is engaged

  • The 54 year old American director is engaged to 33 year old Israeli Daniela Pick

  • They have been in an off-again/on-again relationship for 8 years

  • Pick is the daughter of Polish/Israeli composer Svika Pick

Jai Courtney - CRINE

✨ONTD Original✨: Chuckis' Top 5! Top 5! Top 5!

Hello, worms! I'm here to share with you all my ~personal favorite bops/jams/tunes of the moment that I think you all should give a listen (if you want, ofc). ALSO, I'm v interested in finding out what songs make you want to shake your titties these days. Alright.

First up:
Adam Wiles just recently dropped his album which features everyone and their meemaw. Tbh, I haven't heard anything but this track b/c it was on my spotify discovery playlist, so shouts to Spoti! If you guys have any recs from the album, let us know! Hard pass on that Katty Perra/Pharrell/Seanothan Anderson single.
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Thank you so much for your time! Please feel free to share your current faves in the comment section. Old or new releases are welcome!
**Keep your Alicia Keys & JLo singles tf outta here, tho**

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Celebs Mock Dumb As a Rock POTUS: A Round Up!

Trumplethinskin is still upset at Mika & Joe for calling him out on his lies, and it's now come out that multiple top aids in the WH, including Jared Kushner, called and texted them to apologize or else they'd let the National Enquirer (who harassed Mika's children) publish a story about them. Joe Scarborough has receipts.

Trump also just tweeted that he is contemplating switching his 2nd favorite catch phrase from #FakeNews to #FraudNews, because he doesn't have anything more important to think about...


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The 1st Doctor is coming back for Doctor Who's Christmas Special.

- David Bradley, who played the William Hartnell/The first Doctor in 2013's 'An Adventure in Space and Time' will portray the actual first doctor in this year's Christmas Special.
- That episode will mark known devil Steven Moffat's final episode of the series.


ONTD, what did you think about that Season Finale???
Audrey Horn ::TwinPeaks::

Demi Lovato Films New Music Video For Her Upcoming Single "Sorry Not Sorry" With Famous Friends

Demi Lovato is getting ready for her return to pop! After two years since the release of her Grammy-nominated Confident album, the singer is gearing up to release her sixth studio album. Recently she filmed a new music video for her upcoming single, "Sorry Not Sorry." So far she's only updated her website to include a new music newsletter, and changed her social media photos. She's also been posting teasers on Snapchat and Instagram Stories. But a number of celebrity friends, from Paris Hilton to Jamie Foxx, have posted their own teasers of the new video on social media, giving us a hint as to what's next.

What we know so far:

  • The video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who has filmed vids for artists like Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, DNCE, Little Mix, Tinashe & Fifth Harmony. It was shot in California.

  • Paris Hilton, Jamie Foxx, Wiz Khalifa, and possibly others like Katy Perry will make an appearance in the video.

  • There is allegedly a scene with Demi in a bubble bath.

  • The single will likely be released sometime next week.

ParisHilton: #GoodTimes last night with @iAmJamieFoxx on set of @DDlovato's new music video! 🔥 pic.twitter.com/nqpK92alMr

— Demi Lovato News (@justcatchmedemi) July 1, 2017

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Will Graham shifty eyes
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Wynonna Earp 2X05 promo and post 2X04 interviews

Promo for 2X05, "Let's Pretend We're Strangers". Synopsis: [Spoiler (click to open)]'A furious thunder snow storm makes land fall while Wynonna and Waverly are forced to confront their demons…and each other.'

Emily Andras interviewed for The TV Junkies and EW to discuss 2X04.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* The goo is going to affect Wynonna and Waverly differently. The good news was that Waverly was able to hold it off as long as she did, the bad news is that it's now in sexy, badass Wynonna. Wynonna had so much on her shoulders. she couldn't keep track of everything and maybe took for granted that Waverly was ok, in a good place romantically and finding herself. Wynonna really likes Nicole and vice versa, even though they're not the same type of person. They both looked at Waverly through blinders and wanted to protect her, it wasn't about Nicole or Wynonna, it was about them being concerned but in different ways.

* Dominique did the singing performance the same week she cheerleaded for 8 hours a day. She was pretty nervous about it. She was on West End when she was a teenager in the Spice Girls musical with Hannah John Kamen (Killjoys) and is crazy talented. Dominique still has some tricks up her sleeve, it's an incredible year for her.

* Dolls is some sort of flaming lizard/dragon creature/demon, if he can control it, he has some advantages. There's something to be said for destiny as he's been returned to them. They worked so hard to save him, recreate his drugs for him, he's pretty determined to stay and help them out when they need it most. They're going to have to deal with him being a wanted man and a fugitive. The Doc-Dolls relationship has changed so much this year- they're not just rivals, the fact that they care so much about Wynonna, Waverly, Haught and everybody also bonds them, so they can joke about it a little bit. Tim loved using his guns and getting to shoot something and he was excited to get a hat again.

* Emily really wanted Tucker to dress like an anime loving pedophile, he was really creepy when he essentially gave up on his sisters. The Widows came to Purgatory with a very specific goal in mind and in 2X04, everything starts circling the Earps again. It all comes back to the Earps, the curse, the Ghost River Triangle, etc.

* About 2X05: [Spoiler (click to open)] It's one of Emily's favorites, Melanie is completely off the chain, there's a huge game-changer in this episode. It as one of the biggest things they've ever done on the show, it also has a lot of really disgusting moments Emily is exceptionally proud of.

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[Spoiler (click to open)]

Are you a fire breathing dragon, comm?

James Cromwell Jailed For Not Paying Protest Fines

  • He will serve seven days in Orange County jail for refusing to pay a $325 fine

  • The American Horror Story actor was arrested back in 2015 for "obstructing traffic" during a protest in Wawayanda, Orange County

  • The protest was against the construction of a natural gas power plant which the protesters believed would "pose an imminent threat to the local environment and would accelerate climate change"

  • Cromwell has a long history of activism stretching back into the sixties when he was a member of the Committee to Defend the Panthers, a group which supported Black Panthers members who had been charged with conspiracy

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The only kind of pig James likes pictured above

Source, 2015 source, twitter source

People Are Calling One Lyric On Jay-Z's "4:44" Anti-Semitic.

- On June 30th Jay-Z released his new album 4:44 and people are now accusing the rapper to have anti-semitic lyrics on his song ''The Story of O.J.''

The lyrics: You wanna know what's more important than throwin' away money at a strip club? Credit
You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it.

- Unfortunately this isn't the first time Jay-Z have been accused of anti-semitic lyrics, in 2007 he released "No Hook" off of American Gangster, the lyrics goes: "Had to get some challah bread so you can holla back. My Jewish lawyer too enjoyed the fruit of letting my cash stack."